Leo Chen

Grad Picture

Academic/Professional Interests

After completing my Bachelors Degree in Robotics Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering, I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on robotics and computer vision. With past experiences of working on a project with Mercedes Benz, Research and Development North America, I am hoping to work in the car industry in the future. For the project, a team of six engineers created a blackbox that was able to locate an active speaker through multiple microphones in an in-car environment and display it through a graphical user interface(GUI). I also completed a summer internship in Shanghai, China that had a focus on image processing. My task was to implement code that was able to detect an object passing through a conveyor belt through multiple cameras and then create a set of points for a 3D point cloud for future work. As I learn more on computer vision and robotics in graduate school, I would want to have the ability to work on autonomous vehicles as a profession once I complete my courses.

Links of interesting Projects at UC Santa Cruz

FastNav Project - This project is in my interest because it deals with probabalistic navigation and path optimization. Both aspects are very important for robotics and optimatization with regard to autonomous vehicles.
Overbot Project - The Overbot Project focuses on autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance through different sensors. These aspects are impotant in autonomous driving and would help me gain more experience.
Computer Vision Projects - The Computer Vision Lab has a lot of projects that focus on localizations and algorithms for object detection. The projects that sound interesting to me are the 'Text Spotting With Smartphone Cameras' and 'Assited Mobile OCR'
Robotics and Controls Lab - The Robotics and Control Lab focuses on optimization of the robots navigation.

Interests and Passions

In my free time I like to get my mind off things to clear up my mind. The best way to get my mind off and keep my discipline is going to the gym. I am also passionate about soccer. Another passion I have is traveling. I like to meet and try to understand new cultures and explore new places to grow as a person myself.