Schedule for UCSC Microarray Club

Spring 2003

2-3PM in Sinsheimer 201

or as noted below




Speaker 1

Speaker 2

April 4th

Cathy Ball, Stanford; Microarray Data Storage and Exchange


April 11th

**EMS A340

Joe DeRisi, UCSF; Genomics and Infectious Disease


April 18th

**Sinsheimer 201

Jeff Savas; DNA microarray study of the radiation shock response for

the hyperthermophile Pyrococcus Furiousis


April 25th

Colin Campbell, Univ. of Bristol, UK; New Analytical Techniques for Interpreting cDNA Microarray Data


May 2nd

Lisa Trevino; splicing during yeast meiosis

Hulusi Cinar; Molecular anatomy of GABA neurons in C. elegans

May 9th

Chuck Sugnet; splicing analysis and microarray database


May 16th


Todd Burckin; yeast transcriptional


Roland Nagel; Genome-wide expression response to temperature sensitive alleles of yeast pre-mRNA processing factors


May 23rd

Sofie Salama; Vibrio cholerae arrays


June 6th


Andy Pohl; Noncoding RNA microarrays



Please email with questions, suggestions.