Kevin Ross

Professor Ross is no longer on faculty at UCSC. He is now Chief Scientist of Optimization Modeling at Fonterra, the world's largest dairy exporter based in New Zealand.

Kevin Ross
Former Associate Professor
Technology and Information Management

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Kevin Ross was an Associate Professor of Technology and Information Management at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His expertise is in analytics, particulalry Service Network Engineering and Management, applying operations research techniques from scheduling, queueing theory and optimization to problems in human resource planning, call centers, autonomic computing networks, flexible manufacturing and service enterprise management.

Now at Fonterra, Professor Ross develops the analytics capability of a $20 billion dairy export cooperative. He is responsible to ensure that the right tools, processes and people are equipped to maximize the value created from collecting milk on New Zealand farms to finished goods in every part of the world.

Professor Ross has worked with various industries, and past projects include financial and information services (Thomson Reuters), dairy product mix and pricing (Fonterra), pharmaceutical manufacturing (Eli Lilly and Company), telecommunications (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies), space technology (NASA), and government authorities (London Councils). His contributions include developing scheduling algorithms for communication networks, balancing cost, quality and speed in service design and improving the management of the national air space. He gained his Ph.D. from Stanford University in Management Science and Engineering, in 2004. Kevin also does consulting for contact centers, transportation networks and customer service design projects.