Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rdg1rdg1rdg 1rdg 1rdg
1rb91rb91rb9 1rb9 1rb9
1brfA1brfA1brfA 1brfA 1brfA
1iro1iro1iro 1iro 1iro
1yk4A1yk4A1yk4A 1yk4A 1yk4A
2bidA2bidA2bidA 2bidA 2bidA
1rlyA1rlyA1rlyA 1rlyA 1rlyA
1dgwX1dgwX1dgwX 1dgwX 1dgwX
1p65A1p65A1p65A 1p65A 1p65A
1vfyA1vfyA1vfyA 1vfyA 1vfyA
6rxn6rxn6rxn 6rxn 6rxn
1xneA1xneA1xneA 1xneA 1xneA
2fe8A2fe8A2fe8A 2fe8A 2fe8A
1ei7A1ei7A1ei7A 1ei7A 1ei7A
2ctdA2ctdA2ctdA 2ctdA 2ctdA
2c52B2c52B2c52B 2c52B 2c52B
2cqfA2cqfA2cqfA 2cqfA 2cqfA
1dvpA1dvpA1dvpA 1dvpA 1dvpA
1rf8B1rf8B1rf8B 1rf8B 1rf8B
1pb5A1pb5A1pb5A 1pb5A 1pb5A
1n5gA1n5gA1n5gA 1n5gA 1n5gA
1f6yA1f6yA1f6yA 1f6yA 1f6yA
1xhhA1xhhA1xhhA 1xhhA 1xhhA
1ti6B1ti6B1ti6B 1ti6B 1ti6B
1wjpA1wjpA1wjpA 1wjpA 1wjpA
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
1yuzA1yuzA1yuzA 1yuzA 1yuzA
1t0hA1t0hA1t0hA 1t0hA 1t0hA
1huw1huw1huw 1huw 1huw
1wimA1wimA1wimA 1wimA 1wimA
1v54F1v54F1v54F 1v54F 1v54F
1e9rA1e9rA1e9rA 1e9rA 1e9rA
1srkA1srkA1srkA 1srkA 1srkA
1ldjB1ldjB1ldjB 1ldjB 1ldjB
1wt6A1wt6A1wt6A 1wt6A 1wt6A
2ct7A2ct7A2ct7A 2ct7A 2ct7A
1umqA1umqA1umqA 1umqA 1umqA
2gfoA2gfoA2gfoA 2gfoA 2gfoA
1tr9A1tr9A1tr9A 1tr9A 1tr9A
2cobA2cobA2cobA 2cobA 2cobA
1d7oA1d7oA1d7oA 1d7oA 1d7oA
1uluA1uluA1uluA 1uluA 1uluA
1lkoA1lkoA1lkoA 1lkoA 1lkoA
1dxgA1dxgA1dxgA 1dxgA 1dxgA
1hp81hp81hp8 1hp8 1hp8
1yua1yua1yua 1yua 1yua
1kqfB1kqfB1kqfB 1kqfB 1kqfB
1winA1winA1winA 1winA 1winA
1lki1lki1lki 1lki 1lki
1weoA1weoA1weoA 1weoA 1weoA
1uh5A1uh5A1uh5A 1uh5A 1uh5A
1jtvA1jtvA1jtvA 1jtvA 1jtvA
2ae2A2ae2A2ae2A 2ae2A 2ae2A
1twfL1twfL1twfL 1twfL 1twfL
2ag5A2ag5A2ag5A 2ag5A 2ag5A
2gatA2gatA2gatA 2gatA 2gatA
1mjnA1mjnA1mjnA 1mjnA 1mjnA
1dsqA1dsqA1dsqA 1dsqA 1dsqA
1f8vA1f8vA1f8vA 1f8vA 1f8vA
2bq4A2bq4A2bq4A 2bq4A 2bq4A
1twfI1twfI1twfI 1twfI 1twfI
1vjvA1vjvA1vjvA 1vjvA 1vjvA
2bsyA2bsyA2bsyA 2bsyA 2bsyA
1x1zA1x1zA1x1zA 1x1zA 1x1zA
1z1zA1z1zA1z1zA 1z1zA 1z1zA
2c07A2c07A2c07A 2c07A 2c07A
1afp1afp1afp 1afp 1afp
1h0hB1h0hB1h0hB 1h0hB 1h0hB
1moxC1moxC1moxC 1moxC 1moxC
1z60A1z60A1z60A 1z60A 1z60A
1ss3A1ss3A1ss3A 1ss3A 1ss3A
1ogaE1ogaE1ogaE 1ogaE 1ogaE
2fk4A2fk4A2fk4A 2fk4A 2fk4A
1oaa1oaa1oaa 1oaa 1oaa
1spxA1spxA1spxA 1spxA 1spxA
1b8aA1b8aA1b8aA 1b8aA 1b8aA
1m45B1m45B1m45B 1m45B 1m45B
2ew8A2ew8A2ew8A 2ew8A 2ew8A
1m1qA1m1qA1m1qA 1m1qA 1m1qA
1ny1A1ny1A1ny1A 1ny1A 1ny1A
1e0tA1e0tA1e0tA 1e0tA 1e0tA
1bec1bec1bec 1bec 1bec
2fv6A2fv6A2fv6A 2fv6A 2fv6A
1qxfA1qxfA1qxfA 1qxfA 1qxfA
2eboA2eboA2eboA 2eboA 2eboA
1ek0A1ek0A1ek0A 1ek0A 1ek0A
1dcs1dcs1dcs 1dcs 1dcs
8fabA8fabA8fabA 8fabA 8fabA
1iuaA1iuaA1iuaA 1iuaA 1iuaA
1t2yA1t2yA1t2yA 1t2yA 1t2yA
2bcgY2bcgY2bcgY 2bcgY 2bcgY
1vqo11vqo11vqo1 1vqo1 1vqo1
1o97D1o97D1o97D 1o97D 1o97D
2b34A2b34A2b34A 2b34A 2b34A
1zbqA1zbqA1zbqA 1zbqA 1zbqA
1xeeA1xeeA1xeeA 1xeeA 1xeeA
2f42A2f42A2f42A 2f42A 2f42A
2cklB2cklB2cklB 2cklB 2cklB
1mw7A1mw7A1mw7A 1mw7A 1mw7A
1x1tA1x1tA1x1tA 1x1tA 1x1tA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1bbhA1bbhA1bbhA 1bbhA 1bbhA
1ok7A1ok7A1ok7A 1ok7A 1ok7A
1x1rA1x1rA1x1rA 1x1rA 1x1rA
2bblA2bblA2bblA 2bblA 2bblA
1bob1bob1bob 1bob 1bob

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