Schedule for Monday Microarray Seminars

2-3PM in Earth and Marine Sciences, room A340





January 7th

Valerie Welch, Ares lab, Biology

Human splicing oligonucleotide arrays

January 14th

Todd Burckin, Hartzog lab, Biology

Microarray analysis of yeast transcriptional elongation

January 21rst



January 28th

Mike Whitfield, Stanford

Gene Expression Program of a Human Cell Cycle

February 4th

Olga Troyanskya, Stanford

Improving microarray analysis through nonparametric methods

February 11th

Joe DeRisi, UCSF

Microarray genomics: yeast to malaria

February 18th



February 25th

Kelly Frazer, Perlegen

Functional annotation of human chromosome 21 using high-density arrays

March 4th

Jason Lieb, Stanford

Exploring the genome-wide target selection and specificity of DNA-binding proteins in vivo

March 11th

Viktor Stolc, NASA Ames

Genomic Research Facility at NASA Ames Research Center

March 18th

***Postponed to a date TBD next quarter

Joshua Deutsch, Physics

Finding optimal gene sets in microarray prediction

March 25th


Fitnat Yildiz, Environmental Toxicology



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