Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1p0hA1p0hA1p0hA 1p0hA 1p0hA
1m4iA1m4iA1m4iA 1m4iA 1m4iA
1u6mA1u6mA1u6mA 1u6mA 1u6mA
2ge3A2ge3A2ge3A 2ge3A 2ge3A
2ganA2ganA2ganA 2ganA 2ganA
2c27A2c27A2c27A 2c27A 2c27A
1yreA1yreA1yreA 1yreA 1yreA
1z4rA1z4rA1z4rA 1z4rA 1z4rA
2b5gA2b5gA2b5gA 2b5gA 2b5gA
2ae6A2ae6A2ae6A 2ae6A 2ae6A
1nslA1nslA1nslA 1nslA 1nslA
1xebA1xebA1xebA 1xebA 1xebA
1yk3A1yk3A1yk3A 1yk3A 1yk3A
1b87A1b87A1b87A 1b87A 1b87A
1tiqA1tiqA1tiqA 1tiqA 1tiqA
2bl1A2bl1A2bl1A 2bl1A 2bl1A
1yr0A1yr0A1yr0A 1yr0A 1yr0A
1qstA1qstA1qstA 1qstA 1qstA
1yvoA1yvoA1yvoA 1yvoA 1yvoA
2cy2A2cy2A2cy2A 2cy2A 2cy2A
1y9kA1y9kA1y9kA 1y9kA 1y9kA
1cjwA1cjwA1cjwA 1cjwA 1cjwA
2beiA2beiA2beiA 2beiA 2beiA
2bswA2bswA2bswA 2bswA 2bswA
1n71A1n71A1n71A 1n71A 1n71A
2fsrA2fsrA2fsrA 2fsrA 2fsrA
1qsmA1qsmA1qsmA 1qsmA 1qsmA
1gheA1gheA1gheA 1gheA 1gheA
1qsoA1qsoA1qsoA 1qsoA 1qsoA
2atrA2atrA2atrA 2atrA 2atrA
1on0A1on0A1on0A 1on0A 1on0A
1i12A1i12A1i12A 1i12A 1i12A
1wwzA1wwzA1wwzA 1wwzA 1wwzA
1s7kA1s7kA1s7kA 1s7kA 1s7kA
2fl4A2fl4A2fl4A 2fl4A 2fl4A
1y9wA1y9wA1y9wA 1y9wA 1y9wA
1q2yA1q2yA1q2yA 1q2yA 1q2yA
1i1dA1i1dA1i1dA 1i1dA 1i1dA
1mk4A1mk4A1mk4A 1mk4A 1mk4A
1sqhA1sqhA1sqhA 1sqhA 1sqhA
1vhsA1vhsA1vhsA 1vhsA 1vhsA
1y7rA1y7rA1y7rA 1y7rA 1y7rA
2a4nA2a4nA2a4nA 2a4nA 2a4nA
1yghA1yghA1yghA 1yghA 1yghA
2fckA2fckA2fckA 2fckA 2fckA
1s3zA1s3zA1s3zA 1s3zA 1s3zA
1yvkA1yvkA1yvkA 1yvkA 1yvkA
2fe7A2fe7A2fe7A 2fe7A 2fe7A
1bo4A1bo4A1bo4A 1bo4A 1bo4A
1yx0A1yx0A1yx0A 1yx0A 1yx0A
1z4eA1z4eA1z4eA 1z4eA 1z4eA
1vkcA1vkcA1vkcA 1vkcA 1vkcA
2g3aA2g3aA2g3aA 2g3aA 2g3aA
1ro5A1ro5A1ro5A 1ro5A 1ro5A
1xmtA1xmtA1xmtA 1xmtA 1xmtA
1yw3A1yw3A1yw3A 1yw3A 1yw3A
1pbyC1pbyC1pbyC 1pbyC 1pbyC
2aj6A2aj6A2aj6A 2aj6A 2aj6A
1ykiA1ykiA1ykiA 1ykiA 1ykiA
1vdaA1vdaA1vdaA 1vdaA 1vdaA
1srb1srb1srb 1srb 1srb
2auwA2auwA2auwA 2auwA 2auwA
1bkjA1bkjA1bkjA 1bkjA 1bkjA
1zchA1zchA1zchA 1zchA 1zchA
1qs1A1qs1A1qs1A 1qs1A 1qs1A
1icrA1icrA1icrA 1icrA 1icrA
1zu4A1zu4A1zu4A 1zu4A 1zu4A
2givA2givA2givA 2givA 2givA
1bazA1bazA1bazA 1bazA 1bazA
2h0uA2h0uA2h0uA 2h0uA 2h0uA
1ywqA1ywqA1ywqA 1ywqA 1ywqA
1edn1edn1edn 1edn 1edn
1bob1bob1bob 1bob 1bob
1f5vA1f5vA1f5vA 1f5vA 1f5vA
1to4A1to4A1to4A 1to4A 1to4A
1f1gA1f1gA1f1gA 1f1gA 1f1gA
1vfrA1vfrA1vfrA 1vfrA 1vfrA
1jtdB1jtdB1jtdB 1jtdB 1jtdB
1msc1msc1msc 1msc 1msc
1h6pA1h6pA1h6pA 1h6pA 1h6pA
1xsoA1xsoA1xsoA 1xsoA 1xsoA
1kn6A1kn6A1kn6A 1kn6A 1kn6A
1w6kA1w6kA1w6kA 1w6kA 1w6kA
1wdjA1wdjA1wdjA 1wdjA 1wdjA
1jcv1jcv1jcv 1jcv 1jcv
1gci1gci1gci 1gci 1gci
1nr3A1nr3A1nr3A 1nr3A 1nr3A
1p5vA1p5vA1p5vA 1p5vA 1p5vA
1yovA1yovA1yovA 1yovA 1yovA
1v18B1v18B1v18B 1v18B 1v18B
1ej8A1ej8A1ej8A 1ej8A 1ej8A
1t5yA1t5yA1t5yA 1t5yA 1t5yA
1vkwA1vkwA1vkwA 1vkwA 1vkwA
1b5l1b5l1b5l 1b5l 1b5l
1nox1nox1nox 1nox 1nox
1vd7A1vd7A1vd7A 1vd7A 1vd7A
1vd9A1vd9A1vd9A 1vd9A 1vd9A
1mfmA1mfmA1mfmA 1mfmA 1mfmA
1vmaA1vmaA1vmaA 1vmaA 1vmaA
1fy7A1fy7A1fy7A 1fy7A 1fy7A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2basA2basA2basA 2basA 2basA
2cxkA2cxkA2cxkA 2cxkA 2cxkA
1ls1A1ls1A1ls1A 1ls1A 1ls1A
2freA2freA2freA 2freA 2freA
1yaiA1yaiA1yaiA 1yaiA 1yaiA
1bouA1bouA1bouA 1bouA 1bouA
1vljA1vljA1vljA 1vljA 1vljA
1oj7A1oj7A1oj7A 1oj7A 1oj7A
2b67A2b67A2b67A 2b67A 2b67A
1w1iE1w1iE1w1iE 1w1iE 1w1iE
1f37A1f37A1f37A 1f37A 1f37A
1f0lA1f0lA1f0lA 1f0lA 1f0lA
1o2dA1o2dA1o2dA 1o2dA 1o2dA
1hnr1hnr1hnr 1hnr 1hnr
1sgmA1sgmA1sgmA 1sgmA 1sgmA
2a1hA2a1hA2a1hA 2a1hA 2a1hA
2fztA2fztA2fztA 2fztA 2fztA
1s4iA1s4iA1s4iA 1s4iA 1s4iA
2g42A2g42A2g42A 2g42A 2g42A
1mj3A1mj3A1mj3A 1mj3A 1mj3A
1y9iA1y9iA1y9iA 1y9iA 1y9iA
1adjA1adjA1adjA 1adjA 1adjA
1u3nA1u3nA1u3nA 1u3nA 1u3nA
2ng12ng12ng1 2ng1 2ng1
1a3c1a3c1a3c 1a3c 1a3c
1u6pA1u6pA1u6pA 1u6pA 1u6pA
1xtlA1xtlA1xtlA 1xtlA 1xtlA
2cw5A2cw5A2cw5A 2cw5A 2cw5A
1xtmA1xtmA1xtmA 1xtmA 1xtmA
16pk16pk16pk 16pk 16pk
1ykdA1ykdA1ykdA 1ykdA 1ykdA
1jb7A1jb7A1jb7A 1jb7A 1jb7A
1lrwA1lrwA1lrwA 1lrwA 1lrwA
1ny9A1ny9A1ny9A 1ny9A 1ny9A
1x3eA1x3eA1x3eA 1x3eA 1x3eA
1au1A1au1A1au1A 1au1A 1au1A
1fts1fts1fts 1fts 1fts
1w30A1w30A1w30A 1w30A 1w30A
2aw4R2aw4R2aw4R 2aw4R 2aw4R
1jvbA1jvbA1jvbA 1jvbA 1jvbA
1dciA1dciA1dciA 1dciA 1dciA
2coiA2coiA2coiA 2coiA 2coiA
1eswA1eswA1eswA 1eswA 1eswA
1dqgA1dqgA1dqgA 1dqgA 1dqgA
2bh1X2bh1X2bh1X 2bh1X 2bh1X
1nybA1nybA1nybA 1nybA 1nybA
1pzsA1pzsA1pzsA 1pzsA 1pzsA
2cwzA2cwzA2cwzA 2cwzA 2cwzA
1vkpA1vkpA1vkpA 1vkpA 1vkpA
1bgvA1bgvA1bgvA 1bgvA 1bgvA
1l4iA1l4iA1l4iA 1l4iA 1l4iA
1sg6A1sg6A1sg6A 1sg6A 1sg6A
1wu3I1wu3I1wu3I 1wu3I 1wu3I
2f4nA2f4nA2f4nA 2f4nA 2f4nA
1pvvA1pvvA1pvvA 1pvvA 1pvvA
1kx5C1kx5C1kx5C 1kx5C 1kx5C
1rrmA1rrmA1rrmA 1rrmA 1rrmA
1ekfA1ekfA1ekfA 1ekfA 1ekfA
1wchA1wchA1wchA 1wchA 1wchA
1xr0A1xr0A1xr0A 1xr0A 1xr0A
1x1nA1x1nA1x1nA 1x1nA 1x1nA
1y80A1y80A1y80A 1y80A 1y80A
1yceA1yceA1yceA 1yceA 1yceA
1e9pA1e9pA1e9pA 1e9pA 1e9pA
2madH2madH2madH 2madH 2madH
1r5tA1r5tA1r5tA 1r5tA 1r5tA
1smbA1smbA1smbA 1smbA 1smbA
1cbjA1cbjA1cbjA 1cbjA 1cbjA
1sy3A1sy3A1sy3A 1sy3A 1sy3A
1eso1eso1eso 1eso 1eso
1n0lA1n0lA1n0lA 1n0lA 1n0lA
1gtzA1gtzA1gtzA 1gtzA 1gtzA
1d0iA1d0iA1d0iA 1d0iA 1d0iA
1ktaA1ktaA1ktaA 1ktaA 1ktaA
1t0yA1t0yA1t0yA 1t0yA 1t0yA
1d2sA1d2sA1d2sA 1d2sA 1d2sA
1rkxA1rkxA1rkxA 1rkxA 1rkxA
1xorA1xorA1xorA 1xorA 1xorA
1kv9A1kv9A1kv9A 1kv9A 1kv9A
2ghsA2ghsA2ghsA 2ghsA 2ghsA
1cseE1cseE1cseE 1cseE 1cseE
1s1i01s1i01s1i0 1s1i0 1s1i0
1eueA1eueA1eueA 1eueA 1eueA
1qpxA1qpxA1qpxA 1qpxA 1qpxA
1j8mF1j8mF1j8mF 1j8mF 1j8mF
1wmjA1wmjA1wmjA 1wmjA 1wmjA
1g92A1g92A1g92A 1g92A 1g92A
1xr4A1xr4A1xr4A 1xr4A 1xr4A
1kzfA1kzfA1kzfA 1kzfA 1kzfA
1q0eA1q0eA1q0eA 1q0eA 1q0eA
1tcvA1tcvA1tcvA 1tcvA 1tcvA
2ajfA2ajfA2ajfA 2ajfA 2ajfA
2bmaA2bmaA2bmaA 2bmaA 2bmaA
1li1A1li1A1li1A 1li1A 1li1A
1vflA1vflA1vflA 1vflA 1vflA
1cyo1cyo1cyo 1cyo 1cyo
2cwaA2cwaA2cwaA 2cwaA 2cwaA
1dqsA1dqsA1dqsA 1dqsA 1dqsA
1o86A1o86A1o86A 1o86A 1o86A
1ys7A1ys7A1ys7A 1ys7A 1ys7A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
3lynA3lynA3lynA 3lynA 3lynA
1k4nA1k4nA1k4nA 1k4nA 1k4nA
1e6yA1e6yA1e6yA 1e6yA 1e6yA
1yr2A1yr2A1yr2A 1yr2A 1yr2A
2g3bA2g3bA2g3bA 2g3bA 2g3bA
1w5fA1w5fA1w5fA 1w5fA 1w5fA
1ki0A1ki0A1ki0A 1ki0A 1ki0A
1h05A1h05A1h05A 1h05A 1h05A
1pguA1pguA1pguA 1pguA 1pguA
1y2kA1y2kA1y2kA 1y2kA 1y2kA
1deeG1deeG1deeG 1deeG 1deeG
1kolA1kolA1kolA 1kolA 1kolA
1yymG1yymG1yymG 1yymG 1yymG
1i0lA1i0lA1i0lA 1i0lA 1i0lA
1neq1neq1neq 1neq 1neq
2fw2A2fw2A2fw2A 2fw2A 2fw2A
1oalA1oalA1oalA 1oalA 1oalA
1yezA1yezA1yezA 1yezA 1yezA
1qmyA1qmyA1qmyA 1qmyA 1qmyA
1o7fA1o7fA1o7fA 1o7fA 1o7fA
2a7kA2a7kA2a7kA 2a7kA 2a7kA
1s72O1s72O1s72O 1s72O 1s72O
2ag9A2ag9A2ag9A 2ag9A 2ag9A
1gtmA1gtmA1gtmA 1gtmA 1gtmA
1kz7A1kz7A1kz7A 1kz7A 1kz7A
1xniA1xniA1xniA 1xniA 1xniA
1qvcA1qvcA1qvcA 1qvcA 1qvcA
1t61A1t61A1t61A 1t61A 1t61A
1tzyA1tzyA1tzyA 1tzyA 1tzyA
2fwhA2fwhA2fwhA 2fwhA 2fwhA
1ssfA1ssfA1ssfA 1ssfA 1ssfA
1uqrA1uqrA1uqrA 1uqrA 1uqrA
1f66C1f66C1f66C 1f66C 1f66C
1yqbA1yqbA1yqbA 1yqbA 1yqbA
1nc81nc81nc8 1nc8 1nc8
1rj9A1rj9A1rj9A 1rj9A 1rj9A
2fbmA2fbmA2fbmA 2fbmA 2fbmA
1x72A1x72A1x72A 1x72A 1x72A
2dhqA2dhqA2dhqA 2dhqA 2dhqA
1uvzA1uvzA1uvzA 1uvzA 1uvzA
1oroA1oroA1oroA 1oroA 1oroA
1a12A1a12A1a12A 1a12A 1a12A
1skoB1skoB1skoB 1skoB 1skoB
1n12A1n12A1n12A 1n12A 1n12A
1fsz1fsz1fsz 1fsz 1fsz
1v04A1v04A1v04A 1v04A 1v04A
1orrA1orrA1orrA 1orrA 1orrA

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