Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1mfgA1mfgA1mfgA 1mfgA 1mfgA
1n99A1n99A1n99A 1n99A 1n99A
1fc6A1fc6A1fc6A 1fc6A 1fc6A
2h3lA2h3lA2h3lA 2h3lA 2h3lA
1wf7A1wf7A1wf7A 1wf7A 1wf7A
1bfeA1bfeA1bfeA 1bfeA 1bfeA
1g9oA1g9oA1g9oA 1g9oA 1g9oA
1pdr1pdr1pdr 1pdr 1pdr
1be9A1be9A1be9A 1be9A 1be9A
1i161i161i16 1i16 1i16
1q3oA1q3oA1q3oA 1q3oA 1q3oA
1b8qA1b8qA1b8qA 1b8qA 1b8qA
1qavA1qavA1qavA 1qavA 1qavA
1l6oA1l6oA1l6oA 1l6oA 1l6oA
1n7fA1n7fA1n7fA 1n7fA 1n7fA
1tp5A1tp5A1tp5A 1tp5A 1tp5A
1nteA1nteA1nteA 1nteA 1nteA
1n7eA1n7eA1n7eA 1n7eA 1n7eA
1ky9B1ky9B1ky9B 1ky9B 1ky9B
1kwaB1kwaB1kwaB 1kwaB 1kwaB
1m5zA1m5zA1m5zA 1m5zA 1m5zA
1kwaA1kwaA1kwaA 1kwaA 1kwaA
1i92A1i92A1i92A 1i92A 1i92A
2h2bA2h2bA2h2bA 2h2bA 2h2bA
1qavB1qavB1qavB 1qavB 1qavB
2fe5A2fe5A2fe5A 2fe5A 2fe5A
1nf3C1nf3C1nf3C 1nf3C 1nf3C
1v5lA1v5lA1v5lA 1v5lA 1v5lA
1ihjA1ihjA1ihjA 1ihjA 1ihjA
1r6jA1r6jA1r6jA 1r6jA 1r6jA
2f0aA2f0aA2f0aA 2f0aA 2f0aA
1qauA1qauA1qauA 1qauA 1qauA
2fcfA2fcfA2fcfA 2fcfA 2fcfA
1ky9A1ky9A1ky9A 1ky9A 1ky9A
2fneA2fneA2fneA 2fneA 2fneA
2f5yA2f5yA2f5yA 2f5yA 2f5yA
1lcyA1lcyA1lcyA 1lcyA 1lcyA
1te0A1te0A1te0A 1te0A 1te0A
1sotA1sotA1sotA 1sotA 1sotA
1n6eA1n6eA1n6eA 1n6eA 1n6eA
1y8tA1y8tA1y8tA 1y8tA 1y8tA
2adzA2adzA2adzA 2adzA 2adzA
1k32A1k32A1k32A 1k32A 1k32A
1cpo1cpo1cpo 1cpo 1cpo
1j7xA1j7xA1j7xA 1j7xA 1j7xA
1nonA1nonA1nonA 1nonA 1nonA
1widA1widA1widA 1widA 1widA
1svjA1svjA1svjA 1svjA 1svjA
1w30A1w30A1w30A 1w30A 1w30A
1k24A1k24A1k24A 1k24A 1k24A
1xzpB1xzpB1xzpB 1xzpB 1xzpB
1vdmA1vdmA1vdmA 1vdmA 1vdmA
1xznA1xznA1xznA 1xznA 1xznA
1htrB1htrB1htrB 1htrB 1htrB
1eagA1eagA1eagA 1eagA 1eagA
1am51am51am5 1am5 1am5
1k2xB1k2xB1k2xB 1k2xB 1k2xB
1b5fA1b5fA1b5fA 1b5fA 1b5fA
1vekA1vekA1vekA 1vekA 1vekA
1dpjA1dpjA1dpjA 1dpjA 1dpjA
1iw4A1iw4A1iw4A 1iw4A 1iw4A
1eyvA1eyvA1eyvA 1eyvA 1eyvA
1kcnA1kcnA1kcnA 1kcnA 1kcnA
1i18A1i18A1i18A 1i18A 1i18A
1fmhB1fmhB1fmhB 1fmhB 1fmhB
1apyB1apyB1apyB 1apyB 1apyB
4pep4pep4pep 4pep 4pep
1oksA1oksA1oksA 1oksA 1oksA
1hgxA1hgxA1hgxA 1hgxA 1hgxA
1umkA1umkA1umkA 1umkA 1umkA
1grvB1grvB1grvB 1grvB 1grvB
1bzyA1bzyA1bzyA 1bzyA 1bzyA
1v8dA1v8dA1v8dA 1v8dA 1v8dA
1ej9A1ej9A1ej9A 1ej9A 1ej9A
1hmpA1hmpA1hmpA 1hmpA 1hmpA
1y0bA1y0bA1y0bA 1y0bA 1y0bA
1bif1bif1bif 1bif 1bif
1j71A1j71A1j71A 1j71A 1j71A
1rkbA1rkbA1rkbA 1rkbA 1rkbA
1gppA1gppA1gppA 1gppA 1gppA
1sqwA1sqwA1sqwA 1sqwA 1sqwA
1g0cA1g0cA1g0cA 1g0cA 1g0cA
1w9pA1w9pA1w9pA 1w9pA 1w9pA
1ri9A1ri9A1ri9A 1ri9A 1ri9A
1qx4A1qx4A1qx4A 1qx4A 1qx4A
3cms3cms3cms 3cms 3cms
1sg6A1sg6A1sg6A 1sg6A 1sg6A
1rro1rro1rro 1rro 1rro
2ddrA2ddrA2ddrA 2ddrA 2ddrA
1jytA1jytA1jytA 1jytA 1jytA
1f35A1f35A1f35A 1f35A 1f35A
1jobA1jobA1jobA 1jobA 1jobA
1q7hA1q7hA1q7hA 1q7hA 1q7hA
1griA1griA1griA 1griA 1griA
1qb5D1qb5D1qb5D 1qb5D 1qb5D
1o5oA1o5oA1o5oA 1o5oA 1o5oA
1tiiD1tiiD1tiiD 1tiiD 1tiiD
1hxxA1hxxA1hxxA 1hxxA 1hxxA
1y96B1y96B1y96B 1y96B 1y96B
1t5yA1t5yA1t5yA 1t5yA 1t5yA

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1dc1A1dc1A1dc1A 1dc1A 1dc1A
3aprE3aprE3aprE 3aprE 3aprE
1pf5A1pf5A1pf5A 1pf5A 1pf5A
1g13A1g13A1g13A 1g13A 1g13A
1khxA1khxA1khxA 1khxA 1khxA
1s1dA1s1dA1s1dA 1s1dA 1s1dA
4cms4cms4cms 4cms 4cms
1rh5B1rh5B1rh5B 1rh5B 1rh5B
1nulA1nulA1nulA 1nulA 1nulA
1vchA1vchA1vchA 1vchA 1vchA
1p4dA1p4dA1p4dA 1p4dA 1p4dA
1dx7A1dx7A1dx7A 1dx7A 1dx7A
1jo5A1jo5A1jo5A 1jo5A 1jo5A
1oroA1oroA1oroA 1oroA 1oroA
1em8B1em8B1em8B 1em8B 1em8B
1j5eC1j5eC1j5eC 1j5eC 1j5eC
1qs8A1qs8A1qs8A 1qs8A 1qs8A
1jeqB1jeqB1jeqB 1jeqB 1jeqB
3ezmA3ezmA3ezmA 3ezmA 3ezmA
1cs6A1cs6A1cs6A 1cs6A 1cs6A
1g01A1g01A1g01A 1g01A 1g01A
2cxhA2cxhA2cxhA 2cxhA 2cxhA
4kbpA4kbpA4kbpA 4kbpA 4kbpA
1h5pA1h5pA1h5pA 1h5pA 1h5pA
1b7jA1b7jA1b7jA 1b7jA 1b7jA
2apr2apr2apr 2apr 2apr
1j5eK1j5eK1j5eK 1j5eK 1j5eK
1h6pA1h6pA1h6pA 1h6pA 1h6pA
2b2yA2b2yA2b2yA 2b2yA 2b2yA
1o4wA1o4wA1o4wA 1o4wA 1o4wA
1miqA1miqA1miqA 1miqA 1miqA
1jd1A1jd1A1jd1A 1jd1A 1jd1A
1o65A1o65A1o65A 1o65A 1o65A
1qh0A1qh0A1qh0A 1qh0A 1qh0A
2anuA2anuA2anuA 2anuA 2anuA
1k4tA1k4tA1k4tA 1k4tA 1k4tA
1zn8A1zn8A1zn8A 1zn8A 1zn8A
1a1w1a1w1a1w 1a1w 1a1w
1ucsA1ucsA1ucsA 1ucsA 1ucsA
1kmnD1kmnD1kmnD 1kmnD 1kmnD
1a35A1a35A1a35A 1a35A 1a35A
1lybB1lybB1lybB 1lybB 1lybB
1uzxA1uzxA1uzxA 1uzxA 1uzxA
1rfzA1rfzA1rfzA 1rfzA 1rfzA
1baq1baq1baq 1baq 1baq
1fjgK1fjgK1fjgK 1fjgK 1fjgK
1p32C1p32C1p32C 1p32C 1p32C
1ll2A1ll2A1ll2A 1ll2A 1ll2A
1jfkA1jfkA1jfkA 1jfkA 1jfkA
1aoiF1aoiF1aoiF 1aoiF 1aoiF
1yrrA1yrrA1yrrA 1yrrA 1yrrA
1nwaA1nwaA1nwaA 1nwaA 1nwaA
1oqjA1oqjA1oqjA 1oqjA 1oqjA
1a31A1a31A1a31A 1a31A 1a31A
2aaxA2aaxA2aaxA 2aaxA 2aaxA
1fvgA1fvgA1fvgA 1fvgA 1fvgA
1wkrA1wkrA1wkrA 1wkrA 1wkrA
1fvaA1fvaA1fvaA 1fvaA 1fvaA
1qu9A1qu9A1qu9A 1qu9A 1qu9A
1wraA1wraA1wraA 1wraA 1wraA
1ejfA1ejfA1ejfA 1ejfA 1ejfA
1iu1A1iu1A1iu1A 1iu1A 1iu1A
1cliA1cliA1cliA 1cliA 1cliA
1vhoA1vhoA1vhoA 1vhoA 1vhoA
1u04A1u04A1u04A 1u04A 1u04A
1vk4A1vk4A1vk4A 1vk4A 1vk4A
1jjoC1jjoC1jjoC 1jjoC 1jjoC
2pec2pec2pec 2pec 2pec
1b8aA1b8aA1b8aA 1b8aA 1b8aA
2cspA2cspA2cspA 2cspA 2cspA
1hrnA1hrnA1hrnA 1hrnA 1hrnA
1lyp1lyp1lyp 1lyp 1lyp
1bw9A1bw9A1bw9A 1bw9A 1bw9A
1go4E1go4E1go4E 1go4E 1go4E
1y9iA1y9iA1y9iA 1y9iA 1y9iA
1fjgB1fjgB1fjgB 1fjgB 1fjgB
2b33A2b33A2b33A 2b33A 2b33A
1glaF1glaF1glaF 1glaF 1glaF
1usuA1usuA1usuA 1usuA 1usuA
1nrlA1nrlA1nrlA 1nrlA 1nrlA
1lghB1lghB1lghB 1lghB 1lghB
1a97A1a97A1a97A 1a97A 1a97A
1qd9A1qd9A1qd9A 1qd9A 1qd9A
1jh3A1jh3A1jh3A 1jh3A 1jh3A
1fknA1fknA1fknA 1fknA 1fknA
1i1jA1i1jA1i1jA 1i1jA 1i1jA
1ggrA1ggrA1ggrA 1ggrA 1ggrA
1h1nA1h1nA1h1nA 1h1nA 1h1nA
1pm3A1pm3A1pm3A 1pm3A 1pm3A
1tupA1tupA1tupA 1tupA 1tupA
1eduA1eduA1eduA 1eduA 1eduA
1lyqA1lyqA1lyqA 1lyqA 1lyqA
1devC1devC1devC 1devC 1devC
1agdA1agdA1agdA 1agdA 1agdA
1lf2A1lf2A1lf2A 1lf2A 1lf2A
1a52A1a52A1a52A 1a52A 1a52A
1omrA1omrA1omrA 1omrA 1omrA
1tc1A1tc1A1tc1A 1tc1A 1tc1A
1c1dA1c1dA1c1dA 1c1dA 1c1dA
1tygB1tygB1tygB 1tygB 1tygB

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1s1hC1s1hC1s1hC 1s1hC 1s1hC
1z64A1z64A1z64A 1z64A 1z64A
1ie9A1ie9A1ie9A 1ie9A 1ie9A
1bd3A1bd3A1bd3A 1bd3A 1bd3A
1yduA1yduA1yduA 1yduA 1yduA
2c1lA2c1lA2c1lA 2c1lA 2c1lA
1iq8A1iq8A1iq8A 1iq8A 1iq8A
1ll7A1ll7A1ll7A 1ll7A 1ll7A
1fjgJ1fjgJ1fjgJ 1fjgJ 1fjgJ
2bh1X2bh1X2bh1X 2bh1X 2bh1X
1ta0A1ta0A1ta0A 1ta0A 1ta0A
1m45B1m45B1m45B 1m45B 1m45B
1s6wA1s6wA1s6wA 1s6wA 1s6wA
2ciwA2ciwA2ciwA 2ciwA 2ciwA
2rmpA2rmpA2rmpA 2rmpA 2rmpA

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