Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dvoA1dvoA1dvoA 1dvoA 1dvoA
1e5kA1e5kA1e5kA 1e5kA 1e5kA
1fr2B1fr2B1fr2B 1fr2B 1fr2B
1emvB1emvB1emvB 1emvB 1emvB
1ucpA1ucpA1ucpA 1ucpA 1ucpA
1k0wA1k0wA1k0wA 1k0wA 1k0wA
1zmqA1zmqA1zmqA 1zmqA 1zmqA
1whuA1whuA1whuA 1whuA 1whuA
1rcf1rcf1rcf 1rcf 1rcf
1ojrA1ojrA1ojrA 1ojrA 1ojrA
1vemA1vemA1vemA 1vemA 1vemA
1c1kA1c1kA1c1kA 1c1kA 1c1kA
1zboA1zboA1zboA 1zboA 1zboA
1f7cA1f7cA1f7cA 1f7cA 1f7cA
1xuuA1xuuA1xuuA 1xuuA 1xuuA
1j05B1j05B1j05B 1j05B 1j05B
1a6wH1a6wH1a6wH 1a6wH 1a6wH
1lvoA1lvoA1lvoA 1lvoA 1lvoA
1latA1latA1latA 1latA 1latA
1dszB1dszB1dszB 1dszB 1dszB
1yriA1yriA1yriA 1yriA 1yriA
1n0qA1n0qA1n0qA 1n0qA 1n0qA
1ihbA1ihbA1ihbA 1ihbA 1ihbA
1rkiA1rkiA1rkiA 1rkiA 1rkiA
1wy3A1wy3A1wy3A 1wy3A 1wy3A
1vctA1vctA1vctA 1vctA 1vctA
2etsA2etsA2etsA 2etsA 2etsA
1oaqH1oaqH1oaqH 1oaqH 1oaqH
1td6A1td6A1td6A 1td6A 1td6A
1wdyA1wdyA1wdyA 1wdyA 1wdyA
1b35A1b35A1b35A 1b35A 1b35A
2g8lA2g8lA2g8lA 2g8lA 2g8lA
2ampA2ampA2ampA 2ampA 2ampA
1mvuB1mvuB1mvuB 1mvuB 1mvuB
1e4cP1e4cP1e4cP 1e4cP 1e4cP
1oy3D1oy3D1oy3D 1oy3D 1oy3D
2bdrA2bdrA2bdrA 2bdrA 2bdrA
2aneA2aneA2aneA 2aneA 2aneA
1fseA1fseA1fseA 1fseA 1fseA
1h7eA1h7eA1h7eA 1h7eA 1h7eA
1zljA1zljA1zljA 1zljA 1zljA
1wxxA1wxxA1wxxA 1wxxA 1wxxA
1p2hA1p2hA1p2hA 1p2hA 1p2hA
1kmtA1kmtA1kmtA 1kmtA 1kmtA
1ympA1ympA1ympA 1ympA 1ympA
1bvyF1bvyF1bvyF 1bvyF 1bvyF
1q2wA1q2wA1q2wA 1q2wA 1q2wA
2phlA2phlA2phlA 2phlA 2phlA
2a5kA2a5kA2a5kA 2a5kA 2a5kA
2a2oA2a2oA2a2oA 2a2oA 2a2oA
1uddA1uddA1uddA 1uddA 1uddA
1awcB1awcB1awcB 1awcB 1awcB
1xfiA1xfiA1xfiA 1xfiA 1xfiA
2a2mA2a2mA2a2mA 2a2mA 2a2mA
1k1aA1k1aA1k1aA 1k1aA 1k1aA
1yqcA1yqcA1yqcA 1yqcA 1yqcA
2amdA2amdA2amdA 2amdA 2amdA
1p4qA1p4qA1p4qA 1p4qA 1p4qA
1nrfA1nrfA1nrfA 1nrfA 1nrfA
1je8A1je8A1je8A 1je8A 1je8A
1xkzA1xkzA1xkzA 1xkzA 1xkzA
1f3iA1f3iA1f3iA 1f3iA 1f3iA
2ffjA2ffjA2ffjA 2ffjA 2ffjA
2go7A2go7A2go7A 2go7A 2go7A
2ah5A2ah5A2ah5A 2ah5A 2ah5A
1sqjA1sqjA1sqjA 1sqjA 1sqjA
1bd81bd81bd8 1bd8 1bd8
1hyuA1hyuA1hyuA 1hyuA 1hyuA
1pmd1pmd1pmd 1pmd 1pmd
1mp4A1mp4A1mp4A 1mp4A 1mp4A
1p99A1p99A1p99A 1p99A 1p99A
1vlaA1vlaA1vlaA 1vlaA 1vlaA
1o7eA1o7eA1o7eA 1o7eA 1o7eA
1l6pA1l6pA1l6pA 1l6pA 1l6pA
1mzm1mzm1mzm 1mzm 1mzm
1u4qA1u4qA1u4qA 1u4qA 1u4qA
1midA1midA1midA 1midA 1midA
2f9zC2f9zC2f9zC 2f9zC 2f9zC
1tzfA1tzfA1tzfA 1tzfA 1tzfA
1rzl1rzl1rzl 1rzl 1rzl
4blmA4blmA4blmA 4blmA 4blmA
1i52A1i52A1i52A 1i52A 1i52A
1ti5A1ti5A1ti5A 1ti5A 1ti5A
1fk5A1fk5A1fk5A 1fk5A 1fk5A
1l3lA1l3lA1l3lA 1l3lA 1l3lA
2axtJ2axtJ2axtJ 2axtJ 2axtJ
1ot8A1ot8A1ot8A 1ot8A 1ot8A
1p4wA1p4wA1p4wA 1p4wA 1p4wA
1h8eH1h8eH1h8eH 1h8eH 1h8eH
1fazA1fazA1fazA 1fazA 1fazA
1lwbA1lwbA1lwbA 1lwbA 1lwbA
1lqaA1lqaA1lqaA 1lqaA 1lqaA
1fsoA1fsoA1fsoA 1fsoA 1fsoA
1k38A1k38A1k38A 1k38A 1k38A
1kzyC1kzyC1kzyC 1kzyC 1kzyC
1u7lA1u7lA1u7lA 1u7lA 1u7lA
1uohA1uohA1uohA 1uohA 1uohA
1mv8A1mv8A1mv8A 1mv8A 1mv8A
1hzoA1hzoA1hzoA 1hzoA 1hzoA
1o12A1o12A1o12A 1o12A 1o12A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1ituA1ituA1ituA 1ituA 1ituA
2gsvA2gsvA2gsvA 2gsvA 2gsvA
2ap3A2ap3A2ap3A 2ap3A 2ap3A
1vlbA1vlbA1vlbA 1vlbA 1vlbA
1eziA1eziA1eziA 1eziA 1eziA
1sqgA1sqgA1sqgA 1sqgA 1sqgA
1es5A1es5A1es5A 1es5A 1es5A
2fdrA2fdrA2fdrA 2fdrA 2fdrA
1usyA1usyA1usyA 1usyA 1usyA
1v18B1v18B1v18B 1v18B 1v18B
1q4mA1q4mA1q4mA 1q4mA 1q4mA

Please cite: Karplus, K. and Karchin, R. and Barrett, C. and Tu, S. and Cline, M. and Diekhans, M. and Grate, L. and Casper, J. and Hughey, R. ``What is the value added by human intervention in protein structure prediction?'' Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics 45(S5):86-91,2001