Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2b0cA2b0cA2b0cA 2b0cA 2b0cA
1x42A1x42A1x42A 1x42A 1x42A
2gfhA2gfhA2gfhA 2gfhA 2gfhA
1zs9A1zs9A1zs9A 1zs9A 1zs9A
1swvA1swvA1swvA 1swvA 1swvA
2fdrA2fdrA2fdrA 2fdrA 2fdrA
1rdfA1rdfA1rdfA 1rdfA 1rdfA
2go7A2go7A2go7A 2go7A 2go7A
2fi1A2fi1A2fi1A 2fi1A 2fi1A
1zjjA1zjjA1zjjA 1zjjA 1zjjA
1o08A1o08A1o08A 1o08A 1o08A
1qyiA1qyiA1qyiA 1qyiA 1qyiA
1qq5A1qq5A1qq5A 1qq5A 1qq5A
1u7pA1u7pA1u7pA 1u7pA 1u7pA
1zrn1zrn1zrn 1zrn 1zrn
2ah5A2ah5A2ah5A 2ah5A 2ah5A
2c4nA2c4nA2c4nA 2c4nA 2c4nA
1l7mA1l7mA1l7mA 1l7mA 1l7mA
1q92A1q92A1q92A 1q92A 1q92A
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
1rkuA1rkuA1rkuA 1rkuA 1rkuA
2feaA2feaA2feaA 2feaA 2feaA
2g09A2g09A2g09A 2g09A 2g09A
1nnlA1nnlA1nnlA 1nnlA 1nnlA
1s2oA1s2oA1s2oA 1s2oA 1s2oA
1zd3A1zd3A1zd3A 1zd3A 1zd3A
1l6rA1l6rA1l6rA 1l6rA 1l6rA
1wr8A1wr8A1wr8A 1wr8A 1wr8A
1wzcA1wzcA1wzcA 1wzcA 1wzcA
1nf2A1nf2A1nf2A 1nf2A 1nf2A
1ta0A1ta0A1ta0A 1ta0A 1ta0A
1xpjA1xpjA1xpjA 1xpjA 1xpjA
1k1eA1k1eA1k1eA 1k1eA 1k1eA
1u02A1u02A1u02A 1u02A 1u02A
1rmwA1rmwA1rmwA 1rmwA 1rmwA
1rkqA1rkqA1rkqA 1rkqA 1rkqA
2b82A2b82A2b82A 2b82A 2b82A
1rloA1rloA1rloA 1rloA 1rloA
1xviA1xviA1xviA 1xviA 1xviA
1rsgA1rsgA1rsgA 1rsgA 1rsgA
1rlmA1rlmA1rlmA 1rlmA 1rlmA
2bdeA2bdeA2bdeA 2bdeA 2bdeA
2bi7A2bi7A2bi7A 2bi7A 2bi7A
1nrwA1nrwA1nrwA 1nrwA 1nrwA
2fueA2fueA2fueA 2fueA 2fueA
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1eokA1eokA1eokA 1eokA 1eokA
2hvm2hvm2hvm 2hvm 2hvm
1z6mA1z6mA1z6mA 1z6mA 1z6mA
1rjuV1rjuV1rjuV 1rjuV 1rjuV
2dcnA2dcnA2dcnA 2dcnA 2dcnA
1njhA1njhA1njhA 1njhA 1njhA
1ykuA1ykuA1ykuA 1ykuA 1ykuA
1pzlA1pzlA1pzlA 1pzlA 1pzlA
1vqzA1vqzA1vqzA 1vqzA 1vqzA
1vi9A1vi9A1vi9A 1vi9A 1vi9A
2ayuA2ayuA2ayuA 2ayuA 2ayuA
1p0yA1p0yA1p0yA 1p0yA 1p0yA
1qmeA1qmeA1qmeA 1qmeA 1qmeA
1l1eA1l1eA1l1eA 1l1eA 1l1eA
1fpzA1fpzA1fpzA 1fpzA 1fpzA
1c93A1c93A1c93A 1c93A 1c93A
1ta3A1ta3A1ta3A 1ta3A 1ta3A
1fvkA1fvkA1fvkA 1fvkA 1fvkA
2au3A2au3A2au3A 2au3A 2au3A
1h4rA1h4rA1h4rA 1h4rA 1h4rA
1r9dA1r9dA1r9dA 1r9dA 1r9dA
1mvcA1mvcA1mvcA 1mvcA 1mvcA
1vlmA1vlmA1vlmA 1vlmA 1vlmA
1ug7A1ug7A1ug7A 1ug7A 1ug7A
1wi0A1wi0A1wi0A 1wi0A 1wi0A
1xnfA1xnfA1xnfA 1xnfA 1xnfA
1f8rA1f8rA1f8rA 1f8rA 1f8rA
1hz6A1hz6A1hz6A 1hz6A 1hz6A
1iapA1iapA1iapA 1iapA 1iapA
1bed1bed1bed 1bed 1bed
1txpA1txpA1txpA 1txpA 1txpA
1ieaB1ieaB1ieaB 1ieaB 1ieaB
1d2mA1d2mA1d2mA 1d2mA 1d2mA
2dbsA2dbsA2dbsA 2dbsA 2dbsA
2ez9A2ez9A2ez9A 2ez9A 2ez9A
1v5eA1v5eA1v5eA 1v5eA 1v5eA
1b6rA1b6rA1b6rA 1b6rA 1b6rA
1cnv1cnv1cnv 1cnv 1cnv
1z1dA1z1dA1z1dA 1z1dA 1z1dA
1hrkA1hrkA1hrkA 1hrkA 1hrkA
1tedA1tedA1tedA 1tedA 1tedA
1wjuA1wjuA1wjuA 1wjuA 1wjuA
1m45A1m45A1m45A 1m45A 1m45A
1ymqA1ymqA1ymqA 1ymqA 1ymqA
2glfA2glfA2glfA 2glfA 2glfA
1twiA1twiA1twiA 1twiA 1twiA
1bl0A1bl0A1bl0A 1bl0A 1bl0A
1t2dA1t2dA1t2dA 1t2dA 1t2dA
1g3p1g3p1g3p 1g3p 1g3p
1n0lA1n0lA1n0lA 1n0lA 1n0lA
1nbuA1nbuA1nbuA 1nbuA 1nbuA
1b3uA1b3uA1b3uA 1b3uA 1b3uA
1hdhA1hdhA1hdhA 1hdhA 1hdhA
2fk8A2fk8A2fk8A 2fk8A 2fk8A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1lf6A1lf6A1lf6A 1lf6A 1lf6A
2fhpA2fhpA2fhpA 2fhpA 2fhpA
1g8aA1g8aA1g8aA 1g8aA 1g8aA
1wlyA1wlyA1wlyA 1wlyA 1wlyA
2c31A2c31A2c31A 2c31A 2c31A
2bidA2bidA2bidA 2bidA 2bidA
1ry9A1ry9A1ry9A 1ry9A 1ry9A
1l3lA1l3lA1l3lA 1l3lA 1l3lA
1e9rA1e9rA1e9rA 1e9rA 1e9rA
1ymtA1ymtA1ymtA 1ymtA 1ymtA
2fm8A2fm8A2fm8A 2fm8A 2fm8A
1xqaA1xqaA1xqaA 1xqaA 1xqaA
1g8qA1g8qA1g8qA 1g8qA 1g8qA
1jdw1jdw1jdw 1jdw 1jdw
2a2kA2a2kA2a2kA 2a2kA 2a2kA
1s3eA1s3eA1s3eA 1s3eA 1s3eA
1upvA1upvA1upvA 1upvA 1upvA
1uxjA1uxjA1uxjA 1uxjA 1uxjA
1zkkA1zkkA1zkkA 1zkkA 1zkkA
1h09A1h09A1h09A 1h09A 1h09A
2gauA2gauA2gauA 2gauA 2gauA
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
1zkrA1zkrA1zkrA 1zkrA 1zkrA
1winA1winA1winA 1winA 1winA
1xpmA1xpmA1xpmA 1xpmA 1xpmA
1eq8A1eq8A1eq8A 1eq8A 1eq8A
1f02T1f02T1f02T 1f02T 1f02T
1hyhA1hyhA1hyhA 1hyhA 1hyhA
1y8aA1y8aA1y8aA 1y8aA 1y8aA
1zsyA1zsyA1zsyA 1zsyA 1zsyA
1dhn1dhn1dhn 1dhn 1dhn
1uw4B1uw4B1uw4B 1uw4B 1uw4B
1ovlA1ovlA1ovlA 1ovlA 1ovlA
2ex4A2ex4A2ex4A 2ex4A 2ex4A
1qgoA1qgoA1qgoA 1qgoA 1qgoA
1oyzA1oyzA1oyzA 1oyzA 1oyzA
1gsoA1gsoA1gsoA 1gsoA 1gsoA
1vkpA1vkpA1vkpA 1vkpA 1vkpA
1stfI1stfI1stfI 1stfI 1stfI
1qazA1qazA1qazA 1qazA 1qazA
1wmhA1wmhA1wmhA 1wmhA 1wmhA
1bgc1bgc1bgc 1bgc 1bgc
1s9pA1s9pA1s9pA 1s9pA 1s9pA
1sa3A1sa3A1sa3A 1sa3A 1sa3A
1g8pA1g8pA1g8pA 1g8pA 1g8pA
1k8kD1k8kD1k8kD 1k8kD 1k8kD
1v0jA1v0jA1v0jA 1v0jA 1v0jA
1vf7A1vf7A1vf7A 1vf7A 1vf7A
2c1iA2c1iA2c1iA 2c1iA 2c1iA
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1yx4A1yx4A1yx4A 1yx4A 1yx4A
1rlr1rlr1rlr 1rlr 1rlr
1d9uA1d9uA1d9uA 1d9uA 1d9uA
1tkkA1tkkA1tkkA 1tkkA 1tkkA
1m15A1m15A1m15A 1m15A 1m15A
1kdxB1kdxB1kdxB 1kdxB 1kdxB
1u7eB1u7eB1u7eB 1u7eB 1u7eB
1vd6A1vd6A1vd6A 1vd6A 1vd6A
1pu1A1pu1A1pu1A 1pu1A 1pu1A
1a5t1a5t1a5t 1a5t 1a5t
2gnoA2gnoA2gnoA 2gnoA 2gnoA
2fh1A2fh1A2fh1A 2fh1A 2fh1A
1l5pA1l5pA1l5pA 1l5pA 1l5pA
1mxmA1mxmA1mxmA 1mxmA 1mxmA
1yrrA1yrrA1yrrA 1yrrA 1yrrA
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
1r0mA1r0mA1r0mA 1r0mA 1r0mA
1iow1iow1iow 1iow 1iow
1vl5A1vl5A1vl5A 1vl5A 1vl5A
1xxlA1xxlA1xxlA 1xxlA 1xxlA
2g7uA2g7uA2g7uA 2g7uA 2g7uA
2an3A2an3A2an3A 2an3A 2an3A
2afbA2afbA2afbA 2afbA 2afbA
1a3c1a3c1a3c 1a3c 1a3c
1i88A1i88A1i88A 1i88A 1i88A
1rsoB1rsoB1rsoB 1rsoB 1rsoB
1tr0A1tr0A1tr0A 1tr0A 1tr0A
1lhpA1lhpA1lhpA 1lhpA 1lhpA
1v5iB1v5iB1v5iB 1v5iB 1v5iB
1iqcA1iqcA1iqcA 1iqcA 1iqcA
1cjxA1cjxA1cjxA 1cjxA 1cjxA
1b5qA1b5qA1b5qA 1b5qA 1b5qA
1qkmA1qkmA1qkmA 1qkmA 1qkmA
1qw2A1qw2A1qw2A 1qw2A 1qw2A
1a111a111a11 1a11 1a11
1jcfA1jcfA1jcfA 1jcfA 1jcfA
1pvdA1pvdA1pvdA 1pvdA 1pvdA
2c7pA2c7pA2c7pA 2c7pA 2c7pA
1z0wA1z0wA1z0wA 1z0wA 1z0wA
2b8wA2b8wA2b8wA 2b8wA 2b8wA
1t9bA1t9bA1t9bA 1t9bA 1t9bA
1m8aA1m8aA1m8aA 1m8aA 1m8aA
1r5yA1r5yA1r5yA 1r5yA 1r5yA
2atzA2atzA2atzA 2atzA 2atzA
1tk9A1tk9A1tk9A 1tk9A 1tk9A
1ymkA1ymkA1ymkA 1ymkA 1ymkA
1r8eA1r8eA1r8eA 1r8eA 1r8eA
1uuqA1uuqA1uuqA 1uuqA 1uuqA
1nr4A1nr4A1nr4A 1nr4A 1nr4A
1q3eA1q3eA1q3eA 1q3eA 1q3eA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1vp6A1vp6A1vp6A 1vp6A 1vp6A
1mjfA1mjfA1mjfA 1mjfA 1mjfA
1sjdA1sjdA1sjdA 1sjdA 1sjdA
2d28C2d28C2d28C 2d28C 2d28C
1tt7A1tt7A1tt7A 1tt7A 1tt7A
1alu1alu1alu 1alu 1alu
2b9wA2b9wA2b9wA 2b9wA 2b9wA
1ecsA1ecsA1ecsA 1ecsA 1ecsA
1fnnA1fnnA1fnnA 1fnnA 1fnnA
1jh3A1jh3A1jh3A 1jh3A 1jh3A
1rxwA1rxwA1rxwA 1rxwA 1rxwA
1uwkA1uwkA1uwkA 1uwkA 1uwkA
1t7rA1t7rA1t7rA 1t7rA 1t7rA
2ajrA2ajrA2ajrA 2ajrA 2ajrA
1mkmA1mkmA1mkmA 1mkmA 1mkmA
2h00A2h00A2h00A 2h00A 2h00A
1sjiA1sjiA1sjiA 1sjiA 1sjiA
1fcyA1fcyA1fcyA 1fcyA 1fcyA
1chd1chd1chd 1chd 1chd
1gu7A1gu7A1gu7A 1gu7A 1gu7A
1dokA1dokA1dokA 1dokA 1dokA
1pb1A1pb1A1pb1A 1pb1A 1pb1A
1qh4A1qh4A1qh4A 1qh4A 1qh4A
2f69A2f69A2f69A 2f69A 2f69A
2f1kA2f1kA2f1kA 2f1kA 2f1kA
1onwA1onwA1onwA 1onwA 1onwA
1xg7A1xg7A1xg7A 1xg7A 1xg7A
2b5eA2b5eA2b5eA 2b5eA 2b5eA
1wb0A1wb0A1wb0A 1wb0A 1wb0A
2cbiA2cbiA2cbiA 2cbiA 2cbiA
1ydyA1ydyA1ydyA 1ydyA 1ydyA
1wuiL1wuiL1wuiL 1wuiL 1wuiL
1ecfA1ecfA1ecfA 1ecfA 1ecfA
1ceo1ceo1ceo 1ceo 1ceo
1lfdA1lfdA1lfdA 1lfdA 1lfdA
1xesA1xesA1xesA 1xesA 1xesA
2b7eA2b7eA2b7eA 2b7eA 2b7eA
1tzlA1tzlA1tzlA 1tzlA 1tzlA
1lc0A1lc0A1lc0A 1lc0A 1lc0A
1g26A1g26A1g26A 1g26A 1g26A
1jk8B1jk8B1jk8B 1jk8B 1jk8B
1hw5A1hw5A1hw5A 1hw5A 1hw5A
2erl2erl2erl 2erl 2erl
1ecrA1ecrA1ecrA 1ecrA 1ecrA
1h12A1h12A1h12A 1h12A 1h12A
1vpsA1vpsA1vpsA 1vpsA 1vpsA
2ervA2ervA2ervA 2ervA 2ervA
1okgA1okgA1okgA 1okgA 1okgA
1zxtA1zxtA1zxtA 1zxtA 1zxtA
1tvfA1tvfA1tvfA 1tvfA 1tvfA
1g2nA1g2nA1g2nA 1g2nA 1g2nA
1wpoA1wpoA1wpoA 1wpoA 1wpoA
1b43A1b43A1b43A 1b43A 1b43A
1vh4A1vh4A1vh4A 1vh4A 1vh4A
1c1yB1c1yB1c1yB 1c1yB 1c1yB
1or4A1or4A1or4A 1or4A 1or4A
1r6lA1r6lA1r6lA 1r6lA 1r6lA
1nulA1nulA1nulA 1nulA 1nulA
1oheA1oheA1oheA 1oheA 1oheA
2bc4B2bc4B2bc4B 2bc4B 2bc4B
1rjdA1rjdA1rjdA 1rjdA 1rjdA
2ab0A2ab0A2ab0A 2ab0A 2ab0A
1yzhA1yzhA1yzhA 1yzhA 1yzhA
1nq7A1nq7A1nq7A 1nq7A 1nq7A
2bw2A2bw2A2bw2A 2bw2A 2bw2A
2a7oA2a7oA2a7oA 2a7oA 2a7oA
1fl1A1fl1A1fl1A 1fl1A 1fl1A
1v33A1v33A1v33A 1v33A 1v33A
1g8sA1g8sA1g8sA 1g8sA 1g8sA
1tv8A1tv8A1tv8A 1tv8A 1tv8A
1odmA1odmA1odmA 1odmA 1odmA
1dmgA1dmgA1dmgA 1dmgA 1dmgA
1nu5A1nu5A1nu5A 1nu5A 1nu5A
2fjrA2fjrA2fjrA 2fjrA 2fjrA
2iv2X2iv2X2iv2X 2iv2X 2iv2X
2c8mA2c8mA2c8mA 2c8mA 2c8mA
1pu6A1pu6A1pu6A 1pu6A 1pu6A
1zymA1zymA1zymA 1zymA 1zymA
1f2lA1f2lA1f2lA 1f2lA 1f2lA
1wdcB1wdcB1wdcB 1wdcB 1wdcB
1u0mA1u0mA1u0mA 1u0mA 1u0mA
1dynA1dynA1dynA 1dynA 1dynA
1wr2A1wr2A1wr2A 1wr2A 1wr2A
1dro1dro1dro 1dro 1dro
1ro5A1ro5A1ro5A 1ro5A 1ro5A
1nar1nar1nar 1nar 1nar
1ze3C1ze3C1ze3C 1ze3C 1ze3C
1m9zA1m9zA1m9zA 1m9zA 1m9zA
1h3fA1h3fA1h3fA 1h3fA 1h3fA
1n6zA1n6zA1n6zA 1n6zA 1n6zA
1h8eA1h8eA1h8eA 1h8eA 1h8eA
2fa1A2fa1A2fa1A 2fa1A 2fa1A
1p8xA1p8xA1p8xA 1p8xA 1p8xA
1n83A1n83A1n83A 1n83A 1n83A
1v3vA1v3vA1v3vA 1v3vA 1v3vA
1gg4A1gg4A1gg4A 1gg4A 1gg4A
3sil3sil3sil 3sil 3sil
2g2dA2g2dA2g2dA 2g2dA 2g2dA
1xpcA1xpcA1xpcA 1xpcA 1xpcA
1oaoA1oaoA1oaoA 1oaoA 1oaoA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1qwyA1qwyA1qwyA 1qwyA 1qwyA
1uj6A1uj6A1uj6A 1uj6A 1uj6A
1wteA1wteA1wteA 1wteA 1wteA
2fi3I2fi3I2fi3I 2fi3I 2fi3I
1zccA1zccA1zccA 1zccA 1zccA
1ri5A1ri5A1ri5A 1ri5A 1ri5A
1ti6A1ti6A1ti6A 1ti6A 1ti6A
2fpoA2fpoA2fpoA 2fpoA 2fpoA
2gb7A2gb7A2gb7A 2gb7A 2gb7A
1xvaA1xvaA1xvaA 1xvaA 1xvaA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001