Micaela Kapp

About Me

I have always loved science and math but did not know what engineering was until college. Growing up I was awestruck by the large machines that assisted my parents in their daily work on the General Motors assembly plant floor. Knowing I always loved math and science I decided to pursue engineering as an undergraduate.

Currently, I am working as a Research and Development Technician at Zircon Corporation and am enrolled in the Computer Engineering M.S. program at US Santa Cruz.

In my spare time, I enjoy keeping up with the developing technologies, traveling, spending time with friends, and hiking.

Academic and Professional Interests

I recieved my B.S. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from CSU Sacramento. As an undergraduate, I was very interested in helping students who struggled with gateway stem courses. This lead to my interest in researching how people learn and the possiblity of fusing that with robotics. As a graduate student, I hope to pursue research in robotics and machine learning to help people with neurological disorders.

I have been an active member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), Society of Women Engineers Scholarship recipient, and IEEE Micromouse participant.

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Micaela Kapp CV/Resume