Roberto Manduchi - UCSC
Professor Roberto Manduchi ROBERTO MANDUCHI Phone: 831-459-1479
I am a Professor of Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. My research focuses on assistive technology for persons with visual impairments. Specifically, I am exploring the use of mobile computer vision and wearable sensors for increased spatial awareness and information access.

I hold a "Dottorato di ricerca" in Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy. Prior to joining UCSC in 2001, I worked at Apple and at NASA JPL.
I currently collaborate with SKERI, FBK, IBM, and CICATA-IPN. I am a consultant with Aquifi, and serve on the scientific advisory board of Aira.

Please visit the sites of the UCSC Computer Vision Lab for information about my research group and our projects. You might also be interested in a review article and in a book, both of which focus on my area of research.
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