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PhD in Computer Science (2018 - )
University of California, Santa Cruz, UCSC
Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Data Management, Data Mining

Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering (2004 - 2016)
Bangladesh University of Engineering And Technology, BUET
Software Engineering
Compilers, Algorithms, Data Structures, Graph Theory
Operating System Design, Shell Programming
Discreet Mathematics, Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Statistics
System Analysis & Design
Database Design & Modeling, Design Patterns

Professional Skills

Team Leadership, Skill Development, Management, Project Management, Gantter Chart, Agile Development, Xtreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, Sprint Board, MS Project, Stress Management
Java, Python, R, C#, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XAML, JQuery, Angular.js

Reactive and Event-based architecture, Micro Services, Streams, Enterprise Software Architecture, Concurrency, UML
Data Modeling, SQL & NoSQL Databases, In memory data stores, Message Queue Servers, Search engines

Apache Solr, Lucene, Cassandra, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ
git, mercurial, svn, JUnit, XUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit

Amazon Web Services, CDN, Cache Servers, Travis CI, Jenkins
Web, Desktop, Android, E-commerce, Wordpress, Prestashop

Spring, Springboot, Laravel, Servlet, Struts, J2EE, JPA, Jersey, MMVM, WPF, Swing, JavaFX
I am a fan of Martin Fowler and Uncle Bob. I grew love for Wordpress and Spring Framework for different reasons.

Research Interests

Security in Deep Learning
My research professor is Luca de Alfaro. I hope to get my hands dirty with Security in Deep Learning Models soon and drive ourselves towards innovative research.

Distributed data management
I am reading papers on it right now as a part of CMPS 278 course @UCSC.

Applied Machine Learning
Right now I am exploring applied machine learning as a part of TIM 209 course @UCSC.

Neural and Hybrid Machine Translation
I spend half of 2018 reading over 100 papers on Machine translation.

Seminal Papers in NMT

Reputation Systems
I am working on a paper with an old and big buddy. Our main focus here is to convert implicit ratings into explicit ratings.

Currently Learning

Fall, 2018, Spark Streaming & Spark SQL
I am studying papers on spark streaming and underlying architecture to implement a transformation or application in it as a part of the course - Design and Implementation of Database Systems. R & Python.

Fall, 2018, Supervised Learning
I am studying statistical machine learning and deep learning as a part of the course – Data Mining and Business Analytics. It also includes a competition on Kaggle or an industry project. Spark & Scala.

Why old is gold?

2017 – 2018, Lead of Research-Based Projects In association with Reve Systems Ltd, BUET & ICT Ministry
Old is gold. It has its idiosyncrasies and challenges. I read about 50 recent papers on page/layout segmentation, regions detection, noise deduction, and neural approaches. If you are interested check out ICDAR 2017 papers.. My main focus was layout analysis and page segmentation. It is a good place to both start and get into the depths of OCR.

Bengali Grammar and Spelling Checker
Tools for automatic grammar and spell checking in Bengali. Researching n-gram and recurrent neural network (RNN) algorithms. I have developed a fast and efficient algorithm for suggesting correct words in case of replacement error in words recently. It is faster than edit distance.

Bengali Sign Language Translator
Sign language to text, text to animated sign language for Bengali language. Prediction of hand skeleton from static image, combining outcome of multiple images to predict movement of hand, make system adaptive to different camera view, train the data collected from hand movement and predict the gesture. We have used Support Vector Machine for the android implementation, and Convolutional Neural Network for python-based desktop implementation. My next challenge is to research and improve dynamic gesture recognition.

Bengali Unicode to IPA font transcription
Currently developing a rule-based algorithm to automatically transcribe Bengali text to IPA phonetics language for voice synthesizers. We will work on contextual variations of Bengali pronunciation next.

2016 – 2018, Senior Project Manager and Software Architect Reve Systems Ltd
Language Training Application
Developed real time communication models for the virtual class-room. It has been recognized as the best project of the ICT ministry of 2017 and will be used to train millions of people in Bangladesh. Link to Vashaguru

Law and Case Search Engine
Mongo and Apache Solr based search engine. Written in Spring Boot.

Disaster Management Platform, Armed Forces Division, Bangladesh
MySQL, MongoDB, Servlet & Struts.

2010 – 2015, CTO & CEO ICode Bangladesh, Bangladesh

We started as a software outsourcing company. Inistially, I developed all the systems from scratch. I ended up managing a team of 30 before we shut it down.

2006 - 2010 Freelance Web Developer

I became and elite developer in the most popular freelance platform,, in 2009. I mostly worked in LAMP platform.

Activities and Hobbies

I am into a lot of things. I am trying to cut back on my hobbies. Right now I am holding on to Music, Cooking, Table Tennis, Jogging, Potlucks, Couchsurfing Meet-ups, and any event with FREE food and drinks.

I am looking forward to learning surfing. If you can teach me in exchange for my wild recipes, do let me know.


More will come soon, I am not sure "how soon".