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Kun Qian's Homepage (still under construction)


PhD student in Computer Science,
DB group @ University of California, Santa Cruz.


Room 395, Engineering Building 2, UC Santa Cruz
E-mail: kunqian@soe.ucsc.edu

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Current Research

I am very lucky to have the privilege to work with three distinguished advisors:
Professor Balder ten Cate, Professor Phokion G.Kolaitis and Professor Wang-Chiew Tan.

Recent publications

1. Balder ten Cate, Phokion Kolaitis, Kun Qian, and Wang-Chiew Tan, Approximation Algorithms for Schema-Mapping Discovery from Data Examples, AMW 2015(to appear).

Ongoing research project

1.Approximation Algorithms for Schema-mapping Discovery from Data Examples. (papers in preparation)



2007 - 2010 M.S. in Software Engineering, Beihang University.
2003 - 2007 B.A. in Software Engineering, Chongqing University.
Supervisor: Xiaoping Du


2008 - 2009 Visiting student in Communication and Computing Center, Kyushu University.
Supervisor: Sachio Hirokawa

Internship and work experiences

2012 Spring, 2013 Fall University of California, Santa Cruz
Course: Algorithms and Abstract Data Types (CMPS 101)
Position: Teaching assistant

2013 summer IBM - Almaden Research Center
Position: Summer intern.

2013 Spring University of California, Santa Cruz
Course: Introduction to Programming in Java (CMPS 5J)
Position: Teaching assistant

Oct 2010 - Aug 2011 SoE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Position: Project Officer
Supervisor: James Cheng

Technical skills

Programming Language

Java, C / C++, C#

Web programming

HTML / HTML5, CSS / CSS3, Javascript, Asp.NET

Computation Framework

Hadoop MapReduce, IBM Infosphere Streams

Database and others

HBase, SQL(MySQL, Oracle, DB2) Jaql, JSON/XML, Windows Visual Studio, Eclipse, Octave, Photoshop.

My family

I have families in China and United States. My parents live in Chongqing, where I was born. My mother-in-law lives in Xuzhou, JiangSu Province, where my wife was born. I am now living with my wife, Li Na, in Santa Cruz, California.


The beauty of computer science is like this

Kun Qian @ University of California, Santa Cruz