Sean Laney

PhD student, technologist, musician.

About Sean

Sean is a PhD student in Technology & Information Management in the College of Engineering at University of California Santa Cruz. His primary interest is the prediction of technological disruption, and the development of technological goods, services, and policies to maximize the benefits and mitigate the costs of such disruptions. Other areas of interest include decision analysis, customized search, software development, virtualization of goods, telepresence, game theory, and microeconomics.


Sacramento City College

Associate of Arts, Fine Arts
Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts: Arts & Humanities
Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts: Math & Science
Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts: Social & Behavioral Sciences
Associate of Arts, Music
Associate of Arts, Social Sciences

University of Northern California, Lorenzo PatiƱo School of Law

Juris Doctor

University of California, Santa Cruz

Bachelor of Science, Technology & Information Management
Highest Honors

Papers & Projects


Sean is currently the manager of the Learning and Experimental Economics Projects (LEEPS) Lab at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He oversees a team of software developers dedicated to designing, testing, and implementing software for economic experimentation with human subjects.


Sean is managing the transition team to move LEEPS lab software development over to Otree, and open source platform for economic experiments.

Editing and Indexing

Sean recently completed an editing and indexing project for the graduate textbook Evolutionary Games in Natural, Social, and Virtual Worlds, by professors Daniel Friedman and Barry Sinervo. He provided proofreading, styleguiding, and indexing for the book.



Sean is a skilled performer and vocalist in the operatic, classical, rock, and blues genres. He has performed live with numerous orchestras, most recently for a performance of Carmina Burana with the Sacramento Ballet. As a choral singer, he has performed at Carnegie Hall. He also plays a little guitar and piano.


Sean is an avid video, board, and roleplaying gamer. He enjoys a wide variety of complex board games, preferring those that lean towards pure strategy. His current most-played video game is Heroes of the Storm, by Blizzard. He has played Dungeons & Dragons on and off since age 10.

Current Events

Sean maintains a high level of awareness of national and international events, particularly those dealing with technology, economics, politics, and social justice.

Social Justice

Sean has been actively involved with social justice movements for the past 5 years.

Contact Sean

Feel free to email me.