Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ihgA1ihgA1ihgA 1ihgA 1ihgA
1dywA1dywA1dywA 1dywA 1dywA
1qoiA1qoiA1qoiA 1qoiA 1qoiA
1a581a581a58 1a58 1a58
1lopA1lopA1lopA 1lopA 1lopA
1xo7A1xo7A1xo7A 1xo7A 1xo7A
2rmcA2rmcA2rmcA 2rmcA 2rmcA
1awqA1awqA1awqA 1awqA 1awqA
1h0pA1h0pA1h0pA 1h0pA 1h0pA
1awsA1awsA1awsA 1awsA 1awsA
1v9tA1v9tA1v9tA 1v9tA 1v9tA
2fu0A2fu0A2fu0A 2fu0A 2fu0A
2cpl2cpl2cpl 2cpl 2cpl
1zkcA1zkcA1zkcA 1zkcA 1zkcA
1yndA1yndA1yndA 1yndA 1yndA
1j2aA1j2aA1j2aA 1j2aA 1j2aA
1vdnA1vdnA1vdnA 1vdnA 1vdnA
2cfeA2cfeA2cfeA 2cfeA 2cfeA
1zcxA1zcxA1zcxA 1zcxA 1zcxA
2a2nA2a2nA2a2nA 2a2nA 2a2nA
2bitX2bitX2bitX 2bitX 2bitX
2b71A2b71A2b71A 2b71A 2b71A
1xwnA1xwnA1xwnA 1xwnA 1xwnA
1eaiC1eaiC1eaiC 1eaiC 1eaiC
1r4kA1r4kA1r4kA 1r4kA 1r4kA
1hx2A1hx2A1hx2A 1hx2A 1hx2A
1f6bA1f6bA1f6bA 1f6bA 1f6bA
1ex7A1ex7A1ex7A 1ex7A 1ex7A
2fnaA2fnaA2fnaA 2fnaA 2fnaA
2pspA2pspA2pspA 2pspA 2pspA
1w7jA1w7jA1w7jA 1w7jA 1w7jA
1yphE1yphE1yphE 1yphE 1yphE
1kcp1kcp1kcp 1kcp 1kcp
1w9iA1w9iA1w9iA 1w9iA 1w9iA
1f2tA1f2tA1f2tA 1f2tA 1f2tA
1htwA1htwA1htwA 1htwA 1htwA
1d2nA1d2nA1d2nA 1d2nA 1d2nA
1av31av31av3 1av3 1av3
1vpbA1vpbA1vpbA 1vpbA 1vpbA
1pb5A1pb5A1pb5A 1pb5A 1pb5A
1in4A1in4A1in4A 1in4A 1in4A
2exnA2exnA2exnA 2exnA 2exnA
1gg6C1gg6C1gg6C 1gg6C 1gg6C
1mvwA1mvwA1mvwA 1mvwA 1mvwA
2cblA2cblA2cblA 2cblA 2cblA
2bjvA2bjvA2bjvA 2bjvA 2bjvA
1us8A1us8A1us8A 1us8A 1us8A
1nsf1nsf1nsf 1nsf 1nsf
2ffsA2ffsA2ffsA 2ffsA 2ffsA
1w1wA1w1wA1w1wA 1w1wA 1w1wA
1in6A1in6A1in6A 1in6A 1in6A
1jbkA1jbkA1jbkA 1jbkA 1jbkA
1xwiA1xwiA1xwiA 1xwiA 1xwiA
1n7sC1n7sC1n7sC 1n7sC 1n7sC
1gpmA1gpmA1gpmA 1gpmA 1gpmA
1lv7A1lv7A1lv7A 1lv7A 1lv7A
1a5t1a5t1a5t 1a5t 1a5t
1qhlA1qhlA1qhlA 1qhlA 1qhlA
1sxjE1sxjE1sxjE 1sxjE 1sxjE
1sfcC1sfcC1sfcC 1sfcC 1sfcC
1f7dA1f7dA1f7dA 1f7dA 1f7dA
3pcgA3pcgA3pcgA 3pcgA 3pcgA
1vom1vom1vom 1vom 1vom
1t01A1t01A1t01A 1t01A 1t01A
1rkeA1rkeA1rkeA 1rkeA 1rkeA
2bz6H2bz6H2bz6H 2bz6H 2bz6H
1lkoA1lkoA1lkoA 1lkoA 1lkoA
2fi1A2fi1A2fi1A 2fi1A 2fi1A
1zj6A1zj6A1zj6A 1zj6A 1zj6A
1e0gA1e0gA1e0gA 1e0gA 1e0gA
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
1oe9A1oe9A1oe9A 1oe9A 1oe9A
1z6gA1z6gA1z6gA 1z6gA 1z6gA
1ryt1ryt1ryt 1ryt 1ryt
1d0yA1d0yA1d0yA 1d0yA 1d0yA
1si2A1si2A1si2A 1si2A 1si2A
2akaA2akaA2akaA 2akaA 2akaA
1v54K1v54K1v54K 1v54K 1v54K
2occK2occK2occK 2occK 2occK
1eo9B1eo9B1eo9B 1eo9B 1eo9B
1rpqW1rpqW1rpqW 1rpqW 1rpqW
1jbiA1jbiA1jbiA 1jbiA 1jbiA
1c3gA1c3gA1c3gA 1c3gA 1c3gA
1kcoA1kcoA1kcoA 1kcoA 1kcoA
1pg5A1pg5A1pg5A 1pg5A 1pg5A
1rj9A1rj9A1rj9A 1rj9A 1rj9A
2a05A2a05A2a05A 2a05A 2a05A
1lvk1lvk1lvk 1lvk 1lvk
2vhbA2vhbA2vhbA 2vhbA 2vhbA
1dqbA1dqbA1dqbA 1dqbA 1dqbA
1yiiA1yiiA1yiiA 1yiiA 1yiiA
1zvzA1zvzA1zvzA 1zvzA 1zvzA
2anyA2anyA2anyA 2anyA 2anyA
2anwA2anwA2anwA 2anwA 2anwA
1v90A1v90A1v90A 1v90A 1v90A
2eriA2eriA2eriA 2eriA 2eriA
1ox6A1ox6A1ox6A 1ox6A 1ox6A
2f6rA2f6rA2f6rA 2f6rA 2f6rA
2bokL2bokL2bokL 2bokL 2bokL
2ck3I2ck3I2ck3I 2ck3I 2ck3I

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1zhpA1zhpA1zhpA 1zhpA 1zhpA
1ml4A1ml4A1ml4A 1ml4A 1ml4A
1cr1A1cr1A1cr1A 1cr1A 1cr1A
1j8mF1j8mF1j8mF 1j8mF 1j8mF
3dfr3dfr3dfr 3dfr 3dfr
1zhmA1zhmA1zhmA 1zhmA 1zhmA
2occC2occC2occC 2occC 2occC
1v54C1v54C1v54C 1v54C 1v54C
1b71A1b71A1b71A 1b71A 1b71A
1tbxA1tbxA1tbxA 1tbxA 1tbxA
1ny6A1ny6A1ny6A 1ny6A 1ny6A
1duvG1duvG1duvG 1duvG 1duvG
2f9nA2f9nA2f9nA 2f9nA 2f9nA
1du9A1du9A1du9A 1du9A 1du9A
1sq5A1sq5A1sq5A 1sq5A 1sq5A
1knqA1knqA1knqA 1knqA 1knqA
3tmkA3tmkA3tmkA 3tmkA 3tmkA
1dmhA1dmhA1dmhA 1dmhA 1dmhA
1v5rA1v5rA1v5rA 1v5rA 1v5rA
1k5dB1k5dB1k5dB 1k5dB 1k5dB
1uzkA1uzkA1uzkA 1uzkA 1uzkA
2bvlA2bvlA2bvlA 2bvlA 2bvlA
1rrpB1rrpB1rrpB 1rrpB 1rrpB
1zhrA1zhrA1zhrA 1zhrA 1zhrA
1yf3A1yf3A1yf3A 1yf3A 1yf3A
1ka1A1ka1A1ka1A 1ka1A 1ka1A
1t4gA1t4gA1t4gA 1t4gA 1t4gA
1s5lX1s5lX1s5lX 1s5lX 1s5lX
1vl4A1vl4A1vl4A 1vl4A 1vl4A
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
1b0nB1b0nB1b0nB 1b0nB 1b0nB
1df6A1df6A1df6A 1df6A 1df6A
1m7gA1m7gA1m7gA 1m7gA 1m7gA
1pfiA1pfiA1pfiA 1pfiA 1pfiA
1k5kA1k5kA1k5kA 1k5kA 1k5kA
1tmxA1tmxA1tmxA 1tmxA 1tmxA
1a6f1a6f1a6f 1a6f 1a6f
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
2ax4A2ax4A2ax4A 2ax4A 2ax4A
1z8fA1z8fA1z8fA 1z8fA 1z8fA
1eit1eit1eit 1eit 1eit
1broA1broA1broA 1broA 1broA
1hn6A1hn6A1hn6A 1hn6A 1hn6A
1dekA1dekA1dekA 1dekA 1dekA
1oahA1oahA1oahA 1oahA 1oahA
1jy2P1jy2P1jy2P 1jy2P 1jy2P
8rucA8rucA8rucA 8rucA 8rucA
1zq6A1zq6A1zq6A 1zq6A 1zq6A
1qeyA1qeyA1qeyA 1qeyA 1qeyA
1jmxA1jmxA1jmxA 1jmxA 1jmxA
1fs7A1fs7A1fs7A 1fs7A 1fs7A
2fl4A2fl4A2fl4A 2fl4A 2fl4A
1eo9A1eo9A1eo9A 1eo9A 1eo9A
1z6eB1z6eB1z6eB 1z6eB 1z6eB
1uwdA1uwdA1uwdA 1uwdA 1uwdA
1xx9A1xx9A1xx9A 1xx9A 1xx9A
1yzxA1yzxA1yzxA 1yzxA 1yzxA
1wddA1wddA1wddA 1wddA 1wddA
1ko7A1ko7A1ko7A 1ko7A 1ko7A
1vlbA1vlbA1vlbA 1vlbA 1vlbA
2bdvA2bdvA2bdvA 2bdvA 2bdvA
2b6hA2b6hA2b6hA 2b6hA 2b6hA
3pcgM3pcgM3pcgM 3pcgM 3pcgM
1aquA1aquA1aquA 1aquA 1aquA
1kliL1kliL1kliL 1kliL 1kliL
1dw4A1dw4A1dw4A 1dw4A 1dw4A
1q0uA1q0uA1q0uA 1q0uA 1q0uA
1cqtI1cqtI1cqtI 1cqtI 1cqtI
2aegA2aegA2aegA 2aegA 2aegA
1tfr1tfr1tfr 1tfr 1tfr
2bywA2bywA2bywA 2bywA 2bywA
5rubA5rubA5rubA 5rubA 5rubA
1kliH1kliH1kliH 1kliH 1kliH
1r2mA1r2mA1r2mA 1r2mA 1r2mA
2go7A2go7A2go7A 2go7A 2go7A
1h7dA1h7dA1h7dA 1h7dA 1h7dA
1ckv1ckv1ckv 1ckv 1ckv
1yr0A1yr0A1yr0A 1yr0A 1yr0A
1tx4B1tx4B1tx4B 1tx4B 1tx4B
1ko6A1ko6A1ko6A 1ko6A 1ko6A
1dun1dun1dun 1dun 1dun
1g8pA1g8pA1g8pA 1g8pA 1g8pA
1d7qA1d7qA1d7qA 1d7qA 1d7qA
1qhdA1qhdA1qhdA 1qhdA 1qhdA
1k24A1k24A1k24A 1k24A 1k24A
2f20A2f20A2f20A 2f20A 2f20A
1weqA1weqA1weqA 1weqA 1weqA
1am9A1am9A1am9A 1am9A 1am9A
1hic1hic1hic 1hic 1hic
1yg9A1yg9A1yg9A 1yg9A 1yg9A
2acmB2acmB2acmB 2acmB 2acmB
1r2qA1r2qA1r2qA 1r2qA 1r2qA
1qhxA1qhxA1qhxA 1qhxA 1qhxA
1vmaA1vmaA1vmaA 1vmaA 1vmaA
1t07A1t07A1t07A 1t07A 1t07A
1qgxA1qgxA1qgxA 1qgxA 1qgxA
1fxqA1fxqA1fxqA 1fxqA 1fxqA
1qdeA1qdeA1qdeA 1qdeA 1qdeA
2ng12ng12ng1 2ng1 2ng1
1i50F1i50F1i50F 1i50F 1i50F

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1feoA1feoA1feoA 1feoA 1feoA
1xxqA1xxqA1xxqA 1xxqA 1xxqA
1i2mA1i2mA1i2mA 1i2mA 1i2mA
1yzgA1yzgA1yzgA 1yzgA 1yzgA
2f91A2f91A2f91A 2f91A 2f91A
2alaA2alaA2alaA 2alaA 2alaA
1ek0A1ek0A1ek0A 1ek0A 1ek0A
1vaxA1vaxA1vaxA 1vaxA 1vaxA
2cwsA2cwsA2cwsA 2cwsA 2cwsA
1xp8A1xp8A1xp8A 1xp8A 1xp8A
1svdA1svdA1svdA 1svdA 1svdA
1sfp1sfp1sfp 1sfp 1sfp
1bomB1bomB1bomB 1bomB 1bomB
1x54A1x54A1x54A 1x54A 1x54A
1z4rA1z4rA1z4rA 1z4rA 1z4rA
1bh41bh41bh4 1bh4 1bh4
2b97A2b97A2b97A 2b97A 2b97A
1eudA1eudA1eudA 1eudA 1eudA
1t9kA1t9kA1t9kA 1t9kA 1t9kA
1g8yA1g8yA1g8yA 1g8yA 1g8yA
1hurA1hurA1hurA 1hurA 1hurA
3rabA3rabA3rabA 3rabA 3rabA
1vzqH1vzqH1vzqH 1vzqH 1vzqH
1s9aA1s9aA1s9aA 1s9aA 1s9aA
1xsrA1xsrA1xsrA 1xsrA 1xsrA
1wrrA1wrrA1wrrA 1wrrA 1wrrA
1i7qA1i7qA1i7qA 1i7qA 1i7qA
2b5gA2b5gA2b5gA 2b5gA 2b5gA
1z7kB1z7kB1z7kB 1z7kB 1z7kB
1tiqA1tiqA1tiqA 1tiqA 1tiqA
1danH1danH1danH 1danH 1danH
1hnnA1hnnA1hnnA 1hnnA 1hnnA
1pe1A1pe1A1pe1A 1pe1A 1pe1A
1qsdA1qsdA1qsdA 1qsdA 1qsdA
1twfF1twfF1twfF 1twfF 1twfF
1u9iA1u9iA1u9iA 1u9iA 1u9iA
1d6jA1d6jA1d6jA 1d6jA 1d6jA
1i1dA1i1dA1i1dA 1i1dA 1i1dA
1l9lA1l9lA1l9lA 1l9lA 1l9lA
1gvnB1gvnB1gvnB 1gvnB 1gvnB
1mr3F1mr3F1mr3F 1mr3F 1mr3F
1fzqA1fzqA1fzqA 1fzqA 1fzqA
1igrA1igrA1igrA 1igrA 1igrA
2bhmA2bhmA2bhmA 2bhmA 2bhmA
2ae6A2ae6A2ae6A 2ae6A 2ae6A
1cliA1cliA1cliA 1cliA 1cliA
1z8gA1z8gA1z8gA 1z8gA 1z8gA
1jopA1jopA1jopA 1jopA 1jopA
1w1nA1w1nA1w1nA 1w1nA 1w1nA
1q5hA1q5hA1q5hA 1q5hA 1q5hA
1fjsL1fjsL1fjsL 1fjsL 1fjsL
1yvkA1yvkA1yvkA 1yvkA 1yvkA
1za8A1za8A1za8A 1za8A 1za8A
1gheA1gheA1gheA 1gheA 1gheA
1q0sA1q0sA1q0sA 1q0sA 1q0sA
1hs6A1hs6A1hs6A 1hs6A 1hs6A
3nul3nul3nul 3nul 3nul
1acw1acw1acw 1acw 1acw
1k4zA1k4zA1k4zA 1k4zA 1k4zA
1nslA1nslA1nslA 1nslA 1nslA
1bo4A1bo4A1bo4A 1bo4A 1bo4A
1i27A1i27A1i27A 1i27A 1i27A
1yh1A1yh1A1yh1A 1yh1A 1yh1A
1o3yA1o3yA1o3yA 1o3yA 1o3yA
1tqyA1tqyA1tqyA 1tqyA 1tqyA
2a0fA2a0fA2a0fA 2a0fA 2a0fA
2apqA2apqA2apqA 2apqA 2apqA
2a1jB2a1jB2a1jB 2a1jB 2a1jB
1lfb1lfb1lfb 1lfb 1lfb
1vb3A1vb3A1vb3A 1vb3A 1vb3A
1yreA1yreA1yreA 1yreA 1yreA
2aplA2aplA2aplA 2aplA 2aplA
2bzpA2bzpA2bzpA 2bzpA 2bzpA
1mh11mh11mh1 1mh1 1mh1
2b0rA2b0rA2b0rA 2b0rA 2b0rA
1xewX1xewX1xewX 1xewX 1xewX
1zsxA1zsxA1zsxA 1zsxA 1zsxA
1wwzA1wwzA1wwzA 1wwzA 1wwzA
1bdfA1bdfA1bdfA 1bdfA 1bdfA
1y7rA1y7rA1y7rA 1y7rA 1y7rA
1bkpA1bkpA1bkpA 1bkpA 1bkpA
1vr1H1vr1H1vr1H 1vr1H 1vr1H
1o58A1o58A1o58A 1o58A 1o58A
1yriA1yriA1yriA 1yriA 1yriA
1q2yA1q2yA1q2yA 1q2yA 1q2yA
1yqcA1yqcA1yqcA 1yqcA 1yqcA
1frpA1frpA1frpA 1frpA 1frpA
1wy3A1wy3A1wy3A 1wy3A 1wy3A
1kao1kao1kao 1kao 1kao
1uqvA1uqvA1uqvA 1uqvA 1uqvA
1uptA1uptA1uptA 1uptA 1uptA
5ukdA5ukdA5ukdA 5ukdA 5ukdA
1hxxA1hxxA1hxxA 1hxxA 1hxxA
1nuyA1nuyA1nuyA 1nuyA 1nuyA
2a8eA2a8eA2a8eA 2a8eA 2a8eA
1ltoA1ltoA1ltoA 1ltoA 1ltoA
1gngX1gngX1gngX 1gngX 1gngX
1bovA1bovA1bovA 1bovA 1bovA
1yr4A1yr4A1yr4A 1yr4A 1yr4A
2bjbA2bjbA2bjbA 2bjbA 2bjbA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1fiwA1fiwA1fiwA 1fiwA 1fiwA
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
2fcwB2fcwB2fcwB 2fcwB 2fcwB
1yrkA1yrkA1yrkA 1yrkA 1yrkA
1l0wA1l0wA1l0wA 1l0wA 1l0wA
1of9A1of9A1of9A 1of9A 1of9A
1mixA1mixA1mixA 1mixA 1mixA
1mq7A1mq7A1mq7A 1mq7A 1mq7A
1fjsA1fjsA1fjsA 1fjsA 1fjsA
2fz4A2fz4A2fz4A 2fz4A 2fz4A
2g3aA2g3aA2g3aA 2g3aA 2g3aA
1xouA1xouA1xouA 1xouA 1xouA
1a2xB1a2xB1a2xB 1a2xB 1a2xB
3csuA3csuA3csuA 3csuA 3csuA
1hpcA1hpcA1hpcA 1hpcA 1hpcA
1brt1brt1brt 1brt 1brt
1p57B1p57B1p57B 1p57B 1p57B
1x05A1x05A1x05A 1x05A 1x05A
1eciA1eciA1eciA 1eciA 1eciA
1hlrA1hlrA1hlrA 1hlrA 1hlrA
1ul4A1ul4A1ul4A 1ul4A 1ul4A

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