Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1d8jA1d8jA1d8jA 1d8jA 1d8jA
157l157l157l 157l 157l
1zl8B1zl8B1zl8B 1zl8B 1zl8B
110l110l110l 110l 110l
146l146l146l 146l 146l
177l177l177l 177l 177l
167lA167lA167lA 167lA 167lA
109l109l109l 109l 109l
139l139l139l 139l 139l
155l155l155l 155l 155l
1ikpA1ikpA1ikpA 1ikpA 1ikpA
159l159l159l 159l 159l
1b6iA1b6iA1b6iA 1b6iA 1b6iA
170l170l170l 170l 170l
137lA137lA137lA 137lA 137lA
102l102l102l 102l 102l
152l152l152l 152l 152l
1s72V1s72V1s72V 1s72V 1s72V
145l145l145l 145l 145l
120l120l120l 120l 120l
1l581l581l58 1l58 1l58
114l114l114l 114l 114l
171l171l171l 171l 171l
149l149l149l 149l 149l
172l172l172l 172l 172l
111l111l111l 111l 111l
168lA168lA168lA 168lA 168lA
1gw5B1gw5B1gw5B 1gw5B 1gw5B
1jj2U1jj2U1jj2U 1jj2U 1jj2U
115l115l115l 115l 115l
1ujkA1ujkA1ujkA 1ujkA 1ujkA
173l173l173l 173l 173l
147l147l147l 147l 147l
2fe8A2fe8A2fe8A 2fe8A 2fe8A
131l131l131l 131l 131l
127l127l127l 127l 127l
1mgrA1mgrA1mgrA 1mgrA 1mgrA
129l129l129l 129l 129l
118l118l118l 118l 118l
156l156l156l 156l 156l
1p36A1p36A1p36A 1p36A 1p36A
130l130l130l 130l 130l
141l141l141l 141l 141l
199l199l199l 199l 199l
158l158l158l 158l 158l
196l196l196l 196l 196l
151l151l151l 151l 151l
1y74B1y74B1y74B 1y74B 1y74B
126l126l126l 126l 126l
123l123l123l 123l 123l
166l166l166l 166l 166l
113l113l113l 113l 113l
2a6qA2a6qA2a6qA 2a6qA 2a6qA
164l164l164l 164l 164l
160l160l160l 160l 160l
1ucsA1ucsA1ucsA 1ucsA 1ucsA
108l108l108l 108l 108l
198l198l198l 198l 198l
197l197l197l 197l 197l
189l189l189l 189l 189l
144l144l144l 144l 144l
165l165l165l 165l 165l
143l143l143l 143l 143l
1lw9A1lw9A1lw9A 1lw9A 1lw9A
140l140l140l 140l 140l
162l162l162l 162l 162l
142l142l142l 142l 142l
128l128l128l 128l 128l
190l190l190l 190l 190l
176lA176lA176lA 176lA 176lA
1sx7A1sx7A1sx7A 1sx7A 1sx7A
1b7jA1b7jA1b7jA 1b7jA 1b7jA
2f2fC2f2fC2f2fC 2f2fC 2f2fC
107l107l107l 107l 107l
1ew2A1ew2A1ew2A 1ew2A 1ew2A
163l163l163l 163l 163l
1hy5A1hy5A1hy5A 1hy5A 1hy5A
1ze3D1ze3D1ze3D 1ze3D 1ze3D
112l112l112l 112l 112l
138l138l138l 138l 138l
1pylA1pylA1pylA 1pylA 1pylA
169lA169lA169lA 169lA 169lA
1h7dA1h7dA1h7dA 1h7dA 1h7dA
1swyA1swyA1swyA 1swyA 1swyA
174lA174lA174lA 174lA 174lA
1aikN1aikN1aikN 1aikN 1aikN
1nf8A1nf8A1nf8A 1nf8A 1nf8A
125l125l125l 125l 125l
1k1fA1k1fA1k1fA 1k1fA 1k1fA
161l161l161l 161l 161l
119l119l119l 119l 119l
191l191l191l 191l 191l
1kzyC1kzyC1kzyC 1kzyC 1kzyC
1nf9A1nf9A1nf9A 1nf9A 1nf9A
180lA180lA180lA 180lA 180lA
1nkzB1nkzB1nkzB 1nkzB 1nkzB
1o86A1o86A1o86A 1o86A 1o86A
1sz6B1sz6B1sz6B 1sz6B 1sz6B
175lA175lA175lA 175lA 175lA
1hj0A1hj0A1hj0A 1hj0A 1hj0A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1k7hA1k7hA1k7hA 1k7hA 1k7hA
1wjpA1wjpA1wjpA 1wjpA 1wjpA
1jwgA1jwgA1jwgA 1jwgA 1jwgA
104lA104lA104lA 104lA 104lA
2b4jC2b4jC2b4jC 2b4jC 2b4jC
1tf3A1tf3A1tf3A 1tf3A 1tf3A
1k7kA1k7kA1k7kA 1k7kA 1k7kA
195l195l195l 195l 195l
1fyhA1fyhA1fyhA 1fyhA 1fyhA
2gw8A2gw8A2gw8A 2gw8A 2gw8A
2sivA2sivA2sivA 2sivA 2sivA
1uuzA1uuzA1uuzA 1uuzA 1uuzA
122l122l122l 122l 122l
1mqvA1mqvA1mqvA 1mqvA 1mqvA
1y2kA1y2kA1y2kA 1y2kA 1y2kA
1tmzA1tmzA1tmzA 1tmzA 1tmzA
192l192l192l 192l 192l
1uzeA1uzeA1uzeA 1uzeA 1uzeA
1czqA1czqA1czqA 1czqA 1czqA
1vcsA1vcsA1vcsA 1vcsA 1vcsA
1b9mA1b9mA1b9mA 1b9mA 1b9mA
1qjtA1qjtA1qjtA 1qjtA 1qjtA
1ce9A1ce9A1ce9A 1ce9A 1ce9A
1wddA1wddA1wddA 1wddA 1wddA
1v3rA1v3rA1v3rA 1v3rA 1v3rA
1ynbA1ynbA1ynbA 1ynbA 1ynbA
1hm2A1hm2A1hm2A 1hm2A 1hm2A
1vh6A1vh6A1vh6A 1vh6A 1vh6A
1vqoV1vqoV1vqoV 1vqoV 1vqoV
1pa2A1pa2A1pa2A 1pa2A 1pa2A
1y6vA1y6vA1y6vA 1y6vA 1y6vA
2gm5A2gm5A2gm5A 2gm5A 2gm5A
1kzuB1kzuB1kzuB 1kzuB 1kzuB
1ijdB1ijdB1ijdB 1ijdB 1ijdB
1uaiA1uaiA1uaiA 1uaiA 1uaiA
103l103l103l 103l 103l
1ihqA1ihqA1ihqA 1ihqA 1ihqA
1z9eA1z9eA1z9eA 1z9eA 1z9eA
2drpA2drpA2drpA 2drpA 2drpA
1ndoA1ndoA1ndoA 1ndoA 1ndoA
1i6kA1i6kA1i6kA 1i6kA 1i6kA
2adr2adr2adr 2adr 2adr
1a1iA1a1iA1a1iA 1a1iA 1a1iA
1mnmC1mnmC1mnmC 1mnmC 1mnmC
2agcA2agcA2agcA 2agcA 2agcA
2a33A2a33A2a33A 2a33A 2a33A
1ykwA1ykwA1ykwA 1ykwA 1ykwA
1l8wA1l8wA1l8wA 1l8wA 1l8wA
1m46B1m46B1m46B 1m46B 1m46B
1wdyA1wdyA1wdyA 1wdyA 1wdyA
1zedA1zedA1zedA 1zedA 1zedA
1ce9C1ce9C1ce9C 1ce9C 1ce9C
3sil3sil3sil 3sil 3sil
1cis1cis1cis 1cis 1cis
1meqA1meqA1meqA 1meqA 1meqA
2cwxA2cwxA2cwxA 2cwxA 2cwxA
2aneA2aneA2aneA 2aneA 2aneA
1j5kA1j5kA1j5kA 1j5kA 1j5kA
1vfjA1vfjA1vfjA 1vfjA 1vfjA
1vzlA1vzlA1vzlA 1vzlA 1vzlA
1szqA1szqA1szqA 1szqA 1szqA
1yr1A1yr1A1yr1A 1yr1A 1yr1A
1dxeA1dxeA1dxeA 1dxeA 1dxeA
1ziiA1ziiA1ziiA 1ziiA 1ziiA
2ztaA2ztaA2ztaA 2ztaA 2ztaA
1uliA1uliA1uliA 1uliA 1uliA
1msi1msi1msi 1msi 1msi
1f28A1f28A1f28A 1f28A 1f28A
1meyC1meyC1meyC 1meyC 1meyC
1hg7A1hg7A1hg7A 1hg7A 1hg7A
1gdtA1gdtA1gdtA 1gdtA 1gdtA
1e50A1e50A1e50A 1e50A 1e50A
1gcmA1gcmA1gcmA 1gcmA 1gcmA
1pil1pil1pil 1pil 1pil
1mit1mit1mit 1mit 1mit
1h9dA1h9dA1h9dA 1h9dA 1h9dA

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