Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
2adzA2adzA2adzA 2adzA 2adzA
1fc6A1fc6A1fc6A 1fc6A 1fc6A
2h2bA2h2bA2h2bA 2h2bA 2h2bA
1mfgA1mfgA1mfgA 1mfgA 1mfgA
2h3lA2h3lA2h3lA 2h3lA 2h3lA
1g9oA1g9oA1g9oA 1g9oA 1g9oA
1tp5A1tp5A1tp5A 1tp5A 1tp5A
1be9A1be9A1be9A 1be9A 1be9A
1wf7A1wf7A1wf7A 1wf7A 1wf7A
1v5lA1v5lA1v5lA 1v5lA 1v5lA
1ihjA1ihjA1ihjA 1ihjA 1ihjA
2fcfA2fcfA2fcfA 2fcfA 2fcfA
2fe5A2fe5A2fe5A 2fe5A 2fe5A
1kwaA1kwaA1kwaA 1kwaA 1kwaA
2f5yA2f5yA2f5yA 2f5yA 2f5yA
1n7eA1n7eA1n7eA 1n7eA 1n7eA
1qavA1qavA1qavA 1qavA 1qavA
1n7fA1n7fA1n7fA 1n7fA 1n7fA
1qauA1qauA1qauA 1qauA 1qauA
1r6jA1r6jA1r6jA 1r6jA 1r6jA
1l6oA1l6oA1l6oA 1l6oA 1l6oA
1nteA1nteA1nteA 1nteA 1nteA
1q3oA1q3oA1q3oA 1q3oA 1q3oA
2f0aA2f0aA2f0aA 2f0aA 2f0aA
2fneA2fneA2fneA 2fneA 2fneA
1nf3C1nf3C1nf3C 1nf3C 1nf3C
1y8tA1y8tA1y8tA 1y8tA 1y8tA
1te0A1te0A1te0A 1te0A 1te0A
1j7xA1j7xA1j7xA 1j7xA 1j7xA
1k32A1k32A1k32A 1k32A 1k32A
1lcyA1lcyA1lcyA 1lcyA 1lcyA
1sotA1sotA1sotA 1sotA 1sotA
1nonA1nonA1nonA 1nonA 1nonA
1a3c1a3c1a3c 1a3c 1a3c
1twfA1twfA1twfA 1twfA 1twfA
1hgxA1hgxA1hgxA 1hgxA 1hgxA
1xznA1xznA1xznA 1xznA 1xznA
1nulA1nulA1nulA 1nulA 1nulA
2d4qA2d4qA2d4qA 2d4qA 2d4qA
1i0lA1i0lA1i0lA 1i0lA 1i0lA
1xzpB1xzpB1xzpB 1xzpB 1xzpB
1w30A1w30A1w30A 1w30A 1w30A
1bzyA1bzyA1bzyA 1bzyA 1bzyA
3tmkA3tmkA3tmkA 3tmkA 3tmkA
1oqjA1oqjA1oqjA 1oqjA 1oqjA
1k24A1k24A1k24A 1k24A 1k24A
1o65A1o65A1o65A 1o65A 1o65A
1k2xB1k2xB1k2xB 1k2xB 1k2xB
1iw4A1iw4A1iw4A 1iw4A 1iw4A
1rh5B1rh5B1rh5B 1rh5B 1rh5B
1mp1A1mp1A1mp1A 1mp1A 1mp1A
1kcnA1kcnA1kcnA 1kcnA 1kcnA
1uklC1uklC1uklC 1uklC 1uklC
1g2qA1g2qA1g2qA 1g2qA 1g2qA
1tc1A1tc1A1tc1A 1tc1A 1tc1A
1o5oA1o5oA1o5oA 1o5oA 1o5oA
1fmhB1fmhB1fmhB 1fmhB 1fmhB
1z7gA1z7gA1z7gA 1z7gA 1z7gA
1sqwA1sqwA1sqwA 1sqwA 1sqwA
1vdmA1vdmA1vdmA 1vdmA 1vdmA
1nwaA1nwaA1nwaA 1nwaA 1nwaA
1xttA1xttA1xttA 1xttA 1xttA
1vekA1vekA1vekA 1vekA 1vekA
1thtA1thtA1thtA 1thtA 1thtA
1zn8A1zn8A1zn8A 1zn8A 1zn8A
1t5yA1t5yA1t5yA 1t5yA 1t5yA
2ck3H2ck3H2ck3H 2ck3H 2ck3H
1y9iA1y9iA1y9iA 1y9iA 1y9iA
1oksA1oksA1oksA 1oksA 1oksA
1tiiD1tiiD1tiiD 1tiiD 1tiiD
1qb5D1qb5D1qb5D 1qb5D 1qb5D
1v8dA1v8dA1v8dA 1v8dA 1v8dA
2aeeA2aeeA2aeeA 2aeeA 2aeeA
2b33A2b33A2b33A 2b33A 2b33A
1cpo1cpo1cpo 1cpo 1cpo
1y96B1y96B1y96B 1y96B 1y96B
1fjgK1fjgK1fjgK 1fjgK 1fjgK
2ciwA2ciwA2ciwA 2ciwA 2ciwA
1dc1A1dc1A1dc1A 1dc1A 1dc1A
1f35A1f35A1f35A 1f35A 1f35A
1dpjA1dpjA1dpjA 1dpjA 1dpjA
1l1qA1l1qA1l1qA 1l1qA 1l1qA
1gt1A1gt1A1gt1A 1gt1A 1gt1A
1yqfA1yqfA1yqfA 1yqfA 1yqfA
1k1eA1k1eA1k1eA 1k1eA 1k1eA
1e5pA1e5pA1e5pA 1e5pA 1e5pA
2ak3A2ak3A2ak3A 2ak3A 2ak3A
1apyB1apyB1apyB 1apyB 1apyB
1smrA1smrA1smrA 1smrA 1smrA
1qz5A1qz5A1qz5A 1qz5A 1qz5A
2bjuA2bjuA2bjuA 2bjuA 2bjuA
1dkuA1dkuA1dkuA 1dkuA 1dkuA
2cu6A2cu6A2cu6A 2cu6A 2cu6A
1bd3A1bd3A1bd3A 1bd3A 1bd3A
1kfwA1kfwA1kfwA 1kfwA 1kfwA
1vchA1vchA1vchA 1vchA 1vchA
1q7hA1q7hA1q7hA 1q7hA 1q7hA
1j1yA1j1yA1j1yA 1j1yA 1j1yA
1fvgA1fvgA1fvgA 1fvgA 1fvgA
2gf4A2gf4A2gf4A 2gf4A 2gf4A

Sequence_ID Length Evalue FSSP_rep SCOP_domains
1e4yA1e4yA1e4yA 1e4yA 1e4yA
1o4wA1o4wA1o4wA 1o4wA 1o4wA
2fr1A2fr1A2fr1A 2fr1A 2fr1A
1bdo1bdo1bdo 1bdo 1bdo
1l1eA1l1eA1l1eA 1l1eA 1l1eA
1p9gA1p9gA1p9gA 1p9gA 1p9gA
1itxA1itxA1itxA 1itxA 1itxA
1v9sA1v9sA1v9sA 1v9sA 1v9sA
1oniA1oniA1oniA 1oniA 1oniA
1mumA1mumA1mumA 1mumA 1mumA
1ejfA1ejfA1ejfA 1ejfA 1ejfA
1wd5A1wd5A1wd5A 1wd5A 1wd5A
1iyeA1iyeA1iyeA 1iyeA 1iyeA
1zip1zip1zip 1zip 1zip
1ta0A1ta0A1ta0A 1ta0A 1ta0A
1lqvA1lqvA1lqvA 1lqvA 1lqvA
1u67A1u67A1u67A 1u67A 1u67A
1khxA1khxA1khxA 1khxA 1khxA
1rfzA1rfzA1rfzA 1rfzA 1rfzA
1usuA1usuA1usuA 1usuA 1usuA
2c9qA2c9qA2c9qA 2c9qA 2c9qA
1iukA1iukA1iukA 1iukA 1iukA
1lyp1lyp1lyp 1lyp 1lyp
1et0A1et0A1et0A 1et0A 1et0A
1eyvA1eyvA1eyvA 1eyvA 1eyvA
1cjbA1cjbA1cjbA 1cjbA 1cjbA
2gvhA2gvhA2gvhA 2gvhA 2gvhA
1y0bA1y0bA1y0bA 1y0bA 1y0bA
2btfA2btfA2btfA 2btfA 2btfA
1ukz1ukz1ukz 1ukz 1ukz
1ts9A1ts9A1ts9A 1ts9A 1ts9A
1tlqA1tlqA1tlqA 1tlqA 1tlqA
3daaA3daaA3daaA 3daaA 3daaA
1i2kA1i2kA1i2kA 1i2kA 1i2kA
1hn2A1hn2A1hn2A 1hn2A 1hn2A
1x54A1x54A1x54A 1x54A 1x54A
1qahA1qahA1qahA 1qahA 1qahA
1w36C1w36C1w36C 1w36C 1w36C
1fknA1fknA1fknA 1fknA 1fknA
1opr1opr1opr 1opr 1opr
1ov3A1ov3A1ov3A 1ov3A 1ov3A
1wkrA1wkrA1wkrA 1wkrA 1wkrA
1q40B1q40B1q40B 1q40B 1q40B
2aj7A2aj7A2aj7A 2aj7A 2aj7A
2fhzA2fhzA2fhzA 2fhzA 2fhzA
2cvlA2cvlA2cvlA 2cvlA 2cvlA
1z83A1z83A1z83A 1z83A 1z83A
1yduA1yduA1yduA 1yduA 1yduA
1s1dA1s1dA1s1dA 1s1dA 1s1dA
1vf7A1vf7A1vf7A 1vf7A 1vf7A
1s6wA1s6wA1s6wA 1s6wA 1s6wA
1mg4A1mg4A1mg4A 1mg4A 1mg4A
1i1kA1i1kA1i1kA 1i1kA 1i1kA
1uujA1uujA1uujA 1uujA 1uujA
2c1lA2c1lA2c1lA 2c1lA 2c1lA
1tq5A1tq5A1tq5A 1tq5A 1tq5A
1j71A1j71A1j71A 1j71A 1j71A
1hrdA1hrdA1hrdA 1hrdA 1hrdA
1z64A1z64A1z64A 1z64A 1z64A
1q6hA1q6hA1q6hA 1q6hA 1q6hA
1w50A1w50A1w50A 1w50A 1w50A
1fsgA1fsgA1fsgA 1fsgA 1fsgA
1gk7A1gk7A1gk7A 1gk7A 1gk7A
1y6zA1y6zA1y6zA 1y6zA 1y6zA
1hf2A1hf2A1hf2A 1hf2A 1hf2A
4pep4pep4pep 4pep 4pep
1m45B1m45B1m45B 1m45B 1m45B
1qf9A1qf9A1qf9A 1qf9A 1qf9A
1pf5A1pf5A1pf5A 1pf5A 1pf5A

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