Schedule for UCSC Microarray Club

10:30-11:30AM in Sinsheimer 201

Fall 2002




Speaker 1

Speaker 2

September 25th

Tien-Hsien Chang (Ohio State); yeast translation/transcription

Karen Artiles; yeast snoRNAs

October 2nd

Manny Ares; human splicing

Chuck Sugnet; splicing analysis and microarray database

October 16th

***date change

***ROOM CHANGE: Sinsheimer 401

Mike Fero (Stanford); doping controls for microarrays


October 30th


Hui Wang (Affymetrix, UCSC SOE); Splice Variant Chip Design and Variant-based Expression Profiling


November 6th

Lisa Trevino; yeast meiosis

Jeff Savas; Archae

November 13th

***date change

Sofie Salama (Microbia); Use of microarrays to understand secondary metabolite production in Aspergillus terreus


November 20th

Fitnat Yildiz; Vibrio cholerae

Thea Egelhofer; yeast transcription ChIP chip analysis

December 4th

***TIME change 11:30AM start

Lily Shiue; C.Elegans splicing

Andy Pohl; array analysis

December 11th

***date change

Valerie Welch/Ross Centers; human and adenoviral splicing

Todd Burckin; yeast transcriptional elongation


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