Alternatively Spliced Gene Catalog

Below is a table of 844 genes for which there is evidence via ESTs or cDNAs for alternative splicing. Clicking on the gene name will take you to a diagram shows the EST/cDNA alignments that support alternative splicing. This link describes how the alt-splicing table was made.

The columns in the table are:

  1. ORF name - Cosmid.# style name.
  2. Skip exon - An EX appears in this column if an exon is skipped in one of the isoforms.
  3. Skip intr - An IN appears here if an intron is skipped in one of the isoforms.
  4. 5' alt - A non-zero number here indicates alternative start of intron splice sites that many base pairs from each other.
  5. 3' alt - Spacing of end of intron alt splice sites.
  6. Non-geno - A NG appears here if the signs of alt splicing are unlikely to be the results of genomic DNA contaminating the cDNA preps. (All cDNAs involved have introns.)
  7. i/e ovlp - The largest intron/exon overlap in associated cDNA. Overlaps of less than 3 are ignored as possible sequencing noise.
  8. i/i ovlp - The largest intron/intron overlap. Overlaps of less than 3 are ignored.
  9. Supporting cDNA - Names of supporting cDNA/ESTs.

      ORF     Skip  Skip    5'    3'    Non-   i/e   i/i      supporting    
     name     exon  intr    alt   alt   geno  ovlp  ovlp         cDNA      
6R55.1                           3'(7)   NG     7   984   yk345c8.5 CEESS62F yk345c8.3 yk340b9.3 yk672d2.3
AC8.f                IN                        62     0   yk485f11.5 M89369
AH10.5a         EX                       NG   144   695   yk35c12.5 yk27h10.5 yk303d9.5 U22183 yk43h1.5 U40858 yk258c7.5 yk399d8.5 yk456a7.5 yk435c8.5
B0025.1                                       177     0   yk195b4.5 Y12543 yk249e9.5
B0034.3         EX                       NG    92  1307   yk350e9.5 yk8e2.5 yk553c9.5
B0035.1                                  NG    64     0   yk343c9.3 yk524g11.5 yk107f2.3
B0041.2              IN                  NG   246     0   yk82a3.5 yk493c10.5 yk678g5.5 yk664a6.5 yk416a9.5 yk666b3.5 yk313d8.5 yk232a6.5 cm21a6 yk39e11.5 yk554a11.5
B0207.12        EX                       NG   149   207   U40573 U41113 U59743
B0252.4                                  NG     4     0   U34954 yk342d11.3
B0261.2                          3'(9)   NG     9   545   yk214b10.5 yk134f4.5
B0272.5         EX                       NG    18   158   yk581b6.5 yk533h1.5 yk357c4.5
B0280.11        EX                       NG   241   155   yk43e9.3 yk362c3.3
B0286.4         EX                       NG   131   530   yk176d8.5 yk74e8.5 yk458d1.5 yk74e10.5 yk173c1.5 yk486f9.5 yk104a1.5 yk74d4.5
B0302.1         EX                       NG   115   680   yk364g6.5 yk131d5.5 yk334h2.5
B0334.3a        EX                            359     0   yk31d2.5 yk27h3.5 yk134b10.5 yk78f11.5 yk117b8.5 yk149f11.5
B0336.7                                       133     0   yk471d12.5 yk386a11.5 yk55c2.5
B0336.9         EX                       NG    40   450   U06932 yk330a4.5 yk322h1.5
B0348.6              IN                       158     0   yk81f11.3 T01465 CEESR19F yk486g3.3
B0350.2a        EX                       NG   380   860   yk474f2.5 yk340g3.5 U21732 yk272a6.5 yk347h7.5 yk9h9.5 yk228g6.5 yk40g8.5 U21731 yk1h3.5 yk192e9.5 yk9h9.3 yk249h10.3 yk228g6.3 yk354f12.3 yk422a9.3 yk272a6.3 yk297c6.3 yk474f2.3 yk192e9.3 yk390d4.3 yk360b8.3 yk10a3.3 yk129f7.3 yk18b1.3 yk347h7.3 yk311b8.5 yk95a8.5 yk94d10.5 yk278c12.5 yk444b11.5 yk368g7.5 yk100f3.5 yk261h7.5 yk277a5.5 yk279d7.5 yk309h2.5 yk431g2.5 yk189f7.5 yk206a6.5 yk302f10.5
B0365.3                                  NG     4     0   yk1a6.3 yk53a5.5 yk10d8.5 yk481g2.3 yk360a5.3 yk209c12.3
B0379.3                          3'(12)  NG    12    41   yk358d9.5 yk406c11.5 yk474c6.5
B0395.3                                  NG   117     0   yk605d9.5 yk525a4.5 yk143h6.5 cm13h6 yk110c7.5 yk638e2.5 yk677e12.5 yk629c2.5 yk555g1.5
B0410.2                          3'(9)   NG     9    50   yk340g7.5 yk229a2.5 yk172g4.5
B0414.7                          3'(6)   NG     6    42   yk212d11.3 yk315e10.3 yk194e11.3 yk195c6.3 yk346b6.3
B0457.1         EX                       NG    40     0   yk217e9.5 yk96h4.5
B0464.5         EX   IN                  NG   360   294   yk123h5.5 yk219e6.5 yk133f4.5 yk248a12.5 yk397e8.5 yk383b1.5 yk345b4.5 yk424f1.3 yk383b1.3
B0495.8         EX                       NG   208    65   yk478b8.5 yk172d4.5 CEMSH74R yk201h7.5 yk432c9.5
B0496.3         EX                       NG   123   197   yk315d2.5 yk405f4.5 yk356a4.5
B0564.10                         3'(12)  NG    12    45   L37867 yk108e11.3
C01B10.5                         3'(18)  NG    18    52   yk98h10.5 yk437c2.3 yk437c2.5 CEESU25F yk256a5.5 yk158e1.5 yk63c8.5 yk257e6.3 yk256a5.3 yk111e5.5 yk496a12.3 yk333c8.5 yk256a1.5 yk337a6.3 yk291b11.3 yk337a6.5 yk211c1.3 yk116f11.3 yk116f11.5 yk291b11.5 yk257e6.5 yk399g7.3 yk434c3.5 yk98h10.3 T00479 CEESF82R yk158e1.3 CEESF82F yk434c3.3 yk399g7.5
C01B7.1                                  NG    46     0   yk64e12.5 yk314a2.5 yk365a5.5
C01G10.11            IN                  NG   896     0   U60059 U60058
C01G6.1b        EX                       NG    42   205   yk493e5.3 yk492h7.3 yk340d8.3 yk79b5.3 yk466e3.3 yk470d5.3 yk425d2.3 yk475d10.3 yk416c12.3 yk484c1.3 yk470a1.3 yk423g6.3 yk198g10.3 yk427c11.3 yk479h8.3 yk400h1.3 yk493c2.3 yk67a12.3 yk289e2.3 yk458g9.3 yk457e11.3 yk85g7.3 yk91c9.3 yk319e8.3 yk335d2.3 yk416b1.3 yk423c10.3 yk334h10.3 yk465e6.3 yk84a3.3 yk414f8.3 yk468e3.3 yk464f3.3 yk229g12.3 yk80g7.3 yk63f1.5 yk399d5.3 yk83h9.3 yk459d12.3 yk481d7.3 yk503g8.3 yk502f6.3 yk80g1.3 yk483e4.3 yk425g5.3 yk245g6.3 yk492e8.3 yk314h11.3 yk400c10.3 CEESU60F yk505c12.3 yk433b8.3 yk343e3.5 yk488a6.3 yk60c8.3 yk367b6.3 yk376e2.3 yk257b5.3 yk449b2.3 yk435c5.3 yk328g4.3 yk393a10.3 yk373c11.3 yk501g10.3 yk332e3.3 yk213e7.3 yk432g12.3 yk488f9.3 yk329a10.3 yk254e3.3 yk456f12.3 yk246d1.3 yk373e9.3 yk281d3.3
C01G8.5a        EX                       NG    70    99   yk126a3.5 yk135d5.5 CEESK21R yk146g1.5 yk136f6.5 yk257f5.5 yk167f5.5 yk84d3.5 yk136f5.5 yk25b11.5 yk198e6.5 yk86f6.5 yk129b2.5 yk230f8.5
C01G8.7                                        57     0   yk7c8.5 yk21e3.5
C02C6.1a        EX                       NG    82   281   AF167982 L29031 yk44d2.5
C02E11.1                         3'(6)   NG     6    48   yk390g6.5 yk435f4.5 yk432f3.5 yk258b8.5 yk326d12.5
C02F4.2                                        17     0   yk354h1.5 yk9e7.5
C04A2.2                          3'(6)   NG     6    43   yk168a5.5 yk137h1.5 yk146e1.5 AF096618
C05C10.2                         3'(6)   NG     6   116   yk218g11.3 yk43d4.3 yk323b3.3
C05C10.6                         3'(6)   NG     6    47   yk310c11.5 yk81g8.5 yk31c8.5 yk134h5.5 yk129b11.5
C05C8.1                                        38     0   yk577b7.5 yk534g9.3
C05D12.4                                 NG   182     0   yk88c2.3 yk244d9.5 yk2d10.3 yk8f3.3 yk128f1.3
C05D2.6                          3'(6)   NG     6    44   yk489a9.5 yk256e9.5 yk394a10.5 yk242g11.5 yk236a3.5 yk458h4.5 cm7h6 yk267g11.5
C06A5.3                          3'(9)   NG     9    60   yk502d5.5 yk658d3.5
C06A5.8                                  NG     9     0   yk362a9.5 yk341b12.5
C06A8.1         EX                       NG   155  1161   yk5a2.5 yk44d6.5 yk33f9.5 yk10a4.5 yk18c9.5 yk28h6.5 yk41c1.5 yk21g5.5 yk11e12.5 yk4d8.5 yk243a7.5 yk33d10.5 yk44f5.5 yk22c6.5 yk23e9.5 yk29a8.5 cm13h3
C06C3.1                          3'(9)   NG     9    58   yk150a6.5 U86640 yk604b2.5
C06E2.5                                  NG     3     0   yk77c9.3 yk403g9.3 yk82c2.3 yk481f12.3
C06E7.1                                  NG   168     0   yk413d11.5 yk485c4.5 yk283b12.5 yk456e11.5 yk447f7.5
C06E7.3                                  NG   166     0   yk413d11.5 yk481b12.5 yk418e6.5 yk118g4.5 yk428e1.5 yk491c6.5 yk484f3.5
C07A12.4        EX                       NG   457   265   cm08b1 CEESC04F yk235a12.5 cm13b3 yk68c1.5 yk217a1.5 yk123d1.5 cm11e10 cm14f5 yk66f10.5 yk484f9.5 yk365a11.5 yk223a6.5 yk456h2.5 yk232h7.5 yk469d2.5 yk432b3.3 yk462g8.5 CEESH23FC
C07A12.7        EX                       NG   101    67   yk414c7.5 yk555a3.5
C07B5.1         EX                       NG   840 15622   AB011279 AB011277 AB011278 AB011280 AB011281 AB011282 AB011283 yk345g11.5 yk208h2.5 AB011285
C07E3.1                   5'(5)          NG     5   103   yk483h9.5 yk479g5.5 yk127c4.5 yk27f6.5 yk477a12.5
C07G1.3         EX                       NG   310   239   yk386e3.5 yk204e2.5 AF129110 yk10g6.5
C07G1.4         EX                            415     0   yk558h5.5 yk536f1.5 yk9h5.5 yk419b6.5
C07G2.2b                                      295     0   yk227d6.5 yk436e6.5 yk123a10.5 yk333g5.5 yk415f5.5 yk392f3.5
C07H6.7                                  NG   105     0   L19248 L19639
C08B11.5             IN                  NG   114     0   yk486a1.5 yk486a1.3 yk306b1.3 yk384h2.3 yk269e11.3 yk229h11.3 yk165f10.3 yk457b2.3 yk246h4.3 yk524e3.3 yk158d11.3 yk502h9.3 yk236g2.3 yk452d10.3 yk68c11.3 U24189 yk68c11.5
C08F8.1         EX                       NG   191   150   yk79e8.5 X76113 yk98c4.5 yk80d3.5 yk92a3.5 CEMSB04R yk104c11.5 yk98c6.5 yk104g11.5 yk125b2.5 yk101a8.5 yk293g8.5 yk62h4.5 cm20a9 yk98b8.5 yk244e10.5 cm19c2 CEESA14F
C09B8.7                          3'(9)   NG    17    48   U63744 yk367c1.5 yk260a5.5 yk262a10.5 D83215 yk54d9.5 yk182a9.5 yk111c7.5 yk289f1.5 yk432b8.5 yk215f7.5 yk116f6.5 yk273f4.5 yk115f12.5
C09D4.4                          3'(9)   NG     9   199   yk88a2.5 yk348f3.5 yk259f7.5 yk249a11.5 yk53g4.5
C09D8.1         EX                            300     0   yk432c10.3 yk30d1.5
C09F9.3                                  NG    48     0   yk422f8.3 yk129b7.3
C09F9.5b                                 NG    48     0   yk422f8.3 yk129b7.3
C09G12.8b       EX                       NG   186   484   yk166e12.5 L03711 L04287 X68492
C09H5.2              IN                        78     0   yk354d6.3 yk48f7.3 yk127g3.3 yk272e9.3 yk287f12.3 yk24c12.3 yk270c3.3 yk358a9.3 yk208e10.3 yk7h11.3
C09H6.2         EX                       NG    84   775   AJ133374 yk297f3.5
C10B5.1         EX                       NG   298    57   yk542e1.5 yk182h7.5 yk128d3.3 yk26a4.3 yk542e1.3
C10C5.6                          3'(18)  NG    18    42   yk8a12.5 yk239g6.5 yk265f9.5
C10G8.5         EX                       NG   159   308   yk286d6.5 yk128f8.5 AJ001181 AJ001182 yk53f2.5 yk288c1.5
C12D8.10b       EX                       NG   207   294   AF072380 yk131h3.5 AF072379 yk193d1.5
C12D8.1a                                 NG   183     0   yk87d12.5 yk62c5.5 yk104d3.5 yk80g6.5 yk79e9.5
C14B1.6                                       112     0   yk449d11.3 yk378h8.3
C14B9.4                                  NG    20    26   yk389f6.5 yk290d9.5 yk320c8.5 AF080581 yk453c3.5 yk465a6.5 yk383e2.5 yk330g6.5 yk83d6.5 yk54b10.5 yk128g1.5 yk20a3.5 AF057165 yk214a8.5 yk432h3.5 yk196d8.5
C14C10.3             IN                       240     0   yk544d12.5 yk231g11.5
C14F5.1                          3'(9)   NG     0   182   yk246e9.5 AF133832 AF080583
C14F5.3         EX                            376     0   yk469a2.5 yk167b11.5 yk207a10.5 yk355g6.5 yk324c7.5 yk251c6.5 yk320c7.5 yk406d1.5 yk250g9.5
C15C6.2b                  5'(26)         NG    26   391   yk361h2.3 yk410d11.3 yk362c6.3 yk204h11.3 yk308c1.3
C15F1.f         EX                            360     0   T00213 S42187 M91371 yk22h12.3
C16A3.1                          3'(9)   NG     9    39   yk611d7.5 yk403d3.5 yk587g5.5
C16C2.1         EX                       NG   378   377   yk329g1.5 yk356b3.5 yk222f12.3 yk240a1.5 yk76d11.5 yk222f12.5 yk329g1.3 yk364g1.5 CEESR80F yk356b3.3 yk364g1.3
C16C2.2                                  NG     0   377   yk240a1.5 yk76d11.5 yk329g1.5 yk356b3.5 yk222f12.3 yk222f12.5 yk329g1.3 yk364g1.5
C16E9.2a                                 NG    55     0   yk56f4.5 yk560b9.5
C17C3.12             IN                       180     0   yk341f5.5 yk513a10.5
C17D12.1a                 5'(4)          NG     4   180   yk103e1.5 yk435d2.5
C17E7.9         EX                       NG    84   415   yk613c1.5 yk630d5.5
C17H11.6                         3'(9)   NG     9   202   yk158b12.5 yk60d9.5 yk62d4.5
C18A3.5                                       207     0   yk314a4.5 yk168b10.5 yk451a5.5 yk339c10.5 yk116c9.5
C18C4.10        EX                       NG   373   626   Z29644 Z29645 yk101d12.5 yk101d12.3 T01253 T01560 yk37g7.3
C18C4.5                                  NG   138    16   yk354d2.5 yk9f1.5 yk251c9.5 yk251g5.5 yk181c8.5 yk324h3.5 yk135b4.5 yk422b6.5
C18E9.3                                  NG    10     0   cm12b11 yk326f8.5 yk476c10.5
C18G1.4                   5'(4)          NG     4    41   yk231a5.5 yk287d12.5 yk177d3.5
C23F12.1        EX                       NG    18   158   yk533h1.5 yk581b6.5 yk357c4.5
C23H3.9                          3'(12)  NG    12   109   yk327g1.5 yk495f4.5
C23H5.8b                  5'(32)         NG    32   279   yk92g3.3 yk65c5.3 yk253b11.3 yk298a6.3 yk302c5.3 yk124h1.3 yk299f3.3 yk205c11.3 yk207g8.3
C24A1.2         EX                       NG   348   559   yk363f4.5 yk475c3.5 yk158e6.5 yk363f4.3
C24A1.3                                  NG     0   261   yk475c3.5 yk363f4.5 yk598f4.5
C24A11.2        EX                       NG    24   276   yk295e3.5 yk297d10.5 yk316h1.5
C24F3.1b                         3'(6)   NG     6    42   yk190e5.5 yk438e12.5
C24G6.2b                                      246     0   yk54c2.5 yk287f10.5
C24H12.5                         3'(6)   NG     6    43   yk490h7.5 yk425d3.5 yk64f6.5 yk372a12.5 yk483g1.5
C25A1.4                                  NG   231     0   yk65f12.5 yk403g6.5 yk364a9.5 yk103b6.5
C25A11.3        EX                            300     0   yk571f1.3 yk680g10.3 yk510c5.5 yk337e9.3 yk571e2.3 yk549a8.3 yk519g2.3 yk348a11.3 yk250e1.3 yk432e7.3 yk401f12.3 yk565d5.3 yk131b11.3
C25A11.4a       EX                            408     0   yk28c11.3 yk562d8.5 yk44h10.3 yk411e10.3 yk285a2.3 yk445d3.3 yk468d5.3 yk239f4.3
C25B8.1         EX   IN                  NG   178  1619   yk315f10.5 yk339e12.5 yk84e4.5 yk254a3.5 yk341h6.5 yk474a5.5 yk268c10.5 yk51f6.5 yk497a4.5 yk85g4.5 yk469d8.5 yk329d3.5 yk460c6.5 yk452d2.5 yk413b7.5 yk419c10.5 yk482b10.5 yk255a7.5 yk281a3.5 yk269e1.5 yk314g10.5 yk460d11.5 yk267c6.5 yk433h1.5 yk524f2.5 yk210d4.5 yk471f12.5 yk266a7.5 yk470e11.5
C25B8.4         EX                             53     0   yk413b7.3 yk269e1.3 yk255a7.3 yk474a5.3 yk254a3.3 yk211b9.3 yk51a11.3 yk524f2.3 yk433h1.3 CEESV44F yk281a3.3 CEESD18F yk266a7.3 CEESK20FB CEESK20R yk339e12.3 CEESK20RB CEESF57R yk85g4.3 yk329d3.3 yk51f6.3 yk460d11.3 CEESL26R yk268c10.3 yk314g10.3 yk501h6.3 yk482b10.3 yk470e11.3
C26D10.2        EX                       NG   125     0   yk170c3.5 U08102
C26E6.7                          3'(6)   NG     6    55   yk305b5.5 yk370a11.5 yk183b11.5
C26E6.9a        EX                       NG   231   750   yk11d12.5 yk25g10.5 yk21g8.5 yk320e10.5
C27A7.1                                  NG     3     0   yk21c6.5 yk2b12.5
C27A7.5b        EX                       NG   221   659   yk21a6.3 yk430c7.3 yk25c6.5 yk348d9.5 yk153h8.5
C29E4.3                                         8     0   yk466c11.3 yk348g3.5 yk23h9.3 yk214d4.3 yk227a5.3 yk448g5.3 yk41c10.3
C30E1.N1        EX                            158     0   yk50b1.5 T02219 yk194a2.5 yk48g4.5 yk194a2.5 yk47b1.5 yk226b11.3 yk48g4.5 yk194a2.5 yk47b1.5
C30G12.6                         3'(9)   NG     9    41   yk48a11.3 yk224b7.3
C32D5.2              IN                        45     0   yk149f1.5 yk349a8.5 AF104017
C32E8.10        EX                       NG   120  2731   AF144259 AF144262 AF144257 AF144261 AF144260 AF144258
C33H5.12        EX   IN                  NG   247   101   yk390c11.5 yk432b11.5 yk172d10.5 yk211c11.5 yk449h6.5 yk392c4.5 yk137g6.5 yk425f5.5 yk267g4.5 CEESK54R yk237a7.5 yk291e10.5 CEESK54RB yk142a3.5 yk477e4.5 yk97g8.5 yk290a10.5 yk108d7.5 yk232f1.5 yk477g5.5 yk385c6.5 yk274b7.5 yk435h6.5 yk75d5.5 yk56g11.5 yk141c4.5 yk273h9.5 yk186b11.5 yk216c4.5 yk374c2.5 yk262f4.5 yk403f8.5 yk331f6.5
C33H5.18        EX                       NG    30   159   cm18e2 yk656h8.5
C34F11.3        EX                       NG    36  1502   yk464f5.5 yk33e12.5 yk1f1.5 cm21f7 yk425e7.5 yk33h9.5
C34F11.9a       EX                            376     0   yk447a7.5 yk220e4.5 yk397b6.5 yk419c9.5 yk337d11.5 yk42g12.5 yk35a4.5 yk288f8.5
C34G6.6                          3'(12)  NG    12   169   yk570a6.5 yk227b10.5
C35C5.3b                         3'(9)   NG     9    43   yk476a1.5 yk256g7.5
C35E7.5         EX                            300     0   yk609h7.3 yk433f10.5 yk645a7.3
C36B1.1         EX                       NG   329    19   cm11a3 yk297a9.5 yk12b4.5
C36B1.8                          3'(9)   NG     9    64   yk577b10.5 yk55h3.5
C36F7.3a        EX                       NG    96   550   yk427e11.3 yk505g3.3
C36F7.4         EX                       NG    92  1073   yk505g3.5 yk427e11.5
C37C3.2                          3'(10)  NG    10    45   cm15c12 yk170e12.5 yk293h4.5
C37C3.6b        EX                            337     0   yk3e8.3 yk257g8.5 yk22b2.3 CEESD32F yk132d4.3 yk10f9.3 CEESL73F CEESH31FC yk452h9.3 yk123e8.3 yk88e5.3 CEESP33F CEESL67F T02071 CEESP94F CESAC89F
C37H5.13        EX                       NG    70   475   yk279g4.5 yk399d10.5 yk457h4.5
C37H5.3                                  NG    13     0   yk385b1.5 yk476b8.5
C37H5.9              IN                        58     0   yk300b8.5 yk164b6.5 yk298f4.5 yk120a2.5
C38C10.5        EX                       NG    18   911   yk52h5.5 yk125g10.5
C38C3.5b        EX                       NG   335   170   yk141d7.5 yk491f11.5 yk426c5.5 yk312g8.5 yk109c3.5 yk338c10.5 yk376d7.5 yk332b7.5 yk391a3.5 yk258f3.5 yk141g7.5 yk448d4.5 yk104g4.5 yk117f7.5 yk474a12.5 yk480e3.5 yk466b7.5 yk136d1.5 yk447a1.5 yk247c2.5 yk469d9.5 yk400h5.5 yk138e2.5 yk230b8.5 yk305g5.5 yk166b6.5 yk473h2.5 yk400h12.5 yk69e1.5 yk274d12.5 yk217a3.5 yk94a7.5 yk100e9.5 yk258f3.3 yk474a12.3 yk391a3.3 yk376d7.3 yk247c2.3 yk480e3.3 yk338c10.3 yk141g7.3 yk332b7.3 yk400h12.3 yk274d12.3 yk426c5.3 yk109c3.3 yk141d7.3 yk104g4.3
C38D4.3         EX                       NG   386    76   yk410d12.5 CEESY83R yk335d11.5 yk335d11.3 yk286d8.3 yk235e5.3 yk292d4.3 yk395g2.3 yk41a3.3 yk248e8.3 yk229h5.3 yk226b12.3 yk367c3.3 yk226a11.3 yk410d12.3 yk356g12.3 yk248e8.5 yk235e5.5 yk286d8.5 yk395g2.5 yk292d4.5 yk171d6.5 yk7h7.5 yk226a11.5 yk7h7.3 yk219g2.3 yk171d6.3 yk154d8.3 yk95c2.3 yk50h5.3
C39E9.14                         3'(6)   NG     6    44   yk432h10.5 yk551d5.5
C39E9.8              IN                        46     0   yk412f10.3 yk163c2.3 yk119h2.3
C41A3.N1                         3'(3)   NG     3   113   yk331e8.5 yk82b10.5 yk60d12.5
C42D8.8                                  NG     3     0   yk399g8.5 yk217e12.5 yk305b9.5 yk429d3.5 yk410e7.5 yk6a10.5 U00240 yk26f10.5 yk195f9.5 yk263c3.5 yk389a9.5 yk420a6.5
C43E11.6        EX                       NG   192   733   yk332h8.5 yk273e11.5 yk481e7.5 yk247h3.5 yk431a10.5 yk4d2.5 yk109a1.5
C44C8.6                          3'(54)  NG    54  1020   yk467g10.5 yk314f6.5 yk115c12.5
C44E12.3        EX                       NG   295  2479   AF083651 AF083644 AF083643 AF083647 AF083648 AF083649
C44E4.1b             IN                  NG    41     0   yk27c11.5 yk5h5.5
C45B11.1                         3'(6)   NG     6    41   yk375d7.5 yk254c3.5
C45B2.5                                        56     0   yk473b4.3 yk393g4.3 yk439h10.3 yk138f5.3 yk64d5.3
C45G3.2a        EX                       NG   331  3684   yk419b4.5 yk469a6.5 yk315d3.5 yk476g8.5 yk356d6.5 yk50e5.5
C45G9.10             IN                  NG    43     0   yk28c6.5 yk180d6.5 yk134b8.5 yk26e8.5 yk4a9.5 yk43f2.5
C45H4.14                                       21     0   yk108c3.5 yk174h8.5 yk176a8.5
C46F11.5b                        3'(3)   NG     3    47   yk125a6.3 yk92f4.3 CEMSA24F yk401g7.3
C46G7.4a        EX   IN                  NG   186  1446   yk17a5.5 yk95h11.5 yk154g7.5 yk5a4.5 yk153d2.5
C46H11.4        EX                       NG   933   698   yk312c11.5 yk314b4.5 AF045612 yk253e7.5 yk373f1.5 AF045613 AF045611 yk385c7.5
C47B2.7b        EX                       NG    81   751   cm18d4 yk478c5.5 yk115g12.5
C47E12.4                  5'(3)          NG     3   764   yk592h6.5 yk169c6.5
C47E8.5         EX   IN                  NG   130    46   yk423e7.5 yk32e6.5 CEMSF41F yk3f12.5 yk191b9.5 yk456e3.5 yk220a8.5 yk224e2.5 yk203f1.5 yk203c6.5 yk213d11.5 cm04g7 yk232b7.5
C48A7.1         EX                       NG    28     0   yk386f1.5 AF023602
C48B4.4                          3'(6)   NG    33    88   yk251b11.5 AF049142 yk248h5.5 yk29e10.5 yk226a5.5 yk396h12.5 yk363a7.5 yk349d9.5 yk288g9.5 yk270a3.5
C48D5.2         EX                       NG   187  5479   yk668e6.5 yk287g3.5
C50F4.2                                  NG     4     0   yk133e7.5 yk53h6.5
C51E3.7b        EX                       NG   141   711   yk102h10.5 U04995 yk126c8.5 yk47a12.5
C54G6.1                   5'(21)         NG    21    55   yk622g9.5 yk274c11.5 yk362a4.5
C54G7.3         EX                       NG   102    82   yk325b6.5 yk293c6.5
C55A1.11                                 NG    83     0   yk303f12.5 yk432g10.5 yk277h9.5 yk216b10.5 yk277h9.3
C55B7.1                                        80     0   yk373e1.5 U60194 yk35g7.5
C56G2.15             IN                        32     0   yk14c7.3 T02157 yk218e10.3 yk3b2.3 T00033
CC8.c           EX                       NG   182   538   yk588d12.5 yk631h11.5 yk385c11.5
D1009.1         EX   IN                  NG    53    81   yk36c4.5 yk424a8.5 yk194f7.5 yk83h3.5 yk425e8.5 yk458f1.5
D1009.2         EX                       NG    52   155   yk517g2.5 U31078
D1007.7              IN                  NG    60     0   yk52g12.5 yk480c7.5
D1022.7              IN                  NG   127    45   AF045926 yk43a3.5 yk126c5.5 yk76f11.5
D1046.1                                        96     0   yk136h2.3 yk115e10.3
D1054.9         EX                       NG    90   109   yk115e9.3 yk301a2.3
D2030.9         EX                            359     0   yk294a11.5 yk217c5.5 yk142c7.5
D2089.1         EX                       NG    71     0   yk124c2.5 yk308b6.5 yk398f2.5
D2096.8              IN                        56     0   yk90e2.3 CEESW06F yk112c11.3 yk120e4.3 yk491c3.3 yk426g9.3 yk257b3.3 yk189f9.3 yk105c11.3
E01H11.1        EX                       NG   446   374   U82935 U82936 yk31g1.5
E02D9.1         EX                       NG   317   125   yk215e7.3 yk667b5.3 yk639e11.3 yk472b12.3 yk588a9.3 yk499e1.5 yk491e7.3 yk643d6.3 yk598a7.3 yk468b7.3 yk610c6.3 yk442h7.3 yk499e1.3 yk442h7.5 yk399f10.3 yk424g4.3 yk497b3.3 yk211h2.3 yk666a5.3 yk184h3.3 yk460g9.3 yk371f3.3 yk463b10.3 yk436h12.3 yk547b7.5 yk175b5.3 yk105e11.3 yk109g7.3 yk627a4.3 yk534f5.3 yk540c12.3 yk289f8.3 yk428g4.3 yk269b9.3 yk400h4.3 yk531b2.3 yk417e11.3 yk80d8.3
E03D2.2                          3'(42)  NG    43  1101   yk387a4.3 yk252f11.5 yk222f5.5 yk252f11.3 yk222f5.3
E04D5.1                          3'(7)   NG     9    53   yk656h4.5 yk459b6.5 yk632b2.5 yk556e6.5 yk350b11.5 yk256f12.5 yk454d9.5 yk374f8.5 yk640h2.5 yk533e1.5 yk598a11.5 yk117a5.5 yk413f5.5 yk519a6.5 yk84b6.5
EEED8.7         EX                       NG    78   477   yk391c1.5 yk488g10.5 CEESP71F yk455h12.5 yk221c3.5 yk389e10.5 yk59g3.3 yk59g3.5 yk82f8.3 yk114b3.3 yk391c1.3 yk455h12.3 yk103a12.3 yk389e10.3 yk337a9.3 yk221c3.3 yk488g10.3 yk103a12.5 yk337a9.5 yk79b5.5 yk82f8.5 CEMSD55R yk114b3.5 yk117e7.5
F01F1.1                                  NG   271     0   yk302d2.5 yk4d11.5 yk186e9.5 yk274d5.5 yk2h8.5 yk166c7.5
F01F1.5                                       259     0   yk249d6.5 cm11g3 yk246a5.5
F02A9.5         EX                       NG   338   135   yk477b6.5 yk477b6.3 yk38h7.3 yk425a6.5 yk480c6.5 yk38h7.5 yk88c7.5 yk129d6.5 yk48d9.5 yk9b2.5 cm14b8 yk129d6.3 yk9b2.3 yk48d9.3 yk88c7.3
F02E9.2a        EX                       NG   193   343   yk401f5.5 U75912 yk188a12.5 yk117g6.5
F02G3.1         EX                       NG    22    98   yk353f8.3 yk249e8.3 yk355c1.3 yk9g7.3 yk422c8.3
F07A11.2        EX                       NG    39   129   yk308h3.5 yk102c5.5
F07A11.6        EX                       NG   238   139   yk357f2.5 yk252d12.5 yk132c3.5 yk323h10.5 yk297f1.5 yk297g11.5 yk182e4.5
F07A5.1a                         3'(6)   NG     6    44   yk437a4.5 yk172a10.3 yk360h9.3
F07A5.7         EX                       NG   376    49   yk73e9.5 yk234d5.5 CEESH78F yk219f4.5 yk204b1.5 yk220g2.5 yk192g12.5 cm2f8 yk212a10.5 yk193a7.5 yk205h9.5 yk278a9.5
F07H5.3                          3'(7)   NG     7    89   yk256c11.3 yk143b9.5 yk256c11.5 yk191c1.5 yk191c1.3
F08B1.1         EX                       NG   226  1609   yk239c7.5 yk372b8.5
F08B12.3b       EX                       NG    36   188   yk238c12.3 yk24c8.3 yk20f11.3 yk48d7.3
F08B6.b                                         8     0   yk278d10.3 yk327f1.3 yk306f9.3 yk411c7.3 yk156a3.3 yk366a5.5 yk310f10.5 yk366a5.3 yk322a7.3 yk264b11.5 yk118e5.3 U04711 yk305b11.5
F08D12.3             IN                  NG    57     0   yk302h4.5 yk381e12.5 yk72a1.5 yk669f1.3 yk579h11.3 yk542a12.3 yk546a12.3 yk72a1.3
F08F1.4              IN                  NG    47     0   yk276f7.3 yk203c8.5 yk203c8.3 yk276f7.5
F08F8.4                          3'(6)   NG     6   374   yk227b4.3 yk424h1.3 yk419d11.3 yk479e2.3 yk483b6.3 yk127h8.3
F09A5.4a        EX                       NG   224   102   yk462g7.5 yk361f7.5 yk373c2.5
F09B12.1                         3'(30)  NG    30   318   yk444d5.5 yk631a1.5 yk501a10.5 yk523h12.5 yk452f6.5 yk176d5.5
F09B9.2                                  NG   293     0   AF068867 yk371a8.5 yk294g2.5 yk404g10.5 yk97f4.5 yk471d1.5
F09E10.N1            IN                        52     0   yk554b12.5 yk385d5.5 yk385d5.3
F09F7.5                          3'(3)   NG     3    54   cm04e6 yk432g8.5
F10C1.2a        EX                       NG   110    98   yk13c11.5 yk136f4.5 yk111f7.5 yk198a9.5 yk228h11.5 yk172b6.5 yk12e7.5 yk336b8.5
F10C1.7b        EX                       NG    51   587   cm14g10 yk4g4.5 yk358c2.5
F10D2.2              IN                        41     0   yk206g9.5 yk179d2.5
F10D7.5         EX                       NG   179  1384   yk302f9.5 yk378e12.5 yk276c10.5 yk419h9.5
F10E9.6         EX                       NG    79    76   yk342f8.5 yk85b2.5 yk490g10.5 yk60d5.5 yk142f10.5 yk172g12.5 yk254e4.5 yk149e1.5
F10F2.5                                       301     0   yk270e9.5 yk209g1.5
F10G7.9              IN                  NG    44     0   yk133f12.5 yk2c2.3 yk322h6.5
F11A6.1b                                      210     0   yk146b5.5 cm10b9 yk93c5.5 U12682
F11C1.5         EX                       NG    26     0   yk225b7.3 yk24f12.5 yk212d10.5 yk12a1.5 yk367e8.5 yk429a9.5 yk7e7.3 yk34c7.3
F11D5.3         EX                       NG   139    50   yk337f4.5 yk196h7.5 yk630g9.5 yk639c2.5
F11H8.1                   5'(6)          NG     0    45   AF062008 yk554h4.3
F11H8.4                   5'(6)          NG     6    45   yk554h4.3 AF062008
F12F6.2                                  NG    73     0   yk173d8.5 U94834
F13B10.1a                        3'(9)   NG     9    48   yk225d8.3 yk3f4.3 yk478g1.3 yk24a3.3 yk146f2.3 yk470g8.3 yk312a1.3
F13B10.2             IN                  NG   101     0   yk123b12.5 CEMSH44R cm12a12 Z69336 yk280d12.5 yk98c12.5 yk92d3.5 yk310c6.5 CEMSH53F CEMSB25F CEESS82R
F13B9.1                          3'(12)  NG    12   763   yk236c9.5 yk356g3.5
F13G11.1                                      169     0   yk34c10.5 yk481e12.5 yk469e12.5 yk281g2.5
F14B4.1                                        36     0   yk315b11.3 yk415h1.3
F14B8.5         EX                       NG   108   582   yk530e2.5 yk510b5.5 yk498g6.5 yk211d10.5 yk259d11.5 yk360c8.5 yk594b8.5 yk596g11.5 yk201f8.5 cm9d8 yk391b12.5 yk331h12.5
F14F3.1         EX                       NG   123   260   U29184 U29145
F15D3.9         EX                       NG    93   486   yk268g8.5 yk42h3.5 AJ012469
F15G9.1                          3'(3)   NG     3   118   yk252c2.3 yk102e12.5 yk450c6.5
F15G9.4a                         3'(69)  NG    69   206   AF074901 yk357a11.5
F16B4.5                                  NG   118     0   yk553b6.5 yk606b2.5 yk606b2.3 yk553b6.3
F16C3.2         EX                            300     0   yk544f7.3 yk583e12.5 yk544f7.5
F16H9.1         EX                       NG   282  3510   yk78b5.5 yk512h4.5
F17C11.1             IN                  NG    47     0   yk404e2.5 yk498e9.5
F17C11.9                                 NG     4     0   yk123b8.5 yk119c1.3 yk97h1.3 yk339f8.3 yk185h6.3 yk58a4.3 yk103a7.3 yk131g4.3 yk155h5.5 yk155h5.3 yk276g5.3 yk158e3.3 yk276g5.5 yk94g10.3 yk118b8.3 yk137d2.3 yk141a2.3 yk156a2.3 yk81g7.3 yk114d7.3
F17E5.1a        EX                       NG   204   333   X92564 yk350d3.5 X92565
F18A1.2              IN                  NG    79    45   Z32673 AJ012485 yk262g1.5 AJ012486 yk281e6.3 yk262g1.3 yk414g3.3 yk59h1.3
F18A1.6         EX                       NG    55    61   yk161b6.5 yk248d5.5
F18A11.3             IN                  NG    53     0   yk232c4.3 yk275a4.5 yk275a4.3
F18C12.2b       EX                       NG    24   921   yk250d6.5 yk358h9.5 yk133d2.5
F18E9.5                                        80     0   yk235d11.5 yk75g5.5 yk246b3.5 yk465e4.5
F18H3.5a                                 NG   192     0   yk76f3.5 yk456a3.5 yk492e2.5
F19B2.g                                        25     0   yk151g1.3 yk231c2.3
F19B6.2         EX                       NG    49    61   yk85g10.5 yk401g6.5 yk570c11.5 yk528d6.5 yk229e10.5 yk490a1.5 yk473b6.5 yk433b9.5 yk264d4.5 yk242b8.5 yk591c7.5 yk477h11.5 yk465f11.5 yk394f12.5 yk652c11.5 yk554b11.5
F19C6.2         EX                       NG   138   598   yk630f11.5 yk121d1.5 yk659c8.5
F19H8.3         EX                             24     0   yk25g8.5 yk70a6.5
F20B6.8         EX                       NG   122  1828   yk509g2.5 yk616h2.5 yk663c2.5 yk542e8.5
F21A3.2                                        22     0   yk3g4.5 yk553e5.5
F21D12.1b       EX                       NG   147    49   cm2h1 AF083234 AF083233 yk77h11.5
F22B3.4              IN                        48     0   yk239e11.5 yk182b3.5
F22B7.5         EX                       NG   115    69   yk527h3.3 yk344a10.3 yk659e7.3
F22D3.1                          3'(27)  NG    27   122   yk351b8.5 yk574f3.5
F23B12.8                                 NG     8     0   yk339c4.5 yk286c4.5
F23C8.d              IN                  NG    48     0   yk62c9.5 yk292b5.5
F23F12.9        EX                       NG    96     0   yk187c8.5 yk474c3.5
F23H12.4             IN                        52     0   yk91c12.3 yk98f2.3 yk293c4.3 yk64b12.3 yk64h9.3 yk313g9.3 yk85g9.3 yk313g9.5 yk75e4.3 yk67a5.3 yk312g1.3 yk83e2.3 CEESS84F
F25B5.2                                  NG     4     0   yk516e6.5 yk156e10.5 yk419f8.5 yk195g11.5 yk75f10.5 yk316b10.5
F25B5.4         EX                       NG   366    53   CEESH83F yk205g5.5 CEMSE42F CEESG34F CEMSG55F CEESQ56F CEESG34RD CEESD42F T00528 yk342c9.5 CEESJ80F yk11b3.5 yk6e8.5 yk32a6.5 yk24f1.5 CEESD90F yk258d9.5 yk221d10.5 yk332g8.5 yk268d9.5 yk283c8.5 yk255g4.5 yk285a6.5 yk17e2.5 yk215c12.5 yk32a6.5 T02101 cm13e5 Z14445 CEESZ90F yk6b6.5 yk428f11.5 T02396 CESAD19F CEESY42FB CEESC52F CEESO33F CEMSG65F CEESW37F T00684 CEESH82F CEESU08F CEMSC23F CESAB96F yk6e8.3 yk17e2.3 yk6b6.3 yk32a6.3 yk425b6.3 CEESX15F yk221d10.3 yk215c12.3 yk428f11.3 yk283c8.3 yk285a6.3 yk255g4.3 yk268d9.3 yk342c9.3 yk258d9.3 yk24f1.3 yk11b3.3 yk326d1.3 CEESX26F CEESY70F yk205g5.3 T00549 CEESG50F
F25B5.7         EX                            240     0   yk77h12.5 yk298g9.5
F25E2.5         EX                       NG   102   904   AF005206 yk267h3.5 AF005207 AF005205
F25E2.N1        EX                       NG   102   904   yk407f7.5 AF005206 yk267h3.5 AF005207 AF005205
F25H5.3b        EX                       NG   158   116   yk206a12.5 yk437b7.5 yk199a1.5 yk245f1.5 yk460d12.5 yk221f1.5 cm2d6 yk221h4.5
F25H8.2              IN                        42     0   yk637g9.5 yk617a1.5 yk292g10.5 yk188d10.5
F25H8.5              IN                        49     0   yk102c7.5 U52071
F26B1.2                                  NG   156     0   yk453d6.5 yk247b1.5 yk82g7.5 yk371d11.5 yk309a11.5 yk336d4.5 yk312b3.5
F26F12.3        EX                       NG   114    90   yk375b11.5 yk74h4.5 yk331a12.5 yk238f1.3 yk339d10.5 yk450a2.5 yk422b12.5
F26H11.2                         3'(6)   NG     6    40   yk80f9.3 yk273g2.3
F26H11.3b       EX                       NG   361   484   yk336c3.5 yk426b12.5 yk401c8.5 yk469c11.5 yk479f12.5 yk489b8.5 yk62g1.5 yk74g11.5 yk476f5.5 yk75g2.5 yk75f4.5 yk466e1.5 yk458b10.5 yk333e11.5 yk289a12.5 yk428g2.5 yk103c9.5 yk98g1.5
F26H11.4                                 NG    18     0   yk609e3.3 yk673c7.3
F26H9.5              IN                  NG    50     0   yk374e12.5 yk482d11.5
F27C1.3         EX                            351     0   yk297b5.3 yk286g4.3 yk38d7.3 yk390h5.3 yk262h5.5 yk236b6.5 yk262h5.3
F27C1.7         EX                       NG    66   123   yk454g6.5 yk409d7.5
F27D4.2                          3'(3)   NG     3   226   yk328d2.5 yk374h4.5
F27D9.1              IN                  NG    50     0   yk418g5.5 yk227a3.5 yk127b3.5 S66176 yk293h11.5 yk452b7.5
F28C6.7                   5'(54)         NG    54   100   yk82g12.3 yk485a12.5 yk274a1.5 yk473f6.5 yk67h12.3 yk473f6.3 yk451g3.3 yk485a12.3 yk451g3.5 yk67h12.5 yk427g12.5 yk362e3.3 yk436f2.3 yk454f11.5 yk98g8.5 yk436f2.5 yk266d3.3 yk274a1.3 yk266d3.5 yk437f12.3 yk207d6.3 yk432a12.5 yk269g4.3 yk432a12.3 yk282c2.3 yk362e3.5 yk282c2.5 yk207d6.5 yk341a12.5 yk91h9.3 yk427g12.3 yk75h4.3 yk341a12.3 yk91h9.5 yk373e8.5 yk437f12.5 yk373e8.3 yk454f11.3 yk82g12.5 yk75h4.5
F28F5.2         EX                       NG    71   543   yk190e10.5 yk294g1.5
F28F5.3         EX                            340     0   yk32f9.5 yk39g8.5
F28H6.1              IN                  NG   277     0   AF072381 yk548e6.5 yk548d6.5
F29B9.2         EX                       NG    39    57   yk417g5.5 yk153a12.5 yk472e9.5 yk90h6.5 yk42a8.5
F29D10.4                                 NG     8     0   yk19f10.3 yk192h5.3 yk212c10.3 yk15c7.3 U52515 yk194g5.3 yk181e4.3 yk205a5.3 yk53e8.3 yk159d6.3 yk161b10.3 yk153f2.3 yk205a5.5 yk194g5.5
F29G6.3b                                       84     0   yk146g12.5 yk40f10.5
F30A10.10                        3'(6)   NG     6    46   yk521d7.5 yk678e4.5 yk462d12.5 yk588c2.5
F31B12.1        EX                       NG   330     0   yk9h3.3 AF044576 yk9h3.5
F31D5.3b        EX                       NG    48   375   yk222h1.5 yk41h9.5
F32A5.1         EX   IN                  NG   142   231   yk255f4.5 yk416d3.3 yk217g11.5 yk341b3.5 yk217g11.3 yk416d3.5 yk110c4.3 yk255f4.3 CEESR25FB yk341b3.3 yk246b11.5 yk260g4.5 yk110e3.5 yk110c4.5 yk110e3.3
F32A5.2         EX                       NG   201    88   yk350a1.5 yk29d4.5 yk351f5.5 yk29d4.3 yk39g11.3
F32A6.4         EX   IN                  NG   356     0   yk352c10.5 yk318f5.5 yk391e12.5 yk432h7.5 yk283d6.5 yk469f8.5 yk338b6.5
F32A7.3         EX                            359     0   yk47a9.5 yk402g6.5
F32B4.3a        EX                       NG     0   486   yk42h3.5 AJ012469 yk268g8.5 yk530g9.5
F32B6.2                                  NG     3     0   M89372 yk21b7.5
F32D8.3              IN                        51     0   yk161f7.3 yk419b12.3
F32D8.5                          3'(6)   NG     6    44   yk162b10.5 yk277f7.5
F32H5.3                          3'(9)   NG     9    43   yk534f3.5 CEESM60RB
F33A8.3         EX                       NG    65   112   yk534d7.5 yk619e9.5 yk242c3.5 yk495c2.5 yk670f12.5 yk465f12.5 yk215a5.5
F33D11.9b       EX                       NG    21   385   yk373a5.5 yk355d7.5 yk491h4.5
F33D4.2a        EX                       NG   373   417   AJ243182 AJ243179 AJ243181 AJ243180 yk437e2.3 yk131b3.5 yk357d6.5 yk398e6.5 yk153c6.5 yk294c2.5 yk322d4.5
F33E2.5                                  NG    59   287   yk236f2.3 yk374f6.3 yk60e9.3 yk462f7.3 yk334a5.3 yk283b10.3 yk343c5.3 yk461e2.3 yk372b12.3 CEESY02FB CEESB85F CEESY02F yk479e1.3
F33H1.1         EX                       NG    43     0   yk254c1.5 yk151d8.5
F35C5.5b                         3'(6)   NG     6    46   yk367h4.3 yk367h4.5 yk363d9.3 yk204f1.3
F35D11.1             IN                        92     0   yk544d2.3 yk320h2.3 yk205d10.3 yk396d6.3
F35D11.11       EX                            300     0   yk223d5.3 yk544d2.5
F35D11.6        EX                       NG    23  1967   yk223e3.5 yk431a7.5 yk395e11.5
F35D6.1                          3'(7)   NG     7    42   cm18c12 yk330f9.5 yk13e8.5 yk203c10.5 yk12h4.5 yk481c8.5
F35G12.4                         3'(9)   NG     9    47   yk238e2.5 cm2e11 yk375b6.5 yk462d7.5 yk283e3.3 yk238e2.3 yk53f6.3 yk462d7.3
F35G2.1         EX                       NG    66   128   yk607d4.5 yk514c8.5 yk295c10.5
F35H12.2                  5'(12)         NG    12   138   cm08h6 yk454c11.5
F36A2.7                                        22     0   yk547a1.3 yk311d3.5 yk201a6.5 yk622d6.5 yk468e6.3 yk110c2.3 yk254g11.5 yk265e3.5 yk460b7.5 yk622d6.3 yk362c7.5 yk136e8.3 yk311d3.3 yk201a6.3 yk254g11.3 yk531d5.5 yk673d1.3 yk362c7.3 yk468e6.5 yk265e3.3 yk531d5.3 yk373e2.5 yk460b7.3 yk373e2.3 yk547a1.5
F36D4.3                          3'(6)   NG     0   601   yk323g10.5 yk362d12.5 yk297f4.5 U52516
F38A6.3a                         3'(6)   NG     6    70   cm7d3 yk272d11.5 yk37d4.5
F38B7.1         EX                       NG    30  3247   yk316c9.5 yk354g5.5
F38H4.10             IN                        43     0   yk79h11.3 yk446b9.5 yk163e7.3 yk277b7.3 CEESP29F yk399a7.3 yk75d6.3
F39B2.3              IN                        83     0   CEESE30R yk620g10.5 CEESE30RB
F39B2.4                          3'(6)   NG     6   334   yk360b2.5 U33051 yk418g3.5
F39C12.2        EX                       NG   175   355   AF166167 yk26f2.3 AF166168
F39D8.1b        EX                       NG   281  1939   yk50g10.3 yk396d3.3 yk13e6.3 yk4f11.3 yk375g3.5 yk4f11.5 yk396d3.5 yk13e6.5
F39H11.4        EX                       NG    60    19   yk297a9.5 yk12b4.5 cm11a3
F40B5.2         EX                       NG    81   198   yk402a10.5 yk485a2.5
F40E10.6                                      141     0   yk113f4.3 yk617e7.3 yk460a6.3
F40F9.6              IN                  NG    42     0   yk298b4.5 yk334e3.5 yk433c11.5 yk266e12.5 yk260c12.5 yk480a8.5
F41D9.3              IN                  NG    82     0   yk266d8.5 yk434a9.5 yk258f12.5 yk428f2.5
F41F3.3         EX   IN                       129     0   yk282b12.5 CEESD59R yk345d4.5 yk85a2.3 yk496d9.3 yk333h2.3 yk467f2.3 yk282b12.3 yk312c3.3 yk504g4.3 yk394g10.3 yk236g4.3 yk237g11.3 yk345d4.3 yk289f4.3 yk186g8.3 yk196g5.3 yk417d9.3 yk490b12.3 yk459b11.3 yk187c11.5 yk289f4.5 yk237g11.5 yk196g5.5 yk312c3.5 yk459b11.5 yk333h2.5 yk236g4.5 yk186g8.5 yk85a2.5 yk71h8.5
F41G4.2a        EX                            370     0   yk357e3.5 yk452b1.5 yk104b9.5 yk447e3.5 yk312c7.5 yk454e4.5 yk373d2.5 yk462c6.5 yk267d6.5 yk400f9.5 yk336f6.5 cm16g1 yk159b5.5 yk271d12.5 yk366c12.5
F42A10.2        EX                       NG    77   673   yk636e12.3 yk214b9.3 yk34h5.3
F42A10.4        EX                       NG    24   145   U93847 U93846
F42A9.1a        EX                       NG   115   167   yk6f3.5 yk129a5.5
F42E11.2        EX                       NG    78    77   yk610b8.5 yk655a3.5 yk677a1.5
F42G4.4         EX                       NG   236  1345   yk305h6.5 yk405b6.5 cm19c10 yk151c8.5
F42G8.10             IN                  NG    70     0   yk163f4.5 yk175c5.5 yk282g7.5 yk74f6.5 yk108c7.5 yk189c5.5
F42G9.1              IN                        47     0   yk512g1.5 yk450d6.5 yk622h4.5 yk468b4.5 yk673g10.5 yk590e12.5
F42G9.9         EX                       NG     0    84   U67967 yk387h1.3 U38982 yk551f1.5 yk551f1.3
F43C9.4              IN                       273     0   yk474e11.5 yk414d9.5
F43D9.1                                       168     0   yk225g1.5 yk309a6.5
F43E2.6                   5'(24)         NG    24   520   yk149d10.5 yk205d5.5 yk409b2.5
F43E2.7              IN                  NG    45     0   yk332f10.5 yk326b6.5 yk90b2.5 yk77c5.5 yk111d3.5 yk104e1.5 yk156c1.5 yk334g8.5 yk332g1.5
F43E2.8                                  NG    10     0   yk127e8.5 yk34e10.5 yk320g4.5
F43G9.9                                  NG     3     0   yk175a2.5 yk509a4.5 yk215c11.5 yk105a8.5 yk513g12.5 yk526e2.5
F44A2.1         EX                       NG   358   148   yk134b2.5 yk212d1.5 yk131g1.5
F44B9.3                                  NG   129     0   yk82a5.5 yk167d6.5 yk47g8.5 yk335e5.5
F44E2.2                          3'(33)  NG    33    45   yk47b7.5 yk406g9.5 yk457a12.5 yk10b3.5 yk22h1.5
F44E2.7         EX                       NG   378   123   yk618e5.5 yk649d11.5 yk591b1.5 yk592f6.5 yk408a1.5 yk498f12.5
F44F1.6              IN                        50     0   yk174a3.5 yk344e6.5 yk423c7.5
F44G4.4                          3'(9)   NG     9    45   cm04f4 yk197d2.5 yk174e7.5 yk167f9.5 yk216e8.5
F45E4.10        EX                       NG     0   537   yk134c2.5 yk251c7.5 yk406c9.5
F46A8.7              IN                        30     0   yk261e12.5 yk437h4.5 yk432h12.5
F46F11.1                                      261     0   yk391f9.3 yk178c1.5 yk11g7.5 yk323b10.5 yk194b12.5 yk209a5.5 yk260f3.5
F46F11.9                         3'(6)   NG     6    44   yk577c12.5 yk359e7.5
F46F2.2         EX                            322     0   yk134f5.3 yk475f2.5
F47B3.7                   5'(4)          NG     4    47   yk71g12.3 yk386c10.3 yk252b2.3 yk171h5.3
F47B7.2         EX                       NG   258   820   yk466d2.3 yk224e12.3 yk51h9.3 yk279e9.3 yk288g7.3 yk117c2.3
F47B8.9                   5'(4)          NG     4    43   yk406d5.3 yk17h8.3
F47D12.4                                 NG     6   301   yk433a4.5 yk391h6.5 yk524d3.5 yk198e5.5 yk245e8.5 yk403d7.5 yk314d5.5 yk109f10.5 yk314c11.5 yk326b4.5 yk329h8.5 yk394h9.5 yk453c1.5 yk327f10.5 AF056577 yk141f4.5 yk74h7.5 yk456a4.5 yk423h1.5 yk328a8.5 yk480e1.5 yk448c7.5
F47G4.4                                  NG     6     0   yk97b1.5 yk66g10.5 yk392c12.3 yk123b2.3 yk460b3.3 CEESF95F yk97b1.3
F47G6.1         EX                            360     0   yk555c9.5 AJ131742
F48D6.4                          3'(8)   NG     8    43   yk407h4.3 yk147c10.5
F49E11.1a       EX                       NG   185   522   yk268e6.5 yk493b5.5 yk660c4.5 yk237c2.5 yk562f8.5 yk328f8.5 yk503a7.5 yk618g9.5 yk482a11.5 yk561h11.5 yk426b7.5 yk539h11.5 yk215h1.5 yk399d6.5 yk313c8.5 yk625e8.5 yk625e9.5 yk503g6.5 yk535e2.5 yk170h3.5 yk386b3.5 yk644c8.5 yk335e7.5 yk567a6.5 yk320h12.5 yk569f1.5 yk136g8.5 yk375e10.5 yk574f11.5 yk349f10.5 yk356a1.5 yk357f8.5 yk648f2.5 yk597g4.5 yk127b11.5 yk68c6.3
F49E2.3                                        32     0   yk300d7.3 yk553a4.3
F49E2.5b        EX   IN                  NG   360  1804   yk32e5.5 yk30d3.5 yk367h1.5 yk442b8.5 yk11b7.5 yk65b5.5 yk251d5.5 yk164f10.3 yk65b5.3 yk440b7.3 yk442b8.3 yk164f10.5 yk4c7.5 yk239f11.5 yk301g11.5 yk381a1.3 yk171f11.3 yk171f11.5 yk46c8.5 yk367h1.3 yk243c6.5
F49E8.1                                  NG    26     0   yk512b1.3 yk235b6.3 yk235b6.5
F49E8.7                   5'(4)          NG     4    46   yk406a12.3 yk143a2.5
F49H12.b        EX                       NG   355    88   yk46c3.5 yk409h7.5 yk219f10.5 yk315f12.5 yk159h7.5
F49H12.i                                 NG    11     0   yk334f10.5 yk340a1.5 yk98h2.5 yk230h9.5
F52A8.6                   5'(27)         NG    27   531   yk461a12.5 yk661a1.5 yk621e9.5 yk624e11.5
F52C9.8b        EX   IN                  NG   413   210   yk37g1.5 yk247c3.5 yk448e6.5 yk322g3.5 yk19a9.5 yk295h2.5 yk294g10.5 yk266h9.5 yk5c9.5 yk1a9.5 yk260g8.5 yk7g11.5 yk408c6.5
F52D10.3                  5'(192)        NG   192    65   yk477d8.5 yk658h4.3 yk412b12.5 yk83d5.3 yk268b11.3 yk461c8.5 yk613e3.3 yk579e7.5 yk649b11.3 yk277e12.5 yk331a5.3 yk424a10.3 yk435b7.3 yk62c1.3 yk496d3.5
F52E1.13        EX                            427     0   cm7b4 yk359a1.5 yk405h1.5 yk63f7.5
F52F12.6                                      285     0   yk156b8.5 U67079 yk373e12.5 yk416h6.5
F52G2.1a                                       59     0   yk357h8.5 yk281h9.5
F53A2.8         EX                            330     0   yk31h5.5 yk416b6.5 yk345e1.5
F53A3.4                                        42     0   yk440d6.5 yk205h4.5
F53C3.6              IN                        45     0   yk478g2.5 yk290e1.5 yk392a12.5
F53C3.N1                         3'(6)   NG   169   831   yk536c2.5 yk513f9.5 cm7d9 yk100b9.5 yk485b8.5 yk263a1.5 yk100b9.3 yk263a1.3 yk572a5.3 yk536c2.3 yk513f9.3 yk90f9.5 yk338e3.5 yk502a6.5 yk393h7.5
F53E2.c         EX                       NG     0   170   yk469d9.5 yk400h5.5 yk138e2.5 yk230b8.5 yk141d7.5 yk491f11.5 yk426c5.5 yk312g8.5 yk109c3.5 yk338c10.5 yk376d7.5 yk332b7.5 yk391a3.5 yk258f3.5 yk141g7.5 yk448d4.5 yk104g4.5 yk117f7.5 yk474a12.5 yk480e3.5 yk466b7.5 yk136d1.5 yk447a1.5 yk247c2.5 yk305g5.5 yk166b6.5 yk473h2.5 yk400h12.5 yk69e1.5 yk274d12.5 yk217a3.5 yk94a7.5
F53F10.2                         3'(14)  NG    14    40   yk464g8.5 yk132a9.5 yk63a7.5 yk196a3.5 yk373f6.5
F53G12.5                         3'(9)   NG    10    42   U67864 yk271d1.5 yk288g4.5 yk116h12.5
F53G2.4                   5'(33)         NG    33    99   yk678d2.3 yk613f7.3 yk340a7.3 yk344f2.3
F54A5.b              IN                  NG   146   644   yk311g11.5 yk392f1.5 yk79c10.5 yk386a8.5
F54A5.c                                       134     0   yk79c10.3 yk461e8.5 yk386a8.3 yk311g11.3
F54A5.d                          3'(12)  NG    12    51   yk416g11.5 yk514a12.5
F54D12.7                                 NG     5     0   yk149a11.3 yk386a6.3 yk93a10.3 yk36b10.3 yk383e3.3 yk189e10.3 yk310c10.3
F54D5.5                                        97     0   yk211h8.5 yk418d3.3 yk392e9.3 yk156f1.3
F54D8.6              IN                       275     0   yk599h5.5 yk637g2.5 yk402a9.5 yk599h5.3 yk594f6.3 yk630d12.3
F54E7.3                          3'(9)   NG     9   424   yk257g11.5 U25032
F54F2.4         EX                       NG    34    80   U20555 yk46c2.5 yk309c5.3
F54F3.3                                  NG    32     0   yk300a8.5 yk429b3.5 yk310f9.5 yk387d12.5
F55A12.4                                       63     0   yk264d7.5 yk384c10.5
F55A12.9        EX                       NG   165     0   yk134h12.5 yk133e3.5
F55A8.2b        EX                       NG   112 11144   yk87g12.5 yk479h11.5 yk328c10.5 yk85a3.5
F55C12.1        EX                       NG   248  2963   yk546b5.3 yk569d6.5
F55C12.5        EX                            376     0   yk549b2.5 yk212e4.5 yk328a12.5
F55C7.7b        EX                       NG   604  3540   yk43a8.5 yk439c5.5 yk318f12.5 yk365b4.5 AF048834 yk208g5.5 AF048835 yk398f9.5 yk212h6.3 yk385d10.3 yk297h2.5
F55D12.2a       EX                       NG    56   359   yk259c3.5 yk45c11.5 yk181f1.5 yk218h2.5
F55H2.2              IN                        47     0   yk466a12.3 yk535a8.3 yk522e3.3
F56A3.4                   5'(5)          NG     5    44   yk480e8.3 yk354f9.3 yk434b5.3 yk248a7.3 yk426f1.3 yk69c12.3
F56A8.7         EX                       NG   377  1566   AB008843 AB008844 AF047885 AB008842 AF047887 AF047886 yk473c5.5 yk473c5.3
F56B3.2         EX                       NG   225   287   yk514b10.5 yk608b1.5 yk628c7.5 yk530g1.5
F56B3.4              IN                        56     0   yk642h5.5 yk470d3.5 yk470d3.3 yk534f7.5 yk534f7.3
F56B6.2         EX                       NG    79    68   yk534f10.5 yk471b4.5 yk532h5.5 yk291e11.5 yk501e4.5 yk535e4.5
F56C11.6             IN                  NG    49     0   yk635d12.5 yk640e8.5 yk247c7.5
F56C9.10                                 NG     9     0   yk570d10.5 yk347e3.5 yk333a9.5
F56D1.4         EX                       NG    86   470   yk160b6.5 AF047881 AF047880
F56D2.6                                  NG    13     0   yk154g12.3 yk161d4.3 yk105b4.3 yk60c9.3
F56F10.3                                      273     0   yk125g9.5 yk144d5.5
F56F10.4                                 NG     3     0   yk42f6.5 yk396h2.5
F56F3.1         EX                       NG    95    45   CEESL05F CEESL60F CEMSE82F CEESF59R CEESF59F yk301b11.5
F56H11.1        EX                       NG     0   281   AF051402 AF051401 yk11b1.5
F57B1.4              IN                        99     0   yk170f7.5 yk99e7.3 yk100f2.5 yk93c11.5
F57B10.1                                 NG   127     0   yk9f10.5 yk679e10.5 yk166d6.5
F57B9.4              IN                        48     0   yk498e3.3 yk412g8.3
F57C7.3                          3'(3)   NG     3   263   yk236g1.5 yk452f12.5 yk258b12.5 yk140d8.5 yk345f3.5 yk314d3.5 yk118a2.5 yk139f3.5 yk82g4.5 yk470f11.5 yk137a1.5 yk374a2.5 yk201h9.5 yk174c3.5 yk479b9.5 yk85h2.5 yk401h1.5 yk116h10.5 yk391e10.5 yk473h3.5 yk143h4.5 yk74g6.5 yk401a8.5 CEESI72R yk457f5.5 yk423a11.5
F57C9.1                   5'(30)         NG    30   156   yk426h7.5 yk242c10.5 yk642d3.5 yk494d5.5
F57F10.1        EX                       NG   127  3408   yk296c10.5 yk244a4.5
F58A3.1a        EX                       NG   279    76   yk66f4.5 yk359d7.5 yk238d10.5 yk61f12.5 yk89b5.5
F58A4.1                          3'(9)   NG     9   338   yk384a3.5 yk383h1.5
F58A4.7                          3'(6)   NG     6    53   yk170d7.5 yk439e6.5
F58E10.3                                      360     0   yk492h1.5 cm7f6
F58G11.1        EX                       NG    42   103   yk464a9.3 yk40e5.3 yk16b12.3 yk5f12.3
F59A2.1         EX                       NG    71   104   yk15f8.5 yk350f7.5 cm12a4 yk164c9.5 yk235c4.5 yk415b1.5
F59E12.4                         3'(6)   NG     6    90   yk467g7.3 yk453b5.3 yk445e10.3 yk506a9.3
F59E12.5                         3'(6)   NG     6    71   yk467g7.3 yk506a9.3
F59E12.7                         3'(6)   NG    87   611   yk294e7.5 yk24d12.5 yk443b2.5
F59G1.1         EX                       NG    95   797   yk29c8.5 yk305h12.5 yk292g5.5 yk435e6.5 yk439b12.5 yk174d11.5
H02I12.1             IN                        48     0   yk13f4.5 yk384d5.5 yk9d10.5 yk438c12.5 yk356b12.5
H03A11.2             IN                       109     0   yk126c7.5 yk139d5.5 yk200c2.5 yk193f10.5 yk50e7.5
H12C20.2b       EX                       NG   195    53   yk248e11.5 yk47f8.5 yk127d2.5 yk134d10.5 yk159g9.5 yk36h6.5
H12I13.a                                 NG    40    33   yk542b3.5 yk542b3.3 yk222b1.5 yk222b1.3
H12I19.5a                        3'(47)  NG    47    54   yk317c12.3 yk316b3.3
H14E04.e                         3'(9)   NG     9    82   cm04h8 yk313e9.3 yk166h7.5 cm7g12 yk477b10.5
H15N14.1b                        3'(9)   NG     9    43   yk2d9.5 yk40h5.5 yk3f3.5 yk21f7.5 yk35c3.5 yk23a3.5 yk4f8.5
H17B01.1b       EX                       NG   109    55   yk119e1.5 yk229b2.5 yk490a2.5 yk91d2.5 yk215c7.5 yk291b3.5 yk83g5.5 yk158a2.5 cm06d2 yk84b9.5
H19M22.3                                 NG   534     0   AB007816 yk254h11.5
H19N07.2a                 5'(9)          NG     9    53   yk419h8.5 yk179d8.5
H20H17.1                                 NG     0    57   yk182h7.5 yk128d3.3 yk26a4.3 yk542e1.5
H20J18.1                                 NG     7     0   yk108f6.5 yk260d6.5 yk31b1.5
H21P03.3        EX                       NG    54  1750   yk517e10.5 yk559h9.5
H24K24.c                         3'(6)   NG     6   994   yk500h6.5 yk478f10.5 yk115f4.5 yk510d5.5 yk491b4.5 U18781 yk109c5.5 yk116e2.5 yk654a3.5 yk569f4.5 yk607f6.5 yk516e1.5 yk572c11.5 yk389g10.5 cm14h3 yk476a2.5 yk595c4.5
H25P06.2b                                NG     6     0   yk123a8.5 yk499h3.5
H28G03.1        EX                       NG    46    63   yk495d10.5 yk670a8.5 yk532e8.5 yk497d10.5 yk597b11.5
H30A04.1        EX                       NG   188  1555   yk16h2.5 yk253d7.5 yk6f1.5 yk129e5.5 yk47c10.5
H33H01.a                         3'(6)   NG     6   402   AF130407 AF130406
H35B03.2a            IN                  NG    54     0   yk524d2.5 CEESZ01RB
H38K22.2        EX                       NG   161   357   yk187g12.5 yk514g2.5 yk524h10.5
H38K22.5        EX                       NG   108   103   AF031838 AF031839 AF031840
H39E23.1                                 NG     0   695   U40858 yk35c12.5 yk27h10.5 yk303d9.5 U22183 yk43h1.5
H39E23.N1       EX                       NG   267  1440   yk27b11.5 yk419b5.5 yk419b5.5 yk2h2.5 yk346g2.5 yk318b3.5 yk49d9.5 yk348b7.5 yk355f10.5 yk49g5.5 yk47d4.5 yk209f9.5 yk396e10.5 yk419b5.3 yk318b3.3 yk355f10.3 yk209f9.3 yk346g2.3 yk12f8.3 yk47d4.3
JC8.3           EX                       NG   119    91   yk417g2.3 yk605e11.5 yk417g2.5 yk268g12.3 yk557e8.3 yk520c7.5 yk627a7.5 yk268g12.5 yk139d10.3 yk139d10.5 yk676c4.5 yk627a7.3 yk474a2.3 yk337a2.5 yk278d11.5 yk278d11.3 yk409h4.3 yk613b8.3 yk513e8.3 yk448e7.3 yk409h4.5 yk374g7.5 yk513e8.5 yk284f2.5 yk374g7.3 yk487d3.5 yk654c5.3 yk437f9.3 yk372f10.3 yk614h8.3 yk501g7.3 yk524a3.5 yk607f8.3 yk391h1.5 yk284f2.3 yk671c5.5 yk487d3.3 yk524a3.3 yk509h6.5 yk633f8.5 yk558g12.3 yk452b3.3 yk663e2.5 yk452b3.5 yk652e4.3 yk90d2.5 yk213e10.3 yk464d9.3 yk213e10.5 yk501c3.3 yk671c5.3 yk505d6.3 yk575e6.3 yk632d4.5 yk446g3.5 yk269g3.3 yk437f9.5 yk269g3.5 yk475e10.5 yk474a2.5 yk613b8.5 yk509h6.3 yk149h7.3 yk680e12.5 yk165e9.5 yk425f6.3 yk539c4.3 yk454e3.5 yk646c9.5 yk475e10.3 yk254h9.3 yk254h9.5 yk607f8.5 yk520c7.3 yk299a2.5 yk505g10.3 yk654c5.5 yk149h7.5 yk335g12.5 yk335g12.3 yk391h1.3 yk462c4.5 yk663e2.3 yk483g3.3 yk605e11.3 yk575e6.5 yk505g10.5 yk402b6.3 yk241b1.3 yk241b1.5 yk633f8.3 yk514a6.5 yk122f7.5 yk514a6.3 yk452d7.3 yk558g12.5 yk273e7.5 yk273e7.3 yk676c4.3 yk646c9.3 yk236f7.3 yk630e10.3 yk505d6.5 yk236f7.5 yk536b10.3 yk573f10.3 yk545a2.5 yk376a3.3 yk485e8.3 yk531h4.3 yk535h6.3 yk574d5.5 yk535h6.5 yk574d5.3
JC8.6a                           3'(9)   NG     9    51   yk454f3.5 yk198h10.5 yk172g1.5 yk414a8.5 yk140f7.5
K01A2.8a                                 NG    37     0   CEESC96F yk461g9.3 yk402d2.3 yk488g12.3 yk394e6.5 yk461g9.5 yk402d2.5
K01C8.10             IN                        47     0   yk644a8.3 yk605a7.3 yk345h6.3 yk461h8.3 yk215d6.3 yk266a6.3 yk378g2.3 yk503g9.3 yk587b6.3 yk460g12.3 yk60d8.3 yk477c6.3 yk658h6.3 yk215d5.3 yk420h12.3 yk515d4.3 yk236g10.3 yk594a9.3 yk514f11.3 yk452h5.3 U25697
K01C8.4         EX                            229     0   yk148h9.5 yk356d12.3 yk303a5.3 yk296c11.3 yk410g3.3 yk374c1.3 yk424b3.3 yk310g2.3 yk279g7.3 yk148h9.3
K01G5.2a        EX                       NG   226   699   yk189a12.3 AF123574 yk313h12.3 yk456h3.3 yk106f2.3 AF123573
K01G5.2b                         3'(6)   NG     0   405   yk625a6.3 yk470a11.3 AF123573 yk597f12.3
K01G5.8b                         3'(9)   NG     9    38   yk455d11.5 yk85e3.5 yk491a3.5 yk106d5.5 yk95h7.5
K01G5.9                   5'(103)        NG   103   114   yk144b5.5 yk504a1.5
K01G5.g         EX                       NG   226   699   yk597f12.3 yk625a6.3 yk470a11.3 AF123573 yk644d5.3 yk189a12.3 AF123574 yk673h4.3 yk106f2.3 yk657c7.3 yk456h3.3 yk313h12.3 yk659f11.3
K02E10.2                                      217     0   yk399g10.5 yk670g2.3 yk678d10.3 yk551g12.3 yk137e5.5 yk399g10.3 yk137e5.3 yk426f3.3
K02F2.1                          3'(12)  NG    12    46   yk219g8.5 yk266g6.5 yk194e9.5 yk218g1.5
K02G10.4                         3'(59)  NG    60    69   yk279a2.5 yk279a2.3 yk56d3.5 AF042397 AF042398 yk56d3.3
K03B4.3                          3'(9)   NG     9    42   yk616h7.5 yk331g8.5 yk602f4.5
K03B4.7                                        76     0   yk142c3.3 yk109f3.5 yk491f12.5 yk493b11.3 yk172e4.5 yk60a4.5 yk467h7.5 yk447c8.5 yk228e12.3 yk60a4.3 yk334e5.3 yk448e5.5 yk334e5.5 yk482h1.3 yk482h1.5 yk62f9.5 yk291f3.5 yk345f9.5 yk228e12.5 yk274g4.5 yk282h9.5 yk83e9.5 yk176g5.5 yk228d9.5 yk201d12.5 yk228d9.3 yk142c3.5
K03B8.10                                       36     0   yk131g9.5 AF077307
K03B8.9                                        28     0   yk131g9.3 U19747
K04C1.2b                  5'(27)         NG    27    46   yk215g10.5 yk483a6.5 yk104e3.5
K04D7.4              IN                        50     0   yk214a3.3 yk350c6.3 yk421d7.3 yk318f6.3
K04F10.4d       EX                       NG   310  2735   L29439 yk129e7.3 yk315c7.3 yk263a3.3 L29438 yk25b5.3 L29440 yk160a2.5 yk85f9.3
K04G2.8a                         3'(6)   NG     6    41   yk358c9.5 yk359c9.5 yk34h10.5 yk297a4.5 yk218b8.5 AF013950 yk218a12.5 yk303f2.5 yk38c9.5
K06A9.1b        EX                            371     0   yk294e5.5 yk353f1.5
K06H7.1                                  NG    21    26   AF057165 yk389f6.5 yk290d9.5 yk320c8.5 AF080581 yk453c3.5 yk465a6.5 yk383e2.5 yk330g6.5 yk83d6.5 yk54b10.5 yk128g1.5 yk20a3.5
K07A3_50.c      EX                       NG    24   447   yk92g7.3 yk331h3.3 yk451f4.3 yk381e1.3 yk470a5.3 yk230a2.3
K07C5.4              IN                        45     0   yk563h3.5 yk670b1.5
K07D4.7         EX                       NG    61   609   yk356c12.5 yk400f5.5
K07E3.4b        EX                       NG    59    62   yk4f7.5 yk87a4.5 yk84g8.5 yk23b10.5
K07F5.13                                      285     0   yk136e9.5 yk325f2.5 yk427d3.5
K07H8.2                          3'(12)  NG    12   929   cm18g9 cm06b12 yk256b10.5
K08B4.1                          3'(6)   NG     6    48   yk82b9.5 U49794
K08D9.3         EX                       NG   218  1449   yk378f4.5 U07628 T01077
K08E3.5c        EX                       NG   103   869   yk29c5.5 yk480g2.5 yk428e11.5 yk444a8.5 yk167h4.5 yk60h8.5 yk107c9.5 yk67f5.5 cm13b9 yk70d10.5 yk213g6.5
K09E4.1         EX                       NG   336   793   yk302b7.5 yk298g11.5 yk70a8.5 yk190c8.5 yk71c5.5 yk382e7.5 yk280g3.5 yk330b5.5 yk190c8.3 yk302b7.3 yk382e7.3 yk298g11.3 yk71c5.3 yk70a8.3
K09F5.2              IN                  NG    35     0   yk321c4.3 yk27e4.5 yk27e4.3 CEMSH86F CEMSG48FC yk222g6.3 yk222g6.5 yk26b6.3 yk26b6.5
K10B2.3              IN                        45     0   yk483g10.5 yk440f3.3 yk483g10.3
K10B3.9                                  NG    13     0   yk611g5.5 yk276c3.5 L12348
K10B4.6                                        52     0   yk571g7.3 yk236a10.3 X72941 yk681e1.3
K10D6.2a        EX                       NG    43   147   yk255d4.3 yk526b2.3 yk525b5.3
K10H10.2                                      193     0   yk290d2.3 yk425c10.3 yk466c5.3 yk483d3.3 yk461h2.3 yk334g3.3 yk481e10.3 yk418f11.3 yk173c5.3 yk186f5.3 yk115e1.3 yk450f7.3 yk432b7.3 yk410h8.3 yk393g6.3 yk156a12.3 yk481e1.3
K11C4.3         EX                       NG    82   134   AF166170 AF166169
K11D9.2a        EX                       NG   617     0   T01630 yk361f2.5 yk190g3.5 AJ012296 yk112a9.3 yk75f8.3 yk120a12.3 yk293d12.3 yk258g4.3 yk240h5.3 yk445e12.3 yk255d11.3 yk295d6.3 yk445e12.5 yk258g4.5 yk465g7.5 yk180c5.5
K11E8.1a        EX                       NG   285  3069   AF180735 yk70e10.5 yk377f9.5 yk443b12.5 yk546c12.3
K11H12.8                         3'(7)   NG     7    41   yk371d8.5 yk203c11.5 yk452c9.5 yk363g4.5 yk361d9.5 yk237a2.5 yk106b3.5 yk330h11.5 yk77g8.5 yk265a6.5
K12F2.2         EX                       NG    98   517   yk577g4.5 yk438g8.5
K12H6.6                                        69     0   yk629h6.3 yk184c4.3 yk527b8.3 yk523f5.3 yk489e4.3 yk677e6.3 yk668e11.3 yk273c4.3 yk136c10.3 yk514d5.3 yk338h1.3 yk612d1.3
M01D7.7         EX                            360     0   yk478f12.3 yk361c6.5 yk290g12.5 yk289b6.5 yk329d2.5 yk272f9.5 yk220a11.5 yk462a6.5 yk413b9.5 yk215a10.5 U56864 yk104e6.5 yk478f12.5
M01E11.4        EX                       NG    25   345   yk245g1.5 yk206b11.5
M01E11.7a       EX                       NG   360   997   yk125d8.5 yk307e1.5 yk33h12.5
M01E5.3         EX                             96     0   yk459e12.3 yk405e3.5
M01E5.5a        EX                       NG   216   504   yk396e9.5 yk9b10.5 yk421a3.5 yk68b12.5 X96762 yk129a6.5 yk405e4.5 yk218a1.5 yk358d5.5 yk164e8.5
M01F1.8                          3'(7)   NG     7    67   yk415a9.5 yk463b4.5
M01H9.3                   5'(105)        NG   105   234   yk306d8.5 yk206b7.5 yk144g3.5 yk99b12.5 yk444g7.5 yk151a7.5 yk91a11.5 yk184f9.5 yk334a10.5
M02A10.3        EX                       NG    51   273   yk246d6.5 yk273c2.5 yk337a10.5 yk116b10.5
M03A1.6         EX                       NG   181  1967   yk223e3.5 yk431a7.5 yk395e11.5 yk320a6.5 yk317f10.5 yk134g12.5
M03D4.1a        EX                       NG   244   246   AF057568 AF057567 yk285c1.5 yk2g4.3 yk13d7.3 yk91c6.5
M03F4.7              IN                  NG    52     0   yk565c4.5 yk605b10.5 yk459f1.5 yk617a10.5 yk569g8.5 yk639c10.5 yk199d2.5 yk334e7.5 yk221c5.5 yk90a3.5 yk196a11.5 yk319h12.5 yk467e7.5 yk221d7.5 yk531h10.5 yk246a2.5 yk565f10.5 cm08f9 cm06a3 yk470e8.5 yk334f5.5 yk103a6.5 yk281h3.5 yk448f4.5
M03F8.2         EX                            360     0   yk225b2.5 yk177b4.5
M04C9.6b        EX                       NG   310   570   yk33e6.5 yk153g12.5
M04G12.4        EX                       NG    68  1473   yk470h2.5 yk110a5.5 yk247a12.5 yk35c9.5
M106.4                                   NG     6     0   yk486f1.5 yk46a3.5
M110.5          EX                       NG    94    46   yk170c9.5 yk477a8.5 yk96a1.5 yk337d5.5 yk447e2.5 yk94f3.5 yk248c2.5
M117.2               IN                  NG    54     0   yk106a3.3 yk256b12.3 yk98e6.3 yk332d1.3 yk376g4.3 yk216f12.3 yk524c4.3 CEESM74F U05038 yk84e9.3 yk85b3.3 yk61d1.3 yk67f7.3 yk472b8.3 yk461d1.3 yk158e11.3 yk55b5.5 yk492f9.3 yk247b5.3 yk185f5.3 yk455b6.3 yk367f10.3 yk367f10.5 yk393d12.3 CEESB60R yk175b2.3
M18.7           EX                       NG   358   416   yk235g12.5 CEESM62F yk303g7.5 yk401h11.5 CEESK80FB yk166d7.5 CEESC83R yk149f4.5 yk433h10.3 yk235g12.3 yk484d9.3 yk292b10.3 yk196e8.3 yk166d7.3 yk394b11.3 yk280c4.5 yk461e6.3 yk375g8.3 yk280c4.3 yk313b4.3 yk156g4.3 yk376b3.3 yk486e1.3 yk303g7.3 yk112b1.3 yk401h11.3 yk112a2.3 yk423h4.3
M70.3           EX                       NG    80    80   yk317f7.5 yk28e8.5 yk131f6.5 yk316h12.5 yk239e5.5 yk260c1.5 yk1g9.5
M79.1           EX                       NG    30   567   yk569a3.5 yk96d5.5
R01H10.1                         3'(3)   NG     3    53   yk167f3.5 yk464h5.5 yk491g12.5
R01H10.3                  5'(6)          NG     6   766   yk515h10.3 yk76d3.5 yk499h10.3
R02F2.1              IN                  NG    80    45   CEESQ42F yk79h9.5 T01399 yk409d10.5 yk367g8.5 yk446d4.5 yk404c5.5 yk382c12.5 yk202a8.5 yk494g5.3 yk404c5.3
R05F9.1         EX                       NG   171    88   yk661h12.5 yk27g4.5
R05F9.13        EX                            360     0   yk412a9.5 yk396e8.5 yk384c8.5 yk93g10.3 yk383a10.5 yk437f6.5 yk383a10.3 yk232h12.5 yk264d12.3 yk232h12.3 yk232e7.5 yk232e7.3 yk412a9.3 yk437f6.3 yk384c8.3 yk93g10.5 yk264d12.5
R05F9.6         EX                       NG   136    47   yk86b6.5 CEESG36RD
R05H5.5              IN                       224     0   yk585b5.5 yk613a4.5 yk300b2.5 yk376c9.5 yk67f6.5
R06A4.4b        EX                            360     0   yk189c4.5 yk185c6.5
R06A4.N1             IN                  NG    47     0   yk499c11.5 yk596a11.5 yk254a11.5
R06F6.8                          3'(6)   NG     6   394   yk47c1.5 yk366h10.5 yk92d6.5
R07E4.6         EX                       NG    64   979   yk124e10.5 yk53c7.5 yk480h9.5 yk198e4.5 yk174c2.5 yk678f8.5 yk113d9.5 yk652e11.5 yk376f10.5 yk210c9.5 yk230h10.5 J05220 yk45h7.5 yk653c12.5 yk452e6.5
R07E5.12             IN                       203     0   yk255a9.5 yk172f10.5 yk141h5.5
R07E5.3              IN                        50     0   yk666e1.5 yk613h7.5 yk634b9.5 yk424f5.5 yk332e10.5 yk517a5.5 yk460h4.5 yk111c9.5 yk340d6.5 yk89g8.5 yk521f5.5 yk449b7.5 yk479a12.5 yk114c10.5 yk611a7.5 yk666e1.3 yk424f5.3 yk613h7.3 yk340d6.3 yk521f5.3 yk517a5.3 yk449b7.3 yk460h4.3 yk479a12.3 yk332e10.3 yk611a7.3 yk111c9.3 yk114c10.3
R08C7.10                         3'(6)   NG     6    39   yk154f8.5 yk38e6.5 yk21d4.5 yk27g1.5 yk64b3.5 yk111g5.5 yk40c3.5
R08C7.2                                  NG   130     0   yk202a2.5 yk445a2.5
R08E5.2              IN                  NG    58     0   yk222b4.5 yk319h11.5 yk79f9.5 yk247c11.5 yk291d5.5 yk328e4.5 yk162c4.5 yk414c1.5
R09E10.3                                 NG    40     0   ca04g08.3 yk297c9.3
R102.4          EX                       NG    74   183   yk583e7.5 yk440e11.5 yk307b9.5 yk386e4.5
R102.5                           3'(7)   NG     7   155   yk610h10.3 yk557e1.5 yk394c10.3 yk215b6.3 yk92h5.3 yk145d2.3 yk258b6.3 yk169e8.3 yk391d12.3 yk557e1.3
R107.5                           3'(6)   NG     6    44   yk333e4.5 yk415e7.5 yk222a3.5
R10D12.13                        3'(67)  NG    67    50   yk597a8.5 yk593c6.5 yk485g8.5
R10E11.1                         3'(33)  NG    33   132   AB009362 yk13a10.5
R10E4.2b        EX                       NG    78   103   yk58g1.5 yk35b5.5 yk290c8.5 yk234f6.5 yk186h9.5 yk267e12.5 yk434b8.5 yk374b2.5 yk77a6.5 yk491c4.5 yk220f1.5 yk497b10.5 yk38c6.5 yk483h2.5 yk334d1.5 yk427c10.5
R119.6          EX                       NG    28  1157   yk326f12.3 yk144a12.5
R11A5.1a                  5'(30)         NG    30   420   yk326g4.5 yk288f1.5 yk35b2.5 yk288h5.5
R11A5.5                                       203     0   yk45g12.5 yk30d8.5 yk19f8.5 cm16d12 yk24e7.5 cm12h5 yk293g1.5 cm14g7 yk28a2.5 yk24b10.5 yk13b1.5 yk293c11.5
R11A8.7              IN                        66     0   yk46g3.5 yk43d6.5 yk286b12.5
R11D1.1                   5'(3)          NG     3    46   yk312h1.5 yk292f8.5 yk472c4.5 yk371b7.5 yk465d5.5 yk427f3.5
R11G10.1        EX                       NG   147   267   AJ000537 AJ000538
R12H7.2         EX                            122     0   yk181e3.5 yk374d3.5 yk237d10.5 yk80c3.5 yk476c6.5 yk462c2.5 yk410a3.5 yk332f11.5 yk328c6.5 yk391h3.5 yk223f4.5 yk265h4.5 cm18h4
R13F6.6              IN                        48     0   yk192h2.3 yk641e10.3
R13H4.4                                       263     0   yk36d4.3 AF016852
R13H8.1         EX                       NG   691   810   AF020343 yk31f10.5 AF032112 yk359c8.5 AF020342 AF020344 yk274c4.5 yk294b10.5
R13H8.2         EX                       NG   578   242   AF020342 AF032112 yk31f10.5 AF020343 yk13f11.5 yk359c8.5
R144.2                                   NG    53     0   T01880 T01881 CEESP84R yk221e2.5 yk426b10.5 yk23c4.5 yk316c7.5
R144.4                                   NG     7     0   yk377c2.5 yk204c6.5
R148.5                                         15     0   yk593d2.3 yk466a5.5
R151.2          EX                       NG   102     0   cm17a7 yk90d8.5 yk51d10.5 yk136g6.5 yk97c3.5
R153.2          EX                       NG   245   359   yk131h10.5 yk169g9.5 yk218c10.5 yk286g11.5 yk49d11.5 yk227a7.5 T02272
R166.2                                          8     0   CEESY77F yk148b6.5
R53.4                                          16     0   yk300d10.3 yk450h4.3 yk450h4.5 yk389b11.5 yk476f9.3 yk492g4.3 yk389b11.3 yk394b3.3 yk394b3.5 yk459d9.3 yk459d9.5 CEMSF63R
T01C3.6                                         5     0   yk97g4.3 yk470g6.5 yk427h12.3 yk427h12.5 yk336g10.3 yk483f12.3 yk483f12.5 yk488g3.5 yk230a10.3 yk459g5.5 yk471c12.3 yk488g3.3 yk459g5.3 yk337a12.3 yk337a12.5 yk140b1.3 yk112a5.5 yk471c12.5 yk140b1.5 yk336g10.5 yk254e6.5 yk72e5.5 yk454a7.5 yk454a7.3 yk230a12.5 yk256c4.3 yk230a12.3 yk484h2.5 yk484h2.3 yk484g2.5 yk484g2.3 yk399g4.5 yk392d7.3 yk292e11.3 yk205h8.3 yk292e11.5 yk197f8.5 yk197f8.3 yk97g4.5 yk392d7.5 yk113g8.5 yk319f7.5 yk254e6.3 yk410d6.3 yk410d6.5 yk230a10.5 yk456g5.3 yk468d6.5 yk456g5.5 yk454h6.5 yk256c4.5 yk460a3.3 yk112a5.3 yk196e3.3 yk196e3.5 yk458f12.3 yk89g7.3 yk460a3.5 yk89g7.5 yk205h8.5 yk458f12.5 yk470g6.3 yk468d6.3 yk454h6.3 yk399g4.3
T01C3.7                                         6     0   yk228g11.5 yk167d7.5 yk149f2.5 yk184a4.5 yk440f12.5 yk222h3.5 yk51g11.5
T01C8.1                          3'(6)   NG     6    49   yk402f12.5 yk237e11.5
T01D1.2b        EX                       NG   300  1244   yk45f3.5 U53931 yk465f3.5 yk9h4.5 yk225g12.5 yk33f6.3 yk45f3.3 yk225g12.3 yk465f3.3
T01D3.2         EX                       NG   156  1642   yk250f9.5 yk49g12.5 yk341b7.5
T01D3.6                   5'(36)         NG    36    59   cm12e7 yk219b7.5 yk446a9.5
T01G1.3                                  NG     3     0   yk349e2.5 yk18b6.5 yk177a4.5
T01G9.2                          3'(9)   NG     9    44   X51321 yk273f3.5 yk480b1.5
T01G9.6a                         3'(3)   NG     3    50   yk445d7.5 yk97b7.5 yk489a12.5 yk189f11.5 yk472f1.5 yk61a10.5 yk236a5.5 yk257a10.5 yk268d5.5 yk456f11.5 yk369b12.5 yk279d2.5
T01H8.1a        EX                       NG   216  1612   yk31d1.5 yk88b7.5 yk356f9.5
T02E1.3b        EX                       NG   161    45   yk194f9.5 yk355d3.5 yk6h11.5 yk475a11.5 cm02b3 yk248c1.5
T02G5.9                   5'(120)        NG   120    64   cm7a10 yk156h11.5 yk468a3.5
T03F1.6                          3'(9)   NG     9    40   yk646g5.3 yk679f12.3 yk425a7.3
T04C10.2                         3'(6)   NG     6    49   yk406e3.5 yk118f5.5 yk655e6.5
T04C9.4                   5'(53)         NG    53   728   yk507b10.3 yk487b3.3 yk344h8.5 yk344h8.3 yk507b10.5 yk487b3.5 yk268g11.3 yk659e5.3 yk344c10.3 yk344c10.5 yk268g11.5 yk319e1.5 yk615f1.3 yk659e5.5 yk319e1.3
T04C9.5                   5'(53)         NG    53   728   yk319e1.5 yk344c10.5 yk344c10.3 yk268g11.3 yk268g11.5 yk344h8.5 yk344h8.3 yk319e1.3
T04F8.5                   5'(38)         NG    38   101   yk67b6.5 yk392b12.5
T05A1.6         EX                       NG   245   281   yk11b1.5 AF051402 AF051401 yk11b1.3
T05A8.3         EX                            240     0   yk207e9.5 yk58g4.5
T05C12.6        EX                       NG   123   150   yk216a12.3 AF063244 yk472f3.3 yk46b11.3 AF070920 yk191d4.3 yk446b7.3 yk191d4.5
T05C12.7                                       59     0   yk354f8.5 yk310d7.5
T05H10.5                         3'(12)  NG    12    42   CEMSH71R yk236e8.5
T05H10.7        EX                            376     0   CESAD82FB yk124h12.5 yk99c11.5
T05H4.6                                       116     0   yk6h9.3 yk503d12.3
T06A10.N1       EX                       NG    18     0   yk476h10.5 yk115g2.5 yk205f12.5 yk302d12.5 yk236a4.5
T06E4.3                                  NG    29    48   yk358a12.5 yk9c5.5 AB018598
T06E6.2                          3'(3)   NG     3    52   yk64f9.5 yk62c12.5 yk90b7.5 yk97f2.5 yk109a4.5 yk78a1.5 U21282 yk448f12.5 yk83g9.5 yk63c7.5 yk108a12.5 yk81f1.5 yk404g8.5 yk257h7.5 yk94g6.5 yk199c12.5 yk328g8.5
T06E8.1                                  NG    67     0   yk211f9.5 yk415d2.5
T06F4.1         EX                            359     0   yk301d1.5 yk468d9.5
T07A9.4                   5'(18)         NG    18    90   yk168g3.5 T00964 T00963
T07C4.3                   5'(3)          NG     3    56   yk200f1.5 yk416g3.5
T07C5.1a             IN                  NG    75     0   yk373g4.5 CEESC45F cm10b6 yk92b5.5 yk467c10.5 CEESD49F yk373g4.3
T07D4.4a        EX                       NG   359  1494   yk3g11.5 yk43b3.5 yk481b2.5 yk63e9.5 yk219g7.5
T08B2.6              IN                  NG    74     0   cm10c11 cm10h1 yk473f7.5 yk296c3.5
T08B2.7                                  NG    14     0   cm20e5 yk41h5.5 cm08c10
T08G11.1        EX                       NG    81   231   yk46a9.5 yk3e10.5 yk44g2.5 cm06b5 yk4c6.5
T09A12.4                                       89     0   yk381g2.5 yk432g1.5 yk634e3.5 yk538b11.5 yk374f3.5
T09E8.1         EX                       NG   248    88   yk420g7.5 yk212f4.5 yk262f6.5 yk41c2.5 yk21a7.5 yk296e12.5 yk42c5.5
T10C6.6         EX                       NG    48   343   yk501g6.5 yk502b9.5 yk617e12.5 yk481h1.5 yk679f11.5 yk603d11.5 yk649d6.5 yk643a11.5
T10G3.7         EX                       NG     0   267   AJ000538 AJ000537
T11B7.4         EX                       NG    41    82   yk313g7.5 yk233d12.5 yk386d6.5 yk339c7.5
T11G6.5                                        36     0   yk636d10.3 yk286a3.5 yk17a10.5
T13A10.11       EX                       NG    67    46   yk343b11.5 yk222b6.5 yk362h4.5 yk162d1.5 yk363h1.5
T13C2.4                          3'(6)   NG     6    45   yk509c8.5 yk618a6.5 yk591c4.5 yk525d4.5 yk619b5.5
T13F2.3                          3'(6)   NG     6    46   yk617d12.5 yk586c6.5 yk629b6.5
T13H2.4              IN                        46     0   yk25g9.3 yk36c8.3 yk425c6.3 yk35a8.3 yk446h3.3 yk19c5.3 yk285h12.3 yk360b9.3 yk323e8.3 yk248g4.3
T13H5.1         EX                       NG   359  3829   yk219g1.5 yk44d12.5 yk360d8.5
T14B4.7              IN                        48     0   S52308 yk496d2.5 yk596d2.5
T14F9.4                                       201     0   yk476b11.5 AF160187
T14G10.2        EX                       NG   158   136   yk450e7.5 yk222e6.5
T14G12.4                                 NG    16   753   yk500f1.5 yk452g11.5 yk457e12.5 yk116d2.5 yk592d5.5 yk157g1.5
T17E9.2                          3'(6)   NG     6    42   yk462b2.5 yk344d9.5 yk213e2.5 yk273g4.5 yk267g7.5
T17H7.4         EX                       NG    46   847   yk89d3.5 yk64e10.5 yk410e10.5 yk478b10.5
T18H9.N1                         3'(17)  NG    17    36   yk129h7.5 yk39d6.5
T19A5.2         EX                       NG   200  2622   yk227d10.5 yk21f8.5 yk29b9.5 yk192g9.5 yk8f12.5 yk220c6.5 yk326c4.5
T19A6.2b             IN                  NG    44     0   yk246d11.5 yk482h6.5 yk327f8.5 yk393h5.5 yk450e9.5 yk282e12.5 yk216b4.5 yk292e12.5
T19B10.4b       EX                       NG    35   824   yk310e2.5 yk254c2.5 yk118g1.5 yk162e1.5 yk292e4.5 yk342e1.5
T19E10.1                  5'(24)         NG    24    94   yk323c6.5 yk545e7.5 yk543f7.5 yk669d11.5
T19E7.2                                       218     0   yk388d7.5 yk625h7.5 yk314h8.5 yk202g2.5
T20B12.8                  5'(5)          NG     5   107   yk592a7.5 cm06h11 cm20e4 yk535h10.5 yk423b4.5 yk284b9.5 yk650g10.5 yk477e11.5 yk511b5.5 yk90e1.5 yk635b9.5 yk273e8.5 yk255e10.5 yk221d11.5 yk339f9.5 cm14a1 yk523e3.5 yk403g4.5 yk426f10.5
T20F7.1                                       247     0   yk467d7.3 yk260g12.3
T20G5.10                                      227     0   T02201 CEESF71R
T21B10.3             IN                  NG   171     0   yk269f11.5 yk16g9.5 yk43b10.5 yk435h5.5 yk435h5.3 yk27h5.5
T21B10.7             IN                  NG    48     0   yk54e3.5 yk573a1.3 CEESS44F yk464a3.3 yk494c7.3 yk474d10.3 yk203g10.3 yk203h3.3 yk489a4.3 yk669a12.3 yk526e4.3 yk201f1.3 yk233b6.3 yk539f7.3 yk588e9.3 yk622d8.3 yk605b6.3 yk601f10.3 yk278h9.3 yk345h2.3 yk656a8.3 yk486b8.3 yk309g1.3 yk552b6.3 yk102h12.3 yk367e1.3 CEMSC42F yk147a3.3
T21C12.1        EX                       NG   256  3644   AF151643 AF151642 AF151641 AF151640 AF151644 AF151645
T21C9.2         EX                       NG   259   302   yk214h1.5 yk3e11.5 yk46a10.5 yk351h11.5 yk350g1.5 yk71c6.5 yk71c6.3 yk444a11.5 yk286g8.5 yk286g8.3
T21D12.9b       EX                       NG    51    50   yk190e6.5 yk307a10.3
T22F3.2         EX                       NG    17    51   yk299f7.5 yk162f4.5
T22H2.5a        EX                       NG    79   231   yk383g8.3 yk263f10.3 yk451a8.3 yk263f10.5
T22H2.6                          3'(11)  NG    11   179   yk606e9.3 yk643d7.3 yk579a12.5 yk470g9.3
T22H6.2                          3'(6)   NG     6   757   yk318h8.5 yk296d12.5 yk592g9.5 yk401a7.5 yk113c4.5 yk197a2.5 yk172f11.5 yk456d9.5 yk498c3.5
T22H6.6              IN                        86     0   yk420e5.5 yk95h9.5
T23D8.4              IN                        45     0   yk33b1.3 yk239g12.3 yk44d4.3 yk37b1.3 yk37d3.3 yk8e5.3 yk8e7.3 yk250b3.3 yk276a3.3 yk484e11.3 yk348c2.3 yk397a7.3 yk502b12.3
T23E7.2b        EX                       NG   175   683   yk396h8.5 yk35g10.5 yk178g7.5 yk28a7.5 yk234c4.5 yk409b10.5 yk165f7.5 yk385f10.5 yk404g1.5 yk164a10.5
T23F1.7              IN                  NG    60     0   yk11b6.5 yk22f12.5
T23H2.3                                        95     0   yk396c1.5 yk424e9.5
T24A11.1                         3'(12)  NG    12    42   yk21d9.5 yk489a5.5
T24B8.3                          3'(3)   NG     6   757   yk392a5.5 yk457c9.5 yk188b10.5 yk642f8.5 yk330c6.5 yk118g8.5 yk452c12.5 T02400 yk638h6.5 yk503b12.5 yk479h6.5 T02399 yk678e8.5 yk514b5.5 yk515e6.5 yk452c5.5 yk221d6.5 yk601f2.5 yk509d11.5 yk199c6.5 yk274b5.5 yk389a1.5 yk427a6.5 yk268a3.5 yk638h9.5 yk608c10.5 yk680d10.5 yk570d9.5 yk172d6.5 yk334f2.5 yk632a12.5 yk284d11.5 yk505e7.5 yk650e11.5 yk229b6.5 yk670d1.5 yk665g5.5 yk282h6.5 yk589b12.5 yk167e6.5 yk643h12.5 yk139e6.5 yk629g3.5 yk418c2.5 yk607f11.5 yk619d11.5 yk166e6.5 yk661a10.5 yk487d5.5 yk341a4.5 yk670e11.5 yk528b7.5 yk325h12.5 yk414d3.5 yk618g4.5 yk468a8.5 yk142f1.5 yk592c9.5 yk456e9.5 yk501h7.5 yk572g1.5 yk415f8.5 yk341e11.5 yk342d5.5 yk523c11.5 yk501c11.5 yk481f7.5 yk236c6.5 yk652g11.5 yk461f4.5 yk496h8.5 yk483e10.5 yk328b6.5 yk74d12.5 yk647b10.5 yk672b11.5 yk403d10.5 yk292b12.5 yk498e5.5 yk527h6.5 yk197c4.5 yk538e11.5 yk519c10.5 yk533c8.5 yk91h3.5 yk526g10.5 yk597h2.5 yk571f2.5 yk112g4.5 yk645e9.5 yk255e12.5 yk457a5.5 yk109g12.5 yk98d12.5 yk632a10.5 yk486e7.5 yk635e8.5 yk639a2.5
T24D1.1                                  NG     6     0   yk6c12.5 yk421f12.5 yk21g9.5 yk20d7.5
T24H10.3                                       17     0   yk523h8.5 yk375e5.5 yk416e2.5 yk599c4.5 yk538f1.5
T25B6.2                                  NG    13     0   yk192h9.5 yk224c6.5
T25E12.4b       EX                       NG   360   132   yk144d1.5 CEESY01F CEESY01FB yk66h4.5 yk470b11.5
T25G12.5                                 NG    30     0   yk612a10.3 yk169d9.3 yk466g2.3 yk613e2.3 yk247f10.3 yk678d1.3 yk490c2.3 yk467d6.3 yk366e10.3 yk589a8.3 yk453g4.3 yk410c6.3 yk484h6.3 yk474a8.3 yk118h12.3 yk569b1.3 yk484h6.5 yk613e2.5 yk490c2.5
T26C5.3b        EX                       NG   212   173   yk248b5.5 yk220b1.5 cm08d3 yk87b12.5
T27A3.1                          3'(6)   NG     6    51   yk397g11.5 yk178g2.5
T27C4.4         EX                       NG   158  1344   yk117a12.3 yk172h4.3
T27F6.5                                  NG     4     0   yk401e9.5 yk343e7.5
T27F7.2         EX                       NG   279    69   yk27e9.5 yk398h4.5
T27F7.3         EX                       NG   206   190   cm16g2 yk492e6.5
T28B11.1                                       21     0   yk350a11.5 yk3f1.5 yk395b11.5 yk358a11.5 yk135d8.5 yk33b12.5 yk244g6.5
T28C12.4b       EX                       NG   175   126   yk82h8.5 yk10b7.5
T28D6.2         EX                            240     0   yk279h2.5 yk559d2.5
T28D9.1         EX                       NG    53   205   yk211c8.5 yk151b11.5 yk464c7.5 yk477a2.5 yk433d9.5 yk462d2.5 yk483f7.5 yk221a1.5 yk390c6.5 yk433f9.5 yk167c3.5 yk469e1.5 CEESM72F yk137f2.5 yk392h6.5 yk460a8.5 CEESG95RB yk74f4.5 yk428e5.5 yk342e3.5 yk391e8.5 yk480e2.5 yk403h1.5 yk449g12.5 yk418g8.5 T00313
T28D9.2         EX                       NG   233    60   yk505f2.3 yk331g10.3 yk266e9.3 yk167g3.3 yk481f11.3 yk376b7.3 yk492e3.3 yk112d11.3 yk502a3.3 yk210h4.3 yk237b1.3 yk213a9.3 yk151b1.5 yk157h4.3 yk136a3.5 yk151b1.3 yk136a3.3
T28F12.N1       EX                            377     0   yk664h2.5 AJ000533 yk414a1.5 yk462e8.5
T28F12.e        EX                       NG   311  1411   yk489c8.5 yk414f5.5 yk254g8.5 yk470b12.5 yk397h10.5 yk415d5.5 yk247g7.5 yk247g10.5 yk7c12.5 yk161d12.5 yk186d6.5
VW06B3R.1       EX                       NG    43   124   yk665a9.5 yk679f5.5 yk89b12.5 yk266b6.5 yk118c6.5 yk622f3.5 yk413g2.5 yk141f9.5
W01A8.1         EX                       NG   300     0   yk239h1.5 yk442h5.3 yk303h10.3 yk75g3.3 yk460c8.3 yk302e2.3 yk482d12.3 yk477f1.3 yk281d10.3 yk239h1.3 yk383d9.3 yk426d4.3 yk339h11.3 yk303e9.3 yk417d8.3
W01A8.2                                  NG    11     0   yk275h2.5 yk309g11.5
W01D2.2a                  5'(9)          NG     9    46   yk234d1.5 yk70c6.5 yk310g6.5
W01F3.1a        EX                       NG   154   208   yk458e9.5 yk394c6.5 yk281b11.5 yk291a9.5 cm13a3
W01H2.1         EX                       NG   122  1828   yk616h2.5 yk663c2.5 yk542e8.5 yk509g2.5
W02B12.3                                 NG   341     0   yk300f1.5 yk246c3.5 yk448b3.5 yk518b4.5 yk454f4.5 yk617d3.5 yk590f10.5 yk136d11.5 yk187e8.5 yk570b9.5 yk303a9.5 yk310g11.5 yk606c1.5 yk570c9.5 yk583c6.5
W02C12.3        EX                       NG   352   155   yk76e7.5 yk467g11.5 yk403b5.5 yk406b6.5 yk75f5.5 yk117b3.5
W02D9.1              IN                  NG    91     0   yk232d4.5 yk525d5.3 yk584e11.3 yk583f11.5
W03B1.1                          3'(33)  NG    33  1453   yk678a9.5 yk587e4.5
W03F11.6        EX                            352     0   yk346d3.5 yk189a11.5 yk243c11.5 yk240f11.5
W03F11.N1       EX                            354     0   yk562d2.3 yk515f7.5 yk476d11.5 yk542e12.5 T01172 yk562d2.5
W03F9.2                          3'(14)  NG    14    42   yk72b4.5 yk362a5.5
W03G1.3         EX                       NG   231    84   CEESM80.3 yk13c10.5 yk167g5.3
W03G11.4             IN                        51     0   yk267f9.3 yk503b2.3 yk240d1.5 yk240d1.3
W03G9.1              IN                        38     0   yk48g6.3 yk324b9.3 yk440c5.5 yk222e4.3 yk66b4.3
W04D2.1         EX                       NG   163   225   yk192e7.5 yk31c12.5 yk481a10.5 yk12g2.5 yk212g7.5 yk238e7.5 yk354d10.5 yk295f11.5
W04D2.6         EX                            360     0   yk220f11.5 yk294f5.5
W05F2.4         EX                            240     0   yk444a2.5 yk553c6.5
W05H7.5                                       168     0   yk289e8.5 yk305f5.5 yk289e8.3
W06A7.3a        EX                       NG   360  1101   yk434a6.5 yk89f4.5 yk116g2.5 yk137a3.5 yk285f11.5 yk7f10.5 yk112f5.5
W06F12.1b       EX                       NG   157   323   yk42h11.5 yk499g10.5 AF143244 AF143243 AF145376 yk221a10.5 yk48b3.5 yk26f3.5
W06F12.2        EX                       NG   170     0   yk80g2.5 yk456a5.5
W06H8.e         EX                       NG   255  3674   yk269e2.5 yk93g7.5 yk72e12.5 yk193b4.5 yk271a1.5
W07B3.2a        EX                       NG    87   403   yk365b11.5 yk338c12.5 yk93c3.5 yk647c11.5 yk356g4.5 yk597f10.5 yk435c2.5 yk674f5.5 yk129h4.5 yk663h2.5 yk366e5.5 yk622g3.5 yk338c2.5 yk584g7.5 yk587g3.5 yk634f11.5 yk374g2.5 yk566c12.5 yk211f6.5 yk489f11.5 yk326g5.5 yk567b9.5 yk667b9.5 yk672d1.5 yk586h1.5 yk314g9.5 yk666a4.5 yk400e2.5 yk512e7.5 yk273d6.5 yk484c8.5 yk371e1.5 yk674a6.5 yk111g12.5 yk464b5.5 yk633b10.5 yk481a9.5 yk375a9.5 yk373g3.5 yk331e5.5 yk494f4.5 yk474f9.5 yk515b3.5 yk399f8.5 yk614f6.5 yk614f11.5 yk529c7.5 yk619e11.5 yk496b10.5 yk437b10.5 yk501f10.5 yk245a3.5 yk111g10.5
W07E11.1                                      183     0   yk46h4.5 yk321d5.5 yk378b5.5 yk355a5.5
W07E11.3             IN                  NG    93     0   AF042387 AF042388
W07E6.4                                        65     0   yk507h1.3 yk415c11.3 U09415 yk436c2.3 yk210f1.3 yk527h7.3 yk638g3.3 yk32d3.3 yk256c3.3 yk528c7.3 yk416a2.3 yk484f5.3 yk113b8.3
W08A12.1        EX                       NG   115  1216   yk168d9.5 yk517b11.5
W09C5.6a        EX                       NG   181    48   CEMSB71R yk325a9.3 yk149a4.3 yk489d10.3 yk464h4.5 yk158b5.5 yk464h4.3
W09C5.7              IN                        46     0   yk266h2.3 yk442f11.3
W09G10.4        EX                       NG    84   703   yk476g2.5 yk442h10.5
W09G3.3                          3'(7)   NG     7   654   yk246c2.5 yk644e9.5
W09H1.6b        EX                       NG    89   880   yk469b7.5 yk410e11.5 yk167b3.5 yk83h1.5 M94671 yk476b10.5 yk114e3.5 yk401d10.5 yk372f11.5 yk434d10.5 yk471e2.5 yk77g4.5 yk436c10.5 yk81g2.5 yk118c8.5
W10D5.3c        EX                       NG   354   941   yk9d9.3 yk355g10.3 yk46h9.3 yk42a1.5 yk46h9.5 yk87f10.5 yk7f9.5 yk37e6.5 yk317c4.5 yk54g8.5 yk9d9.5 yk131c8.5 yk355g10.5 yk87f10.3 yk37e6.3 yk359e11.5 yk330d3.5
Y104H12B_374.a   EX                       NG   312  1201   yk436f7.3 yk252f4.3 yk44b2.3 yk430c11.3 yk244d5.3 yk322d7.3 yk239c5.3 yk439c6.3 yk295h5.3 yk225f9.3 yk439c6.5 yk431d8.3 yk295h5.5
Y105C5.zz3           IN                  NG    50     0   yk525g9.5 yk669g12.5 yk658e12.5 yk241a2.5 yk541d9.5 yk201h12.5 yk73a2.5 yk568f6.5 yk418a6.5 yk535g7.5 yk581e10.5 yk530d9.5 yk528d2.5 yk615g4.5 yk673c9.5 yk616e5.5
Y105E8A.p                                NG     0   101   yk360e3.5 yk658d8.3
Y105E8A.u       EX                       NG   299   123   yk102c10.5 CEMSB27F D38540 D38541 yk302c12.3 yk101g12.3 yk304c6.5 CEMSH46F yk144a9.5 CEESN61F CEMSG36FB CEMSB53F CEMSB53FB yk55a2.5 yk55a10.5
Y106G6H.2       EX                       NG   264    52   yk224f10.5 yk16e10.5 U24123 yk329e8.5 yk250b9.5 CEESF87R CEESI28R yk261c9.5 yk392g5.5 yk28h8.5 cm16d8 yk8f8.5 cm14g3 yk3h9.5 yk42c12.5 yk286d4.5 yk466f12.5 yk20d3.5 yk36d12.5 yk217h3.5 yk473b2.5 cm13e11 cm19f4 yk37g8.5 yk415h5.5 cm04c6 yk33a3.5 yk449f1.5 yk433d3.5 yk46e7.5 yk19d10.5 yk28d10.5 yk26f9.5 yk314g5.5 yk19g2.5 yk210g9.5 cm12a6 yk30b12.5 yk196a5.5 yk481a7.5 cm17c7 yk230b7.5 yk35c11.5 yk255f3.5 yk492d9.5 yk394a5.5 yk473g6.5 yk325e6.5 yk485b7.5 yk246a6.5 yk284c5.5 yk447d10.5 yk335f3.5 yk424b1.5 yk391f5.5 CEESG94R CEESG94RB
Y110A2A_4083.b                            NG    22     0   yk282f5.5 yk89h8.5 yk468f4.5 yk418e10.5 yk94a3.5
Y110A2A_54.h                             NG    54     0   T01805 yk588c3.3
Y110A7A_71.N4        IN                        49     0   T00503 yk144b2.3 yk662e5.3 yk510c1.3 yk385a3.3 yk481g9.3 yk191d3.3
Y113G7A.f       EX                       NG   159  1184   yk345e3.5 yk74e5.5 yk51g10.5
Y113G7B.n       EX                            379     0   yk508d11.5 yk492h3.5
Y119D3_455.a         IN                        59     0   yk388d8.5 AF039650 CEESC21R
Y11D7A.15                                NG   237     0   yk71h1.5 yk368d4.5 yk370c8.5
Y16B4A.1                                 NG    27     0   yk523d12.5 yk131h2.5 AF052060 yk169h7.5
Y17G7B.10b      EX                       NG   186   191   yk448g10.5 yk325c7.5 yk449a2.5 yk278f9.5 yk332h9.5 yk262c10.3 yk325c7.3 yk337f1.3 yk289g5.3 yk278f9.3 yk449a2.3 yk332h9.3
Y17G7B.16       EX                       NG   532   573   AJ132699 AJ132698
Y17G7B.18b                       3'(9)   NG     9    78   yk491f8.5 yk282d3.5
Y17G7B.2a                        3'(6)   NG     6    45   yk84e10.5 yk470e5.5 yk24g6.5
Y23H5A.5        EX                       NG    76    65   yk67h2.3 yk214c5.3 yk470a3.3 CEESI19FB
Y23H5A.7                         3'(3)   NG     3   891   yk616c11.5 yk26a12.5 yk316b7.5 yk356a8.5 yk145b4.5 yk259g6.5 yk79g12.5 yk582d6.3 yk661b1.5 yk625g4.5 yk590e6.5 yk346g11.5 yk517d8.5
Y24D9A_29.g               5'(85)         NG    85    55   yk105g9.5 yk93g6.5 yk81d1.5 yk72c9.5 yk67f1.5
Y24D9A_29.i                                   167     0   yk453g2.3 yk50a3.5 yk231f12.5
Y25C1A.h        EX                       NG    41   280   yk112a8.5 yk298b10.5 yk66a5.3
Y34B4A_3.d           IN                        96     0   yk4a10.3 yk321b4.3 yk208d4.3
Y34D9B.a                                      312     0   yk530f9.5 yk107h2.5
Y37A1B.1                                       12     0   CEMSC56F yk333d2.5 cm08d7
Y37A1B.2a       EX                            354     0   yk238d9.5 yk228g8.5 yk210e3.5 yk327c7.5 yk196d7.5 yk198h2.5 yk475h11.5 yk353h3.5
Y37A1C.1b       EX                       NG   138   170   yk350d1.5 yk346e6.5
Y37D8A.14                                NG   113     0   yk529h12.5 yk306g5.3 yk266h5.5 yk634a5.5 yk237b12.3 yk367f3.5 yk367f3.3 yk266h5.3 yk607c6.3 yk586d6.5 yk403a11.3 yk597b4.3 yk481b5.3 yk673c3.3 yk57f10.5 yk654f2.3 yk612a5.3 yk641h4.3 yk57f10.3 yk125f6.3 yk586d6.3 yk569f8.3 yk612e8.3 yk636f7.3 yk374d5.3 yk229d12.3 yk412e12.3 yk675b4.3 yk423b2.3 yk80f2.3 yk80a2.3 yk566g1.3 yk277c10.5 yk592c3.3 yk677h9.3 yk110c1.3 yk400c2.3 yk329e3.3 yk434c4.3 yk82g6.3 yk488d4.3 yk149c7.5 yk537c9.3 yk149c7.3 yk662c4.3 yk507g1.3 yk679h1.3 yk630d7.5 yk681b4.3 yk433b5.3 yk513h4.3 yk417a9.3 yk306g5.5 yk402c1.5 yk327g2.3 yk652b9.3 yk607c6.5 yk634a5.3 yk402c1.3 yk633b5.3 yk535d3.3 yk69e5.3 yk69e5.5 yk657c12.3 yk277c10.3 yk477h12.3 yk477h12.5 yk482b8.3 yk529h12.3 yk412e12.5
Y37D8A.23                                NG   120     0   yk387h9.5 AF109378 cm9e10
Y37E11A_93.d    EX                       NG    52   792   yk311h8.5 yk576e2.5 yk493a9.5 yk639g6.5
Y38F1A.g             IN                  NG    49     0   yk304d8.5 yk351a6.5 yk268b1.5 yk292h11.5 yk368e3.5 yk201e5.5 yk93e9.5 yk267f6.5 yk344b7.5 yk132h3.5 yk116f5.5 yk261d6.5 yk372c11.5 yk262h11.5
Y39A1A.15c      EX                       NG   866   631   AJ132701 AJ132700 yk474d9.5 yk77b2.5 yk335e8.5 yk394h12.5
Y39A1A.22       EX                            356     0   T02229 yk404d1.5 yk304f12.5
Y39A1C.2                                 NG   179     0   yk531b3.5 yk298a3.5 yk24g1.5 AB006659 yk278b2.5
Y39A3C_82.a                      3'(12)  NG    12    45   yk549f11.5 yk550e12.5 yk444c12.5 yk411g1.5 yk618c5.5 yk655d4.5 yk541b2.5 yk276b6.5
Y39E4A.2a       EX                       NG   286     0   yk143f2.5 yk447c2.5
Y39E4B.b                                 NG    35     0   yk543h8.3 yk593b3.3 yk442g5.3
Y39E4B.m        EX                       NG   111  3177   AF031837 AF031836 AF031835
Y39F10B_187.c                            NG     3     0   yk275c5.5 yk664a1.5
Y39G10A_249.N1   EX                            214     0   T01172 yk476d11.5
Y39G8B.d                                       11     0   yk638h10.5 yk529g1.5 yk319g12.5
Y39H10A_225.a                                  92     0   yk119e2.5 yk634g9.5
Y39H10A_225.e                                  68     0   yk119e2.3 yk124g7.5 yk145c7.5
Y40B1B.6        EX                            107     0   yk225h10.5 yk174c9.5 yk290b12.5
Y41C4A.12                 5'(4)          NG     4    48   yk231b5.3 yk340e6.3
Y41C4A.4                         3'(6)   NG     6  2822   yk624a3.5 yk658h10.5 yk573e4.5
Y41D4A_3073.N1                                  39     0   yk512f10.3 yk16g6.5
Y41E3.10        EX                            360     0   yk365f7.5 yk402g11.5 yk255g8.5 yk434f6.5 yk329h4.5 yk228e11.5 yk459g10.5 yk254g9.5 yk266g3.5 yk197b10.5 yk292g3.5 yk400f12.5 yk329b8.5 yk203c2.5 yk365f7.3
Y42G9A_141.f    EX                            240     0   yk384d2.5 yk171h9.5 yk299h11.5
Y43C5B.1        EX                       NG     0    80   yk546c12.5 yk288e4.5
Y43F8B.n        EX                       NG   181   760   yk328c11.5 yk379a5.5 CEESJ64R yk331e12.5 yk601h7.5 yk673c6.5 yk482g3.5 yk75g11.5 yk217a12.5 yk493g10.5 yk215e9.5 yk411g5.5 yk61b5.5 yk415d11.5 yk507e8.5 yk595h3.5 yk619a8.5 yk51g6.5 yk373h12.5 yk65b8.5 yk448e12.5 yk624d12.5 yk490a7.5 yk488e1.5 yk667e3.5 yk336g8.5 yk451b11.5 yk593e8.5 yk416g8.5 yk82d8.5 yk337a11.5 yk71h3.5 yk72c2.5 yk291d8.5 yk602h5.5 yk210h1.5 yk329f2.5 yk634a10.5 yk386g7.5 T00811
Y45F10A.6                 5'(3)          NG     3    42   yk132a11.3 yk238d7.3 yk13a3.3 yk15a8.3
Y45F10D.12                               NG     3     0   yk362a7.5 T01459 yk232c8.5 yk473e4.5 yk404a1.5 yk588f8.5 yk514h12.5 yk601h11.5 yk587d4.5 yk268e2.5 yk456e12.5 yk571h12.5 yk588e7.5 yk513e3.5 yk490b5.5 yk588e11.5 yk472f11.5 yk457a1.5 yk241a3.5 yk523d5.5 yk498f10.5 yk456c7.5 yk158c11.5 yk166g11.5 yk118g11.5 yk482h5.5 yk633f4.5 yk619d4.5 yk485a10.5 yk454a4.5 yk523a1.5 yk593d11.5 yk637d7.5 yk158a5.5 yk344f1.5 yk207c6.5 T01460 yk508e8.5 yk554c11.5 yk626a10.5 yk632g2.5 yk518b3.5 yk113g7.5 yk283c12.5 yk588g12.5 yk486a12.5 yk313c7.5 yk454c6.5 yk663e9.5 yk60f4.5 yk626e1.5 yk508f1.5 yk591h8.5 yk524b5.5 yk475b3.5 yk646e3.5 yk544g6.5 yk451d12.5 yk609g8.5 yk645e3.5 yk606d6.5 yk211f3.5 yk201c5.5 yk255c9.5 yk335c7.5 yk476g11.5 yk635d3.5 yk246a11.5 yk305b3.5 yk651b4.5 yk394c1.5 yk594f7.5 yk373c10.5 yk626h10.5 yk254e8.5 yk564c1.5 yk403f5.5 yk469c9.5 yk475f8.5 yk651d6.5 yk616g8.5 yk489g3.5 yk605f10.5
Y47D38.2                  5'(110)         NG   110   499   yk146c12.3 yk552e6.3
Y47D3A.ff       EX                       NG   120     0   yk626f5.5 yk647c1.5 yk94c8.3 yk121e7.3 yk257h8.5 yk200a9.5
Y47D3A.j                                 NG   304     0   M94130 M93256
Y47D3A.r                                      252     0   yk583f3.5 yk290d1.5
Y47D3A.v        EX                       NG     0   652   yk276f12.5 yk657c4.5
Y47G6A_245.f                             NG    63     0   yk663h10.3 yk493a1.5 yk635e9.3 yk312f10.3 yk390c4.3 yk631c8.3
Y48A6B.13       EX                            300     0   yk598a3.3 yk321d4.5
Y48B6A.a                                       19     0   yk27c12.5 yk8a9.5
Y48C3A.e        EX                       NG   356  1515   yk458a9.5 yk476e9.5 yk435a11.5 yk384a10.5 T00175 yk476e9.3 yk435a11.3 yk353a12.5
Y48C3A.v        EX                       NG   141  3104   cm10h10 yk624f11.5 yk83h7.5 yk649h8.5 yk51g12.5 yk518f8.5 yk641g5.5 yk101e10.3
Y48E1B.4        EX                            361     0   yk544d9.5 yk628c4.5 yk381e4.5 yk505f12.5 yk173h3.5 yk639d8.5 yk451f12.5 yk82a2.5 yk414e7.5 yk615g8.5
Y48E1C.1        EX                       NG   291  3104   cm10h10 yk641g5.5 yk624f11.5 yk83h7.5 yk649h8.5 yk51g12.5 yk518f8.5 yk174e3.5 yk101e10.3
Y48G8A_3304.a   EX                            376     0   yk583a1.5 AF074017
Y50E8A.s                                 NG    57    50   yk495d8.5 yk29a11.5 yk578g4.5
Y51A2D.7b       EX                       NG    72   671   yk269a8.5 cm17a6
Y51H1A.3b            IN                        79     0   yk74h2.5 yk434a8.5
Y51H1A.4             IN                  NG    66     0   yk565e12.5 yk328e11.5 yk644h6.5 yk677f8.5 yk657d8.5 yk172h8.5 yk60d7.5
Y51H7C_255.g                                   99     0   yk400b1.3 yk205b1.5
Y52B11A.8       EX                       NG    16     0   yk456g9.3 yk644f2.3 yk266f4.3 CEMSD72.3 yk572b9.3 yk257a7.3 yk671f10.3 yk333c7.3
Y53C12B.3b                       3'(9)   NG    62    98   yk205h7.5 yk262d1.5 yk225f2.5 yk159a6.5 yk214a9.5 yk438d3.5 yk442g6.5 yk39h12.5 yk434d6.5 yk464g6.5 yk75c1.5
Y53G8A_6046.a                            NG    58     0   yk210c5.5 yk590g4.5
Y53G8B_4255.a                            NG   173     0   yk590c1.3 yk534a11.3 yk119b5.5
Y53G8B_93.d     EX                            327     0   yk54f10.3 yk31e6.5 yk277d6.5 yk420d1.5 yk221f6.5
Y53H1A.a        EX                            374     0   yk141a5.5 yk413g11.5 yk259a4.5 yk284e3.5 yk447h2.5
Y54E10A_159.b                    3'(9)   NG     9    36   yk117h12.5 yk494e10.5 yk624f9.5 yk523f7.5
Y54E10B_159.g                            NG    41     0   yk446f5.3 yk371c2.3
Y54E5B.1                                 NG     7     0   U15667 yk208h6.5 yk422b11.5
Y54E5B.3                         3'(6)   NG     6   122   yk598e11.5 yk166f10.5
Y54G11A.N3           IN                        72     0   yk467c9.5 X82175 U55384 yk63b1.5 yk142c9.5 yk204g9.5 yk471f6.5 yk64a3.5
Y55D9A.1                         3'(6)   NG     6   420   yk655e7.5 yk480h6.5 yk637d1.5
Y55D9A.2b                                     135     0   yk331d5.3 yk292f9.3 yk433e11.3 yk168e6.3 yk331a10.3 yk497c4.3 yk293f3.3 yk375b5.3
Y55F3A_746.f    EX                       NG    66     0   yk25f10.5 yk52d4.5 yk439b10.5 yk446e2.5 yk286g10.5 yk53h4.5 yk368g8.5 yk18c1.5 yk2e9.5 yk61f2.5 yk216d2.5
Y55F3C_751.c                     3'(6)   NG     6   277   yk330g1.3 yk338e7.3
Y55F3C_751.d    EX                       NG   231    84   CEESM80F yk338e7.5 yk330g1.5       EX                       NG   212  1573   yk660g11.3 yk660g11.5 yk471h8.3 yk424a2.3 yk526d7.3 yk389e9.3 yk375h6.3 yk675c2.3 yk469f3.3 yk632a6.3 yk469a10.3 yk660a4.3 yk469f3.5 yk632a6.5 yk469a10.5 yk526d7.5 yk375h6.5 yk471h8.5 yk389e9.5 yk660a4.5 yk424a2.5 yk675c2.5
Y56A3A.l        EX                       NG    96    80   cm08d10 yk371e9.5
Y56A3A.x        EX                            382     0   CEMSF60FB M79926 yk210f4.3 CEMSF60R
Y56A3A.y        EX                            382     0   M79926 CEMSF60FB yk571f3.3 yk531c5.3 yk210f4.3 CEMSF60R
Y57G11C.11                               NG    35     0   yk143c8.5 yk434d7.5 yk215c5.5 yk365d5.5 yk480a3.5 yk342f12.5
Y57G11C.12      EX   IN                  NG   109   202   yk300b3.5 yk231f4.5 T02121 yk119h10.5 yk276f11.5 yk67c9.5 yk184c11.5 yk344b10.5 yk443e1.5 yk486h2.5 yk335b3.5
Y57G11C.9       EX                       NG    92   122   yk329b9.5 yk80g9.5 yk421d11.5 yk401d8.5 yk81e1.5 yk256f4.5 yk415c3.5 yk415a7.5 yk425g7.5
Y57G7A.10                                NG    17     0   yk672g11.3 yk531d6.3 yk488e7.3 yk390d6.3 yk618c12.3 yk393a12.3 yk621g12.3
Y57G7A.N1                                NG    62     0   yk9e8.5 yk48f4.5 yk478g4.5 yk354a7.3 yk36d9.3 yk234f12.3 yk185a7.3 yk430e10.3 yk354g6.3 yk48f4.3
Y63D3A.6a                                      93     0   yk211e6.3 yk394c2.5 yk207c5.5
Y65B4A_182.b         IN                        57     0   yk311d11.3 yk479c9.3 yk493b3.3 yk57e12.5 yk253b10.3 yk309a3.3 yk504h11.3 yk472a10.3 yk393f2.3 yk234c12.3
Y65B4A_182.c         IN                        75     0   yk311d11.5 yk418h1.5 yk479c9.5 yk234c12.5 yk393f2.5 yk472a10.5 yk253b10.5 yk210d5.5 yk230e2.5 yk72e6.5 yk309a3.5 yk56h4.5 yk66b11.5 yk65g6.5
Y65B4B_10.b                      3'(6)   NG     6    43   yk475d5.3 yk484a9.3 yk483g7.3 yk473f10.3 yk333h6.3 yk403h6.3 yk267f11.3 yk342b3.3 yk314d9.3 yk410g1.3 yk479a8.3 yk410g1.5 yk361f9.5 yk361f9.3 yk345h7.3 yk62a2.3 yk374d11.3 yk455d3.3 yk165h2.3 yk283h11.3 yk454d12.3 yk428c12.3 yk242f8.3 yk267c1.3 yk117f10.3 yk414a7.3 yk334b12.3 yk424b9.3 yk72e2.3 yk142g2.3 yk265c4.3
Y65B4B_12.b     EX                            356     0   yk553a1.5 yk231f7.3 yk430a12.3 yk412b3.3 yk478a10.3 yk233c11.3 yk362g6.3 yk553c8.3 yk277g9.3 yk359g1.3 yk386c9.3 yk411b2.3 yk558a2.3 yk409e10.3 yk548c7.3 yk553a1.3
Y66A7A.6                                 NG     4     0   yk344f11.5 yk661d8.5
Y67D8A_386.a    EX                       NG   149     0   yk662f7.3 yk306e2.5
Y67H2A.a        EX                       NG    20   998   yk27c9.5 yk297e5.5 yk541e8.5
Y69A2A_2326.a                            NG    48     0   yk470f10.5 yk254f6.5 yk175d2.5 yk450c4.5 yk171g3.5 T01775
Y69A2A_3269.a                    3'(9)   NG     9   106   yk60g9.5 yk434a3.5 yk313a12.5 yk460e9.5 yk417a10.5 yk217g10.5 yk247e6.5 yk114f2.5
Y69H2.g         EX                       NG    66    45   yk619c9.5 yk553e2.5
Y71D11A.d            IN                        78     0   yk343a3.5 yk60d1.5 yk328f10.5 yk473b11.5 yk312d12.5 yk103e11.5 yk142e6.5 yk470d12.5 yk343a3.3 yk438f8.5 yk123d7.5
Y71F9A_282.b                             NG     0    52   yk22b4.3 yk8e6.3 yk605f2.5 yk614f8.5 yk115d8.5 yk642e4.5
Y71F9A_284.a    EX                            360     0   yk657b6.5 yk364f2.5
Y71F9A_294.c              5'(125)         NG   125    55   yk174a1.5 yk362g1.5 yk345f7.5 yk361b7.5 yk459h10.5 yk361a11.5 yk451f5.5 yk485a4.5 yk184c7.5 yk175e8.5 yk377c8.5 yk188a1.5 yk450f11.5 yk167e2.5 yk311h3.5 yk467e6.5 yk105a7.5 yk122h3.5 yk85f8.5 yk173h7.5 yk436f1.5 yk151g3.5 yk453g3.5 yk466c9.5 yk196c6.5 yk82f2.5 yk434g5.5 yk332d9.5 yk480h2.5 yk434g7.5 yk142f5.5
Y71F9A_295.b    EX                       NG   360   319   yk277g11.5 yk22b4.3 yk8e6.3 yk262b9.5 yk115d8.5 yk174d7.5 yk430c9.5 yk412h4.5
Y71F9B_287.c              5'(3)          NG     4  2202   yk275f4.3 yk496g4.3 yk269h10.5 yk341a1.3 U63557 yk269h10.3 yk109c7.5
Y71G12A_202.d             5'(6)          NG     6    45   yk467a5.5 yk417b4.5 yk74a7.5 yk85f7.5 yk242b6.5 yk428c2.5 yk390a1.5
Y71H10B.1                                NG   125     0   yk295a11.5 yk459e6.5 yk343a11.5 yk423f8.5       EX                       NG    31   296   yk410g10.5 yk131a1.5 yk306c2.5 yk621f4.5 yk678f1.5
Y74C10A_144.a   EX                            373     0   yk609a12.3 yk591f8.5 yk673h9.3 yk334a6.3 yk571a4.5 yk81b5.5
Y74C10A_158.N1                                 251     0   yk554c3.5 yk624b12.3
Y75B8A.c                  5'(75)         NG   857  4330   AF172090 AF172091            IN                  NG    51     0   yk372d10.5 yk338h10.5
Y75B8A.nn                                NG    54     0   yk373h6.5 yk327g4.5 yk334b8.5 yk255d5.5
Y77E11A_3670.N1   EX                             77  1098   yk469c3.3 yk336c9.3 yk215g7.3
Y79H2A.c                                 NG    23     0   yk583a5.5 yk568c9.5
Y94H6A_142.k                                  191     0   yk264d8.5 yk413a4.3 yk443a8.5 yk123b9.5
Y94H6A_148.p                                   92     0   yk483e11.3 T01306
Y94H6A_149.a    EX                       NG    45   469   yk66d2.5 yk598e10.3
Y95B8A_85.a                                   312     0   yk530f9.5 yk107h2.5
ZC15.3               IN                        54     0   yk584b9.5 yk411c8.5
ZC334.5              IN                        49     0   yk284d4.5 yk450g9.5
ZC395.2              IN                  NG    60     0   yk639g5.5 yk345d2.5
ZC416.8a        EX                       NG  1075  1708   L19621 L08969 yk360d7.5 yk360d7.3 yk359a6.3 yk359a6.5
ZC477.N1        EX                       NG   128    90   yk10b6.5 yk257c11.5
ZC504.4         EX                       NG    27   310   AF087131 AF087132 yk296c5.5 yk443f8.5 AF087133 yk21g2.5 yk451h10.5
ZC513.6              IN                        20     0   yk340g4.3 yk223c8.3 yk165h8.3 yk489d5.3 yk345g12.3 yk423e2.3 yk89e11.3
ZC518.3         EX                       NG    54   957   yk483g2.5 yk345g2.5 yk500c6.5
ZC581.5         EX                       NG    99     0   yk86f7.5 yk347h2.5
ZC8.4                     5'(81)         NG    81   505   yk203a5.5 yk120c11.5
ZK1010.7                                       28     0   yk334a3.3 yk524d12.3 yk207b5.3 yk207b5.5
ZK1127.9        EX                       NG    27    59   yk447f11.5 T02418 CEESN29RB yk474d3.5 yk433e4.5 cm21f3 yk338d3.5
ZK1151.2a       EX                       NG    33   113   yk235h7.5 yk617g11.5 yk110h4.5
ZK180.5                                       252     0   yk27e1.5 yk574b5.5
ZK256.1a        EX                       NG   111   253   yk429g11.5 yk135c1.5 yk104d9.3
ZK270.2b        EX                       NG   117  1021   yk474c8.5 yk492e12.5 yk549h7.5
ZK328.1                          3'(9)   NG     9   115   yk42a10.5 yk422d11.5 yk91f4.5 yk286d3.5
ZK328.5b                                 NG   126     0   yk263a5.3 yk36a5.5 yk272d6.5 yk250c8.5 yk365c3.5 yk204f3.3
ZK337.1a             IN                  NG   186    41   yk53d1.5 yk76f4.5 yk41d7.3 yk55d2.3 yk94d1.3 yk123c9.3 yk128h10.3 yk378h11.3 yk50a1.3 yk59f4.3 yk100a11.3
ZK353.1                          3'(6)   NG     6   259   yk228f4.5 yk166h6.5 yk465e5.5
ZK354.2         EX                       NG    94    46   yk206g10.3 yk369c8.5
ZK370.3         EX                       NG    50   140   yk212b6.3 yk294f4.3 yk195g9.3 yk397d11.3 yk255h2.3 yk29e5.3 yk5h12.3 yk87b7.3
ZK370.4         EX                       NG    33   176   yk193b2.5 yk243f10.5 yk25c11.5 yk36f3.5
ZK377.2                          3'(12)  NG    12    42   AF041053 yk277a11.5
ZK470.2b                                      185     0   yk59e9.5 yk447e12.5 yk426g2.5 yk75g8.5 yk166a12.5
ZK470.5         EX                       NG   356  1075   yk490b7.5 yk267f12.5 yk454a8.5 yk79d3.5 yk472d2.5 yk450c5.5 yk203e11.5
ZK512.7         EX                       NG   265   117   yk545e11.5 AF095787 yk152f11.5 yk545e11.3
ZK520.4                          3'(6)   NG     6   494   yk369c3.3 U58084
ZK524.2b        EX                       NG   259    86   yk8h12.5 yk16b7.5 yk50c3.5 yk250b6.5 M62830
ZK546.16             IN                        45     0   cm12a5 yk281e1.5
ZK637.7                          3'(6)   NG     6    40   yk353h6.5 yk270e5.5 yk12h1.5 yk224d7.5 yk34b2.5 yk212f5.5 yk24e1.5 yk350b7.5
ZK637.8b        EX                       NG   160   249   yk5d7.5 yk15a11.5 yk244c11.5
ZK669.1a        EX                       NG   102   102   yk50c2.5 yk39b7.5 yk36g1.5
ZK757.3         EX                       NG   198   487   yk49g10.5 yk20g1.5 yk20e1.5 yk244c10.5 yk14g1.5 yk129b3.5 yk295c8.5 yk38h12.5 yk272a9.5 yk398h2.5 yk348h3.5
ZK809.5                          3'(6)   NG     6    49   yk259e9.5 yk196c4.5 yk89c9.5
ZK816.2         EX                       NG   360   102   yk56g6.5 yk629c1.5 yk516f8.5 yk575g10.5 yk254a9.5
ZK822.3                                  NG     3     0   yk64g2.3 M23064
ZK856.1                                  NG     8     0   yk59a3.5 yk462c3.5 yk367f8.5
ZK867.1         EX                       NG   262     0   yk273d3.5 yk297d4.5 yk284a7.5 yk331a7.5 yk251a7.5 yk332a2.5 yk134a5.5
ZK909.1         EX                       NG   360  5965   AJ011936 AJ012354 yk252f9.5 AJ011937 AJ011938 AJ012355 AJ012356 yk428h7.5
ZK909.2a        EX                       NG   167 17902   AJ011937 AJ011936 AJ011938 AJ012354 yk252f9.5 AJ012355 AJ012356