Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1p4xA1p4xA1p4xA 1p4xA 1p4xA
1jgsA1jgsA1jgsA 1jgsA 1jgsA
1ulyA1ulyA1ulyA 1ulyA 1ulyA
2fbhA2fbhA2fbhA 2fbhA 2fbhA
1s3jA1s3jA1s3jA 1s3jA 1s3jA
1ub9A1ub9A1ub9A 1ub9A 1ub9A
2a61A2a61A2a61A 2a61A 2a61A
1z91A1z91A1z91A 1z91A 1z91A
1lnwA1lnwA1lnwA 1lnwA 1lnwA
2fbiA2fbiA2fbiA 2fbiA 2fbiA
2ethA2ethA2ethA 2ethA 2ethA
1lj9A1lj9A1lj9A 1lj9A 1lj9A
1xnpA1xnpA1xnpA 1xnpA 1xnpA
2f2eA2f2eA2f2eA 2f2eA 2f2eA
1on2A1on2A1on2A 1on2A 1on2A
2eshA2eshA2eshA 2eshA 2eshA
1xmaA1xmaA1xmaA 1xmaA 1xmaA
1u2wA1u2wA1u2wA 1u2wA 1u2wA
2dtr2dtr2dtr 2dtr 2dtr
1yyvA1yyvA1yyvA 1yyvA 1yyvA
1r1uA1r1uA1r1uA 1r1uA 1r1uA
1r1tA1r1tA1r1tA 1r1tA 1r1tA
1z7uA1z7uA1z7uA 1z7uA 1z7uA
1smtA1smtA1smtA 1smtA 1smtA
2fswA2fswA2fswA 2fswA 2fswA
1qzzA1qzzA1qzzA 1qzzA 1qzzA
1mkmA1mkmA1mkmA 1mkmA 1mkmA
2g7uA2g7uA2g7uA 2g7uA 2g7uA
1fp1D1fp1D1fp1D 1fp1D 1fp1D
1sfxA1sfxA1sfxA 1sfxA 1sfxA
2b0lA2b0lA2b0lA 2b0lA 2b0lA
1zl8A1zl8A1zl8A 1zl8A 1zl8A
1fp2A1fp2A1fp2A 1fp2A 1fp2A
1yg2A1yg2A1yg2A 1yg2A 1yg2A
2cfxA2cfxA2cfxA 2cfxA 2cfxA
1y74A1y74A1y74A 1y74A 1y74A
2fnaA2fnaA2fnaA 2fnaA 2fnaA
2cg4A2cg4A2cg4A 2cg4A 2cg4A
1xd7A1xd7A1xd7A 1xd7A 1xd7A
1e5rA1e5rA1e5rA 1e5rA 1e5rA
1ri7A1ri7A1ri7A 1ri7A 1ri7A
2dbbA2dbbA2dbbA 2dbbA 2dbbA
1okrA1okrA1okrA 1okrA 1okrA
1jbkA1jbkA1jbkA 1jbkA 1jbkA
1kg1A1kg1A1kg1A 1kg1A 1kg1A
1n9bA1n9bA1n9bA 1n9bA 1n9bA
1yjsA1yjsA1yjsA 1yjsA 1yjsA
1sd4A1sd4A1sd4A 1sd4A 1sd4A
1b33N1b33N1b33N 1b33N 1b33N
1bl0A1bl0A1bl0A 1bl0A 1bl0A
1l3lA1l3lA1l3lA 1l3lA 1l3lA
1dd3C1dd3C1dd3C 1dd3C 1dd3C
1zavU1zavU1zavU 1zavU 1zavU
1ermA1ermA1ermA 1ermA 1ermA
2et1A2et1A2et1A 2et1A 2et1A
1es5A1es5A1es5A 1es5A 1es5A
1wwhA1wwhA1wwhA 1wwhA 1wwhA
1g6aA1g6aA1g6aA 1g6aA 1g6aA
1r7jA1r7jA1r7jA 1r7jA 1r7jA
1ju2A1ju2A1ju2A 1ju2A 1ju2A
1bueA1bueA1bueA 1bueA 1bueA
1yfbA1yfbA1yfbA 1yfbA 1yfbA
2cohA2cohA2cohA 2cohA 2cohA
1i4jA1i4jA1i4jA 1i4jA 1i4jA
1z0rA1z0rA1z0rA 1z0rA 1z0rA
1dgwX1dgwX1dgwX 1dgwX 1dgwX
1ektA1ektA1ektA 1ektA 1ektA
1xn5A1xn5A1xn5A 1xn5A 1xn5A
1m40A1m40A1m40A 1m40A 1m40A
1wm3A1wm3A1wm3A 1wm3A 1wm3A
1ui5A1ui5A1ui5A 1ui5A 1ui5A
1oj4A1oj4A1oj4A 1oj4A 1oj4A
1yljA1yljA1yljA 1yljA 1yljA
1esiA1esiA1esiA 1esiA 1esiA
1oe4A1oe4A1oe4A 1oe4A 1oe4A
1tvkA1tvkA1tvkA 1tvkA 1tvkA
1p0hA1p0hA1p0hA 1p0hA 1p0hA
1fi2A1fi2A1fi2A 1fi2A 1fi2A
2f1sA2f1sA2f1sA 2f1sA 2f1sA
1m1eB1m1eB1m1eB 1m1eB 1m1eB
2fxaA2fxaA2fxaA 2fxaA 2fxaA
1rktA1rktA1rktA 1rktA 1rktA
1z94A1z94A1z94A 1z94A 1z94A
1w3uA1w3uA1w3uA 1w3uA 1w3uA
1mzbA1mzbA1mzbA 1mzbA 1mzbA
1q1hA1q1hA1q1hA 1q1hA 1q1hA
1irzA1irzA1irzA 1irzA 1irzA
1iysA1iysA1iysA 1iysA 1iysA
2cokA2cokA2cokA 2cokA 2cokA
1bj4A1bj4A1bj4A 1bj4A 1bj4A
1fjgT1fjgT1fjgT 1fjgT 1fjgT
2arsA2arsA2arsA 2arsA 2arsA
1zybA1zybA1zybA 1zybA 1zybA
1yd7A1yd7A1yd7A 1yd7A 1yd7A
1ud0A1ud0A1ud0A 1ud0A 1ud0A
1oltA1oltA1oltA 1oltA 1oltA
1jffA1jffA1jffA 1jffA 1jffA
1xmkA1xmkA1xmkA 1xmkA 1xmkA
1fc4A1fc4A1fc4A 1fc4A 1fc4A
2bcfA2bcfA2bcfA 2bcfA 2bcfA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1iijA1iijA1iijA 1iijA 1iijA
1jj2O1jj2O1jj2O 1jj2O 1jj2O
1ka9H1ka9H1ka9H 1ka9H 1ka9H
1btl1btl1btl 1btl 1btl
1rv3A1rv3A1rv3A 1rv3A 1rv3A
2fq4A2fq4A2fq4A 2fq4A 2fq4A
1bza1bza1bza 1bza 1bza
2acjA2acjA2acjA 2acjA 2acjA
1x13A1x13A1x13A 1x13A 1x13A
1fy7A1fy7A1fy7A 1fy7A 1fy7A
1bw0A1bw0A1bw0A 1bw0A 1bw0A
2gdnA2gdnA2gdnA 2gdnA 2gdnA
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1kl1A1kl1A1kl1A 1kl1A 1kl1A
2b8mA2b8mA2b8mA 2b8mA 2b8mA
1bb91bb91bb9 1bb9 1bb9
1hzoA1hzoA1hzoA 1hzoA 1hzoA
2bgcA2bgcA2bgcA 2bgcA 2bgcA
2g3bA2g3bA2g3bA 2g3bA 2g3bA
1pbjA1pbjA1pbjA 1pbjA 1pbjA
1i6xA1i6xA1i6xA 1i6xA 1i6xA
1hw5A1hw5A1hw5A 1hw5A 1hw5A
1i2sA1i2sA1i2sA 1i2sA 1i2sA
1wmxA1wmxA1wmxA 1wmxA 1wmxA
1aisA1aisA1aisA 1aisA 1aisA
1qa5A1qa5A1qa5A 1qa5A 1qa5A
2amxA2amxA2amxA 2amxA 2amxA
1mp9A1mp9A1mp9A 1mp9A 1mp9A
1yrnB1yrnB1yrnB 1yrnB 1yrnB
1z6fA1z6fA1z6fA 1z6fA 1z6fA
2gfnA2gfnA2gfnA 2gfnA 2gfnA
1w98B1w98B1w98B 1w98B 1w98B
1nj4A1nj4A1nj4A 1nj4A 1nj4A
1dfoA1dfoA1dfoA 1dfoA 1dfoA
1x7oA1x7oA1x7oA 1x7oA 1x7oA
2bbrA2bbrA2bbrA 2bbrA 2bbrA
1w23A1w23A1w23A 1w23A 1w23A
1juhA1juhA1juhA 1juhA 1juhA
1jhfA1jhfA1jhfA 1jhfA 1jhfA
1wn8A1wn8A1wn8A 1wn8A 1wn8A
1xm7A1xm7A1xm7A 1xm7A 1xm7A
1qnaA1qnaA1qnaA 1qnaA 1qnaA
1h05A1h05A1h05A 1h05A 1h05A
2g7sA2g7sA2g7sA 2g7sA 2g7sA
1jjfA1jjfA1jjfA 1jjfA 1jjfA
1t6sA1t6sA1t6sA 1t6sA 1t6sA
2b5nA2b5nA2b5nA 2b5nA 2b5nA
1s72R1s72R1s72R 1s72R 1s72R
2fexA2fexA2fexA 2fexA 2fexA
4blmA4blmA4blmA 4blmA 4blmA
1v2dA1v2dA1v2dA 1v2dA 1v2dA
1qojA1qojA1qojA 1qojA 1qojA
1njkA1njkA1njkA 1njkA 1njkA
1z77A1z77A1z77A 1z77A 1z77A

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