Last ten or so pubs of Manfred K. Warmuth

Last ten or so pubs of Manfred K. Warmuth

  • Correcting the bias in least squares regression with volume-rescaled sampling arXiv

  • Leveraged volume sampling for linear regression. To appear in NIPS18 arXiv

  • Reverse iterative volume sampling for linear regression
    Journal paper about the following 2 conference papers and more [JMLR paper]
    Long talk about volume sampling [talk]

  • Subsampling for Ridge Regression via Regularized Volume Sampling [AISTATS18 paper] [talk]

  • Unbiased estimates for linear regression via volume sampling [NIPS17 paper] [poster]

  • Online dynamic programming [NIPS17 paper]

  • Labeled compression schemes for extremal classes [ALT16 paper]

  • Minimax Fixed-Design Linear Regression [COLT15 paper]

  • Online Learning Algorithms for Path Experts with Non-Additive Losses [COLT15 paper]

  • Online Sabotaged Shortest Path [COLT15 open problem]

  • The blessing and the curse of the multiplicative updates [video] [slides] [book chapter]

  • The limits of squared Euclidean distance regularization [NIPS14 paper]

  • Follow the Leader with Dropout Perturbation [COLT14 paper] [Colt talk] [More recent talk]