Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1yk4A1yk4A1yk4A 1yk4A 1yk4A
1dx8A1dx8A1dx8A 1dx8A 1dx8A
1b2jA1b2jA1b2jA 1b2jA 1b2jA
1b13A1b13A1b13A 1b13A 1b13A
1bq8A1bq8A1bq8A 1bq8A 1bq8A
5rxn5rxn5rxn 5rxn 5rxn
1b2oA1b2oA1b2oA 1b2oA 1b2oA
1brfA1brfA1brfA 1brfA 1brfA
1bq9A1bq9A1bq9A 1bq9A 1bq9A
1rdg1rdg1rdg 1rdg 1rdg
1rb91rb91rb9 1rb9 1rb9
8rxnA8rxnA8rxnA 8rxnA 8rxnA
4rxn4rxn4rxn 4rxn 4rxn
1iro1iro1iro 1iro 1iro
1dl6A1dl6A1dl6A 1dl6A 1dl6A
1hp81hp81hp8 1hp8 1hp8
1ryt1ryt1ryt 1ryt 1ryt
1lkoA1lkoA1lkoA 1lkoA 1lkoA
1ddbA1ddbA1ddbA 1ddbA 1ddbA
1rlyA1rlyA1rlyA 1rlyA 1rlyA
1pft1pft1pft 1pft 1pft
1p65A1p65A1p65A 1p65A 1p65A
1pb5A1pb5A1pb5A 1pb5A 1pb5A
1m56D1m56D1m56D 1m56D 1m56D
1qleD1qleD1qleD 1qleD 1qleD
2bd0A2bd0A2bd0A 2bd0A 2bd0A
1dvbA1dvbA1dvbA 1dvbA 1dvbA
1v54F1v54F1v54F 1v54F 1v54F
1vfyA1vfyA1vfyA 1vfyA 1vfyA
1yuzA1yuzA1yuzA 1yuzA 1yuzA
6rxn6rxn6rxn 6rxn 6rxn
1yua1yua1yua 1yua 1yua
1hyiA1hyiA1hyiA 1hyiA 1hyiA
2bidA2bidA2bidA 2bidA 2bidA
2c52B2c52B2c52B 2c52B 2c52B
1gnf1gnf1gnf 1gnf 1gnf
1b71A1b71A1b71A 1b71A 1b71A
1fpxA1fpxA1fpxA 1fpxA 1fpxA
1xneA1xneA1xneA 1xneA 1xneA
1as4B1as4B1as4B 1as4B 1as4B
1d8bA1d8bA1d8bA 1d8bA 1d8bA
1zemA1zemA1zemA 1zemA 1zemA
2achB2achB2achB 2achB 2achB
1xp3A1xp3A1xp3A 1xp3A 1xp3A
1azdA1azdA1azdA 1azdA 1azdA
1n5gA1n5gA1n5gA 1n5gA 1n5gA
2gk3A2gk3A2gk3A 2gk3A 2gk3A
1afp1afp1afp 1afp 1afp
1dvpA1dvpA1dvpA 1dvpA 1dvpA
1v5nA1v5nA1v5nA 1v5nA 1v5nA
1y5mA1y5mA1y5mA 1y5mA 1y5mA
2occF2occF2occF 2occF 2occF
2c07A2c07A2c07A 2c07A 2c07A
1jtvA1jtvA1jtvA 1jtvA 1jtvA
1e4uA1e4uA1e4uA 1e4uA 1e4uA
1nc81nc81nc8 1nc8 1nc8
1wt6A1wt6A1wt6A 1wt6A 1wt6A
2cklB2cklB2cklB 2cklB 2cklB
2cqfA2cqfA2cqfA 2cqfA 2cqfA
1z6uA1z6uA1z6uA 1z6uA 1z6uA
1tueA1tueA1tueA 1tueA 1tueA
1ldjB1ldjB1ldjB 1ldjB 1ldjB
1k81A1k81A1k81A 1k81A 1k81A
7apiB7apiB7apiB 7apiB 7apiB
9apiB9apiB9apiB 9apiB 9apiB
2cygA2cygA2cygA 2cygA 2cygA
1dxgA1dxgA1dxgA 1dxgA 1dxgA
1i5rA1i5rA1i5rA 1i5rA 1i5rA
2cklA2cklA2cklA 2cklA 2cklA
2g50A2g50A2g50A 2g50A 2g50A
1jm7A1jm7A1jm7A 1jm7A 1jm7A
2ag5A2ag5A2ag5A 2ag5A 2ag5A
1a1tA1a1tA1a1tA 1a1tA 1a1tA
1mfs1mfs1mfs 1mfs 1mfs
1kbhA1kbhA1kbhA 1kbhA 1kbhA
1ncs1ncs1ncs 1ncs 1ncs
1pud1pud1pud 1pud 1pud
1ojxA1ojxA1ojxA 1ojxA 1ojxA
1ao6A1ao6A1ao6A 1ao6A 1ao6A
2polA2polA2polA 2polA 2polA
1ido1ido1ido 1ido 1ido
1gatA1gatA1gatA 1gatA 1gatA
1ae1A1ae1A1ae1A 1ae1A 1ae1A
1gp6A1gp6A1gp6A 1gp6A 1gp6A
1f6uA1f6uA1f6uA 1f6uA 1f6uA
1a21A1a21A1a21A 1a21A 1a21A
1gp4A1gp4A1gp4A 1gp4A 1gp4A
1wmbA1wmbA1wmbA 1wmbA 1wmbA
1qyp1qyp1qyp 1qyp 1qyp
1tfi1tfi1tfi 1tfi 1tfi
1dgwX1dgwX1dgwX 1dgwX 1dgwX
1abmA1abmA1abmA 1abmA 1abmA
1ha2A1ha2A1ha2A 1ha2A 1ha2A
1zk4A1zk4A1zk4A 1zk4A 1zk4A
2bbvA2bbvA2bbvA 2bbvA 2bbvA
2bbvC2bbvC2bbvC 2bbvC 2bbvC
1dgrN1dgrN1dgrN 1dgrN 1dgrN
1dgrV1dgrV1dgrV 1dgrV 1dgrV
1bj51bj51bj5 1bj5 1bj5
1xkqA1xkqA1xkqA 1xkqA 1xkqA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ok7A1ok7A1ok7A 1ok7A 1ok7A
1uor1uor1uor 1uor 1uor
1ap6A1ap6A1ap6A 1ap6A 1ap6A
1jm7B1jm7B1jm7B 1jm7B 1jm7B
1eonA1eonA1eonA 1eonA 1eonA
3egf3egf3egf 3egf 3egf
2bc4A2bc4A2bc4A 2bc4A 2bc4A
2nacA2nacA2nacA 2nacA 2nacA
1nb8A1nb8A1nb8A 1nb8A 1nb8A
1f3eA1f3eA1f3eA 1f3eA 1f3eA
2ct7A2ct7A2ct7A 2ct7A 2ct7A
2awaA2awaA2awaA 2awaA 2awaA
1znf1znf1znf 1znf 1znf
1aaf1aaf1aaf 1aaf 1aaf
1edoA1edoA1edoA 1edoA 1edoA
1j78A1j78A1j78A 1j78A 1j78A
2fymA2fymA2fymA 2fymA 2fymA
1twfL1twfL1twfL 1twfL 1twfL
4gatA4gatA4gatA 4gatA 4gatA
2bnuB2bnuB2bnuB 2bnuB 2bnuB
1tahA1tahA1tahA 1tahA 1tahA
1r3sA1r3sA1r3sA 1r3sA 1r3sA
2d00A2d00A2d00A 2d00A 2d00A
1i50L1i50L1i50L 1i50L 1i50L
1fp2A1fp2A1fp2A 1fp2A 1fp2A
1k4gA1k4gA1k4gA 1k4gA 1k4gA
1bssA1bssA1bssA 1bssA 1bssA
2hp82hp82hp8 2hp8 2hp8
2ctdA2ctdA2ctdA 2ctdA 2ctdA
1weoA1weoA1weoA 1weoA 1weoA
1v74B1v74B1v74B 1v74B 1v74B
1v87A1v87A1v87A 1v87A 1v87A
2fk4A2fk4A2fk4A 2fk4A 2fk4A
1lfb1lfb1lfb 1lfb 1lfb
1sz2A1sz2A1sz2A 1sz2A 1sz2A
1twuA1twuA1twuA 1twuA 1twuA
2avtA2avtA2avtA 2avtA 2avtA
1g72B1g72B1g72B 1g72B 1g72B
1q3yA1q3yA1q3yA 1q3yA 1q3yA
1cis1cis1cis 1cis 1cis
2bi0A2bi0A2bi0A 2bi0A 2bi0A
1iw8A1iw8A1iw8A 1iw8A 1iw8A
2fv6A2fv6A2fv6A 2fv6A 2fv6A
2gatA2gatA2gatA 2gatA 2gatA
1c9kB1c9kB1c9kB 1c9kB 1c9kB
1jyoA1jyoA1jyoA 1jyoA 1jyoA
2gfoA2gfoA2gfoA 2gfoA 2gfoA
1hymA1hymA1hymA 1hymA 1hymA
1rykA1rykA1rykA 1rykA 1rykA
1x1tA1x1tA1x1tA 1x1tA 1x1tA
1i6zA1i6zA1i6zA 1i6zA 1i6zA
1vjgA1vjgA1vjgA 1vjgA 1vjgA
2ew8A2ew8A2ew8A 2ew8A 2ew8A
1ivoC1ivoC1ivoC 1ivoC 1ivoC
1n0nA1n0nA1n0nA 1n0nA 1n0nA
1b94A1b94A1b94A 1b94A 1b94A
1b96A1b96A1b96A 1b96A 1b96A
1j96A1j96A1j96A 1j96A 1j96A
1ss3A1ss3A1ss3A 1ss3A 1ss3A
1tr9A1tr9A1tr9A 1tr9A 1tr9A
1s62A1s62A1s62A 1s62A 1s62A
1spxA1spxA1spxA 1spxA 1spxA
2akzA2akzA2akzA 2akzA 2akzA
1xeeA1xeeA1xeeA 1xeeA 1xeeA
1nxqA1nxqA1nxqA 1nxqA 1nxqA
1twfI1twfI1twfI 1twfI 1twfI
1efvA1efvA1efvA 1efvA 1efvA
1uayA1uayA1uayA 1uayA 1uayA
1yuf1yuf1yuf 1yuf 1yuf
2tgf2tgf2tgf 2tgf 2tgf
3tgf3tgf3tgf 3tgf 3tgf
4tgf4tgf4tgf 4tgf 4tgf
1umqA1umqA1umqA 1umqA 1umqA
1ft5A1ft5A1ft5A 1ft5A 1ft5A
1d2tA1d2tA1d2tA 1d2tA 1d2tA
1xvxA1xvxA1xvxA 1xvxA 1xvxA
2bhoA2bhoA2bhoA 2bhoA 2bhoA
1ip0A1ip0A1ip0A 1ip0A 1ip0A
1b97A1b97A1b97A 1b97A 1b97A
1a271a271a27 1a27 1a27
1mmiA1mmiA1mmiA 1mmiA 1mmiA
1q18A1q18A1q18A 1q18A 1q18A
1mit1mit1mit 1mit 1mit
1f97A1f97A1f97A 1f97A 1f97A
1vl8A1vl8A1vl8A 1vl8A 1vl8A
1kpf1kpf1kpf 1kpf 1kpf
1az3A1az3A1az3A 1az3A 1az3A
1fmcA1fmcA1fmcA 1fmcA 1fmcA
1z1zA1z1zA1z1zA 1z1zA 1z1zA
1ltlA1ltlA1ltlA 1ltlA 1ltlA
1eh9A1eh9A1eh9A 1eh9A 1eh9A
1pwmA1pwmA1pwmA 1pwmA 1pwmA
1dsqA1dsqA1dsqA 1dsqA 1dsqA
1kczA1kczA1kczA 1kczA 1kczA
1ni5A1ni5A1ni5A 1ni5A 1ni5A
1qrqA1qrqA1qrqA 1qrqA 1qrqA
1k0pA1k0pA1k0pA 1k0pA 1k0pA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
1spf1spf1spf 1spf 1spf
1uroA1uroA1uroA 1uroA 1uroA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ye8A1ye8A1ye8A 1ye8A 1ye8A
1iy8A1iy8A1iy8A 1iy8A 1iy8A
1chc1chc1chc 1chc 1chc
1culA1culA1culA 1culA 1culA
1pqzA1pqzA1pqzA 1pqzA 1pqzA
1bor1bor1bor 1bor 1bor
1e7aA1e7aA1e7aA 1e7aA 1e7aA
2d1yA2d1yA2d1yA 2d1yA 2d1yA
2f9cA2f9cA2f9cA 2f9cA 2f9cA
1lxjA1lxjA1lxjA 1lxjA 1lxjA
1lhpA1lhpA1lhpA 1lhpA 1lhpA
1u0jA1u0jA1u0jA 1u0jA 1u0jA
1qwkA1qwkA1qwkA 1qwkA 1qwkA
1geeA1geeA1geeA 1geeA 1geeA
2aynA2aynA2aynA 2aynA 2aynA
2cobA2cobA2cobA 2cobA 2cobA
1hae1hae1hae 1hae 1hae
1aq0A1aq0A1aq0A 1aq0A 1aq0A
1o97D1o97D1o97D 1o97D 1o97D
4rhn4rhn4rhn 4rhn 4rhn
1zmoA1zmoA1zmoA 1zmoA 1zmoA
1ax01ax01ax0 1ax0 1ax0
1qzzA1qzzA1qzzA 1qzzA 1qzzA
1vjvA1vjvA1vjvA 1vjvA 1vjvA
1l2yA1l2yA1l2yA 1l2yA 1l2yA
1p9eA1p9eA1p9eA 1p9eA 1p9eA
1wr3A1wr3A1wr3A 1wr3A 1wr3A
2fdiA2fdiA2fdiA 2fdiA 2fdiA
1lk3A1lk3A1lk3A 1lk3A 1lk3A
1mi3A1mi3A1mi3A 1mi3A 1mi3A
1eny1eny1eny 1eny 1eny
1adqL1adqL1adqL 1adqL 1adqL
1us0A1us0A1us0A 1us0A 1us0A
1f8vA1f8vA1f8vA 1f8vA 1f8vA
1pp0A1pp0A1pp0A 1pp0A 1pp0A
1fe0A1fe0A1fe0A 1fe0A 1fe0A
1cojA1cojA1cojA 1cojA 1cojA
1vpkA1vpkA1vpkA 1vpkA 1vpkA
1jlm1jlm1jlm 1jlm 1jlm
2b34A2b34A2b34A 2b34A 2b34A
1ghr1ghr1ghr 1ghr 1ghr
2hrvA2hrvA2hrvA 2hrvA 2hrvA
1ozhA1ozhA1ozhA 1ozhA 1ozhA
2ak4E2ak4E2ak4E 2ak4E 2ak4E
1afsA1afsA1afsA 1afsA 1afsA
2bblA2bblA2bblA 2bblA 2bblA
1ym0B1ym0B1ym0B 1ym0B 1ym0B
1u5tB1u5tB1u5tB 1u5tB 1u5tB
1n5dA1n5dA1n5dA 1n5dA 1n5dA
1n5uA1n5uA1n5uA 1n5uA 1n5uA
1xhlA1xhlA1xhlA 1xhlA 1xhlA
1p4xA1p4xA1p4xA 1p4xA 1p4xA
1hre1hre1hre 1hre 1hre
1ciqA1ciqA1ciqA 1ciqA 1ciqA
1rmd1rmd1rmd 1rmd 1rmd
1mw7A1mw7A1mw7A 1mw7A 1mw7A
2ao0A2ao0A2ao0A 2ao0A 2ao0A
1ooeA1ooeA1ooeA 1ooeA 1ooeA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001