one-sprite-bubble-wrap scratch program

Download as scratch program.

This is my a one-sprite, one-script implementation of the "BubbleWrap" program by Andres Monroy-Hernandez. He used many sprites, with a variable in each, I used one that stamps the bubbles on the background. I took new photos and recorded the sound of a bubble popping (using Audiacity), so there is nothing in this version from Andres's program except the idea of clicking to pop bubbles.

This implementation has an .sb file about 1/3 the size of Andres's. One could squeeze it further from 51k down to 39k by reducing the sampling rate of the sound to 11kHz and by using lossy jpeg compression of the images, but changing the images requires finding a different color that is in the popped bubble but not the unpopped one.

I also added a counter for the bubbles popped, and auto-reset when all bubbles are popped.

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