Moiré scratch program

Download as scratch program.

This project was created for playing with Moiré patterns in Tech Club (see the Tech News, 29 May 2007).

Moiré patterns are formed when 2 (or more) repeating designs are superimposed with slight differences in size or angle. This program is a playground for experimenting with simple Moir´ patterns.

to get bottom layer set up by putting the top layer into a standard location and orientation and stamping it.
right, left, up, and down
to move top layer.
a, s
to rotate top layer.
w, z
to make top layer bigger or smaller.
to change underlying pattern of sprite (currently dots or stripes). The dots are not quite regular, which causes some patterning even when they should be perfectly offset by 16 pixels.
to show just top layer
(default) to show both layes
to show just bottom layer

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