Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1f06A1f06A1f06A 1f06A 1f06A
1h6dA1h6dA1h6dA 1h6dA 1h6dA
1ydwA1ydwA1ydwA 1ydwA 1ydwA
1lc0A1lc0A1lc0A 1lc0A 1lc0A
1xeaA1xeaA1xeaA 1xeaA 1xeaA
1drw1drw1drw 1drw 1drw
1j5pA1j5pA1j5pA 1j5pA 1j5pA
1ebfA1ebfA1ebfA 1ebfA 1ebfA
1nvmB1nvmB1nvmB 1nvmB 1nvmB
1yqgA1yqgA1yqgA 1yqgA 1yqgA
1ys4A1ys4A1ys4A 1ys4A 1ys4A
1t4bA1t4bA1t4bA 1t4bA 1t4bA
2g5cA2g5cA2g5cA 2g5cA 2g5cA
1ff9A1ff9A1ff9A 1ff9A 1ff9A
2ahrA2ahrA2ahrA 2ahrA 2ahrA
1vknA1vknA1vknA 1vknA 1vknA
1qmgA1qmgA1qmgA 1qmgA 1qmgA
1txgA1txgA1txgA 1txgA 1txgA
1jayA1jayA1jayA 1jayA 1jayA
2h78A2h78A2h78A 2h78A 2h78A
1np3A1np3A1np3A 1np3A 1np3A
1bg61bg61bg6 1bg6 1bg6
2cvzA2cvzA2cvzA 2cvzA 2cvzA
2czcA2czcA2czcA 2czcA 2czcA
2f1kA2f1kA2f1kA 2f1kA 2f1kA
1i36A1i36A1i36A 1i36A 1i36A
1vpdA1vpdA1vpdA 1vpdA 1vpdA
2ex4A2ex4A2ex4A 2ex4A 2ex4A
2c82A2c82A2c82A 2c82A 2c82A
1gpjA1gpjA1gpjA 1gpjA 1gpjA
2ew2A2ew2A2ew2A 2ew2A 2ew2A
1wznA1wznA1wznA 1wznA 1wznA
1zejA1zejA1zejA 1zejA 1zejA
1mv8A1mv8A1mv8A 1mv8A 1mv8A
1n8kA1n8kA1n8kA 1n8kA 1n8kA
1p77A1p77A1p77A 1p77A 1p77A
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1p0fA1p0fA1p0fA 1p0fA 1p0fA
1z82A1z82A1z82A 1z82A 1z82A
1ri5A1ri5A1ri5A 1ri5A 1ri5A
1pzgA1pzgA1pzgA 1pzgA 1pzgA
1u3wA1u3wA1u3wA 1u3wA 1u3wA
1ve3A1ve3A1ve3A 1ve3A 1ve3A
1w4xA1w4xA1w4xA 1w4xA 1w4xA
1xuuA1xuuA1xuuA 1xuuA 1xuuA
1f8fA1f8fA1f8fA 1f8fA 1f8fA
1lehA1lehA1lehA 1lehA 1lehA
1yqdA1yqdA1yqdA 1yqdA 1yqdA
1y9aA1y9aA1y9aA 1y9aA 1y9aA
1b6rA1b6rA1b6rA 1b6rA 1b6rA
1x0vA1x0vA1x0vA 1x0vA 1x0vA
2pgd2pgd2pgd 2pgd 2pgd
1hyeA1hyeA1hyeA 1hyeA 1hyeA
1nytA1nytA1nytA 1nytA 1nytA
1uufA1uufA1uufA 1uufA 1uufA
1u8fO1u8fO1u8fO 1u8fO 1u8fO
1hyhA1hyhA1hyhA 1hyhA 1hyhA
1g8sA1g8sA1g8sA 1g8sA 1g8sA
1gd1O1gd1O1gd1O 1gd1O 1gd1O
1xvaA1xvaA1xvaA 1xvaA 1xvaA
1uxjA1uxjA1uxjA 1uxjA 1uxjA
2aotA2aotA2aotA 2aotA 2aotA
1l3iA1l3iA1l3iA 1l3iA 1l3iA
1vl5A1vl5A1vl5A 1vl5A 1vl5A
1jvbA1jvbA1jvbA 1jvbA 1jvbA
1im8A1im8A1im8A 1im8A 1im8A
2fcjA2fcjA2fcjA 2fcjA 2fcjA
1gadO1gadO1gadO 1gadO 1gadO
1xdzA1xdzA1xdzA 1xdzA 1xdzA
1vliA1vliA1vliA 1vliA 1vliA
1vj0A1vj0A1vj0A 1vj0A 1vj0A
1o6zA1o6zA1o6zA 1o6zA 1o6zA
1evyA1evyA1evyA 1evyA 1evyA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
1l1eA1l1eA1l1eA 1l1eA 1l1eA
1uc8A1uc8A1uc8A 1uc8A 1uc8A
1xtpA1xtpA1xtpA 1xtpA 1xtpA
2fk8A2fk8A2fk8A 2fk8A 2fk8A
1uirA1uirA1uirA 1uirA 1uirA
1pl8A1pl8A1pl8A 1pl8A 1pl8A
1jg1A1jg1A1jg1A 1jg1A 1jg1A
2d8aA2d8aA2d8aA 2d8aA 2d8aA
1h2bA1h2bA1h2bA 1h2bA 1h2bA
1i9gA1i9gA1i9gA 1i9gA 1i9gA
1q0qA1q0qA1q0qA 1q0qA 1q0qA
1obbA1obbA1obbA 1obbA 1obbA
1dl5A1dl5A1dl5A 1dl5A 1dl5A
1zdzA1zdzA1zdzA 1zdzA 1zdzA
1rlr1rlr1rlr 1rlr 1rlr
1o60A1o60A1o60A 1o60A 1o60A
1i4wA1i4wA1i4wA 1i4wA 1i4wA
1mn8A1mn8A1mn8A 1mn8A 1mn8A
1y81A1y81A1y81A 1y81A 1y81A
1omoA1omoA1omoA 1omoA 1omoA
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1x7dA1x7dA1x7dA 1x7dA 1x7dA
1k94A1k94A1k94A 1k94A 1k94A
1yzhA1yzhA1yzhA 1yzhA 1yzhA
1i1nA1i1nA1i1nA 1i1nA 1i1nA
1xgkA1xgkA1xgkA 1xgkA 1xgkA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1h1dA1h1dA1h1dA 1h1dA 1h1dA
1tt7A1tt7A1tt7A 1tt7A 1tt7A
1bf6A1bf6A1bf6A 1bf6A 1bf6A
1jmuA1jmuA1jmuA 1jmuA 1jmuA
2fpoA2fpoA2fpoA 2fpoA 2fpoA
1pmzA1pmzA1pmzA 1pmzA 1pmzA
1o54A1o54A1o54A 1o54A 1o54A
1lldA1lldA1lldA 1lldA 1lldA
1lqtA1lqtA1lqtA 1lqtA 1lqtA
1ko6A1ko6A1ko6A 1ko6A 1ko6A
1k9uA1k9uA1k9uA 1k9uA 1k9uA
1yb5A1yb5A1yb5A 1yb5A 1yb5A
1kgdA1kgdA1kgdA 1kgdA 1kgdA
2aefA2aefA2aefA 2aefA 2aefA
1qx2A1qx2A1qx2A 1qx2A 1qx2A
1wy7A1wy7A1wy7A 1wy7A 1wy7A
2b5wA2b5wA2b5wA 2b5wA 2b5wA
1g8aA1g8aA1g8aA 1g8aA 1g8aA
1dwkA1dwkA1dwkA 1dwkA 1dwkA
1alvA1alvA1alvA 1alvA 1alvA
1mldA1mldA1mldA 1mldA 1mldA
1kolA1kolA1kolA 1kolA 1kolA
1uw4A1uw4A1uw4A 1uw4A 1uw4A
2a35A2a35A2a35A 2a35A 2a35A
1iukA1iukA1iukA 1iukA 1iukA
1f0yA1f0yA1f0yA 1f0yA 1f0yA
2c34A2c34A2c34A 2c34A 2c34A
2b9eA2b9eA2b9eA 2b9eA 2b9eA
2gpyA2gpyA2gpyA 2gpyA 2gpyA
1nt2A1nt2A1nt2A 1nt2A 1nt2A
2gv8A2gv8A2gv8A 2gv8A 2gv8A
2cl5A2cl5A2cl5A 2cl5A 2cl5A
1dusA1dusA1dusA 1dusA 1dusA
2go3A2go3A2go3A 2go3A 2go3A
1gsoA1gsoA1gsoA 1gsoA 1gsoA
1omrA1omrA1omrA 1omrA 1omrA
2fytA2fytA2fytA 2fytA 2fytA
2aaoA2aaoA2aaoA 2aaoA 2aaoA
1inlA1inlA1inlA 1inlA 1inlA
1p42A1p42A1p42A 1p42A 1p42A
2h1rA2h1rA2h1rA 2h1rA 2h1rA
1s6cA1s6cA1s6cA 1s6cA 1s6cA
1xq6A1xq6A1xq6A 1xq6A 1xq6A
1obfO1obfO1obfO 1obfO 1obfO
1qzzA1qzzA1qzzA 1qzzA 1qzzA
1guzA1guzA1guzA 1guzA 1guzA
1xcbA1xcbA1xcbA 1xcbA 1xcbA
1luaA1luaA1luaA 1luaA 1luaA
1kjqA1kjqA1kjqA 1kjqA 1kjqA
2gaeA2gaeA2gaeA 2gaeA 2gaeA
1exrA1exrA1exrA 1exrA 1exrA
2avdA2avdA2avdA 2avdA 2avdA
1uhnA1uhnA1uhnA 1uhnA 1uhnA
1xxlA1xxlA1xxlA 1xxlA 1xxlA
1g8iA1g8iA1g8iA 1g8iA 1g8iA
2cdcA2cdcA2cdcA 2cdcA 2cdcA
1zcjA1zcjA1zcjA 1zcjA 1zcjA
1vbuA1vbuA1vbuA 1vbuA 1vbuA
1li4A1li4A1li4A 1li4A 1li4A
1v8bA1v8bA1v8bA 1v8bA 1v8bA
1qjtA1qjtA1qjtA 1qjtA 1qjtA
2ez3A2ez3A2ez3A 2ez3A 2ez3A
2bkaA2bkaA2bkaA 2bkaA 2bkaA
1d3gA1d3gA1d3gA 1d3gA 1d3gA
1x6iA1x6iA1x6iA 1x6iA 1x6iA
1dv1A1dv1A1dv1A 1dv1A 1dv1A
2b0tA2b0tA2b0tA 2b0tA 2b0tA
2bikB2bikB2bikB 2bikB 2bikB
1fmtA1fmtA1fmtA 1fmtA 1fmtA
1h4pA1h4pA1h4pA 1h4pA 1h4pA
2d5cA2d5cA2d5cA 2d5cA 2d5cA
1a531a531a53 1a53 1a53
1npyA1npyA1npyA 1npyA 1npyA
1xyzA1xyzA1xyzA 1xyzA 1xyzA
1xr4A1xr4A1xr4A 1xr4A 1xr4A
1avsA1avsA1avsA 1avsA 1avsA
2bl0C2bl0C2bl0C 2bl0C 2bl0C
2blnA2blnA2blnA 2blnA 2blnA
2gh1A2gh1A2gh1A 2gh1A 2gh1A
1wi6A1wi6A1wi6A 1wi6A 1wi6A
1k8uA1k8uA1k8uA 1k8uA 1k8uA
1t5hX1t5hX1t5hX 1t5hX 1t5hX
1wxiA1wxiA1wxiA 1wxiA 1wxiA
1zsyA1zsyA1zsyA 1zsyA 1zsyA
2f3yA2f3yA2f3yA 2f3yA 2f3yA
1psrA1psrA1psrA 1psrA 1psrA
1fobA1fobA1fobA 1fobA 1fobA
1qj8A1qj8A1qj8A 1qj8A 1qj8A
1jfuA1jfuA1jfuA 1jfuA 1jfuA
1ggzA1ggzA1ggzA 1ggzA 1ggzA
2bi7A2bi7A2bi7A 2bi7A 2bi7A
1a4pA1a4pA1a4pA 1a4pA 1a4pA
1e8aA1e8aA1e8aA 1e8aA 1e8aA
2gkpA2gkpA2gkpA 2gkpA 2gkpA
1n6jG1n6jG1n6jG 1n6jG 1n6jG
1xouA1xouA1xouA 1xouA 1xouA
1ne9A1ne9A1ne9A 1ne9A 1ne9A
1zy4A1zy4A1zy4A 1zy4A 1zy4A
1bdmA1bdmA1bdmA 1bdmA 1bdmA
1yb2A1yb2A1yb2A 1yb2A 1yb2A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1t2dA1t2dA1t2dA 1t2dA 1t2dA
1wlyA1wlyA1wlyA 1wlyA 1wlyA
1vg0A1vg0A1vg0A 1vg0A 1vg0A
2bzgA2bzgA2bzgA 2bzgA 2bzgA
1ksoA1ksoA1ksoA 1ksoA 1ksoA
1mho1mho1mho 1mho 1mho
1v7cA1v7cA1v7cA 1v7cA 1v7cA
1fjhA1fjhA1fjhA 1fjhA 1fjhA
1oi7A1oi7A1oi7A 1oi7A 1oi7A
2h6dA2h6dA2h6dA 2h6dA 2h6dA
1gu7A1gu7A1gu7A 1gu7A 1gu7A
2esrA2esrA2esrA 2esrA 2esrA
1up7A1up7A1up7A 1up7A 1up7A
1xk4A1xk4A1xk4A 1xk4A 1xk4A
1kxgA1kxgA1kxgA 1kxgA 1kxgA
1v0lA1v0lA1v0lA 1v0lA 1v0lA
1x8bA1x8bA1x8bA 1x8bA 1x8bA
1qqp41qqp41qqp4 1qqp4 1qqp4
1xbbA1xbbA1xbbA 1xbbA 1xbbA
1zx0A1zx0A1zx0A 1zx0A 1zx0A
1a0tP1a0tP1a0tP 1a0tP 1a0tP
1u5xA1u5xA1u5xA 1u5xA 1u5xA
1k6iA1k6iA1k6iA 1k6iA 1k6iA
1sluA1sluA1sluA 1sluA 1sluA
1qo0D1qo0D1qo0D 1qo0D 1qo0D
1wvfA1wvfA1wvfA 1wvfA 1wvfA
1j55A1j55A1j55A 1j55A 1j55A
1u5vA1u5vA1u5vA 1u5vA 1u5vA
2fhpA2fhpA2fhpA 2fhpA 2fhpA
1ig5A1ig5A1ig5A 1ig5A 1ig5A
2be4A2be4A2be4A 2be4A 2be4A
1r75A1r75A1r75A 1r75A 1r75A
1tx2A1tx2A1tx2A 1tx2A 1tx2A
1amuA1amuA1amuA 1amuA 1amuA
1f46A1f46A1f46A 1f46A 1f46A
1v3vA1v3vA1v3vA 1v3vA 1v3vA
1f3lA1f3lA1f3lA 1f3lA 1f3lA
1vj1A1vj1A1vj1A 1vj1A 1vj1A
1yqzA1yqzA1yqzA 1yqzA 1yqzA
2bfxA2bfxA2bfxA 2bfxA 2bfxA
1om1A1om1A1om1A 1om1A 1om1A
1auiB1auiB1auiB 1auiB 1auiB
1sbzA1sbzA1sbzA 1sbzA 1sbzA
1zq9A1zq9A1zq9A 1zq9A 1zq9A
1kk8B1kk8B1kk8B 1kk8B 1kk8B
1ixkA1ixkA1ixkA 1ixkA 1ixkA
1nhs1nhs1nhs 1nhs 1nhs
1fl2A1fl2A1fl2A 1fl2A 1fl2A
2biiA2biiA2biiA 2biiA 2biiA
1gvnA1gvnA1gvnA 1gvnA 1gvnA
2d1sA2d1sA2d1sA 2d1sA 2d1sA
1xk4C1xk4C1xk4C 1xk4C 1xk4C
1aqzA1aqzA1aqzA 1aqzA 1aqzA
1s9jA1s9jA1s9jA 1s9jA 1s9jA
1o12A1o12A1o12A 1o12A 1o12A
4tmkA4tmkA4tmkA 4tmkA 4tmkA
1trb1trb1trb 1trb 1trb
2cl1A2cl1A2cl1A 2cl1A 2cl1A
1wy9A1wy9A1wy9A 1wy9A 1wy9A
1yocA1yocA1yocA 1yocA 1yocA
1bqcA1bqcA1bqcA 1bqcA 1bqcA
1ka1A1ka1A1ka1A 1ka1A 1ka1A
1uf3A1uf3A1uf3A 1uf3A 1uf3A
1ckmA1ckmA1ckmA 1ckmA 1ckmA
1b0nB1b0nB1b0nB 1b0nB 1b0nB
1cozA1cozA1cozA 1cozA 1cozA
2fafA2fafA2fafA 2fafA 2fafA
2az4A2az4A2az4A 2az4A 2az4A
2ac3A2ac3A2ac3A 2ac3A 2ac3A
1ihuA1ihuA1ihuA 1ihuA 1ihuA
12asA12asA12asA 12asA 12asA
1u46A1u46A1u46A 1u46A 1u46A
1v25A1v25A1v25A 1v25A 1v25A
1oaqL1oaqL1oaqL 1oaqL 1oaqL
1qopB1qopB1qopB 1qopB 1qopB
2dexX2dexX2dexX 2dexX 2dexX
1zk7A1zk7A1zk7A 1zk7A 1zk7A
2ct9A2ct9A2ct9A 2ct9A 2ct9A
2bo9A2bo9A2bo9A 2bo9A 2bo9A
1pa2A1pa2A1pa2A 1pa2A 1pa2A
1u5hA1u5hA1u5hA 1u5hA 1u5hA
1yydA1yydA1yydA 1yydA 1yydA
1zpwX1zpwX1zpwX 1zpwX 1zpwX
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
1ks8A1ks8A1ks8A 1ks8A 1ks8A
2c55A2c55A2c55A 2c55A 2c55A
1iibA1iibA1iibA 1iibA 1iibA
2f57A2f57A2f57A 2f57A 2f57A
1xhcA1xhcA1xhcA 1xhcA 1xhcA
1t82A1t82A1t82A 1t82A 1t82A
1uu3A1uu3A1uu3A 1uu3A 1uu3A
3cms3cms3cms 3cms 3cms
1w7jB1w7jB1w7jB 1w7jB 1w7jB
1wduA1wduA1wduA 1wduA 1wduA
5pal5pal5pal 5pal 5pal
1lba1lba1lba 1lba 1lba
1xdnA1xdnA1xdnA 1xdnA 1xdnA
1rro1rro1rro 1rro 1rro
1r5lA1r5lA1r5lA 1r5lA 1r5lA
1rwyA1rwyA1rwyA 1rwyA 1rwyA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1qyrA1qyrA1qyrA 1qyrA 1qyrA
1hdoA1hdoA1hdoA 1hdoA 1hdoA
1sra1sra1sra 1sra 1sra
1r0pA1r0pA1r0pA 1r0pA 1r0pA
1uhkA1uhkA1uhkA 1uhkA 1uhkA
1xkpA1xkpA1xkpA 1xkpA 1xkpA
1ymiA1ymiA1ymiA 1ymiA 1ymiA
1g38A1g38A1g38A 1g38A 1g38A
2bmoB2bmoB2bmoB 2bmoB 2bmoB
1wzuA1wzuA1wzuA 1wzuA 1wzuA
2an9A2an9A2an9A 2an9A 2an9A
1p4fA1p4fA1p4fA 1p4fA 1p4fA
2dbqA2dbqA2dbqA 2dbqA 2dbqA
2ffsA2ffsA2ffsA 2ffsA 2ffsA
2gnpA2gnpA2gnpA 2gnpA 2gnpA
1xjdA1xjdA1xjdA 1xjdA 1xjdA
1czyA1czyA1czyA 1czyA 1czyA
2h00A2h00A2h00A 2h00A 2h00A
1g63A1g63A1g63A 1g63A 1g63A
1t23A1t23A1t23A 1t23A 1t23A
2arrA2arrA2arrA 2arrA 2arrA
1h8dL1h8dL1h8dL 1h8dL 1h8dL
1vkdA1vkdA1vkdA 1vkdA 1vkdA
1tt0A1tt0A1tt0A 1tt0A 1tt0A
2g6yA2g6yA2g6yA 2g6yA 2g6yA
1uekA1uekA1uekA 1uekA 1uekA
1vjzA1vjzA1vjzA 1vjzA 1vjzA
1jrrA1jrrA1jrrA 1jrrA 1jrrA
8abp8abp8abp 8abp 8abp
1vlmA1vlmA1vlmA 1vlmA 1vlmA
1x8qA1x8qA1x8qA 1x8qA 1x8qA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001