Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1j3mA1j3mA1j3mA 1j3mA 1j3mA
1zud21zud21zud2 1zud2 1zud2
1q9uA1q9uA1q9uA 1q9uA 1q9uA
2a1rA2a1rA2a1rA 2a1rA 2a1rA
1gp8A1gp8A1gp8A 1gp8A 1gp8A
1zkkA1zkkA1zkkA 1zkkA 1zkkA
1v8cA1v8cA1v8cA 1v8cA 1v8cA
1lgpA1lgpA1lgpA 1lgpA 1lgpA
1tygB1tygB1tygB 1tygB 1tygB
2cu3A2cu3A2cu3A 2cu3A 2cu3A
2f49C2f49C2f49C 2f49C 2f49C
1u0sA1u0sA1u0sA 1u0sA 1u0sA
1vjkA1vjkA1vjkA 1vjkA 1vjkA
2fn0A2fn0A2fn0A 2fn0A 2fn0A
2g38B2g38B2g38B 2g38B 2g38B
1qu9A1qu9A1qu9A 1qu9A 1qu9A
1x3eA1x3eA1x3eA 1x3eA 1x3eA
1usmA1usmA1usmA 1usmA 1usmA
1g6gA1g6gA1g6gA 1g6gA 1g6gA
1jzgA1jzgA1jzgA 1jzgA 1jzgA
1fm0D1fm0D1fm0D 1fm0D 1fm0D
1whuA1whuA1whuA 1whuA 1whuA
1rh41rh41rh4 1rh4 1rh4
1n6aA1n6aA1n6aA 1n6aA 1n6aA
1ufiA1ufiA1ufiA 1ufiA 1ufiA
2bgiA2bgiA2bgiA 2bgiA 2bgiA
1dcoA1dcoA1dcoA 1dcoA 1dcoA
2fa8A2fa8A2fa8A 2fa8A 2fa8A
2c60A2c60A2c60A 2c60A 2c60A
1ltzA1ltzA1ltzA 1ltzA 1ltzA
1qahA1qahA1qahA 1qahA 1qahA
2f69A2f69A2f69A 2f69A 2f69A
1ru0A1ru0A1ru0A 1ru0A 1ru0A
3ullA3ullA3ullA 3ullA 3ullA
1qvcA1qvcA1qvcA 1qvcA 1qvcA
1nwpA1nwpA1nwpA 1nwpA 1nwpA
2gjgA2gjgA2gjgA 2gjgA 2gjgA
1gvhA1gvhA1gvhA 1gvhA 1gvhA
1fdr1fdr1fdr 1fdr 1fdr
1x9zA1x9zA1x9zA 1x9zA 1x9zA
1tggA1tggA1tggA 1tggA 1tggA
2g40A2g40A2g40A 2g40A 2g40A
1qx4A1qx4A1qx4A 1qx4A 1qx4A
1umkA1umkA1umkA 1umkA 1umkA
1cqxA1cqxA1cqxA 1cqxA 1cqxA
1htrP1htrP1htrP 1htrP 1htrP
1mlwA1mlwA1mlwA 1mlwA 1mlwA
1r8oB1r8oB1r8oB 1r8oB 1r8oB
1krhA1krhA1krhA 1krhA 1krhA
1pf5A1pf5A1pf5A 1pf5A 1pf5A
1jd1A1jd1A1jd1A 1jd1A 1jd1A
2cvlA2cvlA2cvlA 2cvlA 2cvlA
2bmwA2bmwA2bmwA 2bmwA 2bmwA
1m0dA1m0dA1m0dA 1m0dA 1m0dA
1qd9A1qd9A1qd9A 1qd9A 1qd9A
2crvA2crvA2crvA 2crvA 2crvA
1j8uA1j8uA1j8uA 1j8uA 1j8uA
1dpkA1dpkA1dpkA 1dpkA 1dpkA
2aenA2aenA2aenA 2aenA 2aenA
1vzsA1vzsA1vzsA 1vzsA 1vzsA
1q1vA1q1vA1q1vA 1q1vA 1q1vA
1k0hA1k0hA1k0hA 1k0hA 1k0hA
1y8oB1y8oB1y8oB 1y8oB 1y8oB
1i1qA1i1qA1i1qA 1i1qA 1i1qA
1vaxA1vaxA1vaxA 1vaxA 1vaxA
1vq0A1vq0A1vq0A 1vq0A 1vq0A
2gpjA2gpjA2gpjA 2gpjA 2gpjA
1p9kA1p9kA1p9kA 1p9kA 1p9kA
1kqrA1kqrA1kqrA 1kqrA 1kqrA
1ogiA1ogiA1ogiA 1ogiA 1ogiA
1cuoA1cuoA1cuoA 1cuoA 1cuoA
1qw1A1qw1A1qw1A 1qw1A 1qw1A
1io0A1io0A1io0A 1io0A 1io0A
2btvA2btvA2btvA 2btvA 2btvA
1dd9A1dd9A1dd9A 1dd9A 1dd9A
1wrrA1wrrA1wrrA 1wrrA 1wrrA
1k47A1k47A1k47A 1k47A 1k47A
1icpA1icpA1icpA 1icpA 1icpA
2f06A2f06A2f06A 2f06A 2f06A
1ylnA1ylnA1ylnA 1ylnA 1ylnA
1g9pA1g9pA1g9pA 1g9pA 1g9pA
1jl5A1jl5A1jl5A 1jl5A 1jl5A
3sil3sil3sil 3sil 3sil
1z41A1z41A1z41A 1z41A 1z41A
1dpqA1dpqA1dpqA 1dpqA 1dpqA
1v7lA1v7lA1v7lA 1v7lA 1v7lA
1fnd1fnd1fnd 1fnd 1fnd
1hp1A1hp1A1hp1A 1hp1A 1hp1A
1wpiA1wpiA1wpiA 1wpiA 1wpiA
2avyU2avyU2avyU 2avyU 2avyU
1ziwA1ziwA1ziwA 1ziwA 1ziwA
1xovA1xovA1xovA 1xovA 1xovA
1vr7A1vr7A1vr7A 1vr7A 1vr7A
1rz4A1rz4A1rz4A 1rz4A 1rz4A
2d2eA2d2eA2d2eA 2d2eA 2d2eA
1eyhA1eyhA1eyhA 1eyhA 1eyhA
1kjnA1kjnA1kjnA 1kjnA 1kjnA
1hw7A1hw7A1hw7A 1hw7A 1hw7A
1q45A1q45A1q45A 1q45A 1q45A
1ddgA1ddgA1ddgA 1ddgA 1ddgA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1x0hA1x0hA1x0hA 1x0hA 1x0hA
1xkuA1xkuA1xkuA 1xkuA 1xkuA
2gkeA2gkeA2gkeA 2gkeA 2gkeA
1b8zA1b8zA1b8zA 1b8zA 1b8zA
1m5nQ1m5nQ1m5nQ 1m5nQ 1m5nQ
2cqnA2cqnA2cqnA 2cqnA 2cqnA
1a8d1a8d1a8d 1a8d 1a8d
1lb6A1lb6A1lb6A 1lb6A 1lb6A
1s7mA1s7mA1s7mA 1s7mA 1s7mA
1gl2A1gl2A1gl2A 1gl2A 1gl2A
1s55A1s55A1s55A 1s55A 1s55A
1totA1totA1totA 1totA 1totA
1xeuA1xeuA1xeuA 1xeuA 1xeuA
1cliA1cliA1cliA 1cliA 1cliA
1vyrA1vyrA1vyrA 1vyrA 1vyrA
1oznA1oznA1oznA 1oznA 1oznA
1g6hA1g6hA1g6hA 1g6hA 1g6hA
1jb9A1jb9A1jb9A 1jb9A 1jb9A

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001