Business Cards

Kate Compton's CV

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, Objective C Game Development Tools: Processing, Unity, Unreal Engine, Virtools, XCode Art Tools: Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya Industrial Design Skills: expert laser-cutter, acceptable at welding, blacksmithing, mold-making, casting and optics

Academic Experience

Pomona College, Media Studies major, BA Georgia Institute of Technology, Information Design and Technology, MS

Publications and Speaking

"Procedural Level Design for Platform Games" presented at AIIDE 2006

Creating Spherical Worlds" presented at SIGGRAPH 2007

Jan 29, 2010, spoke at the UCSC Game Jam

Professional Experience

Electronic Arts, Maxis Internship: June-August 2005 Full-time technical artist: June 2006-current Released Games:

Spore (2007)

Dungeons of Spore (an April Fools Day game for Spore, solo programmer, artist and designer)

Spore: Cute and Creepy (2008)

Spore Galactic Adventures (2009)

Darkspore (projected: 2011)


The Foresight, a virtual reality helmet for the iPhone.

- Designed, programmed, laser-cut and built by Kate Compton

- Wrote own patent application (Pat. Pending)

- Presented at Maker Faire 2009, 2010

The Katamari Workout -

Talking Styrofoam head

- presented at SHDH (Dec 2010)

This was my Valentine's Day project for last year:

laser-cut bullet-proof Kevlar hearts

Here shown: my own design of a heart bordered by rampaging allosaurs

Kevlar hearts