Pairs data for Liver Cancer.
This data compares 105 Hepatocellular carcinomas to 76 normal tissues. The original data is: original (the original paper is in Molecular Biology of the Cell 2002, 13(6):1929-1939)
The data we use is here: data we used
This is a large data set. There are no pairs found in the original data. However, we identified two samples (numbers 108 and 109 from the original data) which are labeled as "Tumor" but are strongly mis-classified by Liknon. By re-labeling these two as "Normal", 4 pairs are found, all of which use the newly annotated gene "PLAC8, a placental gene of unknown function". These 4 gene pairs all make only 2 classification errors out of all 181 samples (the only 2 errors are the 2 relabeled samples).
4 pairs using relabeled data.

The triple gene sets are here. There are two sets, one made with the ORIGINAL LABELINGS, and one made with the above two examples RELABELED as NORMAL. These two examples, numbers 108 and 109 are plotted in yellow, tumor examples in red, and normal in blue. The plot viewer for the triple sets uses a Java applet, so you must have Java installed and enabled in your browser.
Original labeling triples
Relabeled triples