Schedule for UCSC Microarray Club

Spring 2004

Wednesdays, 11AM-12PM

in Sinsheimer 201






April 7th in Sinsheimer 123

Alexander Schliep, Max Planck Inst. for Molecular Genetics; TBA

April 14th


April 21rst


April 28th

Alex Zambon, UCSF; Bioinformatic approaches for understanding signaling events

and muscle transformation with gene expression data


May 5th

Art Owen, Stanford; A Gene Recommender for C. elegans

May 12th

Craig Amundsen; UCSC Microarray Database

May 19th

Sol Katzman ; Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Progenitors; Cautionary tales from analysis of microarray data

May 26th in Sinsheimer 123

Michael Herrier, NuGEN Technologies; The OvationTM Amplification and Labeling System: Sample Preparation for Gene Expression Analysis from 5ng Total RNA

June 2nd


June 9th



June 16th in Sinsheimer 123

Kelly Frazer, Perlegen Sciences; Analysis of allele-specific differential expression



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