Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rfeA1rfeA1rfeA 1rfeA 1rfeA
2arzA2arzA2arzA 2arzA 2arzA
2fhqA2fhqA2fhqA 2fhqA 2fhqA
2fg9A2fg9A2fg9A 2fg9A 2fg9A
2furA2furA2furA 2furA 2furA
1xxoA1xxoA1xxoA 1xxoA 1xxoA
2asfA2asfA2asfA 2asfA 2asfA
1w9aA1w9aA1w9aA 1w9aA 1w9aA
2aq6A2aq6A2aq6A 2aq6A 2aq6A
1vl7A1vl7A1vl7A 1vl7A 1vl7A
1t9mA1t9mA1t9mA 1t9mA 1t9mA
1nrgA1nrgA1nrgA 1nrgA 1nrgA
1ty9A1ty9A1ty9A 1ty9A 1ty9A
1dnlA1dnlA1dnlA 1dnlA 1dnlA
1g79A1g79A1g79A 1g79A 1g79A
1w3oA1w3oA1w3oA 1w3oA 1w3oA
1xhnA1xhnA1xhnA 1xhnA 1xhnA
1qlmA1qlmA1qlmA 1qlmA 1qlmA
1v86A1v86A1v86A 1v86A 1v86A
1ejeA1ejeA1ejeA 1ejeA 1ejeA
1yoaA1yoaA1yoaA 1yoaA 1yoaA
2d37A2d37A2d37A 2d37A 2d37A
1wgbA1wgbA1wgbA 1wgbA 1wgbA
1qxyA1qxyA1qxyA 1qxyA 1qxyA
1iu8A1iu8A1iu8A 1iu8A 1iu8A
1yypB1yypB1yypB 1yypB 1yypB
2ggcA2ggcA2ggcA 2ggcA 2ggcA
1rz1A1rz1A1rz1A 1rz1A 1rz1A
1augA1augA1augA 1augA 1augA
1az91az91az9 1az9 1az9
1dfwA1dfwA1dfwA 1dfwA 1dfwA
2akfA2akfA2akfA 2akfA 2akfA
1f4sP1f4sP1f4sP 1f4sP 1f4sP
1i0sA1i0sA1i0sA 1i0sA 1i0sA
1i0rA1i0rA1i0rA 1i0rA 1i0rA
1utaA1utaA1utaA 1utaA 1utaA
1flmA1flmA1flmA 1flmA 1flmA
1uscA1uscA1uscA 1uscA 1uscA
1tvfA1tvfA1tvfA 1tvfA 1tvfA
1h2wA1h2wA1h2wA 1h2wA 1h2wA
1pytA1pytA1pytA 1pytA 1pytA
1wwuA1wwuA1wwuA 1wwuA 1wwuA
1qfmA1qfmA1qfmA 1qfmA 1qfmA
2gecA2gecA2gecA 2gecA 2gecA
2a7yA2a7yA2a7yA 2a7yA 2a7yA
1bg61bg61bg6 1bg6 1bg6
1o0xA1o0xA1o0xA 1o0xA 1o0xA
1r6wA1r6wA1r6wA 1r6wA 1r6wA
1rwtA1rwtA1rwtA 1rwtA 1rwtA
1oyc1oyc1oyc 1oyc 1oyc
2anyA2anyA2anyA 2anyA 2anyA
2ezdA2ezdA2ezdA 2ezdA 2ezdA
1f2dA1f2dA1f2dA 1f2dA 1f2dA
2anwA2anwA2anwA 2anwA 2anwA
1y6uA1y6uA1y6uA 1y6uA 1y6uA
1v2yA1v2yA1v2yA 1v2yA 1v2yA
1iwcA1iwcA1iwcA 1iwcA 1iwcA
2g9zA2g9zA2g9zA 2g9zA 2g9zA
1y1nA1y1nA1y1nA 1y1nA 1y1nA
1tyfA1tyfA1tyfA 1tyfA 1tyfA
1xnzA1xnzA1xnzA 1xnzA 1xnzA
1c24A1c24A1c24A 1c24A 1c24A
1kn6A1kn6A1kn6A 1kn6A 1kn6A
2cqnA2cqnA2cqnA 2cqnA 2cqnA
1n9lA1n9lA1n9lA 1n9lA 1n9lA
2g39A2g39A2g39A 2g39A 2g39A
2b3hA2b3hA2b3hA 2b3hA 2b3hA
2bhwA2bhwA2bhwA 2bhwA 2bhwA
1ig0A1ig0A1ig0A 1ig0A 1ig0A
1kwgA1kwgA1kwgA 1kwgA 1kwgA
2lisA2lisA2lisA 2lisA 2lisA
1w2yA1w2yA1w2yA 1w2yA 1w2yA
2pfkA2pfkA2pfkA 2pfkA 2pfkA
1esiA1esiA1esiA 1esiA 1esiA
1t23A1t23A1t23A 1t23A 1t23A
1go4E1go4E1go4E 1go4E 1go4E
1p97A1p97A1p97A 1p97A 1p97A
1wa8B1wa8B1wa8B 1wa8B 1wa8B
1wkcA1wkcA1wkcA 1wkcA 1wkcA
1a2zA1a2zA1a2zA 1a2zA 1a2zA
1qmgA1qmgA1qmgA 1qmgA 1qmgA
1fe0A1fe0A1fe0A 1fe0A 1fe0A
1se8A1se8A1se8A 1se8A 1se8A
2b20A2b20A2b20A 2b20A 2b20A
1v9yA1v9yA1v9yA 1v9yA 1v9yA
1h3fA1h3fA1h3fA 1h3fA 1h3fA
1z2kA1z2kA1z2kA 1z2kA 1z2kA
2gjgA2gjgA2gjgA 2gjgA 2gjgA
4pfk4pfk4pfk 4pfk 4pfk
1x9bA1x9bA1x9bA 1x9bA 1x9bA
1guxA1guxA1guxA 1guxA 1guxA
1z2uA1z2uA1z2uA 1z2uA 1z2uA
1chmA1chmA1chmA 1chmA 1chmA
1pprM1pprM1pprM 1pprM 1pprM
1u3aA1u3aA1u3aA 1u3aA 1u3aA
2pgd2pgd2pgd 2pgd 2pgd
1yfnA1yfnA1yfnA 1yfnA 1yfnA
1jnyA1jnyA1jnyA 1jnyA 1jnyA
1de4C1de4C1de4C 1de4C 1de4C
2axtZ2axtZ2axtZ 2axtZ 2axtZ

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1b35A1b35A1b35A 1b35A 1b35A
2bodX2bodX2bodX 2bodX 2bodX
1ks9A1ks9A1ks9A 1ks9A 1ks9A
1zgyA1zgyA1zgyA 1zgyA 1zgyA
1tuaA1tuaA1tuaA 1tuaA 1tuaA
1u4bA1u4bA1u4bA 1u4bA 1u4bA
1w5tA1w5tA1w5tA 1w5tA 1w5tA
1gkmA1gkmA1gkmA 1gkmA 1gkmA
1j0dA1j0dA1j0dA 1j0dA 1j0dA
1b8fA1b8fA1b8fA 1b8fA 1b8fA
1jnuA1jnuA1jnuA 1jnuA 1jnuA
1x0oA1x0oA1x0oA 1x0oA 1x0oA
1f60A1f60A1f60A 1f60A 1f60A
1y4wA1y4wA1y4wA 1y4wA 1y4wA
1mrzA1mrzA1mrzA 1mrzA 1mrzA
1ii5A1ii5A1ii5A 1ii5A 1ii5A
1x23A1x23A1x23A 1x23A 1x23A
1xwoA1xwoA1xwoA 1xwoA 1xwoA
1souA1souA1souA 1souA 1souA
2fo3A2fo3A2fo3A 2fo3A 2fo3A
1vyrA1vyrA1vyrA 1vyrA 1vyrA
1ryjA1ryjA1ryjA 1ryjA 1ryjA
2cq2A2cq2A2cq2A 2cq2A 2cq2A
1qc7A1qc7A1qc7A 1qc7A 1qc7A
2bklA2bklA2bklA 2bklA 2bklA
1xgsA1xgsA1xgsA 1xgsA 1xgsA
1t0cA1t0cA1t0cA 1t0cA 1t0cA
1gvoA1gvoA1gvoA 1gvoA 1gvoA
1pzqA1pzqA1pzqA 1pzqA 1pzqA
1jb0M1jb0M1jb0M 1jb0M 1jb0M
1ou8A1ou8A1ou8A 1ou8A 1ou8A
1fzcA1fzcA1fzcA 1fzcA 1fzcA
1wuiS1wuiS1wuiS 1wuiS 1wuiS
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1lis1lis1lis 1lis 1lis
1emvB1emvB1emvB 1emvB 1emvB
1xj4A1xj4A1xj4A 1xj4A 1xj4A
2ayvA2ayvA2ayvA 2ayvA 2ayvA
2ltnA2ltnA2ltnA 2ltnA 2ltnA
1h2cA1h2cA1h2cA 1h2cA 1h2cA
1lenA1lenA1lenA 1lenA 1lenA
1v5tA1v5tA1v5tA 1v5tA 1v5tA
1obr1obr1obr 1obr 1obr
2a74A2a74A2a74A 2a74A 2a74A
1scfA1scfA1scfA 1scfA 1scfA
2d0oB2d0oB2d0oB 2d0oB 2d0oB
1lq7A1lq7A1lq7A 1lq7A 1lq7A
1bywA1bywA1bywA 1bywA 1bywA
1ss4A1ss4A1ss4A 1ss4A 1ss4A
2fnaA2fnaA2fnaA 2fnaA 2fnaA
1r75A1r75A1r75A 1r75A 1r75A
2fzsA2fzsA2fzsA 2fzsA 2fzsA
1x0vA1x0vA1x0vA 1x0vA 1x0vA
1ig3A1ig3A1ig3A 1ig3A 1ig3A
2f6sA2f6sA2f6sA 2f6sA 2f6sA

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