Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mkmA1mkmA1mkmA 1mkmA 1mkmA
2g7uA2g7uA2g7uA 2g7uA 2g7uA
1td5A1td5A1td5A 1td5A 1td5A
1ysqA1ysqA1ysqA 1ysqA 1ysqA
1yspA1yspA1yspA 1yspA 1yspA
1tf1A1tf1A1tf1A 1tf1A 1tf1A
2dtr2dtr2dtr 2dtr 2dtr
1ulyA1ulyA1ulyA 1ulyA 1ulyA
1xnpA1xnpA1xnpA 1xnpA 1xnpA
1r7jA1r7jA1r7jA 1r7jA 1r7jA
1on2A1on2A1on2A 1on2A 1on2A
1qzzA1qzzA1qzzA 1qzzA 1qzzA
1sfxA1sfxA1sfxA 1sfxA 1sfxA
2agtA2agtA2agtA 2agtA 2agtA
2cfxA2cfxA2cfxA 2cfxA 2cfxA
1ri7A1ri7A1ri7A 1ri7A 1ri7A
1fp1D1fp1D1fp1D 1fp1D 1fp1D
1pwmA1pwmA1pwmA 1pwmA 1pwmA
1ads1ads1ads 1ads 1ads
2fbhA2fbhA2fbhA 2fbhA 2fbhA
1us0A1us0A1us0A 1us0A 1us0A
2ao0A2ao0A2ao0A 2ao0A 2ao0A
1s3jA1s3jA1s3jA 1s3jA 1s3jA
2a61A2a61A2a61A 2a61A 2a61A
2cg4A2cg4A2cg4A 2cg4A 2cg4A
1lj9A1lj9A1lj9A 1lj9A 1lj9A
1mi3A1mi3A1mi3A 1mi3A 1mi3A
1z91A1z91A1z91A 1z91A 1z91A
1s1pA1s1pA1s1pA 1s1pA 1s1pA
2ethA2ethA2ethA 2ethA 2ethA
2dbbA2dbbA2dbbA 2dbbA 2dbbA
1jgsA1jgsA1jgsA 1jgsA 1jgsA
2fbiA2fbiA2fbiA 2fbiA 2fbiA
1lnwA1lnwA1lnwA 1lnwA 1lnwA
1zgdA1zgdA1zgdA 1zgdA 1zgdA
1qwkA1qwkA1qwkA 1qwkA 1qwkA
1exbA1exbA1exbA 1exbA 1exbA
1u2wA1u2wA1u2wA 1u2wA 1u2wA
1qfnB1qfnB1qfnB 1qfnB 1qfnB
1b24A1b24A1b24A 1b24A 1b24A
1ur3M1ur3M1ur3M 1ur3M 1ur3M
1zsxA1zsxA1zsxA 1zsxA 1zsxA
1z9eA1z9eA1z9eA 1z9eA 1z9eA
1frb1frb1frb 1frb 1frb
1hw5A1hw5A1hw5A 1hw5A 1hw5A
1r1tA1r1tA1r1tA 1r1tA 1r1tA
1i6xA1i6xA1i6xA 1i6xA 1i6xA
1smtA1smtA1smtA 1smtA 1smtA
1ws0A1ws0A1ws0A 1ws0A 1ws0A
1q1hA1q1hA1q1hA 1q1hA 1q1hA
2g09A2g09A2g09A 2g09A 2g09A
1d4fA1d4fA1d4fA 1d4fA 1d4fA
1p3dA1p3dA1p3dA 1p3dA 1p3dA
1stzA1stzA1stzA 1stzA 1stzA
1j96A1j96A1j96A 1j96A 1j96A
1mc0A1mc0A1mc0A 1mc0A 1mc0A
1x8mA1x8mA1x8mA 1x8mA 1x8mA
2f2eA2f2eA2f2eA 2f2eA 2f2eA
1tqjA1tqjA1tqjA 1tqjA 1tqjA
1zud11zud11zud1 1zud1 1zud1
2a0fA2a0fA2a0fA 2a0fA 2a0fA
1r1uA1r1uA1r1uA 1r1uA 1r1uA
1lqaA1lqaA1lqaA 1lqaA 1lqaA
1xm3A1xm3A1xm3A 1xm3A 1xm3A
1hw6A1hw6A1hw6A 1hw6A 1hw6A
1i50J1i50J1i50J 1i50J 1i50J
2bp1A2bp1A2bp1A 2bp1A 2bp1A
1zybA1zybA1zybA 1zybA 1zybA
2gauA2gauA2gauA 2gauA 2gauA
1ldjA1ldjA1ldjA 1ldjA 1ldjA
2d42A2d42A2d42A 2d42A 2d42A
1kv4A1kv4A1kv4A 1kv4A 1kv4A
1ynpA1ynpA1ynpA 1ynpA 1ynpA
1hw1A1hw1A1hw1A 1hw1A 1hw1A
1xeoA1xeoA1xeoA 1xeoA 1xeoA
1g87A1g87A1g87A 1g87A 1g87A
2d27A2d27A2d27A 2d27A 2d27A
1yoyA1yoyA1yoyA 1yoyA 1yoyA
1cjgA1cjgA1cjgA 1cjgA 1cjgA
2fztA2fztA2fztA 2fztA 2fztA
2g42A2g42A2g42A 2g42A 2g42A
2bjcA2bjcA2bjcA 2bjcA 2bjcA
1ywyA1ywyA1ywyA 1ywyA 1ywyA
1rpxA1rpxA1rpxA 1rpxA 1rpxA
1pz1A1pz1A1pz1A 1pz1A 1pz1A
1gveA1gveA1gveA 1gveA 1gveA
1lmeA1lmeA1lmeA 1lmeA 1lmeA
1kfcA1kfcA1kfcA 1kfcA 1kfcA
1bs4A1bs4A1bs4A 1bs4A 1bs4A
1n5nA1n5nA1n5nA 1n5nA 1n5nA
1pxfA1pxfA1pxfA 1pxfA 1pxfA
1pru1pru1pru 1pru 1pru
1xd7A1xd7A1xd7A 1xd7A 1xd7A
1rl4A1rl4A1rl4A 1rl4A 1rl4A
1twfJ1twfJ1twfJ 1twfJ 1twfJ
1g2aA1g2aA1g2aA 1g2aA 1g2aA
1qhtA1qhtA1qhtA 1qhtA 1qhtA
1a9xA1a9xA1a9xA 1a9xA 1a9xA
1mml1mml1mml 1mml 1mml
1ddmA1ddmA1ddmA 1ddmA 1ddmA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dhkB1dhkB1dhkB 1dhkB 1dhkB
1k20A1k20A1k20A 1k20A 1k20A
1jftA1jftA1jftA 1jftA 1jftA
1drw1drw1drw 1drw 1drw
1tg6A1tg6A1tg6A 1tg6A 1tg6A
1jx2B1jx2B1jx2B 1jx2B 1jx2B
1zu0A1zu0A1zu0A 1zu0A 1zu0A
2akaB2akaB2akaB 2akaB 2akaB
1pt7A1pt7A1pt7A 1pt7A 1pt7A
1xk7A1xk7A1xk7A 1xk7A 1xk7A
1gs9A1gs9A1gs9A 1gs9A 1gs9A
1ty4C1ty4C1ty4C 1ty4C 1ty4C
1dyoA1dyoA1dyoA 1dyoA 1dyoA
1xa3A1xa3A1xa3A 1xa3A 1xa3A
1uz5A1uz5A1uz5A 1uz5A 1uz5A
1xs1A1xs1A1xs1A 1xs1A 1xs1A
1ufiA1ufiA1ufiA 1ufiA 1ufiA
1vhmA1vhmA1vhmA 1vhmA 1vhmA
1xu6A1xu6A1xu6A 1xu6A 1xu6A
1pyfA1pyfA1pyfA 1pyfA 1pyfA
1fp2A1fp2A1fp2A 1fp2A 1fp2A
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
1othA1othA1othA 1othA 1othA
2sfa2sfa2sfa 2sfa 2sfa
1u5tB1u5tB1u5tB 1u5tB 1u5tB
1ttzA1ttzA1ttzA 1ttzA 1ttzA
1yzyA1yzyA1yzyA 1yzyA 1yzyA
1vr5A1vr5A1vr5A 1vr5A 1vr5A
2hbtA2hbtA2hbtA 2hbtA 2hbtA
1rzrA1rzrA1rzrA 1rzrA 1rzrA
1p90A1p90A1p90A 1p90A 1p90A
2b0mA2b0mA2b0mA 2b0mA 2b0mA
1mb4A1mb4A1mb4A 1mb4A 1mb4A
1up7A1up7A1up7A 1up7A 1up7A
1m6iA1m6iA1m6iA 1m6iA 1m6iA
1qcwA1qcwA1qcwA 1qcwA 1qcwA
1ex2A1ex2A1ex2A 1ex2A 1ex2A
1pvvA1pvvA1pvvA 1pvvA 1pvvA
1ckv1ckv1ckv 1ckv 1ckv
1nhp1nhp1nhp 1nhp 1nhp
1xocA1xocA1xocA 1xocA 1xocA
1zq6A1zq6A1zq6A 1zq6A 1zq6A
1qqcA1qqcA1qqcA 1qqcA 1qqcA
1uaiA1uaiA1uaiA 1uaiA 1uaiA
1k6xA1k6xA1k6xA 1k6xA 1k6xA
2b4jC2b4jC2b4jC 2b4jC 2b4jC
1fmjA1fmjA1fmjA 1fmjA 1fmjA
1q7eA1q7eA1q7eA 1q7eA 1q7eA
1o7fA1o7fA1o7fA 1o7fA 1o7fA
1jetA1jetA1jetA 1jetA 1jetA
1dcqA1dcqA1dcqA 1dcqA 1dcqA
1d5tA1d5tA1d5tA 1d5tA 1d5tA
2olbA2olbA2olbA 2olbA 2olbA
1qxoA1qxoA1qxoA 1qxoA 1qxoA
1jubA1jubA1jubA 1jubA 1jubA
1g8lA1g8lA1g8lA 1g8lA 1g8lA
1w8oA1w8oA1w8oA 1w8oA 1w8oA
2a2lA2a2lA2a2lA 2a2lA 2a2lA
1az91az91az9 1az9 1az9
1z1zA1z1zA1z1zA 1z1zA 1z1zA
2f5vA2f5vA2f5vA 2f5vA 2f5vA
1dvjA1dvjA1dvjA 1dvjA 1dvjA
1i7dA1i7dA1i7dA 1i7dA 1i7dA
1zip1zip1zip 1zip 1zip
1w0dA1w0dA1w0dA 1w0dA 1w0dA
1sqjA1sqjA1sqjA 1sqjA 1sqjA
1de4C1de4C1de4C 1de4C 1de4C
1wchA1wchA1wchA 1wchA 1wchA
2tysA2tysA2tysA 2tysA 2tysA
1tc5A1tc5A1tc5A 1tc5A 1tc5A
1g3mA1g3mA1g3mA 1g3mA 1g3mA
1oe0A1oe0A1oe0A 1oe0A 1oe0A
2afgA2afgA2afgA 2afgA 2afgA
1cc1L1cc1L1cc1L 1cc1L 1cc1L
1t4bA1t4bA1t4bA 1t4bA 1t4bA
1avbA1avbA1avbA 1avbA 1avbA
1zd8A1zd8A1zd8A 1zd8A 1zd8A
1kdoA1kdoA1kdoA 1kdoA 1kdoA
1e68A1e68A1e68A 1e68A 1e68A
1o82A1o82A1o82A 1o82A 1o82A
1eayC1eayC1eayC 1eayC 1eayC
1qj5A1qj5A1qj5A 1qj5A 1qj5A
1tvfA1tvfA1tvfA 1tvfA 1tvfA
1a4yA1a4yA1a4yA 1a4yA 1a4yA
2gaiA2gaiA2gaiA 2gaiA 2gaiA
1u0fA1u0fA1u0fA 1u0fA 1u0fA
1xwfA1xwfA1xwfA 1xwfA 1xwfA
1c9kA1c9kA1c9kA 1c9kA 1c9kA
1qyiA1qyiA1qyiA 1qyiA 1qyiA
1w8iA1w8iA1w8iA 1w8iA 1w8iA
1tr0A1tr0A1tr0A 1tr0A 1tr0A
2bgcA2bgcA2bgcA 2bgcA 2bgcA
1s4qA1s4qA1s4qA 1s4qA 1s4qA
2fz0A2fz0A2fz0A 2fz0A 2fz0A
1nstA1nstA1nstA 1nstA 1nstA
1ne6A1ne6A1ne6A 1ne6A 1ne6A
1p4wA1p4wA1p4wA 1p4wA 1p4wA
1yh1A1yh1A1yh1A 1yh1A 1yh1A
2bgsA2bgsA2bgsA 2bgsA 2bgsA
1zh5A1zh5A1zh5A 1zh5A 1zh5A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2azpA2azpA2azpA 2azpA 2azpA
1ukkA1ukkA1ukkA 1ukkA 1ukkA
1qs1A1qs1A1qs1A 1qs1A 1qs1A
1ykhB1ykhB1ykhB 1ykhB 1ykhB
1e8yA1e8yA1e8yA 1e8yA 1e8yA
1kx5C1kx5C1kx5C 1kx5C 1kx5C
1o4uA1o4uA1o4uA 1o4uA 1o4uA
1zxzA1zxzA1zxzA 1zxzA 1zxzA
1ak51ak51ak5 1ak5 1ak5
1iso1iso1iso 1iso 1iso
2h1tA2h1tA2h1tA 2h1tA 2h1tA
2jdxA2jdxA2jdxA 2jdxA 2jdxA
3psg3psg3psg 3psg 3psg
1dorA1dorA1dorA 1dorA 1dorA
4pep4pep4pep 4pep 4pep
1v2zA1v2zA1v2zA 1v2zA 1v2zA
1vp6A1vp6A1vp6A 1vp6A 1vp6A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001