Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1rxqA1rxqA1rxqA 1rxqA 1rxqA
1pu1A1pu1A1pu1A 1pu1A 1pu1A
1t0fC1t0fC1t0fC 1t0fC 1t0fC
1gupA1gupA1gupA 1gupA 1gupA
1w1wE1w1wE1w1wE 1w1wE 1w1wE
2bs3C2bs3C2bs3C 2bs3C 2bs3C
1lg7A1lg7A1lg7A 1lg7A 1lg7A
1vd8A1vd8A1vd8A 1vd8A 1vd8A
1guqA1guqA1guqA 1guqA 1guqA
1usuB1usuB1usuB 1usuB 1usuB
1hxpA1hxpA1hxpA 1hxpA 1hxpA
2f69A2f69A2f69A 2f69A 2f69A
1se7A1se7A1se7A 1se7A 1se7A
1fiuA1fiuA1fiuA 1fiuA 1fiuA
1wpkA1wpkA1wpkA 1wpkA 1wpkA
1eumA1eumA1eumA 1eumA 1eumA
1cz7A1cz7A1cz7A 1cz7A 1cz7A
1ocsA1ocsA1ocsA 1ocsA 1ocsA
1x79B1x79B1x79B 1x79B 1x79B
1qpmA1qpmA1qpmA 1qpmA 1qpmA
1xy7A1xy7A1xy7A 1xy7A 1xy7A
1tns1tns1tns 1tns 1tns
1x4rA1x4rA1x4rA 1x4rA 1x4rA
1qlaC1qlaC1qlaC 1qlaC 1qlaC
1ohgA1ohgA1ohgA 1ohgA 1ohgA
1s0pA1s0pA1s0pA 1s0pA 1s0pA
1n3jA1n3jA1n3jA 1n3jA 1n3jA
1t1dA1t1dA1t1dA 1t1dA 1t1dA
1zfo1zfo1zfo 1zfo 1zfo
1rypG1rypG1rypG 1rypG 1rypG
1jpyB1jpyB1jpyB 1jpyB 1jpyB
1i6zA1i6zA1i6zA 1i6zA 1i6zA
2gp5A2gp5A2gp5A 2gp5A 2gp5A
2fbyA2fbyA2fbyA 2fbyA 2fbyA
2a9iA2a9iA2a9iA 2a9iA 2a9iA
2b18A2b18A2b18A 2b18A 2b18A
1uunA1uunA1uunA 1uunA 1uunA
1vc3A1vc3A1vc3A 1vc3A 1vc3A
1ghpA1ghpA1ghpA 1ghpA 1ghpA
1a321a321a32 1a32 1a32
2citA2citA2citA 2citA 2citA
1bueA1bueA1bueA 1bueA 1bueA
1attA1attA1attA 1attA 1attA
1v1dA1v1dA1v1dA 1v1dA 1v1dA
1a481a481a48 1a48 1a48
1v4aA1v4aA1v4aA 1v4aA 1v4aA
1jfaA1jfaA1jfaA 1jfaA 1jfaA
1jfgA1jfgA1jfgA 1jfgA 1jfgA
1ehs1ehs1ehs 1ehs 1ehs
1u2kA1u2kA1u2kA 1u2kA 1u2kA
1au1A1au1A1au1A 1au1A 1au1A
1zvpA1zvpA1zvpA 1zvpA 1zvpA
1mnmA1mnmA1mnmA 1mnmA 1mnmA
1twuA1twuA1twuA 1twuA 1twuA
1dv1A1dv1A1dv1A 1dv1A 1dv1A
1oryB1oryB1oryB 1oryB 1oryB
1ab31ab31ab3 1ab3 1ab3
1n1bA1n1bA1n1bA 1n1bA 1n1bA
1x6fA1x6fA1x6fA 1x6fA 1x6fA
2fug52fug52fug5 2fug5 2fug5
1smtB1smtB1smtB 1smtB 1smtB
1fh6A1fh6A1fh6A 1fh6A 1fh6A
1attB1attB1attB 1attB 1attB
1rypB1rypB1rypB 1rypB 1rypB
1ni9A1ni9A1ni9A 1ni9A 1ni9A
1r6fA1r6fA1r6fA 1r6fA 1r6fA
1bia1bia1bia 1bia 1bia
1u35D1u35D1u35D 1u35D 1u35D
1rmi1rmi1rmi 1rmi 1rmi
1kiyA1kiyA1kiyA 1kiyA 1kiyA
1yt3A1yt3A1yt3A 1yt3A 1yt3A
1zfjA1zfjA1zfjA 1zfjA 1zfjA
1rypA1rypA1rypA 1rypA 1rypA
3kvt3kvt3kvt 3kvt 3kvt
1jqlB1jqlB1jqlB 1jqlB 1jqlB
103l103l103l 103l 103l
1f9vA1f9vA1f9vA 1f9vA 1f9vA
1bib1bib1bib 1bib 1bib
1gd5A1gd5A1gd5A 1gd5A 1gd5A
1m7gA1m7gA1m7gA 1m7gA 1m7gA
2aj0A2aj0A2aj0A 2aj0A 2aj0A
1hxvA1hxvA1hxvA 1hxvA 1hxvA
1nn7A1nn7A1nn7A 1nn7A 1nn7A
1s9uA1s9uA1s9uA 1s9uA 1s9uA
1uxzA1uxzA1uxzA 1uxzA 1uxzA
1pgyA1pgyA1pgyA 1pgyA 1pgyA
1ifa1ifa1ifa 1ifa 1ifa
1du2A1du2A1du2A 1du2A 1du2A
2a5kA2a5kA2a5kA 2a5kA 2a5kA
1zg2A1zg2A1zg2A 1zg2A 1zg2A
1rcd1rcd1rcd 1rcd 1rcd
1io1A1io1A1io1A 1io1A 1io1A
2amdA2amdA2amdA 2amdA 2amdA
1frvB1frvB1frvB 1frvB 1frvB
2gk4A2gk4A2gk4A 2gk4A 2gk4A
1nt2B1nt2B1nt2B 1nt2B 1nt2B
1bssA1bssA1bssA 1bssA 1bssA
1v38A1v38A1v38A 1v38A 1v38A
1abrB1abrB1abrB 1abrB 1abrB
1r71A1r71A1r71A 1r71A 1r71A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1i4jA1i4jA1i4jA 1i4jA 1i4jA
1ii6A1ii6A1ii6A 1ii6A 1ii6A
1uteA1uteA1uteA 1uteA 1uteA
1itf1itf1itf 1itf 1itf
1q0bA1q0bA1q0bA 1q0bA 1q0bA
1wycA1wycA1wycA 1wycA 1wycA
1r03A1r03A1r03A 1r03A 1r03A
1r75A1r75A1r75A 1r75A 1r75A
2ghcX2ghcX2ghcX 2ghcX 2ghcX
1vlgA1vlgA1vlgA 1vlgA 1vlgA
1bhb1bhb1bhb 1bhb 1bhb
1goiA1goiA1goiA 1goiA 1goiA
1onvB1onvB1onvB 1onvB 1onvB
2bvfA2bvfA2bvfA 2bvfA 2bvfA
1v54M1v54M1v54M 1v54M 1v54M
1ao81ao81ao8 1ao8 1ao8
1dx4A1dx4A1dx4A 1dx4A 1dx4A
1aew1aew1aew 1aew 1aew
1dat1dat1dat 1dat 1dat
1k28A1k28A1k28A 1k28A 1k28A
1x8yA1x8yA1x8yA 1x8yA 1x8yA
1jpyA1jpyA1jpyA 1jpyA 1jpyA
2frvB2frvB2frvB 2frvB 2frvB
2bnkA2bnkA2bnkA 2bnkA 2bnkA
1iu8A1iu8A1iu8A 1iu8A 1iu8A
1o7kA1o7kA1o7kA 1o7kA 1o7kA
2ilk2ilk2ilk 2ilk 2ilk
1w32A1w32A1w32A 1w32A 1w32A
1zoyB1zoyB1zoyB 1zoyB 1zoyB
1b7yB1b7yB1b7yB 1b7yB 1b7yB
1vfvA1vfvA1vfvA 1vfvA 1vfvA
1pmaP1pmaP1pmaP 1pmaP 1pmaP
1vmaA1vmaA1vmaA 1vmaA 1vmaA
1g0uG1g0uG1g0uG 1g0uG 1g0uG
1ron1ron1ron 1ron 1ron
2c5rA2c5rA2c5rA 2c5rA 2c5rA
2azjA2azjA2azjA 2azjA 2azjA
1sgg1sgg1sgg 1sgg 1sgg
1bm4A1bm4A1bm4A 1bm4A 1bm4A
2occM2occM2occM 2occM 2occM
1u46A1u46A1u46A 1u46A 1u46A
2cps2cps2cps 2cps 2cps
2cpb2cpb2cpb 2cpb 2cpb
2cokA2cokA2cokA 2cokA 2cokA
1hx1B1hx1B1hx1B 1hx1B 1hx1B
1f8pA1f8pA1f8pA 1f8pA 1f8pA
1vdrA1vdrA1vdrA 1vdrA 1vdrA
1fdm1fdm1fdm 1fdm 1fdm
1ifj1ifj1ifj 1ifj 1ifj

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