About me

For a long time, my background has led me to the field of Information Security. I believe that technology should be used to overcome the limitations we have as human beings in order to enhance our experience in our daily lives. However, criminals throughout the globe do not necessarily agree with such a premise and use the technological advancements for nefarious purposes. Because of these ill-intended people, an entire field has evolved, which aims to figure out how to secure the technological environment in which we live today. A fundamental goal of this field is to preserve the security and privacy of the end-users. In particular, the research I conduct focuses on the security and privacy of cyber-physical systems, more specifically industrial control systems and the internet of things.

Looking into the future, I believe that incorporating machine learning in an information security implementation can bring an exciting outcome. To the best of my knowledge, the current trend of machine learning applications within the information security field revolves around the usage of machine learning to implement sophisticated anomaly detection schemes. However, I have the conviction that this is just the most intuitive application, and we have yet to discover the true potential of machine learning in this field.


in progress
Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of California, Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA, United States

2015 - 2017
M.Sc. in Information Security

Universidad de Los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia

2004 - 2011
B.Sc. in Systems Engineering and Computer Science

Universidad de Los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia

2004 - 2011
B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering

Universidad de Los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia


eWPT - eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester

Certificate ID: EWPT-262pdf

EC-Council - Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI v8) - Jan 2014 to Jan 2020

Certification Number: ECC23685595606pdf

EC-Council - Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH v7) - Nov 2012 to Dec 2018inactive

Certification Number: ECC90682934270pdf

Luis E. Salazar and Alvaro A. Cardenas. 2019. Enhancing the Resiliency of Cyber-Physical Systems with Software-Defined Networks. In ACM Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security & Privacy (CPS-SPC'19), November 11, 2019, London, United Kingdom. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 12 pages. https://doi.org/10.1145/3338499.3357356