Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1hh8A1hh8A1hh8A 1hh8A 1hh8A
1ihgA1ihgA1ihgA 1ihgA 1ihgA
1xnfA1xnfA1xnfA 1xnfA 1xnfA
1wm5A1wm5A1wm5A 1wm5A 1wm5A
1elrA1elrA1elrA 1elrA 1elrA
1ld8A1ld8A1ld8A 1ld8A 1ld8A
1elwA1elwA1elwA 1elwA 1elwA
1d8dA1d8dA1d8dA 1d8dA 1d8dA
2fbnA2fbnA2fbnA 2fbnA 2fbnA
1a171a171a17 1a17 1a17
1tn6A1tn6A1tn6A 1tn6A 1tn6A
1qqeA1qqeA1qqeA 1qqeA 1qqeA
1hxiA1hxiA1hxiA 1hxiA 1hxiA
1ouvA1ouvA1ouvA 1ouvA 1ouvA
1na3A1na3A1na3A 1na3A 1na3A
2avpA2avpA2avpA 2avpA 2avpA
2ff4A2ff4A2ff4A 2ff4A 2ff4A
1qqfA1qqfA1qqfA 1qqfA 1qqfA
1s12A1s12A1s12A 1s12A 1s12A
1bi5A1bi5A1bi5A 1bi5A 1bi5A
1dceA1dceA1dceA 1dceA 1dceA
1rkbA1rkbA1rkbA 1rkbA 1rkbA
2cqsA2cqsA2cqsA 2cqsA 2cqsA
1dceB1dceB1dceB 1dceB 1dceB
1w1nA1w1nA1w1nA 1w1nA 1w1nA
1lf6A1lf6A1lf6A 1lf6A 1lf6A
1q5zA1q5zA1q5zA 1q5zA 1q5zA
1j77A1j77A1j77A 1j77A 1j77A
2gsvA2gsvA2gsvA 2gsvA 2gsvA
1hnjA1hnjA1hnjA 1hnjA 1hnjA
1u0mA1u0mA1u0mA 1u0mA 1u0mA
1dp4A1dp4A1dp4A 1dp4A 1dp4A
1w36C1w36C1w36C 1w36C 1w36C
1g2cB1g2cB1g2cB 1g2cB 1g2cB
1y60A1y60A1y60A 1y60A 1y60A
1hb6A1hb6A1hb6A 1hb6A 1hb6A
2crbA2crbA2crbA 2crbA 2crbA
1v2zA1v2zA1v2zA 1v2zA 1v2zA
1hqsA1hqsA1hqsA 1hqsA 1hqsA
1pb1A1pb1A1pb1A 1pb1A 1pb1A
1z3iX1z3iX1z3iX 1z3iX 1z3iX
2aqwA2aqwA2aqwA 2aqwA 2aqwA
1cnzA1cnzA1cnzA 1cnzA 1cnzA
1x3eA1x3eA1x3eA 1x3eA 1x3eA
1go3F1go3F1go3F 1go3F 1go3F
1x75A1x75A1x75A 1x75A 1x75A
1za0A1za0A1za0A 1za0A 1za0A
1p49A1p49A1p49A 1p49A 1p49A
1cxqA1cxqA1cxqA 1cxqA 1cxqA
1cc51cc51cc5 1cc5 1cc5
1w25A1w25A1w25A 1w25A 1w25A
1h54A1h54A1h54A 1h54A 1h54A
1uuhA1uuhA1uuhA 1uuhA 1uuhA
1ne9A1ne9A1ne9A 1ne9A 1ne9A
2ap3A2ap3A2ap3A 2ap3A 2ap3A
2fflA2fflA2fflA 2fflA 2fflA
1evyA1evyA1evyA 1evyA 1evyA
1ue1A1ue1A1ue1A 1ue1A 1ue1A
1tn6B1tn6B1tn6B 1tn6B 1tn6B
1bl3A1bl3A1bl3A 1bl3A 1bl3A
1ltzA1ltzA1ltzA 1ltzA 1ltzA
1d8dB1d8dB1d8dB 1d8dB 1d8dB
1f0kA1f0kA1f0kA 1f0kA 1f0kA
1v7wA1v7wA1v7wA 1v7wA 1v7wA
1fvuA1fvuA1fvuA 1fvuA 1fvuA
2fdsA2fdsA2fdsA 2fdsA 2fdsA
1m4zA1m4zA1m4zA 1m4zA 1m4zA
2bcfA2bcfA2bcfA 2bcfA 2bcfA
1tbbA1tbbA1tbbA 1tbbA 1tbbA
2cvzA2cvzA2cvzA 2cvzA 2cvzA
1r2mA1r2mA1r2mA 1r2mA 1r2mA
2a73B2a73B2a73B 2a73B 2a73B
2evaA2evaA2evaA 2evaA 2evaA
2liv2liv2liv 2liv 2liv
1nkpB1nkpB1nkpB 1nkpB 1nkpB
1afrA1afrA1afrA 1afrA 1afrA
2b97A2b97A2b97A 2b97A 2b97A
1n35A1n35A1n35A 1n35A 1n35A
1mzjA1mzjA1mzjA 1mzjA 1mzjA
1dvjA1dvjA1dvjA 1dvjA 1dvjA
1i88A1i88A1i88A 1i88A 1i88A
1xg2B1xg2B1xg2B 1xg2B 1xg2B
1auk1auk1auk 1auk 1auk
1uyjA1uyjA1uyjA 1uyjA 1uyjA
1j34B1j34B1j34B 1j34B 1j34B
2f22A2f22A2f22A 2f22A 2f22A
1b3uA1b3uA1b3uA 1b3uA 1b3uA
1nlwB1nlwB1nlwB 1nlwB 1nlwB
1itg1itg1itg 1itg 1itg
1ld8B1ld8B1ld8B 1ld8B 1ld8B
1txkA1txkA1txkA 1txkA 1txkA
1c8uA1c8uA1c8uA 1c8uA 1c8uA
1j1nA1j1nA1j1nA 1j1nA 1j1nA
1h9sA1h9sA1h9sA 1h9sA 1h9sA
1pht1pht1pht 1pht 1pht
1egiA1egiA1egiA 1egiA 1egiA
2f1wA2f1wA2f1wA 2f1wA 2f1wA
1ul4A1ul4A1ul4A 1ul4A 1ul4A
1tedA1tedA1tedA 1tedA 1tedA
1oq9A1oq9A1oq9A 1oq9A 1oq9A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1io7A1io7A1io7A 1io7A 1io7A
1ej0A1ej0A1ej0A 1ej0A 1ej0A
6ldh6ldh6ldh 6ldh 6ldh
1g1xC1g1xC1g1xC 1g1xC 1g1xC
1ewkA1ewkA1ewkA 1ewkA 1ewkA
1kq3A1kq3A1kq3A 1kq3A 1kq3A
2awiA2awiA2awiA 2awiA 2awiA
1jw2A1jw2A1jw2A 1jw2A 1jw2A
1d4aA1d4aA1d4aA 1d4aA 1d4aA
1jwiA1jwiA1jwiA 1jwiA 1jwiA
2axkA2axkA2axkA 2axkA 2axkA
1ta9A1ta9A1ta9A 1ta9A 1ta9A
1wa8A1wa8A1wa8A 1wa8A 1wa8A
1mlwA1mlwA1mlwA 1mlwA 1mlwA
2b25A2b25A2b25A 2b25A 2b25A
1cyx1cyx1cyx 1cyx 1cyx
1gz2A1gz2A1gz2A 1gz2A 1gz2A
1bg61bg61bg6 1bg6 1bg6
1sg6A1sg6A1sg6A 1sg6A 1sg6A
2ghjA2ghjA2ghjA 2ghjA 2ghjA
1twfJ1twfJ1twfJ 1twfJ 1twfJ
1lmeA1lmeA1lmeA 1lmeA 1lmeA
1u4qA1u4qA1u4qA 1u4qA 1u4qA
1hbkA1hbkA1hbkA 1hbkA 1hbkA
4pah4pah4pah 4pah 4pah
1ukmB1ukmB1ukmB 1ukmB 1ukmB
1vr7A1vr7A1vr7A 1vr7A 1vr7A
1u0sA1u0sA1u0sA 1u0sA 1u0sA
1z15A1z15A1z15A 1z15A 1z15A
1xvhA1xvhA1xvhA 1xvhA 1xvhA
1j83A1j83A1j83A 1j83A 1j83A
1snlA1snlA1snlA 1snlA 1snlA
1gutA1gutA1gutA 1gutA 1gutA
1vhh1vhh1vhh 1vhh 1vhh
1jy5A1jy5A1jy5A 1jy5A 1jy5A
2fl7A2fl7A2fl7A 2fl7A 2fl7A
1wad1wad1wad 1wad 1wad
1qddA1qddA1qddA 1qddA 1qddA
1zl0A1zl0A1zl0A 1zl0A 1zl0A
1uklC1uklC1uklC 1uklC 1uklC
1zrsA1zrsA1zrsA 1zrsA 1zrsA
1xesA1xesA1xesA 1xesA 1xesA
1j8uA1j8uA1j8uA 1j8uA 1j8uA
1r5qA1r5qA1r5qA 1r5qA 1r5qA
2aw4Q2aw4Q2aw4Q 2aw4Q 2aw4Q
1g2aA1g2aA1g2aA 1g2aA 1g2aA
2cthA2cthA2cthA 2cthA 2cthA
2g6yA2g6yA2g6yA 2g6yA 2g6yA
1xfsA1xfsA1xfsA 1xfsA 1xfsA
1a05A1a05A1a05A 1a05A 1a05A
1pkp1pkp1pkp 1pkp 1pkp
2aumA2aumA2aumA 2aumA 2aumA
2bfwA2bfwA2bfwA 2bfwA 2bfwA
1vsd1vsd1vsd 1vsd 1vsd
1v7pB1v7pB1v7pB 1v7pB 1v7pB
1f0jA1f0jA1f0jA 1f0jA 1f0jA
1wwpA1wwpA1wwpA 1wwpA 1wwpA
1n5nA1n5nA1n5nA 1n5nA 1n5nA
1hzpA1hzpA1hzpA 1hzpA 1hzpA
2aunA2aunA2aunA 2aunA 2aunA
1vorR1vorR1vorR 1vorR 1vorR
1qlaC1qlaC1qlaC 1qlaC 1qlaC
1h8uA1h8uA1h8uA 1h8uA 1h8uA
1m5nQ1m5nQ1m5nQ 1m5nQ 1m5nQ
1cyw1cyw1cyw 1cyw 1cyw
1d2rA1d2rA1d2rA 1d2rA 1d2rA
1jniA1jniA1jniA 1jniA 1jniA
2ab0A2ab0A2ab0A 2ab0A 2ab0A
1s9kD1s9kD1s9kD 1s9kD 1s9kD
2etsA2etsA2etsA 2etsA 2etsA
1rwtA1rwtA1rwtA 1rwtA 1rwtA
2a3mA2a3mA2a3mA 2a3mA 2a3mA
1j34A1j34A1j34A 1j34A 1j34A
2fztA2fztA2fztA 2fztA 2fztA
2bwkA2bwkA2bwkA 2bwkA 2bwkA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001