Welcome to the Microarray Small-gene set classifiers (pairs) Web Site

Here you will find the full results behind the Pairs paper (Many accurate small-discriminatory feature subsets exist in microarray transcript data: biomarker discovery, Leslie R Grate, BMC Bioinformatics 2005, 6:97) Some of the html files are quite large, don't try accessing them over slow internet connections.

BRCA Breast
BRCA Ovarian
Estrogen Receptor, ER
Lung cancer, LungBeer
Yeoh, Pediatric ALL
Stanford, Lung cancer subtype
Cutaneous, Melanoma vs cell line
Liver Cancer

These experiments look for small numbers of genes that make accurate classifications in microarray data. The 10 data sets above are previously published, we re-analyze them using an approach that looks specifically for small numbers of genes (1, 2 or sometimes 3) that make NO errors classfiying the data. The classification method is Liknon (a linear hyperplane classfication system) and the small gene sets are found by using brute force search through all (singles, pairs, triples) of the genes. The results are available through the above links. All the 10 sets are found to have some of these small gene sets.

Information on how the data is presented is available here.
Features are being slowly added to this site, such as searching for gene names. Eventually I hope to support web based analysis of your own data set.