Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1x7oA1x7oA1x7oA 1x7oA 1x7oA
1mxiA1mxiA1mxiA 1mxiA 1mxiA
1v2xA1v2xA1v2xA 1v2xA 1v2xA
1zjrA1zjrA1zjrA 1zjrA 1zjrA
1u6eA1u6eA1u6eA 1u6eA 1u6eA
1nf9A1nf9A1nf9A 1nf9A 1nf9A
2fnaA2fnaA2fnaA 2fnaA 2fnaA
1vpqA1vpqA1vpqA 1vpqA 1vpqA
1mpxA1mpxA1mpxA 1mpxA 1mpxA
1i58A1i58A1i58A 1i58A 1i58A
1gttA1gttA1gttA 1gttA 1gttA
1w5tA1w5tA1w5tA 1w5tA 1w5tA
1im5A1im5A1im5A 1im5A 1im5A
2b82A2b82A2b82A 2b82A 2b82A
1x46A1x46A1x46A 1x46A 1x46A
1j2rA1j2rA1j2rA 1j2rA 1j2rA
1rmwA1rmwA1rmwA 1rmwA 1rmwA
2bk9A2bk9A2bk9A 2bk9A 2bk9A
1tq5A1tq5A1tq5A 1tq5A 1tq5A
1o66A1o66A1o66A 1o66A 1o66A
1tqhA1tqhA1tqhA 1tqhA 1tqhA
1womA1womA1womA 1womA 1womA
1rf6A1rf6A1rf6A 1rf6A 1rf6A
2g03A2g03A2g03A 2g03A 2g03A
1z85A1z85A1z85A 1z85A 1z85A
1ibyA1ibyA1ibyA 1ibyA 1ibyA
1nbaA1nbaA1nbaA 1nbaA 1nbaA
1sfkA1sfkA1sfkA 1sfkA 1sfkA
1va4A1va4A1va4A 1va4A 1va4A
1kqpA1kqpA1kqpA 1kqpA 1kqpA
1rkqA1rkqA1rkqA 1rkqA 1rkqA
1lnsA1lnsA1lnsA 1lnsA 1lnsA
1zo0A1zo0A1zo0A 1zo0A 1zo0A
1mzbA1mzbA1mzbA 1mzbA 1mzbA
1v4vA1v4vA1v4vA 1v4vA 1v4vA
1brt1brt1brt 1brt 1brt
2es9A2es9A2es9A 2es9A 2es9A
1m33A1m33A1m33A 1m33A 1m33A
2c1xA2c1xA2c1xA 2c1xA 2c1xA
1tbuA1tbuA1tbuA 1tbuA 1tbuA
1m3uA1m3uA1m3uA 1m3uA 1m3uA
2a67A2a67A2a67A 2a67A 2a67A
1yn9A1yn9A1yn9A 1yn9A 1yn9A
1j5sA1j5sA1j5sA 1j5sA 1j5sA
1pii1pii1pii 1pii 1pii
2c5qA2c5qA2c5qA 2c5qA 2c5qA
1cfr1cfr1cfr 1cfr 1cfr
1q7lB1q7lB1q7lB 1q7lB 1q7lB
2chgA2chgA2chgA 2chgA 2chgA
1c93A1c93A1c93A 1c93A 1c93A
2bmaA2bmaA2bmaA 2bmaA 2bmaA
1nsj1nsj1nsj 1nsj 1nsj
1vqqA1vqqA1vqqA 1vqqA 1vqqA
2cvbA2cvbA2cvbA 2cvbA 2cvbA
1nhs1nhs1nhs 1nhs 1nhs
1vk4A1vk4A1vk4A 1vk4A 1vk4A
1yspA1yspA1yspA 1yspA 1yspA
1xizA1xizA1xizA 1xizA 1xizA
1ep3A1ep3A1ep3A 1ep3A 1ep3A
1u2eA1u2eA1u2eA 1u2eA 1u2eA
1qwgA1qwgA1qwgA 1qwgA 1qwgA
2fi9A2fi9A2fi9A 2fi9A 2fi9A
1jmuB1jmuB1jmuB 1jmuB 1jmuB
1yacA1yacA1yacA 1yacA 1yacA
1zrn1zrn1zrn 1zrn 1zrn
1ituA1ituA1ituA 1ituA 1ituA
1c30B1c30B1c30B 1c30B 1c30B
2b34A2b34A2b34A 2b34A 2b34A
1in0A1in0A1in0A 1in0A 1in0A
1ytlA1ytlA1ytlA 1ytlA 1ytlA
1rdfA1rdfA1rdfA 1rdfA 1rdfA
2b81A2b81A2b81A 2b81A 2b81A
2gm3A2gm3A2gm3A 2gm3A 2gm3A
1g6eA1g6eA1g6eA 1g6eA 1g6eA
1v6zA1v6zA1v6zA 1v6zA 1v6zA
1xmpA1xmpA1xmpA 1xmpA 1xmpA
1rtqA1rtqA1rtqA 1rtqA 1rtqA
1vcoA1vcoA1vcoA 1vcoA 1vcoA
1l7aA1l7aA1l7aA 1l7aA 1l7aA
1mqoA1mqoA1mqoA 1mqoA 1mqoA
1jhdA1jhdA1jhdA 1jhdA 1jhdA
1in4A1in4A1in4A 1in4A 1in4A
1t6sA1t6sA1t6sA 1t6sA 1t6sA
1zkeA1zkeA1zkeA 1zkeA 1zkeA
1xmeC1xmeC1xmeC 1xmeC 1xmeC
1uqtA1uqtA1uqtA 1uqtA 1uqtA
1div1div1div 1div 1div
2f9sA2f9sA2f9sA 2f9sA 2f9sA
2feaA2feaA2feaA 2feaA 2feaA
1bn7A1bn7A1bn7A 1bn7A 1bn7A
2az4A2az4A2az4A 2az4A 2az4A
1a8s1a8s1a8s 1a8s 1a8s
1vctA1vctA1vctA 1vctA 1vctA
2cmuA2cmuA2cmuA 2cmuA 2cmuA
1o0sA1o0sA1o0sA 1o0sA 1o0sA
1j9iA1j9iA1j9iA 1j9iA 1j9iA
1x7dA1x7dA1x7dA 1x7dA 1x7dA
2f31A2f31A2f31A 2f31A 2f31A
1zejA1zejA1zejA 1zejA 1zejA
1m1nA1m1nA1m1nA 1m1nA 1m1nA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1uz5A1uz5A1uz5A 1uz5A 1uz5A
1zd3A1zd3A1zd3A 1zd3A 1zd3A
1p4xA1p4xA1p4xA 1p4xA 1p4xA
1ig0A1ig0A1ig0A 1ig0A 1ig0A
1u1sA1u1sA1u1sA 1u1sA 1u1sA
1u1tA1u1tA1u1tA 1u1tA 1u1tA
1gmuA1gmuA1gmuA 1gmuA 1gmuA
1earA1earA1earA 1earA 1earA
1evlA1evlA1evlA 1evlA 1evlA
1kqqA1kqqA1kqqA 1kqqA 1kqqA
1te2A1te2A1te2A 1te2A 1te2A
2axcA2axcA2axcA 2axcA 2axcA
1a8q1a8q1a8q 1a8q 1a8q
1uk8A1uk8A1uk8A 1uk8A 1uk8A
1z67A1z67A1z67A 1z67A 1z67A
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
1q0rA1q0rA1q0rA 1q0rA 1q0rA
1zoiA1zoiA1zoiA 1zoiA 1zoiA
1a3aA1a3aA1a3aA 1a3aA 1a3aA
2fwhA2fwhA2fwhA 2fwhA 2fwhA
1o08A1o08A1o08A 1o08A 1o08A
2acvA2acvA2acvA 2acvA 2acvA
1x8hA1x8hA1x8hA 1x8hA 1x8hA
1eerA1eerA1eerA 1eerA 1eerA
1in6A1in6A1in6A 1in6A 1in6A
1ysrA1ysrA1ysrA 1ysrA 1ysrA
2a9dA2a9dA2a9dA 2a9dA 2a9dA
1kcqA1kcqA1kcqA 1kcqA 1kcqA
1uc7A1uc7A1uc7A 1uc7A 1uc7A
1v25A1v25A1v25A 1v25A 1v25A
1fl2A1fl2A1fl2A 1fl2A 1fl2A
1mj5A1mj5A1mj5A 1mj5A 1mj5A
1zk7A1zk7A1zk7A 1zk7A 1zk7A
1mdbA1mdbA1mdbA 1mdbA 1mdbA
1h6kA1h6kA1h6kA 1h6kA 1h6kA
1z94A1z94A1z94A 1z94A 1z94A
2bt2A2bt2A2bt2A 2bt2A 2bt2A
2pgd2pgd2pgd 2pgd 2pgd
2fi1A2fi1A2fi1A 2fi1A 2fi1A
1mnaA1mnaA1mnaA 1mnaA 1mnaA
1amuA1amuA1amuA 1amuA 1amuA
1b6g1b6g1b6g 1b6g 1b6g
1yqtA1yqtA1yqtA 1yqtA 1yqtA
1e8cA1e8cA1e8cA 1e8cA 1e8cA
1xknA1xknA1xknA 1xknA 1xknA
1q1fA1q1fA1q1fA 1q1fA 1q1fA
1a9xB1a9xB1a9xB 1a9xB 1a9xB
1ail1ail1ail 1ail 1ail
1ysqA1ysqA1ysqA 1ysqA 1ysqA
1pxzA1pxzA1pxzA 1pxzA 1pxzA
2aw4R2aw4R2aw4R 2aw4R 2aw4R
2go7A2go7A2go7A 2go7A 2go7A
1l0bA1l0bA1l0bA 1l0bA 1l0bA
1xklA1xklA1xklA 1xklA 1xklA
1hrhA1hrhA1hrhA 1hrhA 1hrhA
2etxA2etxA2etxA 2etxA 2etxA
1uh4A1uh4A1uh4A 1uh4A 1uh4A
1yoeA1yoeA1yoeA 1yoeA 1yoeA
2gptA2gptA2gptA 2gptA 2gptA
2cjpA2cjpA2cjpA 2cjpA 2cjpA
1vi4A1vi4A1vi4A 1vi4A 1vi4A
1u11A1u11A1u11A 1u11A 1u11A
2fn0A2fn0A2fn0A 2fn0A 2fn0A
1tf1A1tf1A1tf1A 1tf1A 1tf1A
1e5dA1e5dA1e5dA 1e5dA 1e5dA
1qyaA1qyaA1qyaA 1qyaA 1qyaA
1r3dA1r3dA1r3dA 1r3dA 1r3dA
1gox1gox1gox 1gox 1gox
2aefA2aefA2aefA 2aefA 2aefA
1dk8A1dk8A1dk8A 1dk8A 1dk8A
1nkqA1nkqA1nkqA 1nkqA 1nkqA
1st9A1st9A1st9A 1st9A 1st9A
1wd3A1wd3A1wd3A 1wd3A 1wd3A
1fpzA1fpzA1fpzA 1fpzA 1fpzA
2g09A2g09A2g09A 2g09A 2g09A
1knvA1knvA1knvA 1knvA 1knvA
1s7kA1s7kA1s7kA 1s7kA 1s7kA
1un7A1un7A1un7A 1un7A 1un7A
1j1iA1j1iA1j1iA 1j1iA 1j1iA
2c1lA2c1lA2c1lA 2c1lA 2c1lA
1yf2A1yf2A1yf2A 1yf2A 1yf2A
1q5xA1q5xA1q5xA 1q5xA 1q5xA
1ttuA1ttuA1ttuA 1ttuA 1ttuA
3grs3grs3grs 3grs 3grs
2d7vA2d7vA2d7vA 2d7vA 2d7vA
1omoA1omoA1omoA 1omoA 1omoA
1svy1svy1svy 1svy 1svy
1v4aA1v4aA1v4aA 1v4aA 1v4aA
1w78A1w78A1w78A 1w78A 1w78A
1zzoA1zzoA1zzoA 1zzoA 1zzoA
1u1iA1u1iA1u1iA 1u1iA 1u1iA
1bgvA1bgvA1bgvA 1bgvA 1bgvA
1cnzA1cnzA1cnzA 1cnzA 1cnzA
1qh8A1qh8A1qh8A 1qh8A 1qh8A
1lu4A1lu4A1lu4A 1lu4A 1lu4A
1rzhH1rzhH1rzhH 1rzhH 1rzhH
1qczA1qczA1qczA 1qczA 1qczA
1qh8B1qh8B1qh8B 1qh8B 1qh8B
1o4vA1o4vA1o4vA 1o4vA 1o4vA
1ejdA1ejdA1ejdA 1ejdA 1ejdA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1u02A1u02A1u02A 1u02A 1u02A
2d1sA2d1sA2d1sA 2d1sA 2d1sA
1s68A1s68A1s68A 1s68A 1s68A
1pg4A1pg4A1pg4A 1pg4A 1pg4A
1mo9A1mo9A1mo9A 1mo9A 1mo9A
1lfpA1lfpA1lfpA 1lfpA 1lfpA
1r29A1r29A1r29A 1r29A 1r29A
2gwgA2gwgA2gwgA 2gwgA 2gwgA
1xqrA1xqrA1xqrA 1xqrA 1xqrA
1mtpB1mtpB1mtpB 1mtpB 1mtpB
1tkjA1tkjA1tkjA 1tkjA 1tkjA
1g8lA1g8lA1g8lA 1g8lA 1g8lA
1jdpA1jdpA1jdpA 1jdpA 1jdpA
2gv8A2gv8A2gv8A 2gv8A 2gv8A
1lam1lam1lam 1lam 1lam
3cox3cox3cox 3cox 3cox
1xdyA1xdyA1xdyA 1xdyA 1xdyA
1uxoA1uxoA1uxoA 1uxoA 1uxoA
1id0A1id0A1id0A 1id0A 1id0A
1v7nV1v7nV1v7nV 1v7nV 1v7nV
1oltA1oltA1oltA 1oltA 1oltA
1ewnA1ewnA1ewnA 1ewnA 1ewnA
1fqiA1fqiA1fqiA 1fqiA 1fqiA
1mx3A1mx3A1mx3A 1mx3A 1mx3A
1jy4A1jy4A1jy4A 1jy4A 1jy4A
1l9xA1l9xA1l9xA 1l9xA 1l9xA
1m1nB1m1nB1m1nB 1m1nB 1m1nB
1sszA1sszA1sszA 1sszA 1sszA
1ehyA1ehyA1ehyA 1ehyA 1ehyA
1lv4A1lv4A1lv4A 1lv4A 1lv4A
1twdA1twdA1twdA 1twdA 1twdA
1zs9A1zs9A1zs9A 1zs9A 1zs9A
1yx1A1yx1A1yx1A 1yx1A 1yx1A
1x3kA1x3kA1x3kA 1x3kA 1x3kA
1tt8A1tt8A1tt8A 1tt8A 1tt8A
1qj4A1qj4A1qj4A 1qj4A 1qj4A
1v0wA1v0wA1v0wA 1v0wA 1v0wA
1vlaA1vlaA1vlaA 1vlaA 1vlaA
1hqsA1hqsA1hqsA 1hqsA 1hqsA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001