Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2f8aA2f8aA2f8aA 2f8aA 2f8aA
1xzoA1xzoA1xzoA 1xzoA 1xzoA
2cvbA2cvbA2cvbA 2cvbA 2cvbA
2b7kA2b7kA2b7kA 2b7kA 2b7kA
2f9sA2f9sA2f9sA 2f9sA 2f9sA
1xvqA1xvqA1xvqA 1xvqA 1xvqA
1kngA1kngA1kngA 1kngA 1kngA
1o8xA1o8xA1o8xA 1o8xA 1o8xA
1xvwA1xvwA1xvwA 1xvwA 1xvwA
1i5gA1i5gA1i5gA 1i5gA 1i5gA
2fy6A2fy6A2fy6A 2fy6A 2fy6A
1st9A1st9A1st9A 1st9A 1st9A
1jfuA1jfuA1jfuA 1jfuA 1jfuA
1zzoA1zzoA1zzoA 1zzoA 1zzoA
1z5yE1z5yE1z5yE 1z5yE 1z5yE
1lu4A1lu4A1lu4A 1lu4A 1lu4A
2a4vA2a4vA2a4vA 2a4vA 2a4vA
1qmvA1qmvA1qmvA 1qmvA 1qmvA
1x0rA1x0rA1x0rA 1x0rA 1x0rA
1n8jA1n8jA1n8jA 1n8jA 1n8jA
1xccA1xccA1xccA 1xccA 1xccA
1prxA1prxA1prxA 1prxA 1prxA
1z6nA1z6nA1z6nA 1z6nA 1z6nA
1uc7A1uc7A1uc7A 1uc7A 1uc7A
1t00A1t00A1t00A 1t00A 1t00A
1erv1erv1erv 1erv 1erv
1wouA1wouA1wouA 1wouA 1wouA
1hd2A1hd2A1hd2A 1hd2A 1hd2A
1xiyA1xiyA1xiyA 1xiyA 1xiyA
1thx1thx1thx 1thx 1thx
1nswA1nswA1nswA 1nswA 1nswA
1erw1erw1erw 1erw 1erw
1tp9A1tp9A1tp9A 1tp9A 1tp9A
1j75A1j75A1j75A 1j75A 1j75A
1faaA1faaA1faaA 1faaA 1faaA
1r26A1r26A1r26A 1r26A 1r26A
2f51A2f51A2f51A 2f51A 2f51A
2trxA2trxA2trxA 2trxA 2trxA
1w4vA1w4vA1w4vA 1w4vA 1w4vA
1a8l1a8l1a8l 1a8l 1a8l
1zmaA1zmaA1zmaA 1zmaA 1zmaA
1eu1A1eu1A1eu1A 1eu1A 1eu1A
1g2cB1g2cB1g2cB 1g2cB 1g2cB
1v98A1v98A1v98A 1v98A 1v98A
2gk3A2gk3A2gk3A 2gk3A 2gk3A
1mkfA1mkfA1mkfA 1mkfA 1mkfA
1senA1senA1senA 1senA 1senA
1vkbA1vkbA1vkbA 1vkbA 1vkbA
1rypL1rypL1rypL 1rypL 1rypL
1atg1atg1atg 1atg 1atg
2trcP2trcP2trcP 2trcP 2trcP
1v5rA1v5rA1v5rA 1v5rA 1v5rA
1ti6A1ti6A1ti6A 1ti6A 1ti6A
1nu0A1nu0A1nu0A 1nu0A 1nu0A
1amf1amf1amf 1amf 1amf
1rypI1rypI1rypI 1rypI 1rypI
2b68A2b68A2b68A 2b68A 2b68A
2napA2napA2napA 2napA 2napA
1xvxA1xvxA1xvxA 1xvxA 1xvxA
2cqfA2cqfA2cqfA 2cqfA 2cqfA
1ytvA1ytvA1ytvA 1ytvA 1ytvA
1go4E1go4E1go4E 1go4E 1go4E
1rypD1rypD1rypD 1rypD 1rypD
1vhxA1vhxA1vhxA 1vhxA 1vhxA
1elkA1elkA1elkA 1elkA 1elkA
1iam1iam1iam 1iam 1iam
1ryp11ryp11ryp1 1ryp1 1ryp1
1r2mA1r2mA1r2mA 1r2mA 1r2mA
2b97A2b97A2b97A 2b97A 2b97A
1rf8B1rf8B1rf8B 1rf8B 1rf8B
1yarH1yarH1yarH 1yarH 1yarH
2ga9A2ga9A2ga9A 2ga9A 2ga9A
1f1eA1f1eA1f1eA 1f1eA 1f1eA
1fhgA1fhgA1fhgA 1fhgA 1fhgA
1g38A1g38A1g38A 1g38A 1g38A
1g1cA1g1cA1g1cA 1g1cA 1g1cA
1bed1bed1bed 1bed 1bed
1hziA1hziA1hziA 1hziA 1hziA
2hft2hft2hft 2hft 2hft
1bhu1bhu1bhu 1bhu 1bhu
1u2hA1u2hA1u2hA 1u2hA 1u2hA
1kqfA1kqfA1kqfA 1kqfA 1kqfA
1kbeA1kbeA1kbeA 1kbeA 1kbeA
2d48A2d48A2d48A 2d48A 2d48A
1anf1anf1anf 1anf 1anf
1mai1mai1mai 1mai 1mai
1vpt1vpt1vpt 1vpt 1vpt
2b5eA2b5eA2b5eA 2b5eA 2b5eA
1xc1A1xc1A1xc1A 1xc1A 1xc1A
1n7zA1n7zA1n7zA 1n7zA 1n7zA
1eu8A1eu8A1eu8A 1eu8A 1eu8A
1dsqA1dsqA1dsqA 1dsqA 1dsqA
1pd3A1pd3A1pd3A 1pd3A 1pd3A
1r1a11r1a11r1a1 1r1a1 1r1a1
1nlwA1nlwA1nlwA 1nlwA 1nlwA
1kyqA1kyqA1kyqA 1kyqA 1kyqA
1afp1afp1afp 1afp 1afp
1epfA1epfA1epfA 1epfA 1epfA
1a99A1a99A1a99A 1a99A 1a99A
1nnfA1nnfA1nnfA 1nnfA 1nnfA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1srvA1srvA1srvA 1srvA 1srvA
1rypH1rypH1rypH 1rypH 1rypH
1aym11aym11aym1 1aym1 1aym1
1ub1A1ub1A1ub1A 1ub1A 1ub1A
1v58A1v58A1v58A 1v58A 1v58A
1zzkA1zzkA1zzkA 1zzkA 1zzkA
2g0qA2g0qA2g0qA 2g0qA 2g0qA
1yz4A1yz4A1yz4A 1yz4A 1yz4A
1d5qA1d5qA1d5qA 1d5qA 1d5qA
1wmmA1wmmA1wmmA 1wmmA 1wmmA
1sbp1sbp1sbp 1sbp 1sbp
1a8y1a8y1a8y 1a8y 1a8y
1aa61aa61aa6 1aa6 1aa6
1yw0A1yw0A1yw0A 1yw0A 1yw0A
1ursA1ursA1ursA 1ursA 1ursA
1php1php1php 1php 1php
1htwA1htwA1htwA 1htwA 1htwA
1rypJ1rypJ1rypJ 1rypJ 1rypJ
1ouoA1ouoA1ouoA 1ouoA 1ouoA
2b7nA2b7nA2b7nA 2b7nA 2b7nA
2f7fA2f7fA2f7fA 2f7fA 2f7fA
2b5iD2b5iD2b5iD 2b5iD 2b5iD
2c7pA2c7pA2c7pA 2c7pA 2c7pA
2b4hA2b4hA2b4hA 2b4hA 2b4hA
1yarA1yarA1yarA 1yarA 1yarA
1w5tA1w5tA1w5tA 1w5tA 1w5tA
2bnlA2bnlA2bnlA 2bnlA 2bnlA
1t0bA1t0bA1t0bA 1t0bA 1t0bA
1eljA1eljA1eljA 1eljA 1eljA
1h0hA1h0hA1h0hA 1h0hA 1h0hA
1womA1womA1womA 1womA 1womA
1cvrA1cvrA1cvrA 1cvrA 1cvrA
2ajrA2ajrA2ajrA 2ajrA 2ajrA
1v6sA1v6sA1v6sA 1v6sA 1v6sA
1t6t11t6t11t6t1 1t6t1 1t6t1
1n9lA1n9lA1n9lA 1n9lA 1n9lA
1sluA1sluA1sluA 1sluA 1sluA
2fp3A2fp3A2fp3A 2fp3A 2fp3A
2hvm2hvm2hvm 2hvm 2hvm
1cczA1cczA1cczA 1cczA 1cczA
1s3sG1s3sG1s3sG 1s3sG 1s3sG
1zbsA1zbsA1zbsA 1zbsA 1zbsA
1yk0E1yk0E1yk0E 1yk0E 1yk0E
1pot1pot1pot 1pot 1pot
2bkxA2bkxA2bkxA 2bkxA 2bkxA
1s7zA1s7zA1s7zA 1s7zA 1s7zA
1aun1aun1aun 1aun 1aun
1qyaA1qyaA1qyaA 1qyaA 1qyaA
1yixA1yixA1yixA 1yixA 1yixA
1x93A1x93A1x93A 1x93A 1x93A
1he7A1he7A1he7A 1he7A 1he7A
2alaA2alaA2alaA 2alaA 2alaA
1scjB1scjB1scjB 1scjB 1scjB
1x1oA1x1oA1x1oA 1x1oA 1x1oA
1t3yA1t3yA1t3yA 1t3yA 1t3yA
1tc3C1tc3C1tc3C 1tc3C 1tc3C
2bbkL2bbkL2bbkL 2bbkL 2bbkL
1twyA1twyA1twyA 1twyA 1twyA
2cciF2cciF2cciF 2cciF 2cciF
1kid1kid1kid 1kid 1kid
1nmeA1nmeA1nmeA 1nmeA 1nmeA
1a8s1a8s1a8s 1a8s 1a8s
1q35A1q35A1q35A 1q35A 1q35A
1lqvA1lqvA1lqvA 1lqvA 1lqvA
2a35A2a35A2a35A 2a35A 2a35A
1rocA1rocA1rocA 1rocA 1rocA
1x5vA1x5vA1x5vA 1x5vA 1x5vA
1vd3A1vd3A1vd3A 1vd3A 1vd3A
1jljA1jljA1jljA 1jljA 1jljA
1q44A1q44A1q44A 1q44A 1q44A
1o7zA1o7zA1o7zA 1o7zA 1o7zA
2cspA2cspA2cspA 2cspA 2cspA
1c1lA1c1lA1c1lA 1c1lA 1c1lA
1uzeA1uzeA1uzeA 1uzeA 1uzeA
1yspA1yspA1yspA 1yspA 1yspA
1dl5A1dl5A1dl5A 1dl5A 1dl5A
1z3qA1z3qA1z3qA 1z3qA 1z3qA
2fug12fug12fug1 2fug1 2fug1
1t9iA1t9iA1t9iA 1t9iA 1t9iA
2bm8A2bm8A2bm8A 2bm8A 2bm8A
1t07A1t07A1t07A 1t07A 1t07A
1czyA1czyA1czyA 1czyA 1czyA
1nqzA1nqzA1nqzA 1nqzA 1nqzA
1eejA1eejA1eejA 1eejA 1eejA
1a4iA1a4iA1a4iA 1a4iA 1a4iA
1ivnA1ivnA1ivnA 1ivnA 1ivnA
1vqoU1vqoU1vqoU 1vqoU 1vqoU
1hdiA1hdiA1hdiA 1hdiA 1hdiA
1bebA1bebA1bebA 1bebA 1bebA
1rqwA1rqwA1rqwA 1rqwA 1rqwA
1othA1othA1othA 1othA 1othA
2axyA2axyA2axyA 2axyA 2axyA
1i26A1i26A1i26A 1i26A 1i26A
1uocA1uocA1uocA 1uocA 1uocA
2b06A2b06A2b06A 2b06A 2b06A
1qtnA1qtnA1qtnA 1qtnA 1qtnA
1dgwY1dgwY1dgwY 1dgwY 1dgwY
1vf6C1vf6C1vf6C 1vf6C 1vf6C
1rypG1rypG1rypG 1rypG 1rypG
1rypC1rypC1rypC 1rypC 1rypC

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001