Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2fbnA2fbnA2fbnA 2fbnA 2fbnA
1xnfA1xnfA1xnfA 1xnfA 1xnfA
1hh8A1hh8A1hh8A 1hh8A 1hh8A
1ihgA1ihgA1ihgA 1ihgA 1ihgA
1elrA1elrA1elrA 1elrA 1elrA
1elwA1elwA1elwA 1elwA 1elwA
1hxiA1hxiA1hxiA 1hxiA 1hxiA
1ouvA1ouvA1ouvA 1ouvA 1ouvA
1na3A1na3A1na3A 1na3A 1na3A
1qsaA1qsaA1qsaA 1qsaA 1qsaA
1w6kA1w6kA1w6kA 1w6kA 1w6kA
1tn6A1tn6A1tn6A 1tn6A 1tn6A
1s12A1s12A1s12A 1s12A 1s12A
1qqfA1qqfA1qqfA 1qqfA 1qqfA
2ff4A2ff4A2ff4A 2ff4A 2ff4A
1w1nA1w1nA1w1nA 1w1nA 1w1nA
1q5zA1q5zA1q5zA 1q5zA 1q5zA
2gsvA2gsvA2gsvA 2gsvA 2gsvA
1u0sA1u0sA1u0sA 1u0sA 1u0sA
1y60A1y60A1y60A 1y60A 1y60A
1dceB1dceB1dceB 1dceB 1dceB
1lldA1lldA1lldA 1lldA 1lldA
1v2zA1v2zA1v2zA 1v2zA 1v2zA
1eerA1eerA1eerA 1eerA 1eerA
2crbA2crbA2crbA 2crbA 2crbA
1h54A1h54A1h54A 1h54A 1h54A
1x1zA1x1zA1x1zA 1x1zA 1x1zA
1x75A1x75A1x75A 1x75A 1x75A
1yvrA1yvrA1yvrA 1yvrA 1yvrA
1b43A1b43A1b43A 1b43A 1b43A
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1g2cB1g2cB1g2cB 1g2cB 1g2cB
1y9uA1y9uA1y9uA 1y9uA 1y9uA
2fdsA2fdsA2fdsA 2fdsA 2fdsA
1ujnA1ujnA1ujnA 1ujnA 1ujnA
1k0hA1k0hA1k0hA 1k0hA 1k0hA
1e6cA1e6cA1e6cA 1e6cA 1e6cA
1u55A1u55A1u55A 1u55A 1u55A
2ap3A2ap3A2ap3A 2ap3A 2ap3A
1hb6A1hb6A1hb6A 1hb6A 1hb6A
1uuhA1uuhA1uuhA 1uuhA 1uuhA
1guqA1guqA1guqA 1guqA 1guqA
1ne9A1ne9A1ne9A 1ne9A 1ne9A
1h8bA1h8bA1h8bA 1h8bA 1h8bA
2bmjA2bmjA2bmjA 2bmjA 2bmjA
1vqtA1vqtA1vqtA 1vqtA 1vqtA
1lba1lba1lba 1lba 1lba
1ej0A1ej0A1ej0A 1ej0A 1ej0A
1up7A1up7A1up7A 1up7A 1up7A
1oq9A1oq9A1oq9A 1oq9A 1oq9A
1cxqA1cxqA1cxqA 1cxqA 1cxqA
1n4qB1n4qB1n4qB 1n4qB 1n4qB
2sqcA2sqcA2sqcA 2sqcA 2sqcA
1ul4A1ul4A1ul4A 1ul4A 1ul4A
1xvxA1xvxA1xvxA 1xvxA 1xvxA
1vp8A1vp8A1vp8A 1vp8A 1vp8A
1agi1agi1agi 1agi 1agi
1am9A1am9A1am9A 1am9A 1am9A
1r2mA1r2mA1r2mA 1r2mA 1r2mA
2b97A2b97A2b97A 2b97A 2b97A
1iukA1iukA1iukA 1iukA 1iukA
2f22A2f22A2f22A 2f22A 2f22A
1hz4A1hz4A1hz4A 1hz4A 1hz4A
2ghjA2ghjA2ghjA 2ghjA 2ghjA
1or0B1or0B1or0B 1or0B 1or0B
2ae5B2ae5B2ae5B 2ae5B 2ae5B
1m5nQ1m5nQ1m5nQ 1m5nQ 1m5nQ
1wwhA1wwhA1wwhA 1wwhA 1wwhA
2fl7A2fl7A2fl7A 2fl7A 2fl7A
1gutA1gutA1gutA 1gutA 1gutA
1f5nA1f5nA1f5nA 1f5nA 1f5nA
1dp4A1dp4A1dp4A 1dp4A 1dp4A
1hqsA1hqsA1hqsA 1hqsA 1hqsA
1qkkA1qkkA1qkkA 1qkkA 1qkkA
1vhh1vhh1vhh 1vhh 1vhh
1z82A1z82A1z82A 1z82A 1z82A
1qvcA1qvcA1qvcA 1qvcA 1qvcA
2esrA2esrA2esrA 2esrA 2esrA
1yzsA1yzsA1yzsA 1yzsA 1yzsA
1vm0A1vm0A1vm0A 1vm0A 1vm0A
1ofwA1ofwA1ofwA 1ofwA 1ofwA
1j0pA1j0pA1j0pA 1j0pA 1j0pA
1cpt1cpt1cpt 1cpt 1cpt
1v7nV1v7nV1v7nV 1v7nV 1v7nV
1txkA1txkA1txkA 1txkA 1txkA
1sg6A1sg6A1sg6A 1sg6A 1sg6A
1wlfA1wlfA1wlfA 1wlfA 1wlfA
1x0vA1x0vA1x0vA 1x0vA 1x0vA
1za0A1za0A1za0A 1za0A 1za0A
1sknP1sknP1sknP 1sknP 1sknP
1a9xA1a9xA1a9xA 1a9xA 1a9xA
1dljA1dljA1dljA 1dljA 1dljA
2fztA2fztA2fztA 2fztA 2fztA
1s9kD1s9kD1s9kD 1s9kD 1s9kD
2bnxA2bnxA2bnxA 2bnxA 2bnxA

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