BRCA Breast Cancer Pairs. This data set contains primary breast tumors, 7 are BRCA1 mutation positive, 8 are BRCA2 positive and 7 are sporadic. The original data set web site is:
For this work, we compared the above 3 classes in the 6 pairwise ways. (the data files we use are here: our data) Since the number of samples is small (7+8+7) there are many pairs found, and the web pages are large (megabytes). Each link takes you to an indexing page, which contains links to subparts of the results. The results are broken into pages with roughly 10000 results per page. The "best" results (classifiers with the largest margin or separation between the classes) are found on page 1, and so on.

Brca1 vs Sporadic (b1vs)
Brca2 vs Sporadic (b2vs)
Brca1 vs Brca2 (b1vb2)
Brca1 vs Brca2 and Sporadic (b1vb2s)
Brca2 vs Brca1 and Sporadic (b2vb1s)
Brca1 and Brca2 vs Sporadic (b1b2vs)