Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1in0A1in0A1in0A 1in0A 1in0A
1awe1awe1awe 1awe 1awe
1ocrD1ocrD1ocrD 1ocrD 1ocrD
1yhfA1yhfA1yhfA 1yhfA 1yhfA
1knzA1knzA1knzA 1knzA 1knzA
1ghtA1ghtA1ghtA 1ghtA 1ghtA
1ywyA1ywyA1ywyA 1ywyA 1ywyA
2occD2occD2occD 2occD 2occD
2fiuA2fiuA2fiuA 2fiuA 2fiuA
1d2oA1d2oA1d2oA 1d2oA 1d2oA
1rqtA1rqtA1rqtA 1rqtA 1rqtA
1gdtA1gdtA1gdtA 1gdtA 1gdtA
1t0aA1t0aA1t0aA 1t0aA 1t0aA
1gx1A1gx1A1gx1A 1gx1A 1gx1A
1t0cA1t0cA1t0cA 1t0cA 1t0cA
1jy8A1jy8A1jy8A 1jy8A 1jy8A
2tmdA2tmdA2tmdA 2tmdA 2tmdA
1cf7B1cf7B1cf7B 1cf7B 1cf7B
2rslA2rslA2rslA 2rslA 2rslA
1pms1pms1pms 1pms 1pms
1gguA1gguA1gguA 1gguA 1gguA
1oejA1oejA1oejA 1oejA 1oejA
1gs5A1gs5A1gs5A 1gs5A 1gs5A
1v54D1v54D1v54D 1v54D 1v54D
2b7eA2b7eA2b7eA 2b7eA 2b7eA
1ggtB1ggtB1ggtB 1ggtB 1ggtB
1txlA1txlA1txlA 1txlA 1txlA
1fieA1fieA1fieA 1fieA 1fieA
1qrkA1qrkA1qrkA 1qrkA 1qrkA
1g0dA1g0dA1g0dA 1g0dA 1g0dA
1evuA1evuA1evuA 1evuA 1evuA
2ft6A2ft6A2ft6A 2ft6A 2ft6A
1koe1koe1koe 1koe 1koe
1q68A1q68A1q68A 1q68A 1q68A
1suyC1suyC1suyC 1suyC 1suyC
1rr7A1rr7A1rr7A 1rr7A 1rr7A
1fpoA1fpoA1fpoA 1fpoA 1fpoA
1th7A1th7A1th7A 1th7A 1th7A
1dy2A1dy2A1dy2A 1dy2A 1dy2A
1mo7A1mo7A1mo7A 1mo7A 1mo7A
1qjoA1qjoA1qjoA 1qjoA 1qjoA
1ex0A1ex0A1ex0A 1ex0A 1ex0A
1ars1ars1ars 1ars 1ars
1f13A1f13A1f13A 1f13A 1f13A
2aj6A2aj6A2aj6A 2aj6A 2aj6A
1g1eB1g1eB1g1eB 1g1eB 1g1eB
1fyc1fyc1fyc 1fyc 1fyc
1gmeA1gmeA1gmeA 1gmeA 1gmeA
1m45B1m45B1m45B 1m45B 1m45B
1l9mA1l9mA1l9mA 1l9mA 1l9mA
2evbA2evbA2evbA 2evbA 2evbA
1ucrA1ucrA1ucrA 1ucrA 1ucrA
1mgqA1mgqA1mgqA 1mgqA 1mgqA
1srqA1srqA1srqA 1srqA 1srqA
2et1A2et1A2et1A 2et1A 2et1A
1pu1A1pu1A1pu1A 1pu1A 1pu1A
1gjxA1gjxA1gjxA 1gjxA 1gjxA
1regX1regX1regX 1regX 1regX
1i27A1i27A1i27A 1i27A 1i27A
1ghj1ghj1ghj 1ghj 1ghj
1quqB1quqB1quqB 1quqB 1quqB
1iv3A1iv3A1iv3A 1iv3A 1iv3A
1ld4A1ld4A1ld4A 1ld4A 1ld4A
2snv2snv2snv 2snv 2snv
1j0dA1j0dA1j0dA 1j0dA 1j0dA
1o94A1o94A1o94A 1o94A 1o94A
1wspA1wspA1wspA 1wspA 1wspA
1vlqA1vlqA1vlqA 1vlqA 1vlqA
1e3tA1e3tA1e3tA 1e3tA 1e3tA
1wwjA1wwjA1wwjA 1wwjA 1wwjA
1i81A1i81A1i81A 1i81A 1i81A
2f05A2f05A2f05A 2f05A 2f05A
1al0B1al0B1al0B 1al0B 1al0B
2c7pA2c7pA2c7pA 2c7pA 2c7pA
1y32A1y32A1y32A 1y32A 1y32A
1i8fA1i8fA1i8fA 1i8fA 1i8fA
2bg5A2bg5A2bg5A 2bg5A 2bg5A

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