Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1lb3A1lb3A1lb3A 1lb3A 1lb3A
1vlgA1vlgA1vlgA 1vlgA 1vlgA
2fkzA2fkzA2fkzA 2fkzA 2fkzA
1eumA1eumA1eumA 1eumA 1eumA
1vjxA1vjxA1vjxA 1vjxA 1vjxA
1z6oA1z6oA1z6oA 1z6oA 1z6oA
1z6oM1z6oM1z6oM 1z6oM 1z6oM
1r03A1r03A1r03A 1r03A 1r03A
1vr3A1vr3A1vr3A 1vr3A 1vr3A
1nfvA1nfvA1nfvA 1nfvA 1nfvA
1nriA1nriA1nriA 1nriA 1nriA
1jb0X1jb0X1jb0X 1jb0X 1jb0X
1ta3A1ta3A1ta3A 1ta3A 1ta3A
1rfyA1rfyA1rfyA 1rfyA 1rfyA
2ebn2ebn2ebn 2ebn 2ebn
2f49C2f49C2f49C 2f49C 2f49C
1yt8A1yt8A1yt8A 1yt8A 1yt8A
1tjoA1tjoA1tjoA 1tjoA 1tjoA
2fqpA2fqpA2fqpA 2fqpA 2fqpA
2fsxA2fsxA2fsxA 2fsxA 2fsxA
1tmy1tmy1tmy 1tmy 1tmy
1hrkA1hrkA1hrkA 1hrkA 1hrkA
2a2kA2a2kA2a2kA 2a2kA 2a2kA
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1ybdA1ybdA1ybdA 1ybdA 1ybdA
1i0dA1i0dA1i0dA 1i0dA 1i0dA
2gyqA2gyqA2gyqA 2gyqA 2gyqA
1t1vA1t1vA1t1vA 1t1vA 1t1vA
1rzsA1rzsA1rzsA 1rzsA 1rzsA
1u0sY1u0sY1u0sY 1u0sY 1u0sY
1srrA1srrA1srrA 1srrA 1srrA
1dbwA1dbwA1dbwA 1dbwA 1dbwA
1cnv1cnv1cnv 1cnv 1cnv
1g5tA1g5tA1g5tA 1g5tA 1g5tA
2f8lA2f8lA2f8lA 2f8lA 2f8lA
1edt1edt1edt 1edt 1edt
1rhs1rhs1rhs 1rhs 1rhs
1jbeA1jbeA1jbeA 1jbeA 1jbeA
2bykB2bykB2bykB 2bykB 2bykB
1aba1aba1aba 1aba 1aba
1mvoA1mvoA1mvoA 1mvoA 1mvoA
1qkkA1qkkA1qkkA 1qkkA 1qkkA
2bm8A2bm8A2bm8A 2bm8A 2bm8A
1n1jA1n1jA1n1jA 1n1jA 1n1jA
1gmxA1gmxA1gmxA 1gmxA 1gmxA
1z65A1z65A1z65A 1z65A 1z65A
1k66A1k66A1k66A 1k66A 1k66A
1tbxA1tbxA1tbxA 1tbxA 1tbxA
1b00A1b00A1b00A 1b00A 1b00A
1y4eA1y4eA1y4eA 1y4eA 1y4eA
1xpa1xpa1xpa 1xpa 1xpa
1f46A1f46A1f46A 1f46A 1f46A
1z2iA1z2iA1z2iA 1z2iA 1z2iA
1w9pA1w9pA1w9pA 1w9pA 1w9pA
1zc6A1zc6A1zc6A 1zc6A 1zc6A
1tf0B1tf0B1tf0B 1tf0B 1tf0B
1umnA1umnA1umnA 1umnA 1umnA
1wtjA1wtjA1wtjA 1wtjA 1wtjA
1vbiA1vbiA1vbiA 1vbiA 1vbiA
1so7A1so7A1so7A 1so7A 1so7A
1ztsA1ztsA1ztsA 1ztsA 1ztsA
1nxuA1nxuA1nxuA 1nxuA 1nxuA
1itxA1itxA1itxA 1itxA 1itxA
1dz3A1dz3A1dz3A 1dz3A 1dz3A
1oxkB1oxkB1oxkB 1oxkB 1oxkB
2btvA2btvA2btvA 2btvA 2btvA
2c52B2c52B2c52B 2c52B 2c52B
2g8yA2g8yA2g8yA 2g8yA 2g8yA
2a1fA2a1fA2a1fA 2a1fA 2a1fA
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
1uehA1uehA1uehA 1uehA 1uehA
1ymkA1ymkA1ymkA 1ymkA 1ymkA
1jeoA1jeoA1jeoA 1jeoA 1jeoA
2d8aA2d8aA2d8aA 2d8aA 2d8aA
1tqyA1tqyA1tqyA 1tqyA 1tqyA
1gu7A1gu7A1gu7A 1gu7A 1gu7A
1yb2A1yb2A1yb2A 1yb2A 1yb2A
1zsyA1zsyA1zsyA 1zsyA 1zsyA
1b77A1b77A1b77A 1b77A 1b77A
6rlxB6rlxB6rlxB 6rlxB 6rlxB
1ynfA1ynfA1ynfA 1ynfA 1ynfA
1x58A1x58A1x58A 1x58A 1x58A
1iirA1iirA1iirA 1iirA 1iirA
1x9iA1x9iA1x9iA 1x9iA 1x9iA
1ufkA1ufkA1ufkA 1ufkA 1ufkA
1inlA1inlA1inlA 1inlA 1inlA
1d2nA1d2nA1d2nA 1d2nA 1d2nA
1midA1midA1midA 1midA 1midA
1un7A1un7A1un7A 1un7A 1un7A
3ygsP3ygsP3ygsP 3ygsP 3ygsP
1zh2A1zh2A1zh2A 1zh2A 1zh2A

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