Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rkeA1rkeA1rkeA 1rkeA 1rkeA
1xauA1xauA1xauA 1xauA 1xauA
1ydgA1ydgA1ydgA 1ydgA 1ydgA
1z0kB1z0kB1z0kB 1z0kB 1z0kB
2b9sB2b9sB2b9sB 2b9sB 2b9sB
1a801a801a80 1a80 1a80
1kgnA1kgnA1kgnA 1kgnA 1kgnA
2a5lA2a5lA2a5lA 2a5lA 2a5lA
1c93A1c93A1c93A 1c93A 1c93A
1crxA1crxA1crxA 1crxA 1crxA
1f44A1f44A1f44A 1f44A 1f44A
1id3B1id3B1id3B 1id3B 1id3B
1afsA1afsA1afsA 1afsA 1afsA
1tzyD1tzyD1tzyD 1tzyD 1tzyD
1eo0A1eo0A1eo0A 1eo0A 1eo0A
1a4iB1a4iB1a4iB 1a4iB 1a4iB
1t01A1t01A1t01A 1t01A 1t01A
1h2cA1h2cA1h2cA 1h2cA 1h2cA
1qwkA1qwkA1qwkA 1qwkA 1qwkA
1kbuA1kbuA1kbuA 1kbuA 1kbuA
1yzmA1yzmA1yzmA 1yzmA 1yzmA
1ah41ah41ah4 1ah4 1ah4
1ah01ah01ah0 1ah0 1ah0
2acr2acr2acr 2acr 2acr
1xc3A1xc3A1xc3A 1xc3A 1xc3A
1az11az11az1 1az1 1az1
1us6A1us6A1us6A 1us6A 1us6A
2arkA2arkA2arkA 2arkA 2arkA
1pwmA1pwmA1pwmA 1pwmA 1pwmA
2a2lA2a2lA2a2lA 2a2lA 2a2lA
1olsA1olsA1olsA 1olsA 1olsA
4crxA4crxA4crxA 4crxA 4crxA
2c2xA2c2xA2c2xA 2c2xA 2c2xA
1q67A1q67A1q67A 1q67A 1q67A
1us0A1us0A1us0A 1us0A 1us0A
1edt1edt1edt 1edt 1edt
1nwdB1nwdB1nwdB 1nwdB 1nwdB
2bodX2bodX2bodX 2bodX 2bodX
3crxA3crxA3crxA 3crxA 3crxA
1frb1frb1frb 1frb 1frb
1hz4A1hz4A1hz4A 1hz4A 1hz4A
1j96A1j96A1j96A 1j96A 1j96A
1iufA1iufA1iufA 1iufA 1iufA
2bgsA2bgsA2bgsA 2bgsA 2bgsA
1zgdA1zgdA1zgdA 1zgdA 1zgdA
1vddA1vddA1vddA 1vddA 1vddA
1diaA1diaA1diaA 1diaA 1diaA
1el3A1el3A1el3A 1el3A 1el3A
1cnv1cnv1cnv 1cnv 1cnv
2a72A2a72A2a72A 2a72A 2a72A
1mi3A1mi3A1mi3A 1mi3A 1mi3A
1kblA1kblA1kblA 1kblA 1kblA
1s1pA1s1pA1s1pA 1s1pA 1s1pA
2bogX2bogX2bogX 2bogX 2bogX
2bykB2bykB2bykB 2bykB 2bykB
1exbA1exbA1exbA 1exbA 1exbA
2ao0A2ao0A2ao0A 2ao0A 2ao0A
2aa4A2aa4A2aa4A 2aa4A 2aa4A
2agtA2agtA2agtA 2agtA 2agtA
1dzfA1dzfA1dzfA 1dzfA 1dzfA
1ee9A1ee9A1ee9A 1ee9A 1ee9A
2ap1A2ap1A2ap1A 2ap1A 2ap1A
1m93C1m93C1m93C 1m93C 1m93C
1k8cA1k8cA1k8cA 1k8cA 1k8cA
2ax6A2ax6A2ax6A 2ax6A 2ax6A
1ehiA1ehiA1ehiA 1ehiA 1ehiA
1eokA1eokA1eokA 1eokA 1eokA
1cqkA1cqkA1cqkA 1cqkA 1cqkA
2ebn2ebn2ebn 2ebn 2ebn
1g7pB1g7pB1g7pB 1g7pB 1g7pB
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
1htp1htp1htp 1htp 1htp
1edzA1edzA1edzA 1edzA 1edzA
1ys5A1ys5A1ys5A 1ys5A 1ys5A
1k5nB1k5nB1k5nB 1k5nB 1k5nB
1syyA1syyA1syyA 1syyA 1syyA
1mj4A1mj4A1mj4A 1mj4A 1mj4A
1dowA1dowA1dowA 1dowA 1dowA
1zzaA1zzaA1zzaA 1zzaA 1zzaA
2bjkA2bjkA2bjkA 2bjkA 2bjkA
1fqiA1fqiA1fqiA 1fqiA 1fqiA
1umsA1umsA1umsA 1umsA 1umsA
1wb0A1wb0A1wb0A 1wb0A 1wb0A
3mra3mra3mra 3mra 3mra
1agdB1agdB1agdB 1agdB 1agdB
1jovA1jovA1jovA 1jovA 1jovA
1kpuB1kpuB1kpuB 1kpuB 1kpuB
1vf8A1vf8A1vf8A 1vf8A 1vf8A
1uliB1uliB1uliB 1uliB 1uliB
1fzoB1fzoB1fzoB 1fzoB 1fzoB
1iknA1iknA1iknA 1iknA 1iknA
1i4fB1i4fB1i4fB 1i4fB 1i4fB
1mhcB1mhcB1mhcB 1mhcB 1mhcB
1dgrM1dgrM1dgrM 1dgrM 1dgrM
1oe0A1oe0A1oe0A 1oe0A 1oe0A
1gveA1gveA1gveA 1gveA 1gveA
1lk2B1lk2B1lk2B 1lk2B 1lk2B
1erzA1erzA1erzA 1erzA 1erzA
1a4iA1a4iA1a4iA 1a4iA 1a4iA
1ads1ads1ads 1ads 1ads

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1f0zA1f0zA1f0zA 1f0zA 1f0zA
2ahmE2ahmE2ahmE 2ahmE 2ahmE
1ao7B1ao7B1ao7B 1ao7B 1ao7B
1uf5A1uf5A1uf5A 1uf5A 1uf5A
1t6cA1t6cA1t6cA 1t6cA 1t6cA
1i2oA1i2oA1i2oA 1i2oA 1i2oA
2auhB2auhB2auhB 2auhB 2auhB
1uruA1uruA1uruA 1uruA 1uruA
1gtvA1gtvA1gtvA 1gtvA 1gtvA
1b8yA1b8yA1b8yA 1b8yA 1b8yA
1fzkB1fzkB1fzkB 1fzkB 1fzkB
1j8wB1j8wB1j8wB 1j8wB 1j8wB
1xrdA1xrdA1xrdA 1xrdA 1xrdA
1xq8A1xq8A1xq8A 1xq8A 1xq8A
1rwzA1rwzA1rwzA 1rwzA 1rwzA
1h6zA1h6zA1h6zA 1h6zA 1h6zA
1hw6A1hw6A1hw6A 1hw6A 1hw6A
1pfjA1pfjA1pfjA 1pfjA 1pfjA
2ervA2ervA2ervA 2ervA 2ervA
1dk8A1dk8A1dk8A 1dk8A 1dk8A
1pz1A1pz1A1pz1A 1pz1A 1pz1A
1ck7A1ck7A1ck7A 1ck7A 1ck7A
1xizA1xizA1xizA 1xizA 1xizA
1ynpA1ynpA1ynpA 1ynpA 1ynpA
1apmI1apmI1apmI 1apmI 1apmI
1q8uB1q8uB1q8uB 1q8uB 1q8uB
1rdqI1rdqI1rdqI 1rdqI 1rdqI
1kjvB1kjvB1kjvB 1kjvB 1kjvB
1e9lA1e9lA1e9lA 1e9lA 1e9lA
1agrE1agrE1agrE 1agrE 1agrE
1jnjA1jnjA1jnjA 1jnjA 1jnjA
2gupA2gupA2gupA 2gupA 2gupA
1onrA1onrA1onrA 1onrA 1onrA
1aoiB1aoiB1aoiB 1aoiB 1aoiB
1hq3D1hq3D1hq3D 1hq3D 1hq3D
1xvhA1xvhA1xvhA 1xvhA 1xvhA
1p35A1p35A1p35A 1p35A 1p35A
1rfyA1rfyA1rfyA 1rfyA 1rfyA
1hsbB1hsbB1hsbB 1hsbB 1hsbB
1hjxA1hjxA1hjxA 1hjxA 1hjxA
1g84A1g84A1g84A 1g84A 1g84A
1qrqA1qrqA1qrqA 1qrqA 1qrqA
1lqaA1lqaA1lqaA 1lqaA 1lqaA
1bmg1bmg1bmg 1bmg 1bmg
1bcpF1bcpF1bcpF 1bcpF 1bcpF
1prtF1prtF1prtF 1prtF 1prtF
1duzB1duzB1duzB 1duzB 1duzB
1cvl1cvl1cvl 1cvl 1cvl
2prf2prf2prf 2prf 2prf
1eg3A1eg3A1eg3A 1eg3A 1eg3A
1ryiA1ryiA1ryiA 1ryiA 1ryiA
1gupA1gupA1gupA 1gupA 1gupA
1r7mA1r7mA1r7mA 1r7mA 1r7mA

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