Nitin Jain

Academic Interests

This is my first year in the PhD program in CSE department. My areas of interest are Communication and Network Architectures, Machine Learning, and Distributed Systems.

Professional Interests

I have worked in area of Networks and Communication on several protocols ranging from SS7, ISDN in telephony, to IPv4/IPv6 Switching, Routing, and Web Protocols.

Patents/Internet draft

  • Priority Aware Flow Control
  • Methods and System for forwarding multicast packets
  • Core-Based Tree IETF draft

    Other Interests

    In my spare time, I love jogging outdoors. It is very refreshing, and gives me some time to enjoy the natural beauty. The trails around the UCSC campus have amazing views. In the past six years, I have completed five half marathons, and I am looking forward to my first half marathon at Santa Cruz. My other passion is learning about different cultures, and making new friends.