Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1z8yI1z8yI1z8yI 1z8yI 1z8yI
1e42A1e42A1e42A 1e42A 1e42A
1r8sE1r8sE1r8sE 1r8sE 1r8sE
1pbv1pbv1pbv 1pbv 1pbv
1r8mE1r8mE1r8mE 1r8mE 1r8mE
1gqeA1gqeA1gqeA 1gqeA 1gqeA
2ifo2ifo2ifo 2ifo 2ifo
2f6uA2f6uA2f6uA 2f6uA 2f6uA
1c02A1c02A1c02A 1c02A 1c02A
1h4lD1h4lD1h4lD 1h4lD 1h4lD
1b3uA1b3uA1b3uA 1b3uA 1b3uA
1m3yA1m3yA1m3yA 1m3yA 1m3yA
1ku1A1ku1A1ku1A 1ku1A 1ku1A
1unlD1unlD1unlD 1unlD 1unlD
1ut7A1ut7A1ut7A 1ut7A 1ut7A
1o50A1o50A1o50A 1o50A 1o50A
1ujpA1ujpA1ujpA 1ujpA 1ujpA
1yavA1yavA1yavA 1yavA 1yavA
1bc5A1bc5A1bc5A 1bc5A 1bc5A
2a73B2a73B2a73B 2a73B 2a73B
1ehkA1ehkA1ehkA 1ehkA 1ehkA
1pbjA1pbjA1pbjA 1pbjA 1pbjA
1bgf1bgf1bgf 1bgf 1bgf
1ibrB1ibrB1ibrB 1ibrB 1ibrB
1xqrA1xqrA1xqrA 1xqrA 1xqrA
1ebdC1ebdC1ebdC 1ebdC 1ebdC
1zbtA1zbtA1zbtA 1zbtA 1zbtA
1y5hA1y5hA1y5hA 1y5hA 1y5hA
1gw5A1gw5A1gw5A 1gw5A 1gw5A
1umqA1umqA1umqA 1umqA 1umqA
1zhcA1zhcA1zhcA 1zhcA 1zhcA
1uanA1uanA1uanA 1uanA 1uanA
1qqfA1qqfA1qqfA 1qqfA 1qqfA
1e9pA1e9pA1e9pA 1e9pA 1e9pA
1xccA1xccA1xccA 1xccA 1xccA
1s1hD1s1hD1s1hD 1s1hD 1s1hD
1oryB1oryB1oryB 1oryB 1oryB
1m56D1m56D1m56D 1m56D 1m56D
1ak01ak01ak0 1ak0 1ak0
1oyzA1oyzA1oyzA 1oyzA 1oyzA
1cbjA1cbjA1cbjA 1cbjA 1cbjA
1xkfA1xkfA1xkfA 1xkfA 1xkfA
1q0eA1q0eA1q0eA 1q0eA 1q0eA
1eudB1eudB1eudB 1eudB 1eudB
1ee4A1ee4A1ee4A 1ee4A 1ee4A
1prxA1prxA1prxA 1prxA 1prxA
1ho8A1ho8A1ho8A 1ho8A 1ho8A
1geqA1geqA1geqA 1geqA 1geqA
2fp4B2fp4B2fp4B 2fp4B 2fp4B
1rd5A1rd5A1rd5A 1rd5A 1rd5A
1lshA1lshA1lshA 1lshA 1lshA
1dk8A1dk8A1dk8A 1dk8A 1dk8A
1gof1gof1gof 1gof 1gof
1ti6A1ti6A1ti6A 1ti6A 1ti6A
1qbkB1qbkB1qbkB 1qbkB 1qbkB
1dtjA1dtjA1dtjA 1dtjA 1dtjA
1nigA1nigA1nigA 1nigA 1nigA
1xg7A1xg7A1xg7A 1xg7A 1xg7A
2g45A2g45A2g45A 2g45A 2g45A
1af71af71af7 1af7 1af7
1w85I1w85I1w85I 1w85I 1w85I
1go9A1go9A1go9A 1go9A 1go9A
1ivnA1ivnA1ivnA 1ivnA 1ivnA
1qleD1qleD1qleD 1qleD 1qleD
1r6wA1r6wA1r6wA 1r6wA 1r6wA
1yeyA1yeyA1yeyA 1yeyA 1yeyA
1dc1A1dc1A1dc1A 1dc1A 1dc1A
1c9kA1c9kA1c9kA 1c9kA 1c9kA
1tqxA1tqxA1tqxA 1tqxA 1tqxA
1wcuA1wcuA1wcuA 1wcuA 1wcuA
1jdhA1jdhA1jdhA 1jdhA 1jdhA
1kv8A1kv8A1kv8A 1kv8A 1kv8A
1xqsA1xqsA1xqsA 1xqsA 1xqsA
1i7wA1i7wA1i7wA 1i7wA 1i7wA
1ufbA1ufbA1ufbA 1ufbA 1ufbA
1uelB1uelB1uelB 1uelB 1uelB
1kp6A1kp6A1kp6A 1kp6A 1kp6A
1wkoA1wkoA1wkoA 1wkoA 1wkoA
1tqyA1tqyA1tqyA 1tqyA 1tqyA
1jcv1jcv1jcv 1jcv 1jcv
1gwmA1gwmA1gwmA 1gwmA 1gwmA
1tzzA1tzzA1tzzA 1tzzA 1tzzA
1bh9A1bh9A1bh9A 1bh9A 1bh9A
1iieA1iieA1iieA 1iieA 1iieA
1yn4A1yn4A1yn4A 1yn4A 1yn4A
1zzkA1zzkA1zzkA 1zzkA 1zzkA
1g73A1g73A1g73A 1g73A 1g73A
1lrv1lrv1lrv 1lrv 1lrv
1pvmA1pvmA1pvmA 1pvmA 1pvmA
1y13A1y13A1y13A 1y13A 1y13A
1cl1A1cl1A1cl1A 1cl1A 1cl1A
1yzsA1yzsA1yzsA 1yzsA 1yzsA
1tiiC1tiiC1tiiC 1tiiC 1tiiC
1kilE1kilE1kilE 1kilE 1kilE
1wvnA1wvnA1wvnA 1wvnA 1wvnA
1yn3A1yn3A1yn3A 1yn3A 1yn3A
2dafA2dafA2dafA 2dafA 2dafA
1qgoA1qgoA1qgoA 1qgoA 1qgoA
1vpdA1vpdA1vpdA 1vpdA 1vpdA
1j2jB1j2jB1j2jB 1j2jB 1j2jB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2bjiA2bjiA2bjiA 2bjiA 2bjiA
1y0eA1y0eA1y0eA 1y0eA 1y0eA
1obwA1obwA1obwA 1obwA 1obwA
1qmvA1qmvA1qmvA 1qmvA 1qmvA
1xm9A1xm9A1xm9A 1xm9A 1xm9A
1uw4B1uw4B1uw4B 1uw4B 1uw4B
2g30A2g30A2g30A 2g30A 2g30A
1f1gA1f1gA1f1gA 1f1gA 1f1gA
2bbkL2bbkL2bbkL 2bbkL 2bbkL
1i40A1i40A1i40A 1i40A 1i40A
1rwhA1rwhA1rwhA 1rwhA 1rwhA
1xdzA1xdzA1xdzA 1xdzA 1xdzA
1o86A1o86A1o86A 1o86A 1o86A
1bg41bg41bg4 1bg4 1bg4
1sawA1sawA1sawA 1sawA 1sawA
1x0rA1x0rA1x0rA 1x0rA 1x0rA
1q68B1q68B1q68B 1q68B 1q68B
1wa5B1wa5B1wa5B 1wa5B 1wa5B
1vctA1vctA1vctA 1vctA 1vctA
1z3eB1z3eB1z3eB 1z3eB 1z3eB
1fkx1fkx1fkx 1fkx 1fkx
2bptA2bptA2bptA 2bptA 2bptA
1qvzA1qvzA1qvzA 1qvzA 1qvzA
1xsfA1xsfA1xsfA 1xsfA 1xsfA
2a2oA2a2oA2a2oA 2a2oA 2a2oA
1g60A1g60A1g60A 1g60A 1g60A
1jpmA1jpmA1jpmA 1jpmA 1jpmA
1cojA1cojA1cojA 1cojA 1cojA
2gpjA2gpjA2gpjA 2gpjA 2gpjA
1oh0A1oh0A1oh0A 1oh0A 1oh0A
1h65A1h65A1h65A 1h65A 1h65A
1t0qA1t0qA1t0qA 1t0qA 1t0qA
1nq6A1nq6A1nq6A 1nq6A 1nq6A
1vig1vig1vig 1vig 1vig
1m5wA1m5wA1m5wA 1m5wA 1m5wA
2fnuA2fnuA2fnuA 2fnuA 2fnuA
1j5kA1j5kA1j5kA 1j5kA 1j5kA
2fb6A2fb6A2fb6A 2fb6A 2fb6A
1n82A1n82A1n82A 1n82A 1n82A
1s3iA1s3iA1s3iA 1s3iA 1s3iA
2gl5A2gl5A2gl5A 2gl5A 2gl5A
3rubS3rubS3rubS 3rubS 3rubS
1kfcA1kfcA1kfcA 1kfcA 1kfcA
1n8jA1n8jA1n8jA 1n8jA 1n8jA
1hn6A1hn6A1hn6A 1hn6A 1hn6A
1wolA1wolA1wolA 1wolA 1wolA
1nal11nal11nal1 1nal1 1nal1
1ho1A1ho1A1ho1A 1ho1A 1ho1A
1vdyA1vdyA1vdyA 1vdyA 1vdyA
1xkyA1xkyA1xkyA 1xkyA 1xkyA
1dhpA1dhpA1dhpA 1dhpA 1dhpA
1nzjA1nzjA1nzjA 1nzjA 1nzjA
1ub3A1ub3A1ub3A 1ub3A 1ub3A
1v8fA1v8fA1v8fA 1v8fA 1v8fA
2a4aA2a4aA2a4aA 2a4aA 2a4aA
1msc1msc1msc 1msc 1msc
2fgeA2fgeA2fgeA 2fgeA 2fgeA
1u6eA1u6eA1u6eA 1u6eA 1u6eA
1hl2A1hl2A1hl2A 1hl2A 1hl2A
2cviA2cviA2cviA 2cviA 2cviA
1bi5A1bi5A1bi5A 1bi5A 1bi5A
1e0wA1e0wA1e0wA 1e0wA 1e0wA
1yviA1yviA1yviA 1yviA 1yviA
1w6tA1w6tA1w6tA 1w6tA 1w6tA
1zq9A1zq9A1zq9A 1zq9A 1zq9A
1fhuA1fhuA1fhuA 1fhuA 1fhuA
1akhA1akhA1akhA 1akhA 1akhA
2hhmA2hhmA2hhmA 2hhmA 2hhmA
2bmfA2bmfA2bmfA 2bmfA 2bmfA
1qqhA1qqhA1qqhA 1qqhA 1qqhA
1kkcA1kkcA1kkcA 1kkcA 1kkcA
1xw4X1xw4X1xw4X 1xw4X 1xw4X
1nb8A1nb8A1nb8A 1nb8A 1nb8A
1tvzA1tvzA1tvzA 1tvzA 1tvzA
1nwdB1nwdB1nwdB 1nwdB 1nwdB
1imbA1imbA1imbA 1imbA 1imbA
1louA1louA1louA 1louA 1louA
1od8A1od8A1od8A 1od8A 1od8A
1wa5C1wa5C1wa5C 1wa5C 1wa5C
1kmiZ1kmiZ1kmiZ 1kmiZ 1kmiZ
1mzhA1mzhA1mzhA 1mzhA 1mzhA
2blnA2blnA2blnA 2blnA 2blnA
1s7iA1s7iA1s7iA 1s7iA 1s7iA
1qgxA1qgxA1qgxA 1qgxA 1qgxA
191419141914 1914 1914
2axyA2axyA2axyA 2axyA 2axyA
2a40C2a40C2a40C 2a40C 2a40C
1z0wA1z0wA1z0wA 1z0wA 1z0wA
2b6cA2b6cA2b6cA 2b6cA 2b6cA
1cozA1cozA1cozA 1cozA 1cozA
1tkkA1tkkA1tkkA 1tkkA 1tkkA

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