Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2h2bA2h2bA2h2bA 2h2bA 2h2bA
2h3lA2h3lA2h3lA 2h3lA 2h3lA
1mfgA1mfgA1mfgA 1mfgA 1mfgA
1q3oA1q3oA1q3oA 1q3oA 1q3oA
1tp5A1tp5A1tp5A 1tp5A 1tp5A
1wf7A1wf7A1wf7A 1wf7A 1wf7A
1nf3C1nf3C1nf3C 1nf3C 1nf3C
1g9oA1g9oA1g9oA 1g9oA 1g9oA
1fc6A1fc6A1fc6A 1fc6A 1fc6A
2fe5A2fe5A2fe5A 2fe5A 2fe5A
1ihjA1ihjA1ihjA 1ihjA 1ihjA
2fcfA2fcfA2fcfA 2fcfA 2fcfA
1n7eA1n7eA1n7eA 1n7eA 1n7eA
1r6jA1r6jA1r6jA 1r6jA 1r6jA
2f5yA2f5yA2f5yA 2f5yA 2f5yA
2fneA2fneA2fneA 2fneA 2fneA
1qauA1qauA1qauA 1qauA 1qauA
1qavA1qavA1qavA 1qavA 1qavA
1kwaA1kwaA1kwaA 1kwaA 1kwaA
2f0aA2f0aA2f0aA 2f0aA 2f0aA
1n7fA1n7fA1n7fA 1n7fA 1n7fA
2adzA2adzA2adzA 2adzA 2adzA
1lcyA1lcyA1lcyA 1lcyA 1lcyA
1te0A1te0A1te0A 1te0A 1te0A
1y8tA1y8tA1y8tA 1y8tA 1y8tA
1k32A1k32A1k32A 1k32A 1k32A
1j7xA1j7xA1j7xA 1j7xA 1j7xA
1ymkA1ymkA1ymkA 1ymkA 1ymkA
2cz1B2cz1B2cz1B 2cz1B 2cz1B
1gmxA1gmxA1gmxA 1gmxA 1gmxA
2cfaA2cfaA2cfaA 2cfaA 2cfaA
1pgl11pgl11pgl1 1pgl1 1pgl1
1a93B1a93B1a93B 1a93B 1a93B
2cfeA2cfeA2cfeA 2cfeA 2cfeA
1yw0A1yw0A1yw0A 1yw0A 1yw0A
1vdnA1vdnA1vdnA 1vdnA 1vdnA
2a2kA2a2kA2a2kA 2a2kA 2a2kA
1q92A1q92A1q92A 1q92A 1q92A
1hq1A1hq1A1hq1A 1hq1A 1hq1A
2fsxA2fsxA2fsxA 2fsxA 2fsxA
1cb0A1cb0A1cb0A 1cb0A 1cb0A
1wv9A1wv9A1wv9A 1wv9A 1wv9A
2bitX2bitX2bitX 2bitX 2bitX
1yndA1yndA1yndA 1yndA 1yndA
2axyA2axyA2axyA 2axyA 2axyA
1o26A1o26A1o26A 1o26A 1o26A
2gw2A2gw2A2gw2A 2gw2A 2gw2A
1dywA1dywA1dywA 1dywA 1dywA
1rh5B1rh5B1rh5B 1rh5B 1rh5B
1yoeA1yoeA1yoeA 1yoeA 1yoeA
4uagA4uagA4uagA 4uagA 4uagA
1u67A1u67A1u67A 1u67A 1u67A
2rmcA2rmcA2rmcA 2rmcA 2rmcA
1rxyA1rxyA1rxyA 1rxyA 1rxyA
1je0A1je0A1je0A 1je0A 1je0A
1mwwA1mwwA1mwwA 1mwwA 1mwwA
1q8fA1q8fA1q8fA 1q8fA 1q8fA
1q4gA1q4gA1q4gA 1q4gA 1q4gA
2an6E2an6E2an6E 2an6E 2an6E
1rz2A1rz2A1rz2A 1rz2A 1rz2A
1mzhA1mzhA1mzhA 1mzhA 1mzhA
1hy9A1hy9A1hy9A 1hy9A 1hy9A
1thfD1thfD1thfD 1thfD 1thfD
1o97C1o97C1o97C 1o97C 1o97C
1ugpB1ugpB1ugpB 1ugpB 1ugpB
1z6fA1z6fA1z6fA 1z6fA 1z6fA
1ci9A1ci9A1ci9A 1ci9A 1ci9A
1whbA1whbA1whbA 1whbA 1whbA
1b8oA1b8oA1b8oA 1b8oA 1b8oA
1efpB1efpB1efpB 1efpB 1efpB
1uzxA1uzxA1uzxA 1uzxA 1uzxA
1zosA1zosA1zosA 1zosA 1zosA
1h0pA1h0pA1h0pA 1h0pA 1h0pA
1pd3A1pd3A1pd3A 1pd3A 1pd3A
1qb2A1qb2A1qb2A 1qb2A 1qb2A
1uarA1uarA1uarA 1uarA 1uarA
2f2lA2f2lA2f2lA 2f2lA 2f2lA
1vhnA1vhnA1vhnA 1vhnA 1vhnA
1n7kA1n7kA1n7kA 1n7kA 1n7kA
1wi1A1wi1A1wi1A 1wi1A 1wi1A
1jb0L1jb0L1jb0L 1jb0L 1jb0L
1hz4A1hz4A1hz4A 1hz4A 1hz4A
1u00A1u00A1u00A 1u00A 1u00A
1ub3A1ub3A1ub3A 1ub3A 1ub3A
1vj1A1vj1A1vj1A 1vj1A 1vj1A
1wtaA1wtaA1wtaA 1wtaA 1wtaA
2aalA2aalA2aalA 2aalA 2aalA
1xaoA1xaoA1xaoA 1xaoA 1xaoA
1jysA1jysA1jysA 1jysA 1jysA
1efvB1efvB1efvB 1efvB 1efvB
1dkzA1dkzA1dkzA 1dkzA 1dkzA
1okgA1okgA1okgA 1okgA 1okgA
1x65A1x65A1x65A 1x65A 1x65A
1p1xA1p1xA1p1xA 1p1xA 1p1xA
1v9tA1v9tA1v9tA 1v9tA 1v9tA
1q90R1q90R1q90R 1q90R 1q90R
2a4aA2a4aA2a4aA 2a4aA 2a4aA
1pa4A1pa4A1pa4A 1pa4A 1pa4A
1vdmA1vdmA1vdmA 1vdmA 1vdmA
6rlxB6rlxB6rlxB 6rlxB 6rlxB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1odkA1odkA1odkA 1odkA 1odkA
2bv4A2bv4A2bv4A 2bv4A 2bv4A
2b0jA2b0jA2b0jA 2b0jA 2b0jA
1dqpA1dqpA1dqpA 1dqpA 1dqpA
1tcvA1tcvA1tcvA 1tcvA 1tcvA
2aeeA2aeeA2aeeA 2aeeA 2aeeA
1x13A1x13A1x13A 1x13A 1x13A
1meqA1meqA1meqA 1meqA 1meqA
1v0wA1v0wA1v0wA 1v0wA 1v0wA
1josA1josA1josA 1josA 1josA
1lopA1lopA1lopA 1lopA 1lopA
2agkA2agkA2agkA 2agkA 2agkA
1r77A1r77A1r77A 1r77A 1r77A
1vhcA1vhcA1vhcA 1vhcA 1vhcA
2b34A2b34A2b34A 2b34A 2b34A
2bsxA2bsxA2bsxA 2bsxA 2bsxA
2chhA2chhA2chhA 2chhA 2chhA
1u7pA1u7pA1u7pA 1u7pA 1u7pA
1e5mA1e5mA1e5mA 1e5mA 1e5mA
1xwwA1xwwA1xwwA 1xwwA 1xwwA
1zzkA1zzkA1zzkA 1zzkA 1zzkA
1oz9A1oz9A1oz9A 1oz9A 1oz9A
1fryA1fryA1fryA 1fryA 1fryA
1rhs1rhs1rhs 1rhs 1rhs
1vb5A1vb5A1vb5A 1vb5A 1vb5A
1zcxA1zcxA1zcxA 1zcxA 1zcxA
2gjlA2gjlA2gjlA 2gjlA 2gjlA
1uadC1uadC1uadC 1uadC 1uadC
1z7gA1z7gA1z7gA 1z7gA 1z7gA
1go4E1go4E1go4E 1go4E 1go4E
1rljA1rljA1rljA 1rljA 1rljA
1v3vA1v3vA1v3vA 1v3vA 1v3vA
1v95A1v95A1v95A 1v95A 1v95A
1vhvA1vhvA1vhvA 1vhvA 1vhvA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001