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Bob's collected chess quotes

How does one evaluate a chess game? The customary words win, loss and draw, even together with resounding descriptions, are unable to reflect the profundity of the events during the encounter. However, for a competitive evaluation the three words given do in fact suffice.

But how does one evaluate the creative energy invested by the two players, and compounded by the terrible tension of the struggle? One can recall numerous games, about which the arithmetic result says nothing. It is then that literature comes to the aid - arrayed in verbal form and strewn with beautiful metaphors, the chess commentary allows us to draw slightly aside the veil of mystery enshrouding a highly complicated encounter on the black and white board.

...It can happen that the pieces as though receive an invisible impulse from the players, come alive, and begin to live their own lives. And when the energy invested by both sides reaches a critical point, the game begins to develop according to laws unknown to anyone, and it is no longer possible to control its course. The flood of concentrated chess thought washes away the usual contours of the board, and after twisting the pieces into violent pandemonium, it crashes down into the depths of chess art. And however the game concludes, chess never loses out! It is not easy to understand all the intricacies of such a game even in subsequent analysis and it is difficult to talk about it without disrupting the picture of a grandiose encounter.

World Champion Garry Kasparov in The Test of Time