Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mxiA1mxiA1mxiA 1mxiA 1mxiA
1x7oA1x7oA1x7oA 1x7oA 1x7oA
1v2xA1v2xA1v2xA 1v2xA 1v2xA
1ipaA1ipaA1ipaA 1ipaA 1ipaA
1zjrA1zjrA1zjrA 1zjrA 1zjrA
1gz0A1gz0A1gz0A 1gz0A 1gz0A
1j2rA1j2rA1j2rA 1j2rA 1j2rA
1nf8A1nf8A1nf8A 1nf8A 1nf8A
1vj5A1vj5A1vj5A 1vj5A 1vj5A
1nf9A1nf9A1nf9A 1nf9A 1nf9A
1ghr1ghr1ghr 1ghr 1ghr
1womA1womA1womA 1womA 1womA
1mj5A1mj5A1mj5A 1mj5A 1mj5A
1nbaA1nbaA1nbaA 1nbaA 1nbaA
1y37A1y37A1y37A 1y37A 1y37A
1azwA1azwA1azwA 1azwA 1azwA
1im5A1im5A1im5A 1im5A 1im5A
1cqwA1cqwA1cqwA 1cqwA 1cqwA
1cqzA1cqzA1cqzA 1cqzA 1cqzA
1cquA1cquA1cquA 1cquA 1cquA
1bn7A1bn7A1bn7A 1bn7A 1bn7A
1nhp1nhp1nhp 1nhp 1nhp
2b82A2b82A2b82A 2b82A 2b82A
1y7pA1y7pA1y7pA 1y7pA 1y7pA
1ufoA1ufoA1ufoA 1ufoA 1ufoA
1u2eA1u2eA1u2eA 1u2eA 1u2eA
1xklA1xklA1xklA 1xklA 1xklA
1zoiA1zoiA1zoiA 1zoiA 1zoiA
1rmg1rmg1rmg 1rmg 1rmg
1rmwA1rmwA1rmwA 1rmwA 1rmwA
2a67A2a67A2a67A 2a67A 2a67A
1o66A1o66A1o66A 1o66A 1o66A
1z85A1z85A1z85A 1z85A 1z85A
1u7pA1u7pA1u7pA 1u7pA 1u7pA
1tde1tde1tde 1tde 1tde
1nhs1nhs1nhs 1nhs 1nhs
1m33A1m33A1m33A 1m33A 1m33A
1x46A1x46A1x46A 1x46A 1x46A
1zd3A1zd3A1zd3A 1zd3A 1zd3A
1joa1joa1joa 1joa 1joa
1q0rA1q0rA1q0rA 1q0rA 1q0rA
1iz7A1iz7A1iz7A 1iz7A 1iz7A
1o0sA1o0sA1o0sA 1o0sA 1o0sA
1q1rA1q1rA1q1rA 1q1rA 1q1rA
1hkhA1hkhA1hkhA 1hkhA 1hkhA
1div1div1div 1div 1div
1zk7A1zk7A1zk7A 1zk7A 1zk7A
1c4xA1c4xA1c4xA 1c4xA 1c4xA
1a8q1a8q1a8q 1a8q 1a8q
2es9A2es9A2es9A 2es9A 2es9A
1va4A1va4A1va4A 1va4A 1va4A
2bk9A2bk9A2bk9A 2bk9A 2bk9A
1c3oA1c3oA1c3oA 1c3oA 1c3oA
2bibA2bibA2bibA 2bibA 2bibA
1r1dA1r1dA1r1dA 1r1dA 1r1dA
1swvA1swvA1swvA 1swvA 1swvA
2cjpA2cjpA2cjpA 2cjpA 2cjpA
1ijbA1ijbA1ijbA 1ijbA 1ijbA
1cr6B1cr6B1cr6B 1cr6B 1cr6B
1aq0A1aq0A1aq0A 1aq0A 1aq0A
1e39A1e39A1e39A 1e39A 1e39A
1yx1A1yx1A1yx1A 1yx1A 1yx1A
1ek1A1ek1A1ek1A 1ek1A 1ek1A
1bcpC1bcpC1bcpC 1bcpC 1bcpC
1u1sA1u1sA1u1sA 1u1sA 1u1sA
1u1tA1u1tA1u1tA 1u1tA 1u1tA
1tqhA1tqhA1tqhA 1tqhA 1tqhA
1ig6A1ig6A1ig6A 1ig6A 1ig6A
1kal1kal1kal 1kal 1kal
4gr14gr14gr1 4gr1 4gr1
1gvmA1gvmA1gvmA 1gvmA 1gvmA
1uxoA1uxoA1uxoA 1uxoA 1uxoA
2g0wA2g0wA2g0wA 2g0wA 2g0wA
1nsj1nsj1nsj 1nsj 1nsj
1eb0A1eb0A1eb0A 1eb0A 1eb0A
1vpqA1vpqA1vpqA 1vpqA 1vpqA
1z5yE1z5yE1z5yE 1z5yE 1z5yE
1qj4A1qj4A1qj4A 1qj4A 1qj4A
3grs3grs3grs 3grs 3grs
1gmwA1gmwA1gmwA 1gmwA 1gmwA
2fhxA2fhxA2fhxA 2fhxA 2fhxA
1qwgA1qwgA1qwgA 1qwgA 1qwgA
1hcxA1hcxA1hcxA 1hcxA 1hcxA
1a88A1a88A1a88A 1a88A 1a88A
1m3uA1m3uA1m3uA 1m3uA 1m3uA
1ihnA1ihnA1ihnA 1ihnA 1ihnA
1lvl1lvl1lvl 1lvl 1lvl
2c5qA2c5qA2c5qA 2c5qA 2c5qA
1bn6A1bn6A1bn6A 1bn6A 1bn6A
1b7gO1b7gO1b7gO 1b7gO 1b7gO
1jjeA1jjeA1jjeA 1jjeA 1jjeA
1paz1paz1paz 1paz 1paz
1wm1A1wm1A1wm1A 1wm1A 1wm1A
1aogA1aogA1aogA 1aogA 1aogA
1a8uA1a8uA1a8uA 1a8uA 1a8uA
1ru8A1ru8A1ru8A 1ru8A 1ru8A
1vqqA1vqqA1vqqA 1vqqA 1vqqA
1pf4A1pf4A1pf4A 1pf4A 1pf4A
1p4cA1p4cA1p4cA 1p4cA 1p4cA
1v25A1v25A1v25A 1v25A 1v25A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1gmuA1gmuA1gmuA 1gmuA 1gmuA
1kcxA1kcxA1kcxA 1kcxA 1kcxA
1mioB1mioB1mioB 1mioB 1mioB
1v5xA1v5xA1v5xA 1v5xA 1v5xA
1ys1X1ys1X1ys1X 1ys1X 1ys1X
1lh11lh11lh1 1lh1 1lh1
2lh22lh22lh2 2lh2 2lh2
1jn5B1jn5B1jn5B 1jn5B 1jn5B
1brt1brt1brt 1brt 1brt
2rspA2rspA2rspA 2rspA 2rspA
1g6eA1g6eA1g6eA 1g6eA 1g6eA
1zkeA1zkeA1zkeA 1zkeA 1zkeA
1id0A1id0A1id0A 1id0A 1id0A
2cn3A2cn3A2cn3A 2cn3A 2cn3A
1aa31aa31aa3 1aa3 1aa3
2b43A2b43A2b43A 2b43A 2b43A
1cl2A1cl2A1cl2A 1cl2A 1cl2A
1bct1bct1bct 1bct 1bct
2fjrA2fjrA2fjrA 2fjrA 2fjrA
1qh8B1qh8B1qh8B 1qh8B 1qh8B
1zo0A1zo0A1zo0A 1zo0A 1zo0A
1b6g1b6g1b6g 1b6g 1b6g
1utrA1utrA1utrA 1utrA 1utrA
1v6zA1v6zA1v6zA 1v6zA 1v6zA
1zrn1zrn1zrn 1zrn 1zrn
1j1iA1j1iA1j1iA 1j1iA 1j1iA
1jud1jud1jud 1jud 1jud
1in0A1in0A1in0A 1in0A 1in0A
1rdfA1rdfA1rdfA 1rdfA 1rdfA
1reqB1reqB1reqB 1reqB 1reqB
1ysrA1ysrA1ysrA 1ysrA 1ysrA
1mzbA1mzbA1mzbA 1mzbA 1mzbA
1lw7A1lw7A1lw7A 1lw7A 1lw7A
1znbA1znbA1znbA 1znbA 1znbA
1gq2A1gq2A1gq2A 1gq2A 1gq2A
1jjtA1jjtA1jjtA 1jjtA 1jjtA
1id3B1id3B1id3B 1id3B 1id3B
1jqnA1jqnA1jqnA 1jqnA 1jqnA
1r29A1r29A1r29A 1r29A 1r29A
1d7yA1d7yA1d7yA 1d7yA 1d7yA
1pii1pii1pii 1pii 1pii
1ehkC1ehkC1ehkC 1ehkC 1ehkC
1xmeC1xmeC1xmeC 1xmeC 1xmeC
1vl6A1vl6A1vl6A 1vl6A 1vl6A
1adwA1adwA1adwA 1adwA 1adwA
1rsoA1rsoA1rsoA 1rsoA 1rsoA
1m1nA1m1nA1m1nA 1m1nA 1m1nA
1qb4A1qb4A1qb4A 1qb4A 1qb4A
2axcA2axcA2axcA 2axcA 2axcA
1m55A1m55A1m55A 1m55A 1m55A
1atzB1atzB1atzB 1atzB 1atzB
1hk9A1hk9A1hk9A 1hk9A 1hk9A
1z98A1z98A1z98A 1z98A 1z98A
1p30A1p30A1p30A 1p30A 1p30A
1broA1broA1broA 1broA 1broA
1lv7A1lv7A1lv7A 1lv7A 1lv7A
1ao3A1ao3A1ao3A 1ao3A 1ao3A
1by1A1by1A1by1A 1by1A 1by1A
1j9iA1j9iA1j9iA 1j9iA 1j9iA
1mo2A1mo2A1mo2A 1mo2A 1mo2A
1ko3A1ko3A1ko3A 1ko3A 1ko3A
1fiy1fiy1fiy 1fiy 1fiy
2f2bA2f2bA2f2bA 2f2bA 2f2bA
1c9kB1c9kB1c9kB 1c9kB 1c9kB
1cv2A1cv2A1cv2A 1cv2A 1cv2A
1ttuA1ttuA1ttuA 1ttuA 1ttuA
1fezA1fezA1fezA 1fezA 1fezA
1gdj1gdj1gdj 1gdj 1gdj
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1a7tA1a7tA1a7tA 1a7tA 1a7tA
191419141914 1914 1914
1dkqA1dkqA1dkqA 1dkqA 1dkqA
1nxzA1nxzA1nxzA 1nxzA 1nxzA
1cfr1cfr1cfr 1cfr 1cfr
1pt6A1pt6A1pt6A 1pt6A 1pt6A
1gkpA1gkpA1gkpA 1gkpA 1gkpA
1iq4A1iq4A1iq4A 1iq4A 1iq4A
1utg1utg1utg 1utg 1utg
1czfA1czfA1czfA 1czfA 1czfA
1nqkA1nqkA1nqkA 1nqkA 1nqkA
1atzA1atzA1atzA 1atzA 1atzA
2aw5A2aw5A2aw5A 2aw5A 2aw5A
2bjrA2bjrA2bjrA 2bjrA 2bjrA
1h1lA1h1lA1h1lA 1h1lA 1h1lA
2aamA2aamA2aamA 2aamA 2aamA
1bypA1bypA1bypA 1bypA 1bypA
1ag61ag61ag6 1ag6 1ag6
1rqlA1rqlA1rqlA 1rqlA 1rqlA
1bqk1bqk1bqk 1bqk 1bqk
1bxvA1bxvA1bxvA 1bxvA 1bxvA
1o4vA1o4vA1o4vA 1o4vA 1o4vA
1a3aC1a3aC1a3aC 1a3aC 1a3aC
1bxdA1bxdA1bxdA 1bxdA 1bxdA
1c4oA1c4oA1c4oA 1c4oA 1c4oA
2f6eA2f6eA2f6eA 2f6eA 2f6eA
1wl8A1wl8A1wl8A 1wl8A 1wl8A
1t6sA1t6sA1t6sA 1t6sA 1t6sA
1earA1earA1earA 1earA 1earA
2ckiA2ckiA2ckiA 2ckiA 2ckiA
1uk8A1uk8A1uk8A 1uk8A 1uk8A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1k8qA1k8qA1k8qA 1k8qA 1k8qA
1buyA1buyA1buyA 1buyA 1buyA
2cxkA2cxkA2cxkA 2cxkA 2cxkA
2gdm2gdm2gdm 2gdm 2gdm
1rhcA1rhcA1rhcA 1rhcA 1rhcA
1qjdA1qjdA1qjdA 1qjdA 1qjdA
1tzyD1tzyD1tzyD 1tzyD 1tzyD
1ebdA1ebdA1ebdA 1ebdA 1ebdA
2c1lA2c1lA2c1lA 2c1lA 2c1lA
1pjr1pjr1pjr 1pjr 1pjr
1gesA1gesA1gesA 1gesA 1gesA
1hleA1hleA1hleA 1hleA 1hleA
1soxA1soxA1soxA 1soxA 1soxA
1jkgB1jkgB1jkgB 1jkgB 1jkgB
1rk6A1rk6A1rk6A 1rk6A 1rk6A
1tlyA1tlyA1tlyA 1tlyA 1tlyA
2gimA2gimA2gimA 2gimA 2gimA
1fp4A1fp4A1fp4A 1fp4A 1fp4A
1qr6A1qr6A1qr6A 1qr6A 1qr6A
1iapA1iapA1iapA 1iapA 1iapA
1o5zA1o5zA1o5zA 1o5zA 1o5zA
2d1pB2d1pB2d1pB 2d1pB 2d1pB
1s72C1s72C1s72C 1s72C 1s72C
1s29A1s29A1s29A 1s29A 1s29A
1cjl1cjl1cjl 1cjl 1cjl
2b61A2b61A2b61A 2b61A 2b61A
1pmy1pmy1pmy 1pmy 1pmy
1lci1lci1lci 1lci 1lci
7reqB7reqB7reqB 7reqB 7reqB
1uae1uae1uae 1uae 1uae
2plt2plt2plt 2plt 2plt
1kq1A1kq1A1kq1A 1kq1A 1kq1A
1yspA1yspA1yspA 1yspA 1yspA
1ns1A1ns1A1ns1A 1ns1A 1ns1A
1hskA1hskA1hskA 1hskA 1hskA
1cl1A1cl1A1cl1A 1cl1A 1cl1A
1cbuA1cbuA1cbuA 1cbuA 1cbuA
1uok1uok1uok 1uok 1uok
1n8nA1n8nA1n8nA 1n8nA 1n8nA
1yrlA1yrlA1yrlA 1yrlA 1yrlA
1m1nB1m1nB1m1nB 1m1nB 1m1nB
1k4mA1k4mA1k4mA 1k4mA 1k4mA
1dgwX1dgwX1dgwX 1dgwX 1dgwX
2rspB2rspB2rspB 2rspB 2rspB
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
1ehyA1ehyA1ehyA 1ehyA 1ehyA
1ogpA1ogpA1ogpA 1ogpA 1ogpA
2fy6A2fy6A2fy6A 2fy6A 2fy6A
1mioA1mioA1mioA 1mioA 1mioA
2occE2occE2occE 2occE 2occE
1wvhA1wvhA1wvhA 1wvhA 1wvhA
1xizA1xizA1xizA 1xizA 1xizA
2fu4A2fu4A2fu4A 2fu4A 2fu4A
2fdrA2fdrA2fdrA 2fdrA 2fdrA
1w9yA1w9yA1w9yA 1w9yA 1w9yA
1x8dA1x8dA1x8dA 1x8dA 1x8dA
1wz9A1wz9A1wz9A 1wz9A 1wz9A
1qczA1qczA1qczA 1qczA 1qczA
1yacA1yacA1yacA 1yacA 1yacA
1ejxC1ejxC1ejxC 1ejxC 1ejxC
1ail1ail1ail 1ail 1ail
1atiB1atiB1atiB 1atiB 1atiB
1vqoD1vqoD1vqoD 1vqoD 1vqoD
1f5sA1f5sA1f5sA 1f5sA 1f5sA
1cwwA1cwwA1cwwA 1cwwA 1cwwA
1z67A1z67A1z67A 1z67A 1z67A
2ezk2ezk2ezk 2ezk 2ezk
1n3yA1n3yA1n3yA 1n3yA 1n3yA
1pg4A1pg4A1pg4A 1pg4A 1pg4A
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
1ewnA1ewnA1ewnA 1ewnA 1ewnA
1vs0A1vs0A1vs0A 1vs0A 1vs0A
1bcpB1bcpB1bcpB 1bcpB 1bcpB
1t4nA1t4nA1t4nA 1t4nA 1t4nA
1buoA1buoA1buoA 1buoA 1buoA
1xdwA1xdwA1xdwA 1xdwA 1xdwA
2prgC2prgC2prgC 2prgC 2prgC
1yleA1yleA1yleA 1yleA 1yleA
1oakA1oakA1oakA 1oakA 1oakA
1kd6A1kd6A1kd6A 1kd6A 1kd6A
1mwsA1mwsA1mwsA 1mwsA 1mwsA
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
1e6cA1e6cA1e6cA 1e6cA 1e6cA
1ie7C1ie7C1ie7C 1ie7C 1ie7C
2aw4R2aw4R2aw4R 2aw4R 2aw4R
2minA2minA2minA 2minA 2minA
1a2n1a2n1a2n 1a2n 1a2n
2b0cA2b0cA2b0cA 2b0cA 2b0cA
1mtpB1mtpB1mtpB 1mtpB 1mtpB
1oj6A1oj6A1oj6A 1oj6A 1oj6A
1fe8A1fe8A1fe8A 1fe8A 1fe8A
1vi4A1vi4A1vi4A 1vi4A 1vi4A
1zs9A1zs9A1zs9A 1zs9A 1zs9A
1wuiS1wuiS1wuiS 1wuiS 1wuiS
1korA1korA1korA 1korA 1korA
1bmv11bmv11bmv1 1bmv1 1bmv1
1p32C1p32C1p32C 1p32C 1p32C
1q9jA1q9jA1q9jA 1q9jA 1q9jA
1knvA1knvA1knvA 1knvA 1knvA
1o08A1o08A1o08A 1o08A 1o08A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1zug1zug1zug 1zug 1zug
2bm5A2bm5A2bm5A 2bm5A 2bm5A
1l1sA1l1sA1l1sA 1l1sA 1l1sA
1cs8A1cs8A1cs8A 1cs8A 1cs8A
1g2oA1g2oA1g2oA 1g2oA 1g2oA
1a6jA1a6jA1a6jA 1a6jA 1a6jA
1uxy1uxy1uxy 1uxy 1uxy
1iz1A1iz1A1iz1A 1iz1A 1iz1A
1ffkC1ffkC1ffkC 1ffkC 1ffkC
1e0lA1e0lA1e0lA 1e0lA 1e0lA
1q1fA1q1fA1q1fA 1q1fA 1q1fA
1a0i1a0i1a0i 1a0i 1a0i
1bu6O1bu6O1bu6O 1bu6O 1bu6O
1lwdA1lwdA1lwdA 1lwdA 1lwdA
1mdbA1mdbA1mdbA 1mdbA 1mdbA
1vdc1vdc1vdc 1vdc 1vdc
2mbr2mbr2mbr 2mbr 2mbr
3minC3minC3minC 3minC 3minC
2a9fA2a9fA2a9fA 2a9fA 2a9fA
1tof1tof1tof 1tof 1tof
1moh1moh1moh 1moh 1moh
1zvdA1zvdA1zvdA 1zvdA 1zvdA
1pgl11pgl11pgl1 1pgl1 1pgl1
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1c7gA1c7gA1c7gA 1c7gA 1c7gA
103m103m103m 103m 103m
2b81A2b81A2b81A 2b81A 2b81A
1pm6A1pm6A1pm6A 1pm6A 1pm6A
1hg8A1hg8A1hg8A 1hg8A 1hg8A
1mwrA1mwrA1mwrA 1mwrA 1mwrA
1w5fA1w5fA1w5fA 1w5fA 1w5fA
1yzvA1yzvA1yzvA 1yzvA 1yzvA
1x2iA1x2iA1x2iA 1x2iA 1x2iA
1mod1mod1mod 1mod 1mod
1m6iA1m6iA1m6iA 1m6iA 1m6iA
1nni11nni11nni1 1nni1 1nni1
1i58A1i58A1i58A 1i58A 1i58A
2dldA2dldA2dldA 2dldA 2dldA
1ga1A1ga1A1ga1A 1ga1A 1ga1A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001