Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1sumB1sumB1sumB 1sumB 1sumB
1a99A1a99A1a99A 1a99A 1a99A
1mrp1mrp1mrp 1mrp 1mrp
2aqlA2aqlA2aqlA 2aqlA 2aqlA
1sczA1sczA1sczA 1sczA 1sczA
1cunA1cunA1cunA 1cunA 1cunA
2fji12fji12fji1 2fji1 2fji1
1xvxA1xvxA1xvxA 1xvxA 1xvxA
1u5pA1u5pA1u5pA 1u5pA 1u5pA
1nnfA1nnfA1nnfA 1nnfA 1nnfA
1dpb1dpb1dpb 1dpb 1dpb
1e2o1e2o1e2o 1e2o 1e2o
1a02F1a02F1a02F 1a02F 1a02F
1eaf1eaf1eaf 1eaf 1eaf
1jj2X1jj2X1jj2X 1jj2X 1jj2X
1be3I1be3I1be3I 1be3I 1be3I
1u4qA1u4qA1u4qA 1u4qA 1u4qA
1quuA1quuA1quuA 1quuA 1quuA
1r5rA1r5rA1r5rA 1r5rA 1r5rA
1i6zA1i6zA1i6zA 1i6zA 1i6zA
1sdwA1sdwA1sdwA 1sdwA 1sdwA
1xouB1xouB1xouB 1xouB 1xouB
1svq1svq1svq 1svq 1svq
1svr1svr1svr 1svr 1svr
1omzA1omzA1omzA 1omzA 1omzA
2azeB2azeB2azeB 2azeB 2azeB
1hka1hka1hka 1hka 1hka
1hq1A1hq1A1hq1A 1hq1A 1hq1A
1fh9A1fh9A1fh9A 1fh9A 1fh9A
1v5mA1v5mA1v5mA 1v5mA 1v5mA
1xfrA1xfrA1xfrA 1xfrA 1xfrA
2ax8A2ax8A2ax8A 2ax8A 2ax8A
1b09A1b09A1b09A 1b09A 1b09A
1kjyB1kjyB1kjyB 1kjyB 1kjyB
1p4kA1p4kA1p4kA 1p4kA 1p4kA
1b5sA1b5sA1b5sA 1b5sA 1b5sA
2dfkA2dfkA2dfkA 2dfkA 2dfkA
1vqoY1vqoY1vqoY 1vqoY 1vqoY
3pgm3pgm3pgm 3pgm 3pgm
1w1oA1w1oA1w1oA 1w1oA 1w1oA
1s1i01s1i01s1i0 1s1i0 1s1i0
1ffkV1ffkV1ffkV 1ffkV 1ffkV
1dqeA1dqeA1dqeA 1dqeA 1dqeA
1a871a871a87 1a87 1a87
2his2his2his 2his 2his
1ayyA1ayyA1ayyA 1ayyA 1ayyA
1hx1B1hx1B1hx1B 1hx1B 1hx1B
1dbgA1dbgA1dbgA 1dbgA 1dbgA
1eqoA1eqoA1eqoA 1eqoA 1eqoA
1gm0A1gm0A1gm0A 1gm0A 1gm0A
2spcA2spcA2spcA 2spcA 2spcA
1ls8A1ls8A1ls8A 1ls8A 1ls8A
1b31A1b31A1b31A 1b31A 1b31A
1bg61bg61bg6 1bg6 1bg6
1sd4A1sd4A1sd4A 1sd4A 1sd4A
1n0wA1n0wA1n0wA 1n0wA 1n0wA
2ayuA2ayuA2ayuA 2ayuA 2ayuA
1o7tA1o7tA1o7tA 1o7tA 1o7tA
2bycA2bycA2bycA 2bycA 2bycA
1dulA1dulA1dulA 1dulA 1dulA
1u60A1u60A1u60A 1u60A 1u60A
1yagG1yagG1yagG 1yagG 1yagG
1s72Y1s72Y1s72Y 1s72Y 1s72Y
1xyzA1xyzA1xyzA 1xyzA 1xyzA
1p0yA1p0yA1p0yA 1p0yA 1p0yA
1i7dA1i7dA1i7dA 1i7dA 1i7dA
1r0kA1r0kA1r0kA 1r0kA 1r0kA
1sacA1sacA1sacA 1sacA 1sacA
1aj31aj31aj3 1aj3 1aj3
1i1wA1i1wA1i1wA 1i1wA 1i1wA
1dbhA1dbhA1dbhA 1dbhA 1dbhA
2gaiA2gaiA2gaiA 2gaiA 2gaiA
1iioA1iioA1iioA 1iioA 1iioA
1vizA1vizA1vizA 1vizA 1vizA
1gokA1gokA1gokA 1gokA 1gokA
1na6A1na6A1na6A 1na6A 1na6A
1vaoA1vaoA1vaoA 1vaoA 1vaoA
1xwmA1xwmA1xwmA 1xwmA 1xwmA
1xc1A1xc1A1xc1A 1xc1A 1xc1A
1or0A1or0A1or0A 1or0A 1or0A
1zt2B1zt2B1zt2B 1zt2B 1zt2B
1bo4A1bo4A1bo4A 1bo4A 1bo4A
1i2tA1i2tA1i2tA 1i2tA 1i2tA
1j3aA1j3aA1j3aA 1j3aA 1j3aA
1d7mA1d7mA1d7mA 1d7mA 1d7mA
1gqeA1gqeA1gqeA 1gqeA 1gqeA
2vik2vik2vik 2vik 2vik
2vil2vil2vil 2vil 2vil
1eybA1eybA1eybA 1eybA 1eybA
1y9uA1y9uA1y9uA 1y9uA 1y9uA
1k2xA1k2xA1k2xA 1k2xA 1k2xA
2aamA2aamA2aamA 2aamA 2aamA
1d6mA1d6mA1d6mA 1d6mA 1d6mA
1mw9X1mw9X1mw9X 1mw9X 1mw9X
1y43A1y43A1y43A 1y43A 1y43A
1kwhA1kwhA1kwhA 1kwhA 1kwhA
1ta3B1ta3B1ta3B 1ta3B 1ta3B
1oo0A1oo0A1oo0A 1oo0A 1oo0A
1z5hA1z5hA1z5hA 1z5hA 1z5hA
1yqvL1yqvL1yqvL 1yqvL 1yqvL

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2pcdM2pcdM2pcdM 2pcdM 2pcdM
1ep3A1ep3A1ep3A 1ep3A 1ep3A
1ubpC1ubpC1ubpC 1ubpC 1ubpC
1rhi31rhi31rhi3 1rhi3 1rhi3
1mlvA1mlvA1mlvA 1mlvA 1mlvA
1s9kD1s9kD1s9kD 1s9kD 1s9kD
1xpa1xpa1xpa 1xpa 1xpa
1pot1pot1pot 1pot 1pot
1c3yA1c3yA1c3yA 1c3yA 1c3yA
1qbjA1qbjA1qbjA 1qbjA 1qbjA
1a5t1a5t1a5t 1a5t 1a5t
1b4aA1b4aA1b4aA 1b4aA 1b4aA
1ow4A1ow4A1ow4A 1ow4A 1ow4A
2gpyA2gpyA2gpyA 2gpyA 2gpyA
1f9yA1f9yA1f9yA 1f9yA 1f9yA
1oohA1oohA1oohA 1oohA 1oohA
1bg41bg41bg4 1bg4 1bg4
1d2mA1d2mA1d2mA 1d2mA 1d2mA
1en7A1en7A1en7A 1en7A 1en7A
1gxuA1gxuA1gxuA 1gxuA 1gxuA
1oqkA1oqkA1oqkA 1oqkA 1oqkA
1q0qA1q0qA1q0qA 1q0qA 1q0qA
1ecl1ecl1ecl 1ecl 1ecl
1ej2A1ej2A1ej2A 1ej2A 1ej2A
1k6aA1k6aA1k6aA 1k6aA 1k6aA
1p97A1p97A1p97A 1p97A 1p97A
1sly1sly1sly 1sly 1sly
1jvsA1jvsA1jvsA 1jvsA 1jvsA
2ax9A2ax9A2ax9A 2ax9A 2ax9A
1ad3A1ad3A1ad3A 1ad3A 1ad3A
1drqA1drqA1drqA 1drqA 1drqA
1dorA1dorA1dorA 1dorA 1dorA
2f2gA2f2gA2f2gA 2f2gA 2f2gA
1bywA1bywA1bywA 1bywA 1bywA
1qfcA1qfcA1qfcA 1qfcA 1qfcA
1qwvA1qwvA1qwvA 1qwvA 1qwvA
1ntyA1ntyA1ntyA 1ntyA 1ntyA
1njhA1njhA1njhA 1njhA 1njhA
1apyA1apyA1apyA 1apyA 1apyA
9gafA9gafA9gafA 9gafA 9gafA
1kcqA1kcqA1kcqA 1kcqA 1kcqA
1pc0A1pc0A1pc0A 1pc0A 1pc0A
1b04A1b04A1b04A 1b04A 1b04A
1j6pA1j6pA1j6pA 1j6pA 1j6pA
1ebbA1ebbA1ebbA 1ebbA 1ebbA
1bbt31bbt31bbt3 1bbt3 1bbt3
1k4nA1k4nA1k4nA 1k4nA 1k4nA
3rubS3rubS3rubS 3rubS 3rubS
1mkiA1mkiA1mkiA 1mkiA 1mkiA
1tux1tux1tux 1tux 1tux
1d4xG1d4xG1d4xG 1d4xG 1d4xG
1e7lA1e7lA1e7lA 1e7lA 1e7lA
1svy1svy1svy 1svy 1svy
1d0qA1d0qA1d0qA 1d0qA 1d0qA
1xi1A1xi1A1xi1A 1xi1A 1xi1A
1qcwA1qcwA1qcwA 1qcwA 1qcwA
1h2eA1h2eA1h2eA 1h2eA 1h2eA
1kvnA1kvnA1kvnA 1kvnA 1kvnA
1colA1colA1colA 1colA 1colA
1xwoA1xwoA1xwoA 1xwoA 1xwoA
1c0aA1c0aA1c0aA 1c0aA 1c0aA
3pflA3pflA3pflA 3pflA 3pflA
1xk4C1xk4C1xk4C 1xk4C 1xk4C
1h1dA1h1dA1h1dA 1h1dA 1h1dA
1eq0A1eq0A1eq0A 1eq0A 1eq0A
1m4rA1m4rA1m4rA 1m4rA 1m4rA
1q08A1q08A1q08A 1q08A 1q08A
1nnwA1nnwA1nnwA 1nnwA 1nnwA
1hizA1hizA1hizA 1hizA 1hizA
1bo4B1bo4B1bo4B 1bo4B 1bo4B
2ax3A2ax3A2ax3A 2ax3A 2ax3A
1ln4A1ln4A1ln4A 1ln4A 1ln4A
1n93X1n93X1n93X 1n93X 1n93X
1ey2A1ey2A1ey2A 1ey2A 1ey2A
1zsgB1zsgB1zsgB 1zsgB 1zsgB
2etsA2etsA2etsA 2etsA 2etsA
2fh1A2fh1A2fh1A 2fh1A 2fh1A
1gd2E1gd2E1gd2E 1gd2E 1gd2E
1o4vA1o4vA1o4vA 1o4vA 1o4vA
1oapA1oapA1oapA 1oapA 1oapA
1ka2A1ka2A1ka2A 1ka2A 1ka2A
1ig6A1ig6A1ig6A 1ig6A 1ig6A
1mfqC1mfqC1mfqC 1mfqC 1mfqC
1ay0A1ay0A1ay0A 1ay0A 1ay0A
1t3jA1t3jA1t3jA 1t3jA 1t3jA
1jo0A1jo0A1jo0A 1jo0A 1jo0A
1a6s1a6s1a6s 1a6s 1a6s
1lm4A1lm4A1lm4A 1lm4A 1lm4A
1lm6A1lm6A1lm6A 1lm6A 1lm6A
1lfaA1lfaA1lfaA 1lfaA 1lfaA
1n3yA1n3yA1n3yA 1n3yA 1n3yA
1nd7A1nd7A1nd7A 1nd7A 1nd7A
1jj2D1jj2D1jj2D 1jj2D 1jj2D
1qltA1qltA1qltA 1qltA 1qltA
1se0A1se0A1se0A 1se0A 1se0A
1ybxA1ybxA1ybxA 1ybxA 1ybxA
1v2bA1v2bA1v2bA 1v2bA 1v2bA
1dt9A1dt9A1dt9A 1dt9A 1dt9A
1v3yA1v3yA1v3yA 1v3yA 1v3yA
1h99A1h99A1h99A 1h99A 1h99A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1eqjA1eqjA1eqjA 1eqjA 1eqjA
2g3kA2g3kA2g3kA 2g3kA 2g3kA
1qynA1qynA1qynA 1qynA 1qynA
1wgzA1wgzA1wgzA 1wgzA 1wgzA
1ta8A1ta8A1ta8A 1ta8A 1ta8A
1preB1preB1preB 1preB 1preB
1fbtA1fbtA1fbtA 1fbtA 1fbtA
1eu8A1eu8A1eu8A 1eu8A 1eu8A
1x3cA1x3cA1x3cA 1x3cA 1x3cA
1z8kA1z8kA1z8kA 1z8kA 1z8kA
1vzsA1vzsA1vzsA 1vzsA 1vzsA
1d4oA1d4oA1d4oA 1d4oA 1d4oA
1yp1A1yp1A1yp1A 1yp1A 1yp1A
1s35A1s35A1s35A 1s35A 1s35A
1s69A1s69A1s69A 1s69A 1s69A
1g2rA1g2rA1g2rA 1g2rA 1g2rA
1xj4A1xj4A1xj4A 1xj4A 1xj4A
1g99A1g99A1g99A 1g99A 1g99A
1wbhA1wbhA1wbhA 1wbhA 1wbhA
2bnjA2bnjA2bnjA 2bnjA 2bnjA
1gd2G1gd2G1gd2G 1gd2G 1gd2G
1nq6A1nq6A1nq6A 1nq6A 1nq6A
2aw432aw432aw43 2aw43 2aw43
1kgcE1kgcE1kgcE 1kgcE 1kgcE
1ewkA1ewkA1ewkA 1ewkA 1ewkA
2d7vA2d7vA2d7vA 2d7vA 2d7vA
1wddS1wddS1wddS 1wddS 1wddS
1dgkN1dgkN1dgkN 1dgkN 1dgkN
1drmA1drmA1drmA 1drmA 1drmA
1rboC1rboC1rboC 1rboC 1rboC
2ftwA2ftwA2ftwA 2ftwA 2ftwA
1r4gA1r4gA1r4gA 1r4gA 1r4gA
4mbp4mbp4mbp 4mbp 4mbp
1ppjI1ppjI1ppjI 1ppjI 1ppjI
1jr5A1jr5A1jr5A 1jr5A 1jr5A
1dbtA1dbtA1dbtA 1dbtA 1dbtA
2cp8A2cp8A2cp8A 2cp8A 2cp8A
1yakA1yakA1yakA 1yakA 1yakA
2gupA2gupA2gupA 2gupA 2gupA
1ao7E1ao7E1ao7E 1ao7E 1ao7E
1q35A1q35A1q35A 1q35A 1q35A
1xmxA1xmxA1xmxA 1xmxA 1xmxA
1i2aA1i2aA1i2aA 1i2aA 1i2aA
1ln1A1ln1A1ln1A 1ln1A 1ln1A
2aa4A2aa4A2aa4A 2aa4A 2aa4A
2fpmA2fpmA2fpmA 2fpmA 2fpmA
1ez3A1ez3A1ez3A 1ez3A 1ez3A
1e9iA1e9iA1e9iA 1e9iA 1e9iA
1wo7A1wo7A1wo7A 1wo7A 1wo7A
1vqoO1vqoO1vqoO 1vqoO 1vqoO
1v7wA1v7wA1v7wA 1v7wA 1v7wA
1ai7A1ai7A1ai7A 1ai7A 1ai7A
1ajqA1ajqA1ajqA 1ajqA 1ajqA
1r0mA1r0mA1r0mA 1r0mA 1r0mA
1fx3A1fx3A1fx3A 1fx3A 1fx3A
1vkcA1vkcA1vkcA 1vkcA 1vkcA
2gv5C2gv5C2gv5C 2gv5C 2gv5C
1s21A1s21A1s21A 1s21A 1s21A
1eswA1eswA1eswA 1eswA 1eswA
1bj4A1bj4A1bj4A 1bj4A 1bj4A
1e17A1e17A1e17A 1e17A 1e17A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001