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Hello, I am Krystine Carrington. I am a graduate student pursuing a masters in Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

My undergraduate track was in systems engineering which focused on the interactions between hardware and software. I come from a strong programming background, and I now mainly focus on low-level and embedded programming.

Now in graduate school I hope to continue honing these skills while actively contributing to current research. I am unsure what this looks like yet, I am actively searching for a lab to work with!

My main research interest is autonomous space-flight, and I have been fortunate enough to work on research projects in this field at both NASA Ames and Goddard Spaceflight Center. After school I hope to work in the fields of astrophysics or aerospace working on embedded systems that will aid the advancement of humanity.

Flight Software Paper


Current and past contributions including work and personal projects.

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Container Flight Software

Researched and developed deploying NASA's Core Flight System (cFS) software using Docker containers. Contributions to this project further promote the portability and ease of deployment of the cFS across different embedded systems and througout a myriad of flight missions.

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SealHAT is a lightweight, low-cost solution for tracking behavior and activity of Northern Elephant Seals. Contributions to this project included writing a flash translation layer between the microcontroller and the external NAND flash storage devices as well as working on the RTOS and GUI elements.

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Voyant Intelligent Energy System

The Voyant Intelligent Energy System is a medical device created at Applied Medical for use in laproscopic and open operating room procedures. Contributions to this product included writing safety critical embedded C code for generators that are in use in operating rooms worldwide.

Applied Medical


How I spend my time outside of school.

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3D Printing

I recently purchased a WanHao Duplicator i3+ and have been enjoying learning how to 3D model and print!

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Figure Skating

For a period of my life I was a competative figure skater. Later, I coached professionally for a number of years before moving to Santa Cruz. Now, I go for fun whenever I have time!

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I enjoy creating and wearing costumes! Most of the cosplay I do is Star Wars or anime related.


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