Michael T. Grimes


My name is Michael Grimes, and I am currently a student at UC Santa Cruz, getting my Master's in Computer Engineering. Right now my interests lie with computer architecture. Digital Design, VLSI, and Embedded Systems are all subjects that I am interested in, and look forward to studying during my time in Santa Cruz. My plans after my eventual graduation are tentative at the moment. I am adamant about working in the Silicon Valley. The most interesting engineering work is being done there and the Bay Area has always been my home. Finer details than that will come with time.

M.S. Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Cruz - 2018

B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of California, Davis - 2015

Papers and Projects:
Autonomous Car Project (YouTube) - My senior design project during my undergraduate at UC Davis. The project uses a microcrontroller to navigate a track autonomously.

Personal Interests:
For a better understanding of who I am as a person, some of my intersts outside of my field of study include:
- Fencing
- Reading
- Hiking
- Scuba Diving
- Baking Cheesecakes

For a professonal profile, also visit my LinkedIn page